A Spell to Increase One’s Beauty

Ancient Asiatic Incantation

To increase one’s beauty and thereby increase one’s chances of finding love, recite to the Gods:

The Aarthi, that Demon that is causing my ugliness, I cast thee out. Vauna, Mitra, remove a perceived lack of grace. Aryaman, protect my hands. Savitr, banish all ugliness! Let all unwelcome aspects of mind, body, and spirit disappear. Let me be happy, as it was why I was created.  Drive away even the smallest blemish.

- “Witchcraft: A Handbook of magic, Spells, and Potions,” by Anastasia Greywolf


Eclectic Circle Ceremony for Solitaries


Blessings upon thee, O creature of water, I cast out from thee all impurities and uncleanness of the spirits of phantasm, confusion, or any other influence not for the free will of all.


Blessings be upon this creature of salt; let all malignity and hindrance be cast forth thencefrom, and let all good enter therein. Wherefore I bless thee and invoke thee, that thou mayest aid me.


I take this salt of the Earth, Blessed with the will of Fire; I take this water of spirit,Exorcised with mind of merit; I mix them with words of power, Dedicated to every Tower.

By the power of moon and sun,
By the power of Spirit,earth and sea,
God and Goddess are part of One,
As I Will, so mote it be!


I conjure thee, O circle of power,
As thou encircle every Tower.
That thou beest a place of Truth, Joy and love,
Encircling Flight of Eagle, Hawk and Dove.
Mighty Aegis of the Lady and Lord,
Rampart of thought, action and word.
To Work in Peace, Powerful and Free,
Who walk between two worlds conjure thee;
A boundary to Protect, Concentrate and Contain,
That Power raised here be not in vain.
Wherefore do I bless thee and consecrate thee, in the names of Cernunnos and Aradia.

SEALING OF THE CIRCLE (seal with water/salt mixture)

With potion of earth and water, I seal the sacred circle,
Linking air and fire!
With potion of earth and air, I seal the sacred circle,
Linking fire with water!
With potion of earth,air,and fire, I seal the sacred circle,
Linking water with the Earth!
As the four directions are brought to merge,
Let influence of the mighty ones converge!

(Seal with Censer)

With Incense and air of Mind,
East to South,I do Bind!
With Incense and air of mind,
South to West, I do Bind!
With Incense and air of Mind,
West to North, I do Bind!
With Incense and air of Mind,
North to East Completion Find!

(Seal with Candle)

With the Fire of emotion and will
East to South, our dedication fulfill!
With the Fire of veneration and Will,
South to West, our allegiance fulfill!
With the Fire of Devotion and Will,
West to North, our consecration fulfill!
With the Fire of Commitment and will,
From North to East, This inscription fulfill!
Within the circle All wills be free,
The circle is sealed, So Mote it Be!


Ye Lords of the Eastern Tower,
Airy Lords of Spirit;
Let your influence of Power,
Aid our minds with merit!
I do summon, stir and call you up, to witness these rites and to guard the circle.

Ye Lords of Southern Power
Fiery Lords of Will.
Pray do grace your Tower,
Your Powers to fulfill!
I do summon, stir and call you up, to witness these rites and to guard the circle.

Ye Lords of the Watchtowers of the West,
Watery Lords of Death and Initiation;
I do summon, stir and call you up, to witness these rites and to guard the Circle.

Ye Northern Lords of the Earth,
Though we be yet but Mortals;
Bless our work with worth,
Boreas, guardian of Northern portals.
I do summon, stir and call you up, to witness these rites and to guard the Circle.

Goddess and God, I would know,
As ‘tis above, so 'tis below
Blessings on this work, please bestow!
This be my will, true and free,
I do so will, so mote it be

Air, Fire, Water, Earth,
Elements of astral birth,
I call you now; attend to me!
In the Circle, rightly cast,
Safe from curse or blast,
I call you now, attend to me!

From cave and desert,sea and hill,
By wand, blade,and pentacle,
I call you now, attend to me!
This Is my will, so mote it be!

Casting the Circle

This is a step by step post on how I’ve learned to cast my circle thus far in my practice. It is not the only way to do it, but it has served me well.
I did NOT write this myself, I am utilizing a format I found on the web many months ago. I am simply sharing what has worked for me! It’s a bit non-denominational, so it should work for any witch, Wiccan or not. Feel free to customize to your personal workings.

  1. Clear your Space. Clear the area both physically and psychically: Sweep the area with your besom from east to west. You may also choose to scatter drops of witch-hazel, or salt water to purify your space.
  2. Draw the Circle. Identify the boundaries. You can do this with a cord, stones, or chalk -as I do. Your circle should be as wide as you are tall.
  3. Set the Altar. Gather your articles at an altar in the center of the circle, or in the north. Either way, your altar should face north.
  4. Set your Candles. Place your candles at the cardinal points of the compass. Walk the interior of your circle, lighting candles and/or scattering salt as you go. Recite the following:

    “Bright blessings o creatures of Air, Fire, Water, and Earth. I cast out from thee all impurities and negative influences.So mote it be." 

  5. Walk thrice around the circle saying:

    "Cast the circle thrice to keep evil out.”

  6. State your Intention. Kneel at your altar and state the reason you are casting the circle, then recite:

    “I conjure thee, o circle of power, That thou beest a meeting place of love, and joy, and truth. Be a shield against all wickedness and evil. A boundary between men and the realms of the mighty ones. A rampart and protection that shall preserve an contain the power we raise within thee.”

  7. Invoke the Powers. Invoke the elements and deities that you wish to work with. Call them to the objects that represent them within your circle.
  8. Cast your Works. Cast your spells and rites, and pay respect to the powers that you have invoked. At this time, you may choose to make an offering. 
  9. Closing. To close your circle, cast out the powers that you invoked in reverse, and at the end break the boundary. 

The Faith Healer

“And with this righteous hand, demons, I cast thee out!”

Reverend Pip Popoff pressed his hand down on the forehead of the elderly woman before pushing her back, causing her to briefly trip over herself. “My arthritis is gone.” She cried out, “it’s a miracle, everyone, God bless Mr. Popoff.”

The audience cheered, eagerly eating up the bullshit laid in front of them. I sighed, trapped in line along with the rest of the idiots. It was bad enough when my mother decided to raid my browser history, now I was being force to participate in the con of this lunatic in order to rid me of my “demons”. I didn’t care, just let the man do his stupid ritual and I can go home.

Popoff adjusted his microphone before heaving me onto the stage with a heavy grunt. He was an old man, wearing a tight tweedy suit and speaking with a fake southern accent. In his eyes were pupils of an almost solid blackness.

“I see this young fellow been doing the Devil’s handshake ain’t that right?” He yelled. The audience laughed. “Don’t worry, kid.” Popoff spoke, “the light will heal you. With this righteous hand, demons, I cast thee out!” The minute he placed his hand on my head, I could feel a great pain shoot through my body as if my flesh was being torn away.

It was like a dream, I was floating above the scene, having a clear view of Popoff and… myself. “Thank you, sir.” I hear my body say, “I feel absolutely reborn.” The crowd cheered.

I tried to yell out but couldn’t, helplessly trapped in the spectral void. My body turned towards me, its eyes now bearing the same darken pupils. It gave a sly wink before walking off stage and joining my mother.