i may or may not be standing in the middle of my kitchen, arrested from cooking dinner bc i’m crying over postcards my students sent

thank you so much, @miamikurasan, @sevenblooms, folks who aren’t on the tumbls ;; v ;; you’ve all got a lovely, at times ugly road ahead. i’m not much far on that road but i’ll be damned if i’m not sure you all would blaze your own trails

Happy Birthday to Me

The day had just started and I have already gotten some wonderful divinations. If you are seeing this and you do ANY form of divination, feel free to do one for me as practice if you are a beginner and if you are past the beginners stage, I would be honored by your gift of energy and time. I would love to get to know you and what better way then getting to know a bit about me?

I welcome all kinds of divination…I got one from someone looking through a book. It’s amazing stuff. I humbly ask you to show me what you got. Nothing is too weird. And I fear no knowledge.

Looking forward to getting to know you.