Tomarry Fic: I Come With Knives

Happy Birthday @strangesoulmates! I am half an hour early but consider that an extra treat lol. I got very carried away plotting this fic so the first chapter is out now and then this will be my project for NanoWrimo :D

I Come With Knives

Summary: In a world run by Voldemort, Harry tries to get by as an unnoticed half-blood until he discovers a strange diadem which sends him into a coma for over a year. He finally awakens and is made to return to Hogwarts to complete his seventh-year that he missed, and it is there that he comes into contact with the new Dark Arts teacher, Professor Riddle. Harry is drawn to Riddle, and finds himself lost in a treacherous world of Death Eaters and obsession.

I’ve also made some dolls so if you fancy seeing how I envision the characters (in accordance with the limited doll maker features lol) then check them out under the cut :D

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IAMX - “I Come With Knives”

This man… The whirlwind in disguise, a kaleidoscope ignite,
the outburst spark that bleeds and feeds.

Kinder und sterne küssen und verlieren sich
Greifen leise meine hand und führen mich
Die traumgötter brachten mich in eine landschaft
Schmetterlinge flatterten durch meine seele
In der mitternacht*

The paradox of our minds
Too much to believe, too much to deny
You fool me again to quiet my pride
But I’m a human, I come with knives

I never promised you an open heart or charity
I never wanted to abuse your imagination

I come with knives
I come with knives
And agony
To love you


IAMX, “I Come With Knives

*Children and stars are kissing and losing each other
Quietly taking my hand and leading me
The dreamgods brought me in a landscape
Butterflies fluttered through my soul
At midnight


First of all, there are spoilers for some shows and movies so I guess watch at your own discretion. Also there’s lots of blood.


                                               i   never promised ]   you   an

                                               o p e n    heart`   or  charity.  ❞

                                               i never wanted  to abuse y o u r

                                                ❝ ░▒ ━━━━━ imagination !

                                               i come with knives, &&AGONY.

                                               i come w i t h knives ✂ ┈┈ ✘

                                               to L❤VE you !! ! !!!!!