The Signs And Summer
  • Aries:partyin', partyin', yeah! jk i just made out with my computer tho lol
  • Taurus:i'm getting exercise... i parkour my way to the fridge and work the muscles carrying food..
  • Gemini:Snapchat story- OMG phone has not stopped blowing up lol chilling; Phone- *crickets*
  • Cancer:finally i have the time to do the important things *curls up in the corner and writes gay smut*
  • Leo:actually does stuff sometimes but likes to stay in and relax too
  • Virgo:HELL YEAH SCHOOL IS OUT!!! *2 weeks later* I'm fucking bored.
  • Libra:goes out with friends a lot and it's still not enough; completely forgot about their summer homework
  • Scorpio:What do you mean I need a life? {insert otp here} is my life! don't talk to me or my son again
  • Sagittarius:I wanna go on an adventure!!!!! .... .... i have $2 and a box top.
  • Capricorn:Gets their summer homework done in like the first couple weeks just to get it the hell over with and has fun during the rest of summer
  • Aquarius:has moved like once since the start of summer and has somehow proved the existence of aliens, cured cancer, written a novel, but didn't know how to do the math homework
  • Pisces:sleeps and eats a lot, will find them under the covers and in their laptop

I was tagged by @artdelolo over a month ago via fb to do my next 9 cosplays. I completely forgot and got sidetracked so here it is!
AFO: Felicia from Fates
FFXIV FANFEST: Ser Aymeric (I decided to just be husbando because can you imagine how funny it would be to see Aymeric sitting there trying to tank the new trial. Plus I want to woo all the ladies)
The rest of 2016 will be focused on perfecting Mercy (because I need to be Mercy everytime I play Mercy lol)
MAGFEST 2017: Dreadwyrm coat of casting and Gentiana (and try to pack Mercy for travel)
KATSUCON 2017: dark blood corrin and xander with @kohji143, Chivalric Coat of Fending
and then Suzukihotaru for the spring festival at the morikami in 2017.

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Leaning back slightly, Ben eyed the boy for a few moments before finally speaking up. “You know how I feel? Care to share? Don’t leave me to be the only one who has the guts to open up to a complete stranger.” Although the boy hated every single thing that happened back home, if it wasn’t for the others, he wouldn’t have manned up. Became the guy he should have been when his sister needed him the most. “It’s pathetic how much shit you worry about in high school. Girls. Gossip. Being popular. The end of the world, it changes you.”

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Heyyyy yo~~~ I'm the anon that asked the weird request of how the boys will react if they knew you just learned to drive a standard car, and guess what I just got my license 2 days ago! Ajsjsbhsjssj okay I just wanted to share my happiness with you and your cute followers❤️ - anonnie that loves your blog

CONGRATULATIONS SWEETHEART ♥♥♥ I’m so happy for you :’) drive safe!! And i completely forgot to do the reaction you requested ugh i feel like shit ^^ T-T I’ll do it tomorrow I promise!! I’ve been a bit busy so I’m forgetting stuff lol also, admin yuni is on vacayyy we have a new admin who’s my soulmate @iamproudofyoutaeyong :’) i hope we can get more active on the blog ♥ thank you for sharing your achievement with us :D

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Walk the Moon! :)

imma be completely honest i totally forgot i reblogged that band thing because and I was going to reply to this with “woo yeah i sure do like them”. 

How long have I listened to them?

I first heard Anna Sun my sophomore year of school so like 2012-ish but I didn’t get into them like I am now until my senior year after I heard SUAD on the radio at like midnight. So like 2 years-ish of really listening to them.

Favourite song:

Next In Line is my jam but Blue Dress is my other jam.

Least Favourite song:

lol i could listen to any of them there really isn’t one I would say is my least fav but I do skip Up 2 U the most when it comes on shuffle.

Favourite Album:

Self titled. I like things that sound like summer evenings and thats what the entire album sounds like.

First song I’ve heard from them:

Either Anna Sun or Tightrope. Someone showed me Anna Sun but Tightrope always came on my Pandora shuffle so it’s a toss up.

Have I ever Seen them in Concert?

Yes! I saw them last October at The Greek in LA with my friend Emily and we had literally the best time ever. Whenever I listen to the live album I feel so happy because those were my extra lines and conversations. I also saw them in San Diego this May and met Eli and Kevin (with my friend Emily again) and it was GREAT).

Any merch I posess:

I have a shirt from the first show and the LE poster for the Greek show that they had made. i did the VIP thing at the SD show and got a signed vinyl, a snapback, and then I bought the silk jacket. I also have the live album vinyl. And then like fan art shit I made.

Favourite Single/Music Video:

Work this Body is my fav single but the Tightrope music video is my fav video. It’s just so cute and my small children are so aesthetic.

Favourite Member, current:

Yes hello I love Nick Petricca. I love them all but i especially love Nick Petricca. Funny story: when Nick tweeted me about my art my friend tried texting me at like 1 am about it but I was asleep so at 8 am when my other friend saw the group text she called me. Now, Thursdays I sleep in because I work in the afternoons so I was v annoyed and she was like “get on twitter it’s important” and nothing is important on twitter at 8 am but WHOO BOI it was important.

Thanks for asking friend I hope you have a good day!