btw i’m not saying I’m immediately distrustful of RPers/artists! or that i think every RPer will use me for art, or that I don’t want anyone to bother me

i’m chill as fuck lol i’ll talk to whoever says hi to me :V

I don’t RP though not even a little bit - im much happier just casually brainstorming and chatting with folks

but as a preface if you wanna be my friend and also want art be ready to wait a loooooong ass time, in fact you’ll probably never get anything free from me not because I don’t WANT to draw for you but because i’m usually too focused on my own stuff and/or forgot.  miracles happen but don’t count on it lol

likewise, i expect nothing free from artist friends. even if you say you’ll do something for me i will NEVER hold you to it or remind you, in fact there’s a 99% chance I’ll completely forget about it within the hour lol 

so yeah don’t be afraid to say hello!*  i dont suspect you of ulterior motives - even if you had some i’ll be too lazy to accommodate them :v

(*if you ever do contact me I might not be very responsive cuz im either asleep, busy, forgot lol, or you asked a question I dont know how to answer yet)

i was tagged by zodiacapricorn c: although i think someone tagged me earlier and i completely forgot to do it soRRY

Name: natalie

Nickname: nat or nattycat (the second is an inside joke) ((feel free to call me either btw))

Birthday: August 14

Starsign: leo

Gender: female

Height: 5′0

Sexual orientation: straight

Favorite color: mint green

Current time: 2:01 pm EST

Average hours of sleep: it changes everyday like some days i’ll get 10 hours and some i’ll get like 4 lol

Lucky numbers: tbh i don’t really know??

Last thing I googled: new perspective - panic! at the disco lyrics

Words that come to mind: tired, stressed, confused

Number of blankets I sleep under: 2 or 3

Favorite fictional characters: there’s too many to name

Favorite famous people: again there’s a lot and i feel lazy right now ok

Favorite books: the divergent series, tfios, idk man i don’t read that much don’t hate me pls i just never have time

Favorite bands: fob, p!atd, all time low, halsey, arctic monkeys, the nbhd, top, and much more

Dream trip: some type of like tropical getaway lol

Dream job: psychologist

I tag: anybody who wants to! i feel awkward tagging random blogs so if you haven’t done this but want to, just say i tagged you :)

top 10 favorite characters from 10 different fandoms

okay so i was tagged by my fav, stydiasgriffin, like 744883920119 years ago to do this but i completely forgot lol so i’ll do it now.

1. lydia martin (teen wolf) (i wish we could pick from the same fandom bc stiles)
2. tate langdon (ahs)
3. rachel berry (glee)
4. adam conant (the secret circle but only in the books. i loved the show but the books were soooo much better holy shit.)
6. nick miller (new girl)
7. monica geller (friends)
8. gale hawthorne (thg)
9. leo hendrie (chasing life)
10. hazel grace lancaster (tfios) (ik its cliché shhhhh)

okay i’m supposed to tag people but i’m really bad at tagging people. so if you want to do this but no one has tagged you yet, just say i tagged you lol i won’t judge.

but i do tag woeeitsariana bc duh.

anonymous asked:

the 3,21 and 41 was for the other ask questions, whoops

Oh my bad lol I completely forgot about those well here you go, sorry! :)

3) Do you smoke? Nope

21) What I love most about myself? Hmm
.. probably my ability to stand up for what i love/ believe in

41) Where I want to be right now? Somewhere far away from here


Totally forgot to update my cosplay list for Otakon and also completely neglected to upload wip pictures lol 

But here it is; I will be going as Margaery Tyrell (GoTs), Tsuki (Haikyuu!!), and Rin (Free!) along with my friend who will be doing Kageyama and Nitori with me :3 

Can’t wait to get down there and see everyone but before that I should probably finish embroidering Marg’s top and fixing up her shoulder and back pieces >…>

we-up621they-down asked “Chello again! i would once again love to ask what videos of the…”


Hi.. I forgot to change the name of the video when it is finished downloading, so I could not find a link to the original video. But, Finally I uploaded on my youtube, hopefully this link can running (lol, this is the first time I upload a video on youtube hahaha. I fell asleep waiting for the completion of this video was uploaded, poor signal haha)

Do you have twitter? If you have, you can ask me via twitter as well. My twitter account is @ayuditakarinda. Just to make it easier if you want to ask for video.. But if you want to ask via tumblr is also not a problem :) 

luchenglei asked:

[text] I trust you completely. / [text] I just need you to understand how important you are to me. / [text] Okay. Guess we’ll leave it at that then. / [text] What are you good for if you’re not gonna bring me ice cream?

[ I completely forgot about these tbh. I’ll do the other one later~ ]

[text] I trust you completely. //

[ sms - 特别 ] I know
[ sms - 特别 ] but
[ sms - 特别 ] Why?
[ sms - 特别 ] I’ve given you plenty reasons not to and you’ve seen why you shouldn’t
[ sms - 特别 ] So why do you still trust me?
[ sms - 特别 ] Does being a fuck up make someone trustworthy in your book?
[ sms - 特别 ] Fine. You can say that to me but I don’t believe it.
[ sms - 特别 ] Say it in person next time and I might. Saying things over text means nothing. We both know that.

[text] I just need you to understand how important you are to me. //

[ sms - 特别 ] Well.. I can’t understand that
[ sms - 特别 ] After the amount of time we’ve spent apart I can’t figure out or understand why I’d still be important to you
[ sms - 特别 ] I want to believe I am. But you’ve given me no real reason to believe it apart from your word on it
[ sms - 特别 ] Avoiding each other for seven months doesn’t equal importance and neither does suddenly getting close to each other again
and that’s fucking me up
[ sms - 特别 ] So please just don’t say these things to me because I won’t believe them and you need to understand /that/

[text] Okay. Guess we’ll leave it at that then. // [ I don’t actually know what this one turned into tbh]

[ sms - 特别 ] ???
[ sms - 特别 ] What do you want me to say?
[ sms - 特别 ] Am I supposed to tell you everything or something??
[ sms - 特别 ] Are my feelings supposed to be displayed out the open here, because I think they already are. But maybe you want something else from me
[ sms - 特别 ] But I dont’ know what that is so 
[ sms - 特别 ] ????
[ sms - 特别 ] You can’t just spring up here with that as you that as your first message and expect a full out answer. I don’t give those
[ sms - 特别 ] I give one word ones when I don’t know what to put and that hasn’t changed 
[ sms - 特别 ] So your ‘guess we’ll leave at that then’ yes, we will. 
[ sms - 特别 ] Don’t bring it up again until I’d actually be able to answer you.

[text] What are you good for if you’re not gonna bring me ice cream?

[ sms - 特别 ] The fuck am I gonna bring your lazy ass ice cream?
[ sms - 特别 ] Get up and get it yourself and I’ll be there in two
[ sms - 特别 ] Meaning I am literally right next to the dorms and walking to yours now– and I’m not turning back to get you ice cream gdi
[ sms - 特别 ] Screw your stupid summer cravings
[ sms - 特别 ] And I’ll have you know I’m good for throwing out insults, glaring, pissing people off, bluntness and rudeness.
[ sms - 特别 ] Did I mention insults?
[ sms - 特别 ] So you can be good to yourself and bring your own ice cream of text me that when I actually have time to get it without having to backtrack, asshat
[ sms - 特别 ] And now I’m here so yea nvm

cupcakeofawesomeness asked:

I really like the url you have now, personally! But your blog is awesome, your url choice is up to you obviously :) Btw my face can be found under the tag #Jayce selfies

thank you! ^-^

url: 8/10 
icon: 6/10 (i don’t get the reference so)
theme: 7/10 
posts: 7/10 
fancast: katie bell, for sure! you’re face is so adorable omg  (also i love your hogwarts t shirt lol)
squad role: always ready for an adventure + the one who can absorb all awkwardness in a situation by saying/doing smth completely random
song/song lyrics that come to mind when i see your blog:  ‘baby now we got problems/ and i don’t think we can solve ‘em’ - bad blood by t swift
general vibes: pretty random tbh c;
following: yes/no sorry/now

no more please!

anonymous asked:

i completely forgot i followed u omfg im so bad(i found u through i-make-doodles-lol) sO YES HI I HOPE U HAVE NICE DAY UR FACE IS CUTE :D

aw, man that isn’t bad it’s cool!! and a lot of people do, she’s like my famous bro y’know? THANKS I HOPE YOU HAVE A NICE DAY TOO AND THANK YOU AGAIN, CUTENESS IS MY THING (i hope you have a nice day too!!)

anonymous asked:

I tried googling photos of the artwork/books and I had to close the tab so quickly when looking up Psycho Break OTL I am so weak haha. But ahhh I do hope you're able to get many more artbooks in the future!! Mmm what is your favorite candy/sweet? do you have a favorite animal? (It's late where I am so I have to go soon but I hope, if it's okay, I can come back and ask you some more questions soon? It's been fun talking to you ;u;)

omg I forgot to tell you that game is very…… gorey….. I’m so sorry anon wahh;;
Thank you! I will work hard to complete my dream lol

Candy…. hmm There’s so much out there, but I love kit kat! Also, anything flavored strawberry is welcomed in my mouth. (ohh chupa chups is really great btw. And gummy bears…… )

OH I LOVE DOG SOOOO MUCH…. I HAVE 2 DOGS AND THEY’RE REALLY CUTE(I keep posting about them on twitter, they’re my angels) I also like cat, but I prefer dog. I think animals are really great…. and sea dog is really great(aka seal)

Omg that is OK! I’m so glad we can talk through this topic! come off anon if you want to next time, it’s been fun talking to you too! ////

continued from x


OF COURSE NOT. She didn’t remember dragging the confused individual into his room & shutting the door with a blank look on her face. It’s like an unknown “entity” of some sort wiped her memory clean of that doing; Violet only wanted her crayons back & forgot to knock on Dylan’s door first, so her high-pitch shriek was completely reasonable. 


Matey, what am I suppose t’do in a situation like this ?? Should I call an ambulance ?? THIS LOOKS SERIOUS! Oh, jeepers. I’m gonna faint.

Completely forgot to do this earlier! bookwormnerdfighter
tagged me ages ago, sorry lol

Rules: Tag 10 other peeps you’d like to know more about

Name: Annika
Nickname: Unfortunately, my name is unnicknameable
Birthday: November 23rd
Age: 17
Star Sign: Saggitarius
Gender: Female
Height: 5'1"
Sexual Orientation: Kinsey 1?
Fav Color: green
Time rn: 11:57 PM
Average Hours I Sleep: probably 5 during school, 7 during summer
Lucky Number: 10
Last Thing I Googled: university of rochester undergraduate majors
Word That Comes To Mind: antidisestablishmentarianism
Happy Place: Alta, Utah
Number Of Blankets I Sleep Under: 3
Fav Fictional Character: Luna Lovegood, probably
Fav Famous Person: Hank Green
Celebrity Crush: eh, Tatiana Maslany, I guess?
Fav Book: Harry Potter always wins, but I love to reread A Dog’s Purpose and Paper Towns and almost anything
Fav Band: Hank Green and the Perfect Strangers, FOB, The Wombats… idk
Last Movie I Saw: Inside Out
Dream Trip: New Zealand or Stockholm
Dream Job: medical geneticist
What I’m wearing: orange tank top and shorts

I tag everyone who reads this (I know it’s cheating but do it)

MLA Diary - 7/19/15 - Dear Kai Complete!

Hello there,

Last Friday, the final episode of Dear Kai came out. When the time came for me to make the episode public, I got pretty nervous! I was nervous about the editing all being right and how everyone would react to the finale. I’m one of those paranoid people who can check something a million times without ever being confident it’s all fine. Whenever I post a video, I always wonder if I missed something while editing or forgot to do something right. It always turns out fine though! lol

To finish something like Dear Kai is a lot like finishing a school year. On one hand, you’re super excited to be free, but on the other hand, you feel a little lost. This show had been in my head for so long that it really was hard to believe I was done.

Happiness and a sense of accomplishment are what I feel now that it’s done. I was able to do things in this show that I never dreamed I’d be able to do. The special effects wouldn’t have been possible just a few years ago for me. I’ve come a long way since my first show in 2010. I really feel like the story of Dear Kai is something anyone can enjoy and learn from. The final product is exactly how I saw it in my mind.

I like to be honest with you guys in my diary entries. To be totally honest, I wanted to quit making this show more times than I could count. The workload this series brought to the table was much more than I had anticipated, and I got burnt out really fast. I bugged my family and closest friends whining, “I realllly don’t want to do this show anymore,” almost everyday towards the end of the show. I remember counting the episodes and being so glad I was down to the last episode. Don’t get me wrong - I absolutely love Dear Kai itself and loved getting to share the special story with you. I love Dear Kai, I just had a tough time making it. XD However, I knew that the end result would be totally worth it and your incredibly kind comments are what got me through. Your words gave me that extra push I needed to get this project done. Thank you for that!

Looking into the future, I have more ideas than I know what to do with! I want to continue sharing stories with you wonderful fans! I will definitely make sure I am more aware of the workloads my next projects will bring before I start them. I learned so much while making Dear Kai, and I think what I learned will greatly help me as I make my future projects. 

In the end, every single episode of Dear Kai reached over 301 views in under an hour. The first episode of Retrace got 100 views over its entire premiere weekend… I remember being thrilled about that! The views, the comments, etc. all of it was appreciated and unexpected. All of you make my day and make this passion of mine all the deeper. I’m glad you enjoyed Dear Kai, and I hope you will look forward to whatever I do next. Until then… stay tuned!

- Keiko/ MLA Entertainment


It’s #workoutwednesday ! Did you fit it in? Did you push hard? Don’t you feel GREAT?! The past two weeks I’ve been mixing up #bodybeast with my first love #insanity. I completely forgot how hard it is - it’s kind of like childbirth in that way. LOL

People always ask me if the workouts get easier, and the honest truth is no. YOU get stronger, YOU are able to push harder, YOU are able to go a little longer without a break! You bring the intensity, and so the work never gets easier. But the payoffs are SOOO worth it!

Now I understand that not everyone wants to do Insanity, or Body Beast or P90X. That’s cool. But Beachbody is really good at making something for everyone. And you might just be surprised by what you can do when you put your mind to it!

5 days left until my next group starts. Are you ready to get started with me?! #wecandoit #youvegotthis #everyonematters #todayistheday

arthritic asked:

When you get this, reply with five things that make you happy. Then send this to the last ten people in your activity (I'm sorry I have to do this to you)

Lol, it’s okay! I’m pretty sure someone tagged me in this not too long ago, but I completely forgot to answer this like an asshole.
1. Reading.
2. Writing.
3. Painting my nails. It’s about the only super girly thing I do.
4. Stargazing.
5. Sleeping. I don’t sleep a whole lot, so the rare times I actually sleep and SLEEP GOOD, I’m happy as fuck.

Not the best list, but it was all I could come up with off the top of my head.

anonymous asked:

hello why do you tag your replies as niallers letters? are you a 1d fan? ^^

lol it’s one of those automatic xkit functions that ive had for like 3 and a half years now?? and i never bothered to remove them when i liked 1d in freshmen year [shudders] lol niall does follow me on twitter still hHAHAHAHAH

but then i moved to exo/f(x) completely in the beginning of 2013 and i forgot to change my automatic replies tag so it just stuck lol

anonymous asked:

I sent you a prompt once, but I forgot what it was lolll #collegemesseswithmybrain

LOL don’t worry, I COMPLETELY understand XD

All the prompts that I have left to do are on this prompt list.

If you don’t see anything that rings a bell, I might have either already answered it or grouped it with another prompt (in which case the prompt would be pasted on said drabble).

If I don’t answer the ask or it doesn’t appear on the list, tumblr ate it :)

But yeah, I am also a college student, and it really does >.<