Variant Cover of New Super-Man #11 by Bernard Chang featuring some of DC’s Asian Super-Heroes.

Seated at the table, clockwise from 12 o’clock…

New Super-Man (Kong Kenan)

Wonder-Woman (Peng Deilan)

Master I-Ching

Cassandra Cain

Judomaster (Sonia Sato)

Doctor Light (Kimiyo Hoshi)

The Element Woman (Emily Sung)

Katana (Tatsu Yamashiro)

Mister Unknown (Jiro Osamu) a.k.a. “The Batman of Japan”

The Flash (Avery Ho)

The Bat-Man (Wang Baixi)

Not seated at the table…

The August General in Iron, standing behind Wonder-Woman and Master I-Ching

Grace Choi, in the background, behind August General in Iron

The Atom (Ryan Choi), in Doctor Light’s hand

OMAC (Kevin Kho), behind The Flash

Crazy Shy Lolita Canary (Yes, really), floating between Katana and Mister Unknown

The Pirate Queen of the South China Sea

The Red Flag Fleet under Ching Shih’s rule went undefeated, despite attempts by Qing dynasty officials, the Portuguese navy, and the East India Company to vanquish it. After three years of notoriety on the high seas, Ching Shih finally retired in 1810 by accepting an offer of amnesty from the Chinese government. Ching Shih died in 1844, at the ripe old age of 69.At the dawn of the 1800s, a former prostitute from a floating brothel in the city of Canton was wed to Cheng I, a fearsome pirate who operated in the South China Sea in the Qing dynasty. Though the name under which we now know her, Ching Shih, simply means “Cheng’s widow,” the legacy she left behind far exceeded that of her husband’s. Following his death, she succeeded him and commanded over 1,800 pirate ships, and an estimated 80,000 men.

Her husband, Ching I, was the formidable commander of the Red Flag Fleet of pirate ships. He married a 26-year-old Ching Shih in 1801. She quickly took to the pirate life and when Ching I died six years later, Ching Shih wasn’t going to let Ching I’s adopted son, Cheung Po Tsai take over.  Cheung Po Tsai, however, was more than just Ching Shih’s adopted son –-  the young man had also been Ching I’s lover.

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What each Hexagram in the I Ching has taught me.
  1. Align your intentions with love then set your plans in motion with all the force and persistence you can muster.
  2. Open yourself fully to the idea the world is conspiring to present you with opportunities.
  3. Don’t be disheartened by initial difficulties.
  4. Beware of self imposed limitations and the stagnancy caused by over thinking.
  5. Sometimes it is best to wait until more opportune times. Use the time to make plans.
  6. Don’t make decisions when clouded by negative emotions. Examine your motives.
  7. Provide the hard work and discipline the situation demands.
  8. Use the poetry of the world around you to inspire you towards your goals. Be aware of the myths that bind us together.
  9. Persistently chip away at your aims with small subtle steps. Avoid grand gestures or bold aggression. Be gentle.
  10. Do what you find fun and find the fun in what you have to do.
  11. As soon as you make a firm decision the world will present opportunities to assist you.
  12. Don’t let the world and other people dictate your fate. Be aware of the forces controlling you.
  13. Find people with similar ideas and aims to you and cooperate.
  14. Build your self esteem up on your personal integrity and morality rather than the opinions of others and worldly success.
  15. Still your mind and listen. Bring an end to your pride and egotism in all it’s forms.
  16. Embrace the new and novel. Greet changes you can’t prevent with enthusiasm.
  17. Follow your bliss. Revelation comes from socialising.
  18. When forced to stay still. Settle into healthy habits and patterns. Don’t become so comfortable that you trap yourself.
  19. Find your own joy and the world will welcome you with open arms.
  20. Focus on the subtle small influences around you that have large effects due to repetition.
  21. Figure out and factor into your decisions the cosmic laws regarding karma, fate, intention and love.
  22. Back up your charm, style and panache with real substance. Don’t mistake the masks you wear for your true self.
  23. Accept that some things must come to an end and let them go.
  24. The world is ready for your change of heart. Build a space for your new ideas inside and out.
  25. Once you have freed your mind from the inferior you can act in spontaneous, unintentional, innocent and uninhibited way.
  26. Set limits on our behavior and environment that protect us and charge our power. Healthy boundaries prevent dissipation of energy.
  27. Meditation and non-action nourishes the soul as exercise strengthens the body.
  28. Rebelling against limitations and rules can in the end become it’s own trap.
  29. There are hidden dangers in the depths - be careful. Beware the pool of narcissistic self reflection.
  30. Let your light resonate and reflect with the light of others. Our interconnectedness is fundamental. Share your truth.
  31. Let joy be born from the ashes of your outmoded ways of being and thinking. Don’t get carried away when things are easy.
  32. Find your inner core of unquestionable beliefs and goals and never deviate from them no matter how much the world shakes around you.
  33. Recognise a bad arrangement for what it is and have the strength to cut your losses regardless of how much you have already invested.
  34. You have the power to start something new. Be bold and take the initiative. Shake things up.
  35. Follow the synchronicities, the signs, the cosmic winks.
  36. Transform mundane routine into acts of sacred worship. The divine is hidden in the mud.
  37. Make sure that the nest you build nourishes your spirit. Take care of those and that which have been constant influences.
  38. Through opposition and conflict we can find balance. Aim for a state of peaceful dynamic tension.
  39. Remain patient with life’s obstacles. Free yourself from internal blocks to your creativity. Don’t mistake apathy for non-attachment.
  40. Forgive, forget, move on to something new. Create the change you need despite the pain of letting go.
  41. There is great joy to be found when we have let go of all attachment and resigned ourselves to our naked selves.
  42. Reimagine the common features of your life in an entirely different way. A small detail will surprise you.
  43. It’s only through eradicating the underlying sources of you imbalances that you will make a breakthrough. Make a decision and commit to it.
  44. Listen to your dreams your intuitions. Become a living amplifier of the small voice within.
  45. Find the party! Dance, sing, play and make love!
  46. Get your mind in order and you will naturally ascend towards your natural place in the world.
  47. Restrain from excess. Just because the fuel is there you don’t have to use it all.
  48. Look within for nourishment. You can change your environment but its your soul that that will determine your quality of life.
  49. Disseminate ideas that bring people together, inspire them and change the world.
  50. Consume the ideas of people further along the path that stir you gently from within. Let them incubate in your subconscious until they emerge understood.
  51. Change direction and attitude before the world changes it for you. Be spontaneous. Do something you have never done before.
  52. Stop everything and take some time out to reassess what you don’t need. Do absolutely nothing.
  53. You will learn something small that will change everything through calm attentive listening to those around you.
  54. You will find great joy in something entirely unexpected. Serendipity awaits!
  55. Realisations will come like a flash of lightening sending an explosion of awakening within you.
  56. Maintain one foot in this world one in the other. Seek calming ideas. Comfort yourself with beauty.
  57. Settle in to your environment by paying attention to the details. Plant yourself. Nurture your roots. Ground yourself,
  58. Celebrate! Joy reinforces itself. The smile you give out comes back to you.
  59. Sometimes you have to settle into a situation that causes bad feelings. Don’t let those bad feelings further poison the situation.
  60. Find positive ways of expressing the parts of yourself that you seek to repress .Our passions and drives are forces to be worked with and transmuted. They are not to be caged.
  61. Take delight in and foster gratitude in the smallest of things and the hidden helpful influences in your life.
  62. Strive towards such peace of mind that even the greatest of changes and shocks fails to stir your inner calm.
  63. Seek to understand the metaphor, magic and myth from a scientific perspective. Remember growth is a spiral not a cycle.
  64. See the metaphors and myth in science and rationalism. Never feel that you have completed work on yourself. Remain humble and look for more improvements.

How To 

Collect 3 coins (typically Chinese coins but your local currency will work, make sure they are the same type of coin) Think about your question while holding the coins in your dominant hand. Toss the coins onto the table. Each coin that lands heads up is a 3 each coin that lands tail up is a 2 (eg. heads, heads, tails = 3,3,2) Add up the sum of the coins. an even number will make a broken line ____ ____ an odd number will make an unbroken line ________  pick up the coins and throw them 5 more times until you six lines.  Find the pattern in the table above 


1. Force
Progress is certain for success. Try not to be arrogant or you will lose sight of the success that id due to you.
2. Field
Success will come, but only if you persevere. Be careful who you listen to and who you take advice from.
3. Sprouting
there may be difficulties ahead, but you are prepare for them and deal with them as small challenges, you will be the winner
4. Enveloping
You should listen to the advice you’ve been given now, but be a bit cautious that someone doesn’t have a game plan
5. Attending
This is a time for waiting and patience. Don’t do anything in a rush. Wait and see what happens next before you rush in
6. Arguing
There could be conflict ahead. Try not to get involved in others’ arguments. If you need advice, go to an expert
7. Leading
This is a time to stand up for yourself. You may have to show your leadership skills. Be careful because someone could be jealous of you
8. Grouping
This is a peaceful and happy time. Don’t doubt yourself that things will not work out, they will and with great results
9. Small Accumulating
Take a step back and just watch and wait for a while. Patience is required now for you to get ahead
10. Treading
Remain cautious for now. Good fortune is ahead for you, but only if you check the details. don’t sign any contracts without legal advice  
11. Pervading
Good fortune is forecast as is a peaceful and happy time ahead. Extra money should come to you soon
12. Obstruction
A time of waiting patiently for thing to progress. If a relationship had become stagnant, it’s time to move on and start afresh 
13. Concording People 
You will soon have some news to share. Marirage and babies are highlighted. you may be invited to join a new group 
14. Great Possessing 
Wealth is on the way. Your hard work is about to pay off. this could be a promotion, a new job. Don’t become complacent though
15. Humility 
If you need help from someone, don’t be to proud to ask for it. A partnership will benefit you now
16. Humbling 
Now is the time to market or promote yourself. Opportunities will present themselves, so don’t ignore them. Everything will go as you planned it 
17. Following
Go with the flow and appreciate the good fortune around you. Use this time to prepare for your future
18. Corrupting 
Now is not the time to make drastic decisions. Act carefully before you commit yourself to anyone. Are they trustworthy? you need to ask yourself
19. Nearing
Troubles will soon disappear if you act with kindness. You catch more flies with honey. Success and recognition is highlighted for you.
20. Viewing
Now is the time to sit back and contemplate what has been happening lately. you could do with the support of others right now
21. Gnawing Bite
Act professionally and you will soon see how quickly you will progress with something that you have been wishing for. 
22. Adorning 
If you look and act like you’re successful, you will attract success into your life. This is a successful time for you
23. Stripping
Let go of things that no longer serve you. The cycle of difficulties will then end. Patience is required, but soon you will see light at the end of the tunnel
24. Returning 
The change of the seasons brings renewal for you now. Any troubles or worries will soon melt away. Positive change is ahead of you
25. Without Embroiling 
Now’s the time to look inside for the guidance you need. Prepare for the unexpected. avoid being greedy or asking for more than you need 
26. Great Accumulating 
Hard work will bring you success very soon. Keep your head down and get on with it. The time will pass quickly and you will soon be able to say ‘I did it’
27. Swallowing 
It’s time to look after and nurture yourself. Think of number one for a change. It’s your time to shine
28. Great Exceeding
Your situation will improve soon, but only if you can be patient for a little while longer. Evaluate your own strength and weaknesses 
29. Gorge
Now is the time to wait and see what happens next. Only fools rush in. Let things happen in their own good time
30. Radiance
Business ventures will bring success if you use your intelligence. Cooperate with someone who can help you attain your goals now.
31. Conjoining
Envy and jealousy do nothing but eat you up. Do not envy others. Be open to new commitments and help an protect those who are weaker 
32. Persevering 
Allow things to happen in their own time. A difficult situation will soon end. Marriage or partnerships will become stronger
33. Retiring 
Stand back and withdraw for a while. Watch what is going on behind the scenes. others may try to take advantage of you. Avoid confrontation if you can
34. Great Invigorating 
Others will be influenced by you, so act wisely. A period of peace and good fortune is ahead of you now and success is on the way
35. Prospering
This is a good time for business ideas. Look for someone who might be able to help you out. Your dreams will come true soon
36. Brightness Hiding
Try not to become too downhearted. Be careful of who you trust right now and be patient. Things take time to come together
37. Dwelling People
Your family and home life will be important to you right now. ask them for support if you’re not getting it, but remember to respect those you live with
38. Polarising
If you can remain flexible now you will avoid fights and conflict. Look for ways to bring peace into your world. If someone is determined to upset you, walk away.
39. Limping
If there are obstacles in your way, go around them. Learn from your past mistakes and you’ll be just fine if you don’t repeat them.
40. Taking Apart
New opportunities are on the way for you, but you may have to deal with some difficulties first. Learn lessons, but life is too short for regrets 
41. Diminishing
Avoid overdoing it. try to restrain yourself. if you feel you have to go out every night, perhaps there is something missing in your home life. don’t urn the candle at both ends
42. Augmenting
A time of good fortune is ahead of you. You may have to travel, but you will soon be sharing good fortune  
43. Parting
Legal action may be necessary. Face any problems head on and get a professional involved to help you. Act with truth and your outcome will be good 
44. Coupling
Try not to be too influenced by other people. Remain honest and truthful and let your own personality shine through. You don’t need to copy anyone else 
45. Clustering
This is a time when you are going to have to dedicate yourself to a project if you are going to see results. be prepared for a testing time . Join a like-minded group for inspiration 
46. Ascending
Move steadily onward and upward. Be prepared to work hard to get where you want to be and you will do so, Success and reward will come soon 
47. Confining
There could be hard times ahead for you, but if you prepare yourself for a battle, you will be in a good position to tackle anything right now. Be wary of someone lying to you 
48. Welling
This is time to listen to that little voice inside your head
49. Skinning
Change is for you bringing with it good opportunities. Try not to resist change because you’re frightened. You will see we need to change to grow
50. Holding
Material and spiritual success surround you now. Keep this in mind when you are starting new projects because they will be successful 
51. Shake
Prepare for stormy weather. There could be a sudden shock and upset, but this will be temporary and success will soon take its place. Be wary of a gossipy person
52. Bound
This isn’t a time to take risks. sit back and take notice of the thing going on around you. Partners could be feeling a bit left out
53. Infiltrating
Slowly but surely yo will move towards your goals, if you take your time over your plans 
54. Converting the Maiden
think about joining a club or organisation that interests you and your talents will shine shine through  
55. Abounding
Good fortune, abundance and prosperity surround you. Enjoy them but also prepare for less exciting times
56. Sojourning
Travel is highlighted. This could be literally travelling to somewhere new, or it could be more in your mind
57. Ground
Don’t be too pushy with someone who is only trying to help. Have patience and take baby steps to what you want to achieve
58. Open
A fabulous time ahead full of joy and happy times. Get sociable and get out there and show everyone how great you really are.
59. Dispersing
Pay attention to the needs of others - it’s not all about you, you know! Allow someone else to be in the spotlight 
60. Articulating
If you learn that you can’t possibly know everything and that we all have limitation, you will be better able to ask questions ans learn more
61. Centre Conforming
A time for looking deep inside yourself, and you will soon come up with the answers
62. Small Exceeding
Now is a time to study. Knowledge is power and this will lead to success  
63. Already Fording
Changes are ahead. Make sure you prepare yourself for what might just happen because then you will be in charge of any changes
64. Not Yet Fording  
You may have some difficulties to overcome, but if you persevere and have a clear goal of where you want to be next you will succeed

Happy Birthday to Me

The day had just started and I have already gotten some wonderful divinations. If you are seeing this and you do ANY form of divination, feel free to do one for me as practice if you are a beginner and if you are past the beginners stage, I would be honored by your gift of energy and time. I would love to get to know you and what better way then getting to know a bit about me?

I welcome all kinds of divination…I got one from someone looking through a book. It’s amazing stuff. I humbly ask you to show me what you got. Nothing is too weird. And I fear no knowledge.

Looking forward to getting to know you.