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I thought that I’d draw Quercus due to what I’ve been recently reading here. Is it accurate?

OOOH WOW!!! This is amazing!! The reality is that anyway you see these human forms of these Astrals is correct cause I am making it up too lmao. This is a great Quercus/Titan! I like how solemn he looks. Poor thing probably doesn’t mean to be though, but being human is weird.

Thank you so much for sharing this art with us. It’s phenomenal!!!


Aliens in the service of the Empire: major Rahz

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Okay so this is me formally requesting more Hannibal as the monster under Will's bed because this concept is just too amazing. Does Will grow to care for the monster under his bed? Does he confide in him? Does he think of him as a protector and feel safe knowing he is there? Does Hannibal eventually take Will to the dark place beneath his bed where he resides? SO MANY POSSIBILITIES.

sequel to this post

Will curled under his blankets, head tucked tightly and securely beneath his pillows to keep any noise from sneaking into his head. The day had been long with too many people with too many thoughts and urges causing Will to hide in the bathroom stall until his teacher had found him.

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“You’re gonna need more than a couple of flowers to keep me from ripping your throat out. You want to tango, Nick? Let’s tango.”

Cue him tilting his head to bare his neck, “I’ll go find a flower crown and then wear it while you do it if the amount of flowers involved is your issue. I’m not afraid of death and I’ll gladly deal with it while protecting my kid. I care about Jan. She’s only human. One who maybe loves too freely. But she can’t help it. We humans make mistakes all the time, even when they don’t seem like mistakes in their essence. Love is no reason to kill her. You’d just be murdering someone. Not for god, and not for the greater good. You’d be doing it because you, sir, are an asshole.”

He glanced up in thought. "Honestly at least I can trust Ky. I can trust him to be an assmunch, and I can trust him to be untrustworthy in all conceivable ways. Which is more than I can say for you and your kind. You’re supposed to be the good guys. But you’re not. You’re all just unpredictable and kinda useless, really. It’s what it is,” deep breath. Hoe don’t do it. “No wonder God preferred us in the end.” Oh my god.

okay real talk why are 99% of people on my dash against russia only because of putin’s stance on gay rights and not the fact that, y’know, putin is a heinous power-hungry monster who invades countries and incites wars and kills innocent people just because he can

i just saw jurassic world and H O L Y  S H I T

  • i’m so hard for dinosaurs
  • seriously the amount of boring human stuff was minimal and the amount of AWESOME DINOSAURS FUCKING SHIT UP AND EATING PEOPLE IN 3D WAS MAXIMUM THERE WERE SO MANY AND I CRIED
  • i actually cried every single time a dinosaur died like i know a bunch of humans croaked it too but who cares about them dinosaurs are pure and didn’t deserve this
  • i was actually positively surprised with the female lead in it because i read so many people slamming it for being super sexist and??? it really wasn’t any more so than any other hollywood movie???
  • in fact it
  • gave her an emotional arc that was not tied to her male love interest at all (her realisation that dinosaurs are animals with feelings, not just “assets”) and
  • gave her scenes in which she kicked serious ass and
  • you know how in every other hollywood film the girl gets to be badass but the dude saves her in the end anyway while she’s helpless (even pacific rim pulled this crap)
  • this time it was the other way round, she saved everyone’s ass while chris pratt hid away in a souvenir shop like a nerd
  • like i’m not saying that this movie was a flawless feminist masterpiece lmao far from it but going by how much everyone whined about it i expected so much worse
  • i’m generally so confused by all the people who genuinely disliked it because like??? what’s WRONG with you??????
  • did you expect some sort of ~deep~ epic about the nature of humanity when you went to see JURASSIC WORLD or something and that’s why your expectations were entirely unmet because personally i went to see dinosaurs wrecking shit and fighting each other for two hours and that is literally exactly what i got
  • anyway this got way more fervent than i wanted it to be the point of this post is that it was a w e s o m e and we’re going to see it again tomorrow
  • i’m done
  • (ps: i really appreciate that my true form is finally represented in mainstream hollywood cinema i’ve waited to so long to see a raptor called charlie on screen)