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So last ep was the last nail on the AoS coffin... I waited till the very end but there is nothing to save. What the writers, Jed and co did all season is unforgivable, and an insult to my faith in the show. It's over. Boycott season 5, I don't want to have anything to do with it. In a way its a relief :)

I’m sorry you feel that way… a lot of us do, but I’m not going to give up quite yet. Jed and Maurissa left out all the best stuff specifically so that we would watch for it next season. They were anticipating that they would get another season, which is cruel in one way, but also understandable. I completely relate to being frustrated and angry that we really didn’t get ANYTHING after being promised so much. But I’m clinging to 4x21 personally because I thought that episode was really powerful for them and a bit of a tease for how amazing it could be to watch them heal if it’s done right.
They’ve proven that they’re capable of doing it right, they’re just holding back because they want us to hold on.

I don’t think the writers would have held quite as much back if they weren’t convinced they would get another season so I wanna know what they have planned because they’ve acknowledged that Fitzsimmons are the heart of the show…. so they’ve successfully ripped the heart out after giving it more attention, and maybe next season they’ll work on putting it back together.

I’m actually really happy with the fitzsimmons this season, which seems to be a rare opinion. Because I love the characters individually just as much as I love them together and GUYS WE WERE SO BLESSED WITH THEM AS INDIVIDUALS THIS SEASON. We got Fitz backstory! We got Jemma being a badass and the director’s personal advisor! We got a role reversal, Fitznapping and Jemma wasn’t the damsel in distress for once! We got a major science plot and it was the best! Aos! Plot! To date! And Fitzsimmons were at the center of it (in my opinion). I mean we got a lot of angst but it was really well done and we got way more attention on Fitz and Simmons as individual characters this season than any other. Season 3 focused on them as a couple. Season 4 focused on them, as characters. Who knows what waits for us in season 5 but I definitely think that the writers are far more aware of the importance of those character now than they ever have been and are using that to their advantage, so I’m sticking around to see what happens.

Also thanks so much for the ask! I never get asks and this made me so happy ☺️☺️😊


@nikidon and it continues… so here. Have a “hi i got sexiled by my roommate and you found me in the hall…can i stay over?” drabble. I hope you like!! 

There’s a boy in the hallway when Leo walks out.

He’s curled up against the wall, a rolled-up sleeping bag thrown over him and his face pressed into a stuffed teddy bear. Leo coughs quietly to see if he’s awake, and it turns out he isn’t- he lifts his head and blinks up at Leo in a disoriented fashion, like Leo might be part of a dream.

There’s something familiar about him in a friend-of-my-friend kind of way, but Leo can’t remember his name to save his life. The boy starts, his eyes widening into the distinct shape of a college-kid terror.

“I’m sorry!” he squeaks.

“What? No, don’t apologize,” Leo says, confused. He usually doesn’t cause this kind of reaction… maybe it was because the boy had been asleep. “What are you sorry for?“

The boy loosens, the tense line of his back softening into a relieved curve. "Oh, I thought you were an RA for a second,” he admits. “I don’t know if doing this is against the rules…”

"I wouldn’t rat you out even if it was,” Leo says easily. “Anyway, what’s your name?”

“Guang-Hong. It’s okay if you mispronounce it.”

At this, Leo promises himself to conquer the non-English syllables even if it kills him. He sits down next to Guang-Hong, leaning against the wall with his arms hugging his knees. It’s not the most conventional way to meet someone, but Leo’s always liked making friends.

“You’re Leo, right? My roommate’s boyfriend’s roommate?”

Leo double takes; that’s a pretty long chain. “Yeah. So, why are you out here?”

“Take a wild guess,” Guang-Hong deadpans, clearly tired.


“I’m your roommate’s boyfriend’s roommate,” he says with a meaningful look, and Leo feels the pieces of the puzzle click into place.

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I became hella resentful of Katya because her stans were so awful I used to love her so much but a week or two without having to hear about her would be good for my soul I'm trying to still like her but ughh

yeah i completely relate :/ i still love her absolutely to death and i try really hard literally every day to block out 97 percent of her fans (bc so many of them are demons) but bitch… thats hard when they’re everywhere and they all want to give u a lecture on rpdr and tell u bad “jokes” with their no drag knowledge having asses :/

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tysm to my pals @sketchbookphan & @instarbuckswithdan for tagging me! (ily both loads!!)

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Just wanted to make another little update post!

  • Just wanted to put it out there that my drawings are going to be rather poor this week and I dont know for how long;;; rofl;; there’s a reason why i relate to min yoongi so much because i y’know go thru those dead phases because of depression(his song the last i COMPletELY RELATE TO… ROFL;;;;;; )))) — i’d rather be more open about it then randomly disappearing for long periods of times – so i won’t be scared to come back if that makes any sense LOL;; my hands are legit shakier than usual when i go thru my ded weeks- i’ve come to accept it’s a chemical thing and it’s honestly out of my control… so maybe also expect… more.. self indulgent fluff ;;;;
  • yeah thank you again guys for all the reblogs and asks– it realy motivates me to draw every day! no really- ;-; thank you again and again–  
  • ends with CONGRATS TO BTS– I watched the bbmas last night with my sister and her friends and we all cried together haha; bts gives me so much hopE

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I finally read Benefits pt 3 and GOD I LOVE POSSESSIVE JIMIN?! I JUST LOVE JIMIN??? JIMIN IS WRECKING ME SO HARD LATELY AND I DONT STAN HIM... THIS IS BAD BUT TOO TEMPTING TO TURN DOWN. Benefits has got to be my favourite Jimin series that I've read, bless u for corrupting my mind with the thought of frat boy, fuck buddy Jimin 🤧

Thank you so much !!! :) I’m glad you like that story! I’m weak for Jimin in general, so I can relate completely, he needs to stop doing this haha

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I need to vent to someone and I thought of you because you're so kind. Basically I am really sensitive because of my borderline personality disorder, and someone just called me annoying and I can't stop crying because annoying other people is one of my biggest fears??? I'm just so upset right now and I don't know what to do. It's okay if you don't answer this ask or if you delete it. I just wanted to vent to someone.

oh hun im so sorry that to happen to you!! are you on medication? i know personally that can help ! I completely relate to the annoying thing and i promise that youre not annoying ok <3

Part of me still feels really honored that I shared a personality type with Chris Cornell. He was INTJ like me. We had almost the same enneagram too (5w4 for me vs 4w5 for Chris). Knowing what I do about MBTI, an INTJ with a 4 ennagram (associated with uniqueness, identity, and creativity) is going to be preoccupied with feeling left out or like they’re undeserving of acceptance. While very deep, expressive, and talented people, they’re also stuck feeling like their creativity is a curse because it sets them apart from everyone else in a sometimes negative way. I can completely relate to that in my own life. That’s a kind of pain I can sympathize with. 

Chris’ lyrics were so full of nihilistic sentiments and this sort of bitter self-loathing that is so typical of turbulent INTJs. Songs like “Be Yourself” from Audioslave showed off the 4 traits in him. By comparison, Jerry Cantrell is INTJ 9w8, the “quiet storm” that seems calm and “put together” on the surface but is a raging hurricane of unstable emotions on the inside. Both Jerry and Chris were the INTJ bards of grunge and both encapsulated the mentality that comes with that personality type so well - the need to be smart, the need to be different, the need to be worthy and useful, and a hidden mixture of anger and inadequate feelings that tend to linger.

As dumb as it sounds, I feel like Chris Cornell’s death was the death of someone I shared a mental kinship with. That always hurts just a little bit more.

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I do believe that Louis knows he has that undying support and love. But it feels to me like his struggle is that he doesn't know *why* he has it, like he doesn't quite feel deserving of it all. It's something I completely understand and can relate to. Just my reaction, though. - Mal 💚💙

This is a very good point Mal. And something I would strongly relate with him to, as well. I guess that hadn’t crossed my mind though, because he’s just so MUCH, you know?