So when I met Leonard, I said to him, “I need to read some books,” and he said, “What kind of books?” “Well, I hear people talking about books, and I got a kind of a chip out of my marriage that I’m stupid because everybody’s read a lot of books that I haven’t read. Give me a reading list.” He said, “Well, you’re writing quite well for someone who hasn’t read anything. Maybe you shouldn’t read anything.” He gave me his reading list, wonderful books: Camus, The Stranger; the I Ching, which I’ve used all my life; Magister Ludi; Siddhartha. A wonderful reading list.
—  Joni Mitchell
What each Hexagram in the I Ching has taught me.
  1. Align your intentions with love then set your plans in motion with all the force and persistence you can muster.
  2. Open yourself fully to the idea the world is conspiring to present you with opportunities.
  3. Don’t be disheartened by initial difficulties.
  4. Beware of self imposed limitations and the stagnancy caused by over thinking.
  5. Sometimes it is best to wait until more opportune times. Use the time to make plans.
  6. Don’t make decisions when clouded by negative emotions. Examine your motives.
  7. Provide the hard work and discipline the situation demands.
  8. Use the poetry of the world around you to inspire you towards your goals. Be aware of the myths that bind us together.
  9. Persistently chip away at your aims with small subtle steps. Avoid grand gestures or bold aggression. Be gentle.
  10. Do what you find fun and find the fun in what you have to do.
  11. As soon as you make a firm decision the world will present opportunities to assist you.
  12. Don’t let the world and other people dictate your fate. Be aware of the forces controlling you.
  13. Find people with similar ideas and aims to you and cooperate.
  14. Build your self esteem up on your personal integrity and morality rather than the opinions of others and worldly success.
  15. Still your mind and listen. Bring an end to your pride and egotism in all it’s forms.
  16. Embrace the new and novel. Greet changes you can’t prevent with enthusiasm.
  17. Follow your bliss. Revelation comes from socialising.
  18. When forced to stay still. Settle into healthy habits and patterns. Don’t become so comfortable that you trap yourself.
  19. Find your own joy and the world will welcome you with open arms.
  20. Focus on the subtle small influences around you that have large effects due to repetition.
  21. Figure out and factor into your decisions the cosmic laws regarding karma, fate, intention and love.
  22. Back up your charm, style and panache with real substance. Don’t mistake the masks you wear for your true self.
  23. Accept that some things must come to an end and let them go.
  24. The world is ready for your change of heart. Build a space for your new ideas inside and out.
  25. Once you have freed your mind from the inferior you can act in spontaneous, unintentional, innocent and uninhibited way.
  26. Set limits on our behavior and environment that protect us and charge our power. Healthy boundaries prevent dissipation of energy.
  27. Meditation and non-action nourishes the soul as exercise strengthens the body.
  28. Rebelling against limitations and rules can in the end become it’s own trap.
  29. There are hidden dangers in the depths - be careful. Beware the pool of narcissistic self reflection.
  30. Let your light resonate and reflect with the light of others. Our interconnectedness is fundamental. Share your truth.
  31. Let joy be born from the ashes of your outmoded ways of being and thinking. Don’t get carried away when things are easy.
  32. Find your inner core of unquestionable beliefs and goals and never deviate from them no matter how much the world shakes around you.
  33. Recognise a bad arrangement for what it is and have the strength to cut your losses regardless of how much you have already invested.
  34. You have the power to start something new. Be bold and take the initiative. Shake things up.
  35. Follow the synchronicities, the signs, the cosmic winks.
  36. Transform mundane routine into acts of sacred worship. The divine is hidden in the mud.
  37. Make sure that the nest you build nourishes your spirit. Take care of those and that which have been constant influences.
  38. Through opposition and conflict we can find balance. Aim for a state of peaceful dynamic tension.
  39. Remain patient with life’s obstacles. Free yourself from internal blocks to your creativity. Don’t mistake apathy for non-attachment.
  40. Forgive, forget, move on to something new. Create the change you need despite the pain of letting go.
  41. There is great joy to be found when we have let go of all attachment and resigned ourselves to our naked selves.
  42. Reimagine the common features of your life in an entirely different way. A small detail will surprise you.
  43. It’s only through eradicating the underlying sources of you imbalances that you will make a breakthrough. Make a decision and commit to it.
  44. Listen to your dreams your intuitions. Become a living amplifier of the small voice within.
  45. Find the party! Dance, sing, play and make love!
  46. Get your mind in order and you will naturally ascend towards your natural place in the world.
  47. Restrain from excess. Just because the fuel is there you don’t have to use it all.
  48. Look within for nourishment. You can change your environment but its your soul that that will determine your quality of life.
  49. Disseminate ideas that bring people together, inspire them and change the world.
  50. Consume the ideas of people further along the path that stir you gently from within. Let them incubate in your subconscious until they emerge understood.
  51. Change direction and attitude before the world changes it for you. Be spontaneous. Do something you have never done before.
  52. Stop everything and take some time out to reassess what you don’t need. Do absolutely nothing.
  53. You will learn something small that will change everything through calm attentive listening to those around you.
  54. You will find great joy in something entirely unexpected. Serendipity awaits!
  55. Realisations will come like a flash of lightening sending an explosion of awakening within you.
  56. Maintain one foot in this world one in the other. Seek calming ideas. Comfort yourself with beauty.
  57. Settle in to your environment by paying attention to the details. Plant yourself. Nurture your roots. Ground yourself,
  58. Celebrate! Joy reinforces itself. The smile you give out comes back to you.
  59. Sometimes you have to settle into a situation that causes bad feelings. Don’t let those bad feelings further poison the situation.
  60. Find positive ways of expressing the parts of yourself that you seek to repress .Our passions and drives are forces to be worked with and transmuted. They are not to be caged.
  61. Take delight in and foster gratitude in the smallest of things and the hidden helpful influences in your life.
  62. Strive towards such peace of mind that even the greatest of changes and shocks fails to stir your inner calm.
  63. Seek to understand the metaphor, magic and myth from a scientific perspective. Remember growth is a spiral not a cycle.
  64. See the metaphors and myth in science and rationalism. Never feel that you have completed work on yourself. Remain humble and look for more improvements.

“When flowing water…meets with obstacles on its path, a blockage in its journey, it pauses. It increases in volume and strength, filling up in front of the obstacle and eventually spilling past it…

Do not turn and run, for there is nowhere worthwhile for you to go. Do not attempt to push ahead into the danger… emulate the example of the water: Pause and build up your strength until the obstacle no longer represents a blockage.”

—   Thomas Cleary, I Ching

“All movement is accomplished in Six stages and the Seventh brings return. Seven is the number of the young light. It forms when darkness is increased by One.”

I Ching (Book of Changes)

Hexagram 24

1.) Saturn = Lesson you must learn
2.) Jupiter = How you adapt to change
3.) Mars = How you express yourself
4.) Sun = Ego, sense of “I am”
5.) Venus = Way you relate to others
6.) Mercury = Way you think/communicate
7.) Moon = Inner emotions, Unconscious

Alchemy is not about the transformation of base metals into gold–it is about the transformation of the human soul.

A short introduction to the Book of Changes



  • Originating in pre-history at a stage in the development of human consciousness antedating the separation of awareness into antagonistic and often irreconcilable specialist frames of reference, the worldview of the I Ching remains largely intact as a syncretic as opposed to an analytic one regarding both content and structure.
  • The I Ching is composed of 64 hexagrams. A hexagram is built of six horizontal lines arranged one atop another, with each line being either yang (an unbroken, or solid line) or yin (a broken line with a space in the center). The lines are traditionally counted from the bottom up. So the lowest line is considered line one and the top one line six. Hexagrams are formed by combining two of the original eight trigrams in all possible alternative combinations, of which there are 8^2 or 64.
  • Each hexagram is accompanied by a verbal description and another description is appended to each of its lines. These linguistic attachments are often difficult to decipher. For our purpose here of deriving a mandalic geometry the words attached to the hexagrams and lines have little or no importance. What matters are the quasi-mathematical structural aspects of the hexagrams and trigrams themselves and the manner in which the trigrams combine to form the hexagrams and the hexagrams change into one another. Put another way, it is the combinatorial aspects of the trigrams and the symmetries formed by the patterning of the resulting hexagrams that is of significance for derivation of a mandalic geometry.

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