Bran Stark Week: Day 1: Favorite Quotes

Among all the Starks, Bran is the one who has the strongest links to Winterfell. He spends two books in Winterfell when the rest of point of view Starks leave their home place at the beginning or in Catelyn’s case in the middle of the first book. The reader is able to have a perspective on Winterfell and learn more about it mostly thanks to Bran’s chapters. Bran, even when he is forced to leave Winterfell constantly thinks about it and even compares its damaged state to his own disability. 

Personally, I love Bran’s quotes about Winterfell so I gathered my favourite ones here (followed by a small commentary on each of them).

When he got out from under it and scrambled up near the sky, Bran could see all of Winterfell in a glance. He liked the way it looked, spread out beneath him, only birds wheeling over his head while all the life of the castle went on below. Bran could perch for hours among the shapeless, rain-worn gargoyles that brooded over the First Keep, watching it all: the men drilling with wood and steel in the yard, the cooks tending their vegetables in the glass garden, restless dogs running back and forth in the kennels, the silence of the godswood, the girls gossiping beside the washing well. It made him feel like he was lord of the castle, in a way even Robb would never know.

This quote features in one of the first Bran chapters- before his tragic fall. We all know that Bran’s hobby is climbing at the walls of Winterfell so it’s not surprising that he’s gazing Winterfell from above. But I like how this paragraph is ending with indicating that Bran knows the castle better than anyone because thanks to his climbing he is able to explore ever its darkest places and he can see everything. Once again, Bran’s link to Winterfell is shown to be stronger than the rest. 

Also, I believe that the last line foreshadows what will happen in the future. Robb has already died so it’s not far fetched to think that Bran, his heir, will one day become the lord of the castle.

“Your notion about the bastard may have merit, Bran,” Maester Luwin said after. “One day you will be a good lord for Winterfell, I think.
“No I won’t.” Bran knew he would never be a lord, no more than he could be a knight. “Robb’s to marry some Frey girl, you told me so yourself, and the Walders say the same. He’ll have sons, and they’ll be the lords of Winterfell after him, not me." 

This isn’t a very important quote, but I like it because someone older who is a respectable figure acknowledges Bran’s leadership skills. Also, I consider this quote another foreshadowing for Bran’s endgame. Because while Bran protests that Robb and his children after his will rule in Winterfell, we know that this is impossible to happen anymore.

Tell me who you are.”
“Bran,” he said sullenly. Bran the Broken. “Brandon Stark.” The cripple boy. “The Prince of Winterfell.” Of Winterfell burned and tumbled, its people scattered and slain. The glass gardens were smashed, and hot water gushed from the cracked walls to steam beneath the sun. How can you be the prince of someplace you might never see again? 

What was he now? Only Bran the broken boy, Brandon of House Stark, prince of a lost kingdom, lord of a burned castle, heir to ruins.

I put these two quotes together because of their similarities. Bran is desperate and sad about Winterfell’s state. However, even when he is not sure if he’s even going to see his home again there is one thing he never doubts: his place as the heir to Winterfell. Bran is calling himself a prince, a term that his other siblings never associate themselves with. Bran is the one who is called the prince of Winterfell, just like it’s Bran the one who is the rightful heir.

[…]The stone is strong, Bran told himself, the roots of the trees go deep, and under the ground the Kings of Winter sit their thrones. So long as those remained, Winterfell remained. It was not dead, just broken. Like me, he thought. I’m not dead either.

 Bran directly compares Winterfell’s state to his own life. Bran constantly thinks himself as broken, he even nicknames himself as “Bran the broken”. However, this specific comparison is optimistic because Bran doesn’t consider Winterfell a lost case just like he hasn’t given up on himself.

Just like the roots of the trees go deep and the Kings of Winter still sit on their thrones, Bran is gaining more knowledge under the tutorship of the three eyed crow (whose roots also go deep) while he is sitting on a weirwood throne (a King of Winter imagery).

One day, Bran will be strong enough to return to Winterfell and reclaim it and the boy who is so strongly tied to that castle will become its ruler.

anonymous asked:

Besides Jon, who do you see as a candidate with a good chance of being a romantic interest for Sansa? I don't know if George Martin will even include that in an endgame but considering Sansa does want someone to love her for who she is, I'd hope he'd at least allow her some happiness in that regard.

Hey Anonny!

I am actually pretty optimistic about Sansa getting a happy ending; primarily because “no one will ever marry me for love” and “life is not a song,” and “there are no heroes, in life the monsters win” are so incredibly prevalent in her arc. Sansa’s character arc is basically a “Captive Princess in the Tower”— but deconstructed, and then reconstructed, and then ~kind of~ deconstructed again and also ~kind of~ flipped on it’s head. But regardless, a fairy tale is still a fairy tale. Honestly the entire ASoIaF series is one ridiculously long, intricately detailed fairy tale. Which leads me to believe that, for the most part, all the protagonists will get their happy (or at least bittersweet) endings.

Above everything else, Sansa wants to be loved; and through out the series she has become more and more convinced that she never will be, that she is unlovable. Aside from retuning home to Winterfell, its still her heart’s dearest desire. She does still want a loving, happy marriage, she just doesn’t think it’s possible anymore:

 But then she remembered what Dontos had told her in the godswood. Tyrell or Lannister, it makes no matter, it’s not me they want, only my claim. —Sansa, ASoS

It is not me she wants her son to marry, it is my claim. No one will ever marry me for love. But lying came easy to her now. “I … can scarcely wait to meet him, my lady. But he is still a child, is he not?” —Sansa, ASoS

It’s not that Sansa has given up on love, its that she thinks love has given up on her. It’s not necessarily that she’s rejecting the idea of falling in love and being happily married, she just doesn’t see it happening for her. Which breaks my gd heart oml

Now moving on to your actual question (I know, I ramble. It’s so terrible!)

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Snowells 3x13
  • Caitlin goes straight to heart eyes whenever she looks at Harry
  • they’re in same cell thank god
  • height difference i cry
  • Wells all-in-black fashion
  • “Cold powers? I knew it. I knew it that you(Cisco) and I did not get Barry out of that mirror! ”
  • Thank you Snow. Thank you Barry, Cisco…Indiana.” 
  • “And there are those among you I will never forget. [Glance at Caitlin]” I know this was Grodd speaking but can I consider it as screenwriters foreshadowing teasing me bc of snowells and then laughing at my face because we have loveline with Julian? 


Supernatural Season 9, Your Sex Scenes Are Bad And You Should Feel Bad

Supernatural Season Nine, so far you’ve had three sex scenes, and they’ve all been terrible. And I’m not talking about the way they were filmed or the dialog(although those were bad too), I’m talking about how they have all had serious consent issues or were just plain rape, and how the show fails to recognize this. SPN’s issues with consent aren’t new, but I am not alone in my impression that it’s gotten excessively and irresponsibly bad this season.

The Characters Who Have Been Involved With Sex Scenes, And Why Those Scenes Were Bad:

  • April Kelly: rape (possessed by a Reaper, could not consent to sex)
  • Castiel: rape (deliberately coerced consent/survival sex/manipulated into being the unwitting accomplice to rape)
  • Lola: rape (the human woman she is possessing cannot consent)
  • Crowley: rape (assuming that moderately successful literary agent is still in there, he cannot consent)
  • Suzy: victim of sketchy/creepy and predatory sexual behavior (Dean hunted her down and pestered her for sex, despite her stated desires not to have any)
  • Dean: sketchy/creepy and predatory sexual behavior (Dean has always sought enthusiastic consent, he’s never really ‘hunted’ a woman like this before, he was predatory and aggressive in a way that was not okay, he ignored Suzy’s stated desires not to have casual sex, and followed her home under false pretenses, he went for the sole purpose of finding a way to get sex out of her, ignored her emotional state, prodded Suzy into a bad decision, it was a disgusting and objectifying treatment of sex workers, Suzy was just reduced to an item on a bucket list, her entire worth was how good she was at the racist porn she wanted no part of anymore, and the narrative laughs at it all)

And at NO POINT anywhere in the narrative is this behavior called out or portrayed as bad thing, it’s either ignored or normalized and laughed at (April/Cas was in fact brought up for no real reason several episodes after it happened, just to laugh at it again, haha, rape). And at NO POINT do any of the writers make any comments suggesting that any of these encounters were wrong/bad, in fact one writer actually admitted that 'nonconsensual’ was not their intention.

“But that’s the theme of the season is consent issues! So of course there has to be nonconsensual sex all the time!”

THAT IS NOT HOW THEMES WORK. You can’t just throw a bunch of something in your show and call it a theme. Especially not for something like consent. You can’t just rape a bunch of people in a work of fiction, not deal with it in any way (and in fact, normalize it in the narrative) and then defend it by going “Oh no, you see, our theme was consent.” Even if it’s a society that sanctions rape, it still has to be dealt with. You want to be more like The Handmaid’s Tale, not The Chronicles of Gor.

(Don’t Google The Chronicles of Gor, unless you want to temporarily lose all faith in humanity.)

Besides, that theory is debunked by the writer’s own behavior and statements. If those encounters were supposed to have consent issues, why would no writers mention this, and why would one of them actually say the noncon nature was unintentional? If they were supposed to have consent issues, why did they repeatedly write 'humorous’ scenes where TFW talked about the encounters, why did they have Castiel call the woman he was tricked into raping 'hot’?

And, as I said, that’s not how themes work. If they genuinely had a theme involving the nature of consent, and wrote those scenes intentionally as violating consent, why did they not deal with this violation in canon? Am I just supposed to sit and wait and hope they eventually get around to it?

In addition to all the gross consent issues, the scenes themselves have just been BAD. The dialog is horrible, there is no tension or build-up, the audience doesn’t actually care, they are about as far from erotic as you can get and still be on this mortal plane, and Dean and Cas are so far out of character it’s laughable. And, no pun intended, they are so anti-climatic. Cas is having sex for the first time, Cas who is not great with the finer details of social interaction, who can be awkward and blunt, but his sex is the kind of Ridiculously Idealized Movie Sex (complete with fire hazard candles the fucking REAPER had to pause the coitus to go light). The show itself made a big freaking deal about the Big Feathery Virginity and that’s how they chose to resolve it? WHY? Dean himself was on a very long dry spell (in fact, his last previous known encounter was the one with the Amazons, which was a problematic encounter itself, what with the whole “This sex will kill you, you just don’t know it yet” thing), and he ends it by stalking down a target, trying really hard to seduce her, ignoring her emotional state, ignoring her previously stated desire not to have casual sex, bringing up the past she doesn’t want to talk about, ignoring the actual case he’s on, and basically acting like Quagmire from Family Guy. Again, WHY?

(“But Dean’s always liked sex.” SO? Plenty of people like sex, but that doesn’t mean they act like Quagmire. Liking sex and liking enthusiastic consent are not and never should be mutually exclusive. Liking sex doesn’t mean you like any kind of sex. This is a really gross, dangerous, and offensive message.)

Also, what was with the Fade To Black/PG-rated scenes? Not that I wanted any of those scenes to be more graphic than they were, but SPN has had some really rather hot, and decidedly more graphic, sex scenes in the past (Dean/Anna, Dean/Cassie, Sam/Madison, etc). Both Cas and Dean have the camera pan away after the first kiss, and with Crowley/Lola, we see them flop down (fully dressed) after it’s done. What’s with the ABC Family sex scenes? Again, I really didn’t want any of these scenes to have more in them, but I recognize that there is a difference between the way the sex was shown in S9, compared to previous seasons. And it makes me wonder why.

And I could not help but notice a very curious…directing choice for both Cas and Dean’s sex scenes, that after the camera cuts away from the first kiss, it immediately cuts to a scream of pain and somebody being tortured. Which believe me, was exactly how I felt at the time, but I don’t get why SPN is doing it. I would consider that i was perhaps foreshadowing something dire (like…Dean and Cas are actually trapped in Metatron’s terrible fanfic, and are being forced to act out his terrible dialog and scenes, and dude doesn’t tag his noncon), but, as I’ve already said, there’s no indication that the writers who wrote them understood the consent issues in these scenes, that these encounters were anything other than normalized rape culture bullshit. Robbie Thompson would have to be lying about the noncon nature being unintentional, all the writers would have to be involved in a misinformation campaign, Carver and Singer would have to have decided that it would be a great idea to piss off their audience for a year and hope they stick around (which is an inadvisable theme), and all these people would have to be perfectly happy to trigger and offend and upset people by normalizing rape because they know they’re gonna go “PSYCH!” at the end of the season, because that will make everything okay. Somehow I seriously doubt this is what they’re doing.

(I mean, I’d prefer that to be the case, I wish that Dean has actually been trapped in his very own Ghouls and Cheerleaders mental playpen, or some deception of Crowley’s like Kevin was, because it might salvage the season somewhat, but if wishes were horses, there’d be a lot of shit to clean up.)

The entire way this season has handled sex has been problematic, offensive, and at times really bizarre. Why do they have such an aversion to enthusiastic consent? Why has Sam not even had one mildly flirty moment with anyone? How were these scenes approved? Did nobody else catch the problematic nature of them, or were they just not listened to?

Supernatural Season Nine, your sex scenes are bad, and you should feel bad.

Incoherent Thoughts on Stuff, Part II: Milady de Winter, the Gascon, and the Brothers de la Fere.

Trigger warning for the discussion of sexual assault. Contains spoilers for The Musketeers’ season one finale, BBC Sherlock’s season three finale, Game of Thrones season one, and Wuthering Heights. (Trust me, it makes sense when you get there.)



I love Milady, she’s the coolest. She’s a total BAMFer and looks good doing it. More than that, Adrian Hodges and Maimie McCoy have created a canon faithful version of her (well, aside from the hair) that is ruthless, unrepentant and just a little bit sassy - all without her becoming a campy caricature, which could have easily been done.  She might not have gotten the screen time or story arc that she deserves (yet!) but the way has  been paved for her to have the opportunity to become the diabolically cunning, ice cold super-villain she is in the books - that makes her one of the best fictional antagonists in the history of ever.


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overtheglowinghill  asked:

When you're making predictions, do you take into account the twists and turns that GRRM is inclined to take? Sometimes I feel like what feels most logical or what feels right thematically or stylistically isn't what GRRM has in mind at all! (I shouldn't care this much but TWOW is taking so long and now GoT's turned to shit all I have to feed off of are prediction metas) .__.

Oh, I frequently do. It’s just that the twists I consider are generally logical twists, foreshadowed and consistent with GRRM’s previous work. For example, the events cited as some of GRRM’s biggest shockers – the death of Ned Stark, the birth of dragons, the death of Renly, the Red Wedding, Jon’s assassination – were all fully foreshadowed and hinted to well before they happened. So other big shocking things I think will happen – from the reveal that Jon Snow is not actually Ned Stark’s son but actually Lyanna and Rhaegar’s*, to my speculations that King’s Landing is going to blow up from wildfire or that the Wall will fall – are all based on evidence I have found within the books. And sometimes on literary tropes and themes, but generally only ones I know GRRM is fond of using.

*(yes, fans believe R+L=J is a given so much so they now sometimes say it’s “too predictable”. To the characters it’ll be a huge shock and an everything they knew was wrong.)

And note especially that GRRM has said that he’s seen people make correct guesses about events to come, and occasionally he’s tempted to switch things up to surprise them… but then he goes on to say he would never actually do that, because that would mean that all the evidence he had deliberately already placed in the books, all the evidence that led people to make those guesses would be false, and that would be bad writing. I trust that GRRM is a good writer, and it hasn’t let me down so far.

That said, since I’ve been making predictions, I’ve had one come true and one not. The one that didn’t come true was actually a speculated wild twist, where I thought that Sweetrobin’s tiredness on the trip down to the Gates of the Moon could mean that he would die before the beginning of the next chapter and therefore Sansa and LF would have to go on the run. This was obviously revealed as incorrect spec in TWOW Alayne I, and in retrospect I should have realized that not only would it make Harry the Heir a red herring, it would also make Myranda Royce’s intro rather pointless, as well as continuing to leave the untouched Vale armies as a Chekhov’s gun. Basically I was wrong because I didn’t take all of the evidence into account when considering a possible shocking twist. (Though note I could still be right about Sweetrobin’s dying unexpectedly and the results, and my error was only in assuming it would happen so quickly at the start of Sansa’s TWOW arc instead of halfway or 3/4th through it – but we’ll just have to see.)

The prediction that did come true, however, was when I speculated that Harys Swyft would hire one of the names on Arya’s list, Dunsen or Raff the Sweetling, as a bodyguard for his trip to Braavos, and if Arya saw them, it wouldn’t end well. And I was right, in TWOW’s Mercy (Arya I), Swyft did indeed bring Raff to Braavos, and Arya killed him. Now, it’s important to note that prediction was based on all of the foreshadowing and evidence that showed me where the characters were going, rather than any intuition about themes or twists. Nevertheless, when GRRM released that preview chapter, I did a little “I was right I was right” dance anyway. :)

(I was also right about how most ravens are only one-way and a rare prized few can go to multiple locations, as revealed in TWOW Theon I, but since I only made that prediction in an unpublished fanfic and it’s really minor trivia nobody cares about but me, I don’t really count it for much.)

So, in general, if I had to bet on which of my speculations are most likely to turn out to be true, I think the ones with the strongest textual evidence are going to be the winners. Heck, some of these spec theories, whether mine or by others, have so much evidence I treat them as true and not theories. (e.g.: R+L=J, Gravedigger theory, fake Aegon, etc.) Conversely, lately I’ve been hesitant to even guess if there’s no textual evidence, or if what text there is doesn’t seem to go anywhere (like the tapestry plot). We’ll just have to see if any of my previous more wild speculative theories (aka my crack theories) actually have any basis in reality, or if I’m way off the wall with those. :D


bill said we had to beware this. while many took it as a joke i am considering it some horrifying foreshadowing of