“My DCP wasn’t what I had expected it to be but it was still the most memorable experience I have ever had. I partied a lot, simple as that, but back in my hometown I was never a party girl and didn’t get invited out a lot. I had 2 friends that I was close with but my identity was usually attached to them. But at Disney everyone I met was so open and sociable that for the first time in 19 years, I truly learned who I was as an individual. In this way, Disney saved me from heading down a bad path”


(via https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wMvwiJcPEMg) Listen to the wisdom right here. 

Book 18/40 in my #40books2016 challenge is the great Canadian classic Anne of Green Gables! Anne is nothing short of a cornerstone in the lives of female Reists, and I am finally part of the fan club. And oh my goodness, I certainly didn’t expect this book to be as hilarious, heart-wrenching, and beautiful as it was. I completely relate to Anne, who is constantly enraptured by nature, always screwing things up, and who lives primarily in daydreams. I love her. And I love Avonlea.

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my friends are so cool I can’t get over it. y’all are such interesting people and I’m so impressed by the variety of careers and interests y’all have

Sunday Six, 8/14/16

Veronica rolled her eyes. “Hold on, give me a minute; I’m trying to picture you at a Target.” She pressed her hands to her eyes, scrunching up her face like she was thinking really hard. “Okay…almost got it…almost there…phew.” She blew out a heavy breath and moved her hands so she could look up at him again. “Nope, I just can’t see it.”

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If you could meet one of you OCs, who would it be? What do you think the conversation would be like?

this one is kinda tough to answer tbh xwx

I guess Ramona would be fun to meet; she’s one of the only ones who I really completely relate to =w=

as for what we’d chat about… idk, video games, anime, other nerdy TREYSH

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Ok to that bisexual anon : i can 100% completely relate. I'm pretty sure that I'm bisexual too but I honestly don't know for sure? Like I could picture myself with both men and women but I'm just scared that it'll change once I start dating people and stuff?? Because I've never even really been in love so???? Plus, I'm really scared that I'll have to come out... Idk man I'm not a very open person and I hate to talk about personal stuff ;-;

just as with the other anon, give it some time!! maybe after a year or so you’ll be more sure. and you’re not obligated to tell anybody, keep it to yourself for as long as you want to, you know?

knittingknerdy  asked:

I started following your blog after reading Fireworks. So good. My day is going alright, but it is my birthday tomorrow. wooo!

I’m glad you liked Fireworks! As much as I love writing Steve, I can get a little discouraged because my fics with him don’t get as many notes as my Bucky ones. My sister says it’s because everyone’s thirsty for Bucky right now. Including me.

For your compliment, all of your posts are on point and are completely relatable. I also love reading all of your tags- I think tags make posts all the more better. Also, Nadine is an awesome name. It makes me think of DW’s imaginary friend from “Arthur.”

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Everytime we eat together. They bring it up EVERY time they see me even my friends. And it's just so frustrating. I never talk about it anymore at all to avoid judgment. When we go out to eat i usually ask the waiters if something contains eggs or dairy and i get judged for that! My family tells me not to be so picky and ask about everything and just go with it but it's not how it works i don't wanna just "go with it". I just don't believe in that. Idk what to do I'm just tired (2/2)


I can completely relate to how you feel. I know how exhausting it can be to believe in something so strongly, only to be constantly put down by others. As if advocating kindness is seen as taboo, or frowned upon. I know how tiring it can be to respond to irrational arguments as to why enslaving, exploiting, and mercilessly slaughtering these living, breathing beings is wrong. I’m so sorry you are experiencing this, that anyone has to. You don’t deserve this. But please just trust that you are doing the right thing. You are making a difference in this world. Don’t allow their words to get under your skin, they simply misunderstand. Everyone is on their own path, seeing things differently. Respond with kindness and compassion. Always. Only love can ever overcome hate. Hang in there, ok?

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You know when you are sick of caring, when you just are done with crying and feeling shit when that person Is not worth feeling shit about. Yeah I'm just sick of being hurt by people. ( sorry for this dark shit I just needed to let the thought go )

It’s fine babe. I can completely relate with you. I understand exactly what you are saying

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i completely relate about the being alone until my dying day thing haha it's terrifying but i feel like my personality just isn't really likeable in a long term kinda way. oh well at least I'll always be on this hellhole of a website haha

i relateeeeeee

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Hi! I just watched Billy&Billie which was a delight, and I was wondering if you have any recs for similar shows/movies where they don't know they're related? (I completely ignored 1.11 lol)

Ignoring 1.11 is definitely my personal philosophy!

Well, it’s pretty rare to find shippable incest that’s taken seriously in a comedy. So if we’re looking at comedies, I can’t think of anything that’s similar. But if we’re just talking about situations where there’s a guy and a girl who get together but don’t know that they are biologically siblings until afterwards, then I recommend:

August: Osage County

Curse of the Golden Flower, The

Lone Star

Call Me Fitz (season 4)

Flash Gordon (2007)

South of Hell

That’s a shorter list than I thought it would be.

If you’re looking for something similar in tone, I would recommend The Color Wheel. 

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i tried so hard to like juliet and then when i couldnt, to just tolerate her and be happy for andy. but i've seen way too many bad things she's done and seen the effect she's had on andy and it makes me really sad, like she's such a shitty person and andy isn't perfect but he's always been a role model to me and has said and done a lot of great things that have inspired me. it's just hard to see someone you look up to a lot with someone so morally deficient.

I completely relate. I tried so hard to be happy for Andy and I think I would be if Juliet hadn’t completely molded him into the person SHE wanted him to be, not what he wanted himself to be. -N

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Hey there. Gotta ask... Why the hatred for Christmas Story?

Two of the biggest reasons: 1. I’m a black female. I couldn’t completely relate to the movie. 2. ITS PLAYS ON FUCKING REPEAT EVERY SINGLE YEAR FOR DAYS!!! I love the Harry Potter movies but I can’t watch it on repeat for days!! Team Cord Cutter

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โ™› for this blog or susan idk <3

my opinion on;

character in general: tbh it’s quite rare i like an oc?? mainly bc im an ass, but also bc some of them aren’t very well developed?? but reading about aubrie and seeing all the time and effort and development put into her has made me really intrigued! she’s such an interesting character! it’s very rarely you hear of blind characters, and even rarer for them to be roleplayed
how they play them: i really like how this oc is played? she stays very true to certain things and i can see how she’s grown into a better character in others?? and i like how each bit of her has been explored, that nothing has been left!

the mun: i love the mun lots, bless her. aubrie is so nice && funny, and i completely relate for her love of hamilton!

do i;

follow them: yup!
rp with them: i have our thread waiting in my drafts && i’ve started it but i cant seem to finish it just yet bc im trash, but im working on it!
want to rp with them: of course!
ship their character with mine: naah, i see them more as a brotp than otp material

what is my;

overall opinion: the mun is so cool, and does really well with picking really interesting and underrated muses! and does a really fine job at creating intriguing ocs that i actually want to invest time in??? 

let me love u meme
**Note: Mun’s answer are all to be completely honest. Don’t send url if you don’t want brutal honesty.

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saw your awesome harley quinn post, and I agree completely. Interesting related tidbit: Apparently, director/screenwriter David Ayer originally wrote and filmed scenes that showed the Joker as far more abusive and dismissive of Harley in the film (such as throwing her out of a chopper, and slapping her around and such); Warner Bros. wanted a PG-13, and objected, and edited the film to cut out all the abusive Joker scenes or reshoot them, which is why Harley's sequences feel so chopped up.

Yep! I read that which is why they should release those scenes on a Special rated R edition. 

Also I don’t understand how in the Dark Knight (a PG13 movie) showed the Joker doing WAY more graphic things and maintained that rating. But him being abusive Harley (which happened in an animated series for children) is something people can’t handle? Even though it’s common knowledge in the DC universe?

Oh shock, the Joker is a terrible boyfriend! :O