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I know I said I wasn’t doing the face challenge (and I’m not) but millin has drawn so many wonderful things for my AU, that I wanted to draw something for millin.

So thank you, millin!

(Plus when millin requested this I forgot to write that I wasn’t doing it XD)

This was so fun! I wish I had more time to do more of these!

Anyway, hahaha look at these dorks!
The faces looked like they went together so I drew it all In one pic.
I kinda pictured in my head, Tang Shen and Splinter acting like a couple or cheesy in love or something and that’s why they all are making those faces XD

Chapter 67 | Choose Dare #815 - Chaos | Hermione Granger and Sirius Black

archiveofourown | fanfiction.net

Bits of rubble stuck to her hair and embedded inside of her palms as Hermione moved to stand, muscles and bones protesting every movement, but if she didn’t keep moving she would have worse damage than a few cuts and bruises, and one ruptured eardrum.

Another fanatic, a devout follower of Voldemort and his ideology, had attempted to use the Veil for his own dark designs. This time, however, the perpetrator was a man employed by the ministry for thirty years, and ten of those were spent during the second war fighting against Voldemort. Openly! Holden Ogden raised his wand again, the sleeves of his dark blue Unspeakable robes tattered and falling away to display an ugly self-made carving of a Dark Mark on his left forearm.

Hermione spit out a globule of blood from biting the inside of her cheek and threw off her robes as she ran back towards the middle of the Death Room. Thunderclouds gathered above the Veil, the stone structure as old as the Druids fighting back against the insistent ministrations of the dark curses and spells flowing from Ogden’s wand like a kicked nest of vipers. Three other of her coworkers - his coworkers, too - were trying everything to get through the shimmering sphere cast around him and most of the dais. A Patronus in the shape of a shark brushed by close enough to rustle some of the debris loose from her hair, circling the barrier, attacking at random intervals to try to force its way in. She added her otter to the mix of other prowling blue specters, but didn’t stop moving towards the sphere herself.

She thought she heard Justin Finch-Fletchley call her name, right after she set her jaw and lifted her own hand towards the field.

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SickFic Prompts

I’ve been craving SickFic, so have some prompts and feel free to tag me here at @wordmage because I would love to see your takes on the prompts below. Feel free to add more, or use it for RP/art, whatever. I plan to try and fill them all out, myself.

99.9% Immunity - (character) never gets sick, right? Wrong.

Elephant in the Room - (character) is sick, but for some reason - rank, personality, etc - no one is talking about it

Heroes Don’t Take Sick Days - there’s no time to rest when you have to save the world, so (character) has to push themselves even when miserable

Insult to Injury - as if being injured wasn’t enough, (character) is getting sick too

Ill Timed - it’s the worst possible time for (character) to be sick, but their body didn’t get the memo

Irreplaceable - (character) is the leader/boss and isn’t able to take personal time off, even when they’re under the weather

It’s Nothing - (character) insists they’re fine, right up until they collapse

Medic Down - every group seems to have a primary caretaker. How do they handle it when (character) is the one sick?

Milking It - if (character) has to be sick, they’re at least going to get as much pampering out of others as they can

Not a Word - (character) said they don’t get sick, and isn’t in the mood for anyone to remind them while they recover

No Rest for the Wicked - the big bad (character) has more to worry about than the good guys

Open Secret - everyone knows (character) is sick, but they’re trying so hard no one has said anything

Persuasive Partners - (character) is sick, and refusing to stay put; their partner(s) give them a good reason to stay in bed

Stepping Up - boss/leader (character) is clearly miserable, so the others go out of their way to take as much of their workload as possible

Suffer in Silence - for whatever reason, (character) doesn’t want anyone to know they’re sick, and does everything they can to hide it

Take One Down… - (character) gets sick, and spreads it to the rest of the group

Team Mom/Dad - (character) is the one to always take care of others on the team

The Wolf Cries True - (character) has been known to exaggerate or even pretend they’re sick, only this time they’re telling the truth

This is Your Fault - (character A) was clingy while they were sick, and now (character B) has it

Why Didn’t You Say? - (character) hasn’t been feeling well, making for some uncharacteristic behavior, and their partner(s)/team/friends are much more understanding once they realize why


despite being on stage countless times before, they still get nervous 

June 16: book stack

||a rainbow of beauty||

30 multipurpose prompts, open to interpretation

to write, draw, or whatever. have people choose a number and perhaps a character, or proceed however you wish and invent it all. 

  1. The 11th. 
  2. Lost at the creek. 
  3. Above, there is an attic.
  4. The tree is very old. 
  5. A figure at the edge of the woods.
  6. Horses anticipating a storm. 
  7. One foot in another world. 
  8. Face on the other side of a dark window. 
  9. Driving for many hours through mountains. 
  10. The photograph. 
  11. In search of sea life. 
  12. A blue tin kettle. 
  13. Wanderer on a scorched path. 
  14. It had no eyes. 
  15. Please, let’s go home. 
  16. Small birds, dry grass. 
  17. A hero in the wrong. 
  18. Unearthed bones. 
  19. The sensation of falling as experienced in a dream. 
  20. How far can you carry this?
  21. Conversations with the crows. 
  22. A book infested with ghosts. 
  23. Forgetting why it mattered. 
  24. The protection of laughter. 
  25. Each time we climb the stairs, something changes. 
  26. Wildness on the loose. 
  27. The passage of time as it varies by season. 
  28. Sunlight on rumpled sheets and the smell of pine.
  29. I love you, they said. I love you. 
  30. Submersion in cool water. 

I was watching this scene in take shelter and it really got to me because it’s just a simple display of someone who knows their partner is unraveling but instead of fearing them or giving them up as damaged goods, they decide “this is my person, they need help and I’m going to do this with them” and idk it reminded me of hange’s temper and “weirdness”, and how levi kind of just accepts it and can focus and calm that storm. 

so this comic happened ಠ_ಠ