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re: your bpd readmore, i completely relate and i just want to reassure you that its totally a thing that can be managed and doesn't make you undateable or unloveable. i have bpd, as does my husband, and we make it work even though we're long-distance. I only know you through your blog, but you keep excellent company, and i know that if you weren't a wonderful person, people like basia and emma wouldn't have stuck around. im glad youre improving and i hope insurance works out so that can continue

lmao im so fucking sorry but i like feel like im going to puke be basia was my FP and she fucking ignored me for a ///year/// she never stayed around, if i tried to talk to her about it ever and her response was “sorry youre getting the short end of the stick” and continued to interact with everyone that wasnt me i soft blocked her from my priv account because i was literally breaking down seeing her actively fucking ignore me all the time and she didnt even notice for two weeks until i messaged her about it telling her to remove me from tumblr, so cool, she had me muted, great, she literally thought so little of me that she never even checked in on me for two weeks she was literally my closest friend until i realized she didnt actually care about me at all


a bunch of tiny rays (+ bonus pat) for all your miniature ray needs (◡‿◡✿)

learning IPA like



                                     EXO Halloween Series ; Sehun as Siren / sī′rən /

“the poets represent them as beautiful creatures inhabiting the rocks on the sea-shore, whither having allured passengers by the sweetness of their voices, they put them to death.”

day 30! SO CLOSE TO THE FINISH! i’ve nearly done it again!

since tomorrow’s halloween, here’s some tfw trying on superhero costumes

admittedly, sam is being more jared here  [inktober tag]

People just hate seeing their own “unpleasant” character traits embodied by a female character. Male characters can be petty and jealous and spiteful, even violent and cruel, and hoards of fans will defend them till their dying breath, but god forbid a female character isn’t perfect all the time. Also, if she’s perfect, she’s called a Mary Sue, and that’s just bad writing. It’s a lose-lose situation.

  • Jaehee: Not really.
  • 707: Yes you do okay here it goes -
  • 707:
  • Jaehee:
  • 707: It's me. I am the joke.

“I never really felt like ‘one of the guys’ when I was growing up. I felt a lack of acceptance. I wasn’t the guy who was playing on the team, or going to IHOP after prom, or getting invited to birthday bashes. I’m not saying that I was a complete loner. I was relatable—just never enough to be included. I tried out for the football team in high school. I put everything into it. I got a trainer and everything. I was going to play, start, and become that person. But it never quite happened. And in a way, I still feel like I’m trying to get there. I just got into the grad school of my dreams. I interned at the White House last summer. I’m joining Teach For America. Part of me still feels that if I can elevate my image to a certain level, then people will be attracted to me. And I’m trying to get beyond that. I’ve been listening to this sermon lately called ‘Getting To The Core.’ And that’s exactly what I’m trying to do. I want to wake up knowing that it will be OK, no matter what I accomplish.“

“My DCP wasn’t what I had expected it to be but it was still the most memorable experience I have ever had. I partied a lot, simple as that, but back in my hometown I was never a party girl and didn’t get invited out a lot. I had 2 friends that I was close with but my identity was usually attached to them. But at Disney everyone I met was so open and sociable that for the first time in 19 years, I truly learned who I was as an individual. In this way, Disney saved me from heading down a bad path”


panic! at the disco lyrics + dance


you won’t fail
find your grail

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dyke seasons

spring dyke: twilight walks with your girlfriend where she points out every new flower poking through the soil. crocus, lily of the valley, snowdrop, daffodil. the cool spring air feels warm on your freshly-shaved heads after the long months of winter. your girlfriend is so excited when she finds lily of the valley–she’s my favourite, she smells the best of them all, she tells you. up close, the tiny white flowers smell just like spring. straightening, you lean close to your girlfriend and kiss her neck. she is musky and warm and you tell her she smells better than any flower, the best of them all, you say. she laughs. it rained last night, and when the streetlights come on the dark pavement shines.

summer dyke: your girlfriend gets off work early, at midnight instead of 3 am, and you ride your bikes to the lake together. the streets are empty and the warm summer wind feels good on your face and the pelt of your bare legs. there’s a meteor shower peaking tonight, so you spread out a picnic blanket and lay down on it to watch, but you end up making out the whole time instead. you never wear a bra anymore and you love the way her hands feel on your skin. she’s so warm and smooth under her clothes, you can’t help but tickle her belly a little, and she squeals, nuzzling into your neck. the stars pulse above and the night is endless and soft.

autumn dyke: one morning when you wake up in her bed the air has turned chilly, and when you swing your bare feet onto the hardwood floor it’s cold. the sky is brilliant and clear and blue. your girlfriend grabs her favourite flannel out of the closet and puts it on you, buttoning each button with a look of concentration and finishing with a kiss. you walk to the little bakery down the street and get coffee and pie. you feed each other bites of your pies–hers is balsamic pear, yours is something chocolatey with hazelnuts–and sit in the window, watching the red leaves of the maple tree out front fall spinning to the sidewalk. you hold hands and both of you smile every time you look at each other.  

winter dyke: there was a snowstorm yesterday and neither of you has to work, so you bundle up in all of the layers you can find and head to the park. your girlfriend’s beautiful eyes shine in the bright sunlight and all of the hairs on her face turn gold. you crunch through the snow and take turns walking in each other’s footprints, marveling at the city’s transformation. when you go back to her place she makes you hot cocoa with little vegan marshmallows. you curl up on the couch together and talk about your dreams for the future, tucked under the ivory afghan her grandmother knit for her when she was young. outside it starts snowing again. in the amber glow of the streetlights outside the bay window, the snowflakes look like stars.