After completely blanking on something to draw for @superirishbreakfasttea‘s rom-com challenge fic, I got to thinking, and realized that I have never drawn a Fitzsimmons kiss. How have I never done that? It’s unacceptable! I have let my fandom down! So I decided to draw a scene from the final chapter of her excellent fic Look On Tempests instead. And here you have it: Fitzsimmons face smoosh! It was a little harder than I anticipated, but I enjoyed the challenge and overall I’m pleased with how it turned out. Hope you guys enjoy it!


you only see me with
rose-colored glasses
I am here
though I am not heard

and once you take them off
you will see all of me
every layer from
scarred skin to tired bones

down to the
blood coursing through my veins
and you will know how long
I have ached for your

eyes to pierce my skin
to finally see who I am
and not who you want me to be
and to make me whole again

—  Leigh, day 336

moons-mask  asked:

Oh my lord. I'm in love with your art. I fucking love it so much. Where did you learn how to draw? any tips? God its gorgeous

((aaa omg?? ;w; thank you so much!! Hmm I didn’t really learn anywhere, I just draw the same thing like everyday 

The only ‘tips’ I have is to just keep on practicing and drawing as much as you can even when you feel unmotivated and feel like your art is shit, cause that’s p much what kept me going in the long run! Also, don’t compare yourself to other people, it’ll reeeaaalllyyyy bring you down, even if you just can’t help it, cuz everyone has their own style and express themselves differently~

also references are cool too, they help you with anatomy or help you be familiar with a certain thing so eventually you can draw it all on your own!

 Throws pencils and love in your face ;;u;; thank you again, it means a lot!))


Hey animal jammers. Would anyone like to help me out?

I’m looking for a PET raccoon that resembles my raccoon character (first picture). They came out while I was taking a break from the game and I missed out.

Secondly I’m looking for a PET mantis, any color (though I would prefer green, brown, or blue).

You can take your pick of things off my trade list for them, or if you want something else, feel free to ask (anything but my skeleton suits, bone tails, or long spike collars please, they are not for trade).

If you play Play Wild, I’ll also give you a spiked collar and matching spiked wrist for free (random color but they will match) if you can get me either (or both) of these pets.

help a buddy out!

I think I’m gonna dye my hair black in the winter, then maybe a red head or a brown that’s not the same as my natural brown in spring, then back to blonde by the next summer. Cause I wanna try out other colors even though I know blonde makes me look super cute ✨

Part 1: Introduction

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I knew I wanted AGS to be in color to highlight Goner’s lack of such color. I didn’t want to use colored pencils like I normally do, though, so I found a (time-consuming) way of coloring it digitally. As a plus, leaving Goner in pencil while the world around him is colored digitally helps him stand out, and it emphasizes how he’s no longer a part of this world.

I put Cassandra in a dress
(now I run for my life)


😭😭 So apparently Got7 shot the MV for their comeback today😭😭😩😩