Jitters (Bucky x Reader)

A/N: Hi guys!! Wow wow two fics in one day? What a miracle hahaha😅 anyways, I kinda liked writing this because I can completely relate to this. Like I always get so nervous around new people and yeah, I’m just really socially awkward haha. This isn’t exactly like a romance one but yeah, it’s quite open ended so yeh. Enjoy!!

Request: Can you do a BuckyXReader where the reader bounces her leg and gets really quiet when she gets nervous, and Bucky notices that this happens whenever he’s around, and thinks she’s afraid of him when in reality she does it with anyone she isn’t very close with, so all of the other Avengers went through it with her?

“A what?” You asked as your brows furrowed.

“Garmr,” Thor said as he sat opposite you at the kitchen isle. Thor was telling you about the creatures that could be found back in Asgard and you couldn’t deny that it wasn’t interesting. “It is a wolf like creature that guards the gates of Hel.”

“Is it like that other wolf creature, what’s it called? Uh, Fenrir?” You questioned and the god shook his head.

“Nay, they aren’t the same, Garmr is a guard to the gates of Hel while Fenrir is a monstrous wolf that is prophesized to kill my father,” Thor explained and you looked surprised.

“Kill Odin?”

Thor nodded. “Aye, but now he’s bounded by unbreakable chains in all eternity.”

“Woah, that’s kinda cool,” you commented as Bucky came into the kitchen and took a seat beside you after grabbing a cup of coffee.

“Good morning, Bucky,” Thor greeted as Bucky did the same.

Bucky glanced at you as you mumbled a quick good morning before going quiet. He noticed that you started bouncing one of your legs that was resting on the stool’s support. Bucky frowned slightly, he realized that you always did this when he was around. Were you scared of him?

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Montgomery x Reader Imagine (Part 13/?)
PART 1     PART 2    PART 3     PART 4    PART 5     PART 6     PART 7       PART 8   PART 9     PART 10    PART 11   PART 12

I’m probably the worst imagine writer in history of writing imagines… I’m really, really sorry you had to wait so long for next part, I’m also very sorry it’s mediocre and kind of all over the place… I’ve been really busy lately but I’ll try to make it up to you guys (spoiler alert: they are gonna act normal soon). Till then I leave you here with that… thing…
If you have any suggestions or idea always feel free to send me a message!

I went down the hall looking for Montgomery and saw him talking to Tina but I hid before they could see me, but I could hear what they were talking about.

“… because I was angry! I saw you always hanging out with her at school. She’s this damn school’s sweetheart, great student, next year she’ll probably be captain, she hangs out with the cool kids, almost every guy here has a crush on her”, Tina said.

“So you did it because what? You were jealous that she’s popular and liked by everyone? She worked for it, you know? Step number one – don’t push people. Step number two – don’t break their wrists”, he said angrily.

“I was mad at you! What, you think I don’t know why you asked me out? You think that I’m blind. That I never saw how you are always checking if she’s watching? And yesterday she was staring at you when you walked in and sat on the bleachers so I got mad.”

“You don’t know what are you talking about”, he snorted.

“Why can’t you take my side?”, she asked him. “Why didn’t you stood up for me yesterday?!”

“Because Y/N was injured and had to go to the nurse!”

“Why didn’t you stood up for me when Jessica attacked me?”.

“There was nothing to stand up for because as we all saw Jessica was right”, Montgomery said.

He forgot about one thing. Tina hadn’t known he saw the clip. She didn’t know Tyler showed it to him, she didn’t know Montgomery was the one to make him show the video to Mrs. Montez.

“How do you…”, she mumbled.

So she caused the fall because of Monty? Because she thought he was trying to make me jealous over her? She was more stupid than I thought.

I came out, making it look like I wasn’t hiding.

“Montgomery!”, I shouted. “Can’t I decide about one single thing in my life? Couldn’t you for once do the right thing and leave it for me?”

“I did the right thing and made Tyler go to Mrs. Montez”, he said.

“It was you?!”, Tina asked shocked.

“In his defence I knew about the video before, I just didn’t know what to do with it and thanks to him I don’t have a choice”.

“So you still gonna say that you don’t…”, she said directly to Monty.

“Shut up”, he interrupted her.

“Tina, you’re crazy”, I said. “You two may actually be a good match. Or you’d kill each other, that wouldn’t be so bad.”

“It would be hard to stay together because Monty likes you”, she said.

“Wow, you’re stupid”, I rolled my eyes.

“You don’t know what you’re talking about”, Montgomery said at the same time. “And by the way, we’re done”, he said to her.

“You can’t break up with me!”, she screamed.

“What is going on?”, Mr Porter asked.

Then I realized we were actually pretty loud.

“Nothing, we’re just…”, I mumbled.

“Don’t you already have enough troubles?”, he asked Tina. “Honor Board will decide in your case tomorrow morning, till then you two”, he pointed at me and her, “you’re not allowed to talk to each other, not to mention making scene in the middle of hallway. And you, Montgomery, stay out of trouble, you’re doing good lately”.

“Yes, Mr. Porter”, we said at the same time.

“Everyone, go to the class”, he said as quiet a lot of people were standing in hall, watching the scene.

“You both are pathetic”, I snorted and walked out of the school.

I decided to skip the rest of lessons and walked home. Surprisingly my mum was inside when I opened the door.

“What are you doing here?”, I asked shocked because usually she wasn’t home before 5 pm.

“I could ask you the same question”, she said crossing her arms.

“Right… I’m sorry, mum… It’s just… It’s been a really hard day and I just couldn’t stand being there anymore and…” I sighed.

“Okay, just don’t do this too often, okay?”, she asked concerned. “You wanna talk about this?”

“Not really…”, I mumbled.

“I’m going to Chicago, work trip, I’ll  be home on Sunday”.


“Make sure you and your dad won’t eat pizza for four days straight”, she said giving me kiss on the forehead.

“We totally will”, I laughed. “Have fun”, mum left and I went upstairs.

I took a nap that lasted three hours and I was woken up by door bell.

“Hi, Atkins”, I opened door, let Jeff inside and still sleepy laid down on the couch.

“You skipped school”, he said.

“Half”, I mumbled.


“Don’t act like you didn’t hear about the huge scene Montgomery and Tina made”.

“I heard about scene but I heard about a scene that included all three of you”, he said.

“Excuse me?!”, I went from laying to sitting.

“So you didn’t shouted at Montgomery and then left school?”.

“Okay, I did”, I rolled my eyes. “You heard about the tape?”, I asked, Jeff nodded his head.

“I didn’t want to show it to anyone but Montgomery made Tyler go to Mrs Montez and now there is this whole drama thing going on”, I sighed. “And then I was fed up with them and went home”, I shrugged.

“You know you can’t skip lessons forever because of Montgomery.”

“It’s just… Seeing him with Tina sucks…”, I mumbled.

“First of all, he broke up with her today. Second of all, you can’t avoid him forever. That’s why you’re going to Bryce’s party tomorrow.”

“What? No! Jeff, come on”, I moaned.

“If you don’t go people will start talking there’s some tension between you and Monty…”

“I’m pretty sure no one pays this much attention to me  or Montgomery”, I chuckled but bit my lips.

Jeff was kinda right. I mean NO ONE would pay attention to us but first we had mini scene like three weeks ago in cafeteria, yesterday he drove me to hospital and today I made a scene with him and Tina at the hallway. Damn, he was right. He smiles satisfied, seeing doubts on my face.

“Be at the game tomorrow, we’ll go to Bryce’s straight after”, he laughed. “I sent you photos on notes from lessons you skipped”, he said getting up.

“Thanks, Atkins, you da real MVP”, I said still sitting on couch, not bothering to walked him to the door.


Next day before first period I found Montgomery standing next to his locker. I took a deep breath and walked towards him.

“Hi”, I said shyly. He looked at me surprised. “I just wanted to give you back your letterman”, I said handing him his jacket. “Thanks again”.

“No problem”, he said throwing letterman to the locker, not looking at me.

“I’m sorry I shouted at you yesterday, I shoul…”, I spitted words quickly out of mouth but Troy came up and interrupted me.

“Monty, man, have you seen your car?”, he asked.

“My car?”, she asked surprised and walked to the parking.

I followed him and Troy, turned out quite a lot of people gathered there.

Someone scratched side of  Monty’s car.

“What the fuck?”, he shouted.

“Oh God, not good”, I mumbled and looked around hoping to see any of my friends.

Suddenly Zach showed up next to me.

“Wow… How did this?”, he asked.

“Well I just came here and can’t be sure but in my humble opinion it was Tina”.

“I wouldn’t be surprised, you skipped after lunch break yesterday but she and Monty made a scene again after school”.


“Well, she doesn’t take words I break up with you very good”, Zach chuckled.

“So.. Um, Monty broke up with her?”, I asked acting like I don’t care.

“Yeah, good for him, she’s crazy. Not so good for his car, but…”, Zach shrugged and went to school.  

I went to the baseball game, after that I was supposed to drive with him to the party. I sat on the bleachers with Justin.

“It’s weird to watch game from here and not from there”, I pointed at the place where cheerleaders were warming up and waved at Sheri and Jess.

“You’ll be back there after winter break”, he cheered me up.

The game was about to start, cheerleaders were escorting players and then we saw it.

“What the fuck”, I said out loud.

“Don’t freak out”, Justin tried to calm me out.

“What is she doing there?”, I pointed at Tina escorting Montgomery.

I didn’t know what bothered me more – fact that Tina was performing at baseball game even though she was supposed to be kicked out of the team or the fact that she was escorting Monty to the field.

“Of what Jess told me I know coach let her perform one last time because you can’t and two other girls already left the town for winter break and they needed someone. I thought you didn’t want her to be expelled from the team”

“I didn’t want to make drama out of it…”

“You change your mind like every five minutes. Get yourself together, girl”, he punched me in the arm.


“You speak with Monty, two days later you fight with him, you don’t talk, then he drives you to the hospital, then you, him and Tina make a scene and then you don’t talk to him again, then you two talk next to his locker in the morning, then don’t talk again and then you’re mad cause his ex is escorting him to the field”.

“You pay a lot of attention to details”, I said, that was my tactic. When someone is right I say something completely not related to the case to change the topic.

“Well, both of you are my friends and both of you act weird lately so of course I’m paying attention to the details… Tina says he broke up with her because of you… Because he likes you…”

“Tina has some unhealthy obsession about me and is making up stuff.”

“Well, she says…”

“Did anything came from Monty?”, I asked. “Did he said anything?”, I hoped that Justin’s answer would be positive, but instead he looked down. “Justin, you can’t believe a single thing that girl says…”

“Okay, if you say so…”, he shrugged.

“But well, Monty is still my friend and she keyed his car this morning, so I’m gonna make her loose her shit”, I said with innocent smile.

“Y/N…”, Justin looked at me a little frightened.

“I’m not even gonna move from here”, I rolled my eyes.

Few minutes later it was Monty’s turn to play, he went to batter’s field and prepared then I whistled with my fingers.

Justin looked at me shocked, Monty turn around to see where that came from, I looked at Tina, she was almost purple.

“My dad learned me all of the boys stuff”, I shrugged.

“Wow”, he mumbled. “I’m impressed and half deaf because if was hella loud”.

“Thank you”, I smiled proud of myself.


After the game Justin went to the locker’s room to talk to guys, I waited for Jeff to change as I was supposed to go with him. Unfortunately, Tina walked out of girl’s room sooner than him and she seriously looked like she was gonna punch me.

“Nice whistle”, she said crossing her arms.

“Thanks. Hope you enjoyed your last performance.”

“What does he even see in you?”

“Jesus, Tina”, I rolled my eyes. “You made up something in your head and you’re not letting go. There is nothing! Montgomery doesn’t like me! Okay? Do you understand it?”

“Do you like him?”

I was a little shocked with her question but I didn’t have a chance to answer because Monty himself walked out of the locker’s room.

“What again?”, he asked looking at me and her.

“Nothing, I’m waiting for Jeff”, I shrugged.

“And I’m just going home”, Tina said and walked away.

“You’re going to Bryce’s?”, I asked Montgomery.

“Yeah. Why are you asking like you’re interested?”

“I’m trying to make a conversation. You know that thing when two or more people talk to each other. We used to know how to have a conversation going between the two of us”.

“You were the one to end things”, he said.

“You stopped talking to me”.

“It’s better this way”, he said looking me in the eyes. It was actually first time in quite a long time when he looked at me at all.

“What do you mean?”, I asked.

“It’s just better”, he said and walked away when he heard door being opened.

Few boys walked out including Jeff.

“Ready?”, he asked.

“Well, I’m the one waiting here for you for last fifteen minutes, I should ask you if you’re ready”,  I said trying to sound careless.

Whole way to Bryce my thoughts were spinning around Monty’s words. “It’s better this way”. What did he mean…

“So, Jeff… There is a thing”, I started. “So Sheri has been talking with some guy, not really dating or hanging out, just talking as friends”, I made up a story to cover myself. “They had let’s say a little fight and he stopped talking to her and after sometime he told her that it’s better that way”.

“And?”, Jeff asked.

“You’re a guy. What could he mean? What does boy mean when he says something is better that way?”

“Why are we talking about Sheri and her personal things?”, he asked.

“I’m the one asking question here, Atkins. She asked me for advice but I don’t know anything so I decided to discretely ask you. So, what does that mean?”, I asked impatiently.

“Jeez, Y/N. I don’t even know the guy. It can mean a lot of things… Maybe he’s annoyed with her and just don’t want to be friends with her anymore, or maybe he has some feelings for her and thinks she doesn’t feel the same way and just wants to take a break from her? I don’t know, babe”.

“Feelings?”, I basically stopped listening when he said that word.

“Yeah, do you want me to spell it for you?”

Okay, maybe this moment I live in alternate universe where Monty does feelings for me. Maybe this is my chance to change something. Maybe it’s the only way to find out. I’ll talk to him. Even if I’m wrong I won’t see him for few week during winter break and when we get back to school everything will be almost normal. Okay, I’ll do it. I get to the party, I’ll find Monty, I’ll take his to the side and ask if maybe accidentally he has feelings for me.

With that in my mind I got out of the car and went to the back of Bryce’s house were party was getting started, I looked around but Monty wasn’t here yet.

I decided to drink one beer that night, two tops. I grabbed first one and went to watch boys starting beer pong round while I waited for Monty to arrive.

After an hour or so Jeff sat next to me.

“Have you seen Monty here?”, I asked.

“Yeah, he came like 30 minutes ago, he’s inside playing blow and kiss”, he said and I got up before he even finished the sentence.

I walked inside and saw bunch of people playing but Monty wasn’t there.

“Hey, have you seen Montgomery?”, I asked Troy.

“Yeah, he went upstairs”

“Thanks”, I said and went there taking two steps at one time.

I have never been in this part of Bryce’s house and there was a lot of doors and I didn’t know where Monty went. Music was super loud so there was no point in saying his name hoping he would answer. I decided to open each door until I’d found him.

Third try was the hit. However what I saw made me wish I had never opened that damn door.

“Montgomery?”, I asked and then I saw him having steamy make out session, taking girl’s shirt out. “Sorry”, I mumbled even though they probably couldn’t hear me and slammed the door, and that thing they heard.

I took few steps and laid my head on the wall.

“Idiot… Why am I such an idiot?”, I asked myself.

I heard the door being opened so I quickly turned and went towards the stairs.

“Y/N?”, Monty said. “Y/N!”

I didn’t answer just runned downstairs. It would look suspicious if I suddenly stormed outside so I went to the kitchen, made myself a drink and the slowly went outside where I found Sheri and took her to the side.

“I walked on Montgomery making out with some girl”, I said trying to stopped tears that came up to my eyes.


“It was stupid, but I wanted to find him and ask if he likes me… I don’t know why, I just felt brave of whatever…”, I started sobbing. “I’m so dumb, Sheri…”

“Shhh, calm down…”, she hugged me. “You’re not dumb. He is. You’re such an amazing girl, you’re beautiful, you’re smart, you’re nice, half of the boys here would die for you to tell them that you like them and ask if they feel the same. If anyone is stupid, it’s Montgomery, he’s just blind if he can’t see what a treasure is in front of him the whole time”.

“It’s just… It hurts me that I saw it. Even if it was like two seconds. I mean he dated Tina, but I never saw them in situation like this and it kind of didn’t feel real but now… I saw it. It sucks, Sheri. I want to throw up and cry and go to sleep at the same time…”

“He’s not worth it”, she hugged me again. “Come on, we’ll watch some beer pong or play kiss and blow”.

“I’ll join you, I just want to sit here alone for a minute”, I said.

“Okay, you know where to find me”, she smiled and walked.

I stayed there with my terrible drink, terrible drink and broken heart. I felt brave for a minute and what happened to me… Him dating Tina bothered and annoyed me but this… This hurt. Maybe him going to Cresmont or to Rosie’s with Tina didn’t bothered me because I never did things like this with him while making out in spare room at the parties was our thing. It was my memory of his that now was disturbed with him making out with some other girl.

“Hey”, I sat there for few minutes when Zach came to me. “It’s a party why are you sitting alone?”

“I’m having hard few days… I tried something today and it didn’t exactly went the way I hoped for”, I chuckled. “Why aren’t you at the beer pong table?”

“I played enough for today”, he laughed a little. Then he saw tears in my eyes and got serious again. “Hey, Y/N, are you okay?”

“I’m just not really in a party mood”, I said and smiled faked a little smile.

“Do you want me to call you a cab or something?”

“No, thanks, sweetie, I’ll ask Jeff to drive me home. But now if you excuse me I’ll go to the bathroom to put myself together”, I patted his arms went to the house.

I can’t believe I have to make this post. This is just gonna turn into a series I do here on my blog because some ungrateful hoes can’t appreciate real talent


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I heard someone unstanned him because he didn’t smile at them during hitouch (lmao wtf) and I’m ???? Honestly???? so done?????

For Startes, he’s an introvert. If you’re a Carat, you know this. As a fellow introvert, lemme tell you that we do run out of social energy. Concerts are extremely high-energy events and it’s bound to take a toll on him. 

Also, just because he “didn’t smile” in the 5 seconds you had with him, doesn’t mean he doesn’t appreciate his fans. Are we just going to overlook the million other times he’s been soft for us during shows, fansigns etc? Wow the disrespect.

Lastly, he’s human. We all have our good days and our bad days. You don’t know what he’s going through, so stop judging him. He writes beautiful lyrics that let us take a glimpse into his mind – it’s an extremely personal thing to share, and the fact that he does it means he trusts us and loves us. That should be enough

If this ungrateful hoe is dropping Jeon Wonwoo as her bias, I’m over here willing to pick him up as one of mine. He’s one of the few idols I feel I can completely relate to, and he does so much for SVT, and for Carats. Smh. Stay pressed

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lenses - sam holland / imagine

summary: based on this prompt

ship(s): sam holland x reader

warnings: none

character count: 856 (160) / proofread: 0 / edited: 0 / requested: no

a/n: this is so short?? i’m sorry and this is also crap oops i needed to dO THIS PROMPT ASDJSAHHDSFKLLL!!!! also as a person who wears glasses i like. completely relate wow

“I missed you…” The freckled boy says quietly against the crook of your neck. “I missed you so muuuch.”

Sam Holland had just got back from Montreal and the two of you were cuddling on the couch, and you were unable to move due to the fact that he was squishing you– and your glasses.

“Sam, love,” you start to say, but he interrupts you with more murmuring. “Let me remove my glasses, please.”

“Nooo.” He whines a bit.




“Fiiine.” He mutters as the two of you sit up. You were about to remove your glasses when he places a soft kiss on your forehead. He then pulls away and took a deep breath, making the lenses of your glasses fog up.

“Gee, thanks.” You grumbled, your voice dripping with sarcasm. “Now I have to clean my glasses.”

Sam erupts in a fit of laughter, seeing your scrunched nose as you remove your glasses and clean it.

What I sent to SyFy about Wynonna Earp.

Dear SyFy Gods or whomever probably won’t be reading this,

I wanted to talk to you about Wynonna Earp, this show is in the middle of its second season (I hope you know this) and has yet to be renewed for a third (as I’m sure you know). Here’s the thing you need to know about Wynonna Earp and why it needs a third season. I stumbled upon this show through Tumblr, I didn’t start out with the series but the moment I saw my first gif set of it I was hooked and needed to know what this awesome show was. I immediately went to your site and started watching from the beginning. Wynonna (Melanie Scrofano) is the type of character I relate to on several levels, I know what it’s like to be hated by people simply because of your name, I know what it’s like to be treated as broken, I know what it’s like to run away from the fears and then having to face them head on. Wynonna is the type of character that many people can relate to, she’s the type of person that plays off her fears with humor, and Lord knows I do that too. I try to mask my pain and hurt like Wynonna does, but at the end of the day she is one of the characters that helped me through a rough year last year. Wynonna is someone I look to when I want to escape my own bullshit and deal with someone else’s. I know what it’s like to feel like you have the weight of the world on your shoulders and Wynonna makes me feel like having that weight on my shoulders is not gonna kill me.

Now let’s get to Waverly (Dominique Provost-Chalkley) and Nicole (Kat Barrell) aka WayHaught. First and foremost, I want to thank Emily Andras for creating that couple, because honestly, they are the first couple that I could relate to when it comes to my sexuality. Waverly to me is the type of person that always tries to please others (another attribute of mine that I must work on), but she also started to deal with her developing feelings for Nicole and you could see that struggle she had. I am 28 years old and I felt completely ridiculous for relating to a television character like I did her, I remember telling my best friend about Waverly and her struggle and how it validated everything that I went through 10 years ago when I first started dealing with who I am as a person. WayHaught shows me the love and compassion two people can have for each other without being together, this couple is one of the most real couples I have EVER seen on television and sure as shit it makes me feel validated. This is the one show I know that I will get to see real life problems dealt with and not swept under the rug, this is the one show that I know that I can laugh, cry, freak out to and there is nothing wrong with that. I know this is the one show that I look forward to every single week. This show makes me feel like I can be a badass woman, hell you have three badass women playing badass women, and I don’t really think there is much acting going into that badassery (not sure if that is even a word). Another season of Wynonna Earp will not only give me but a whole group of women and men the opportunity to still feel like were badassees, to still feel like we are not alone.

Like I said before not sure if anyone will read this but know that this show means more to fans then Nielsen box ratings. Hell, who the hell still has one of those anyway. If you just look at social media you will see this show means the world to so many people. It means the world to the cast, they love this show, they show us they love us fans, and we want to be happy and we want them to be happy so please take the time and really think about how much one show that wasn’t supposed to make it, made a difference to a who group of people (Earpers).

anonymous asked:

do you have any fic recs for like, not hardcore/kinky sex? i need me more of that soft/emotional shit - your absolute favorites

Admittedly I’m 110% in love with the kinkiest smuts I can find but I have a few recommendations that are more sensual or even romantic *gasp*.

Ace by @hijoonie - First of all, this whole story is great and I was enthralled with it from beginning to end. But, since this is about smut, I NEED PEOPLE TO READ AND LOVE THAT ART CLASS SCENE. The entire scene was so fucking sensual from the way he tried to look away when she undressed to the lingering of his hands when he positioned her. The sexual tension! The nervous glances and the longing! Do NOT get me started on the paint. Nuh uh. I can’t. Not today.

Jungkook; jealous by @spcywolf - Give me that reassurance and praise! Drown me in it. I completely relate to the MC (other than having a famous boyfriend obviously :’)) and what a dream situation to find yourself in the kitchen with Jungkook like this. How do I get this? What’s a girl gotta do? It’s kind of like the dream boyfriend reaction and I love it. 

Nursemaid by @noona-la-la-la - Poor Jimin. He’s burned his hands and can’t jerk off even after his crush is around looking beautiful and tragically unaware of his feelings. But things happen and sometimes people walk into rooms without permission and THINGS HAPPEN! Delicious, soft, nervous, confession type things. >=]

Those are my fave soft smuts. I love them and I hope you do too!

Did anyone catch the tiny moment after Miles first said he was bisexual to Tristan? He paused, just for a second and looked up, kind of nervous. It was a fleeting moment but if you’re LGBT+ (especially Bi) I think you know exactly what I’m talking about.

I can completely relate to what Miles did after saying the word. For me, it’s always been difficult to say about myself. Difficult to describe myself as Bisexual. I’m 100% proud to be bi but I find myself feeling dirty and ashamed when I say the word out loud about myself. I can probably count on my hands how many times I have referred to myself as bi out loud (less than 5) opposed to all the times I have said “I like girls too” or “I like all genders” etc etc.

This is why Miles saying he’s bisexual out loud is so so so important. I don’t want to feel like it’s a dirty word anymore, and I know others don’t want to feel it either. Tv writers, say the word bisexual more. Say the word lesbian more. Say the word pansexual more. Say it until no one else feels wrong identifying as bisexual, or as lesbian, pansexual or any other sexuality that is underrepresented and not said enough.

And Degrassi writers, thank you for letting the only bi rep I (and other bisexuals) have say he’s bisexual twice in one episode. Thank you for showing his discomfort around the word - It makes me feel like I’m not alone.

Who You Are

Pairing: None - Reader is part of the team

Word: 1,281

Request: yes! Leave requests here

Warnings: LGBT hate crime for any sensitive readers (ps, you should never feel insecure and you are all beautiful little muffins and I love you ok)

Summary: Anon requested:   Hey, could you write something where the team(inc. reader) is working on a lgbt hate crime, and the reader gets really uncomfortable and no one can understand why, but then they come out as a lesbian and the team is all really supportive and positive? No pairings or anything. Sorry if this is a weird request I’m just really insecure in my sexuality right now and thought something like this might help. I love your writing by the way, you’re really talented! :))

A/N:  Thank you for reading first and foremost.  I love knowing that there are real people out there enjoying my writing - it’s reassuring and heartwarming!

Secondly, as a bisexual female, I can COMPLETELY relate to your sitch.  I’ve only recently come to terms with my sexuality, and I can understand that it’s hard to accept yourself for who you are.  Please, please, please never feel insecure about who you like or who you are, because you are special and deserving of love and if anyone ever tells you otherwise, then screw em, alright?  I love you and there are plenty of people out there who love you too.

P.s., I adore this request.  I’m honored to write this, thank you for requesting.

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“We believe we are looking for a white male in his late 30′s, early 40′s.  He’s choosing his victims based on their sexuality,” Prentiss said to all the cops in the room.

“There’s a chance that this man may be in denial of his own sexuality, taking it out on these victims.  He’s angry about who he is,” Morgan rattled off.

“He’s killing his victims with blunt objects, and his rage is evident by the extreme overkill.  This man is incredibly dangerous,” Rossi added. 

You were sitting, listening to your coworkers give the profile, trying to keep yourself together.

“If you gather anymore information, please let us know immediately.  Thank you,” Hotch finished, dismissing the room of policemen and women.  “Dave, Reid and Y/N, can you three go to the medical examiner’s office and see if you can find out if there was any sexual assault to the male victims?”

The three of you nodded you heads and began to gather your things. 

“Prentiss and Morgan, go to the bar the victims were last seen.  We need to find out if anyone knew them personally.”

Once Hotch was finished giving out orders, everyone went their respective ways. 

The entire time to the M.E., your mind was racing, unable to fathom why even in the 21st century, queer people were still considered targets to hate crimes.  It made you scared for yourself, too, knowing that people would treat you differently based on your sexual orientation.

Hotch was certain these murders were because the unsub was fighting their own sexuality, but you had your doubts.  You felt in yourself it was truly just out of spite because these victims happened to be queer.  You knew what it was like to be unsure of your own sexuality, but in no way did you think that would lead to something as cruel as this.

You twiddled your thumbs in the backseat of the SUV, feeling incredibly too insecure.

“You okay?” Reid asked from the passenger’s seat.  He was looking at you with slight suspicion and you felt yourself shrink under the profiler’s stare, but you managed to fake a strong composure, not giving away that the case was bothering you too much.

“I’m fine,” you replied with a slight smile.  Reid pressed his lips together and nodded, not wanting to pry. 

The rest of the car ride to the M.E.’s office was silent.  Your secret seemed to be burning a hole in your mind.  You needed to pull yourself together.  If your team grew any more suspicious, you’d have to tell them, and that was the last thing you wanted.

“The male victims seem to be the least injured, actually.  The overkill was evident on the female victims,” Dr. Farley, the M.E. told you.

“What about sexual assault?” David asked him, studying the female victim on the table.

“None that we could find,” the doctor replied.  You took a closer look at the body, something near her thigh catching your eye.

“Reid,” you said, motioning to the body.  “Give me a hand?”  You carefully lifted the woman’s leg to see the marks that showed a sign of struggle.  “You said you didn’t find sexual assault even on the female victims?” you asked.  Reid was helping you to carefully lay the body onto its side.

“Yes, there was no evidence of that.  Not on male or female victims,” the examiner said, coming to look at what you were looking at.

“That’s because you were looking in the wrong place,” you said, pointing to the rear end of the corpse.  The bruises on her thighs looked like a pair of hands had been holding her down, and her rear end looked destroyed, overkill suddenly seeming like an understatement.

“So this man is not raping the men, but the women, and he chooses not to do it in the… front,” Reid said, his face growing red.

“I’m beginning to think this doesn’t have much to do with our unsub’s own sexuality,” Rossi admitted, dialing the phone to call Hotch.

“Just a purely hateful man,” you muttered, mainly to yourself.  Looking at the woman made you feel incredibly more insecure about yourself.  You couldn’t understand how it was possible for someone to hate a person just because of who they like.  Your face grew hot, and you felt almost sick to your stomach.

“Y/N, are you sure you’re okay?” Reid asked, but you were already out the door.

“So this unsub is mad at the women for being gay.  He takes it out on them the worst because that means that they are incapable of liking him, and with his narcissistic personality, he sees that as offensive and rapes them from behind.  We’re sure he’s not possibly gay and in denial?” Prentiss rambled after hearing the new information.

“If he was in denial, he’d be raping them from the front.  He’s probably come to accept his sexuality,” Hotch stated.

“Then why the hell is he killing gay men, too?” you asked in a too defensive tone.  Everyone in the room looked at you in shock.  You seemed to be taking this case harder than anyone else.

“Can I talk to you for a moment, Y/N?” Hotch asked.  Your sudden outburst obviously didn’t sit well with him.

“No,” you said.  This was it.  No more hiding the truth.  “I’d rather you all hear this, okay?  I know that I’m taking this case a little too seriously and that it’s quite clearly getting to me.  But as a gay woman, it’s hard not feel offended by this asshole just killing innocent people just because of their sexual orientation.  It’s really disappointing and discouraging to know that there are still people in this world who can’t accept others because of who they are and I just really want this son of a bitch to get what he deserves, alright?” you told them.  Their faces were all mixed with shock and awe.  Before you let any of them get a chance to say anything to you, you stormed out the door of the conference room with tears beginning to stream down your face. 

A weight has just been lifted off your shoulders, but the room still felt heavy.  You sat on a bench just outside of the police station.  After a few minutes, JJ walked out the door and once she saw you, sat down next to you.

“I wanted to tell you guys sooner,” you muttered, unable to look at her.

“It was your decision,” she replied, rubbing your back.

“I don’t know why, but I was scared to tell you.  I just didn’t want anyone to treat me differently or look at me differently,” you said.  JJ sighed and rested her hand in her lap.

“Y/N, you’re always going to be a part of this team and part of this family.  And you more than anyone should know that it’s a family’s duty to be accepting of one another and love each other unconditionally.  Every member of this family loves you, no matter what.  In fact, now that we know this about you, we probably love you more than we ever thought we could.”

You looked over to meet her eyes.  “Yeah?” you asked, almost in a shy tone.

“Of course.  Come here.”  She pulled you in for a hug, and instantly the world felt light again.  Of course they wouldn’t care, what were you thinking?

“Let’s go,” she said, pulling you off the bench and back into the conference room with the rest of the team.

“Y/N, you ready to give this son of a bitch what he deserves?” Morgan asked you with a smirk. 

You smirked back.  “Hell yeah.”

Doing This For Myself

McHanzo Week Day 5: Traditional/Unorthodox

Summary: “You come here every year on the same day.”
He risks as much now, for a different reason. He does not need to risk it alone.

(no tw. fluff and love confessions, character development)


McCree had seen this place only once before.

He stared up at the ancient wooden gate. The insignia raised on the door was intimately familiar to him, but still felt strange.

A little pink petal fluttered down in front of him in the breeze. A dozen more followed it, swirling around him, gathering in little piles in corners and crooks.

“You sure about this?”

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Opal's Fanfiction Recommendation List 9/3/17

I read so much fanfiction in a week that I thought they deserved to be put on a list to post at the end of each week.  The amount of fics on here will vary week-by-week, but I thought the writers deserve a shoutout and a recommendation because their writing is great and their fics are great and deserve to be recognized.

These are in no particular order.

The Originals

Imagine Klaus Realizing He Loves You After You Leave by @thefandomofoneshots

Honestly tho the description of Klaus’ feelings when he realizes he’s in love with the reader is what really gets me.  It gives off a deep and powerful feeling that I’m in love with.  Also he is so smOOTH CATCHING THE COIN LIKE THAT OMG

Klaus Mikaelson Scenario by @shadowoods

Any other person would be so freaked out and it’s such a nice change to see a different reaction from the reader and how enchanted they are.  It turns what would otherwise be a serious moment into a cute fluffy one.

Super Overprotective by @imaginefan

I love me some Mikaelson Sibling!Reader fics and this one is really great.  Reader is protected by their siblings but can still kick ass any day and I love that.

Elijah x Reader by @fanficimagery

I love how Freya and Keelin brought cookies over yaaass and then ‘Of course she would have a hot brother’ I love that and Elijah is such a gentleman and then reader’s reaction when he tells her he’s an Original I’m dying THIS IS SO GOOD

Imagine Elijah Coming To Your Rescue and Killing Everyone Who Had A Part In Kidnapping You by @imaginary-desires

Elijah is such a badass he walks in, rips out 2 hearts and casually yet concernedly asks reader if they’re okay.  And reader doesn’t take the asshole kidnapper’s crap I love that.


Cramps by @imaginesofeveryfandom

Who doesn’t need a wonderfully written period fic?  ESPECIALLY WITH BUCKY.  The whole strange position thing is completely relatable (I can’t even begin to describe the ones I’ve contorted myself into) and I AM HERE FOR BUCKY BEING A SWEETHEART DURING THE WHOLE ORDEAL.

Writer by @buckyywiththegoodhair

IT’S SO BEAUTIFUL.  The words are weaved together so elegantly and, as a fellow writer, I relate to so many things in this fic.  Like the nerves when someone reads your work, especially when it’s someone you know.  Bucky’s reaction is completely heartwarming and UGH IT’S JUST SO BEAUTIFUL I CAN’T

Flashbacks by @1-800-fiction

I’m a sucker for good angst and this is it.  Bucky deserves all the good things and someone who can give him those things and reader is that someone and they are so understanding and gentle I just AGH I LOVE IT

anonymous asked:

I have ths weird thing where I only listen to a certain song because tht one is THE BEST atm and nothing can compare to it. Same goes with food, clothes, literally anything. I'll only eat a certain type of food, and only that. I'll literally wear the same T-shit everyday. That's because, at that moment, they're the best. If I find something that's better, I'll quickly change without looking back. However it's hard for me to find something better. Which function would this behaviour subscribe to?

I completely relate to this behavior. It sounds like Ne to me. Any other Ne users care to confirm?

- INFP Mod

anonymous asked:

*sigh* so i ship rickmorty. But i feel super weird/ashamed about it because I was sexually assaulted by my grandfather so it makes me feel awful to ship it. I don't at all relate anything to the ship and what happened to me, I just R E A L L Y appreciate the dynamic they have and it doesn't at all feel like grandfather/grandson, but more of an extremely large age difference which is still messed up but whatever. Idk why I'm sending you this, I just kinda needed to get it off my chest.

Oh wow, anon, this is pretty heavy. I’ll try to be careful as this is a touchy subject that I’m not too familiar with.

There’s a reason why they call this ship “problematic.” Rickmortt is indeed a fucked-up ship! But no, I don’t believe we should condone relationships like this in real life. I don’t condone pedophilia. I don’t think it’s “hot” if an adult preys on a minor, no matter what antis say. Real life is separate from fiction! The more we realize rickmorty is a harmless fictional ship, the easier it is to divorce our concepts of what is acceptable/moral in real life vs. fiction.

You’re not alone. There are many CSA survivors who use rickmorty to cope. There are many rickmorty shippers who may even share the same views and experiences as you. Take a moment to look around, anon, and you may find likeminded friends that could help you make your fandom life a little more fun and less guilty. Because we’re all in the same boat as you, and we are NOT terrible people for shipping. Don’t be afraid to reach out!

chaxentlouphaniamblog  asked:

From the Miraculous Ladybug and Chat Noir show, what character can you relate yourself with? or just feel a connection with? it can be more than one person :3

Hmm so I don’t think I relate completely to any one character, more like pieces of a couple.

I relate to Alya’s passion when it comes to Ladybug; when I really like something I also become kind of obsessed with it haha. Ladybug’s serious side when it comes to fighting the villains is definitely something I relate to because when I’m faced with a problem I always try solve it from a calculated, serious angle. And of course, I love puns, so that side of Chat is a part of his character that I love.