Image capture: I can’t do anything, I have little paws!

Another popular Russian meme: У меня лапки! I have pawz!

This phrase is used jokingly when seeking a cute excuse not to do something.

лапки - diminutive plural for лапа, paw; little paws.


Daylight savings in the winter plus gloomy skies mean that it’s dark by the time I get home. Alas, that makes spray painting things nearly impossible–especially when those things are black. Since I’m stuck waiting for daylight and dry skies to paint, have some screenies nabbed from the game and S76′s cinematic. Fun things I learned while capturing these:

  • Soldier 76 can jump more than double his height
  • Soldier 76 can run directly at gunfire from a gatling gun and at least 4 machine guns without getting hit
  • Soldier 76 can be within 15 feet of a grenade explosion and escape with nothing but a sore rib.
  • Soldier 76 does not like piñatas
  • Whoever directed this animation sure loves motion blur

My Red Dwarf XII set visit - February 2016

As well as my ‘Bucket List’ photos (having a cuppa in the midsection, flying Starbug, and sitting in Rimmer’s navigation seat were kinda essential!), I tried to capture some pictures that helped pick out the detail and demonstrate the sense of space in the Sleeping Quarters to help all you fellow fan-fic writers out there. Enjoy!

Kay but,

How hilarious is it that Keith was so obssessed with finding Lotor a la Zuko “I must capture the Avatar” style and really…. all he had to do was almost die and Lotor basically showed up on his own? Like 15 minutes late with space starbucks “Sorry I’m late. My dad was trying to kill me so I threw myself into the sun.”

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Having performed in an orchestra, I can tell you that conductors do some of the most absolutely ridiculous things while conducting. (Search "orchestra conductor" gifs here on Tumblr, you will not be disappointed.) Now, imagine Composer!Erik doing literally any of them. YOU'RE WELCOME. XDDD

Okay but

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some of these

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true quality

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and we are blessed

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this day

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(Though I think this one captures the true majesty of Composer!Erik best XD)

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The clouds are doing some cool looking ominous stuff which I can’t quite capture.

Also - to the very far left, just out of frame, is where I used to live. I like our home and our location, I just miss living in the inner suburbs - walking distance or easy public transport to everything.

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oh my, i really, REALLY need your help here. That gif of Louis' winking at Harry that day. Do you know what video it's from? There are tons of videos from that day and I've watched all of them but I've never found that one. I've spent hours looking. Can you help me?:/

Sorry I am on mobile, but look through my 11.17.14 tag. Everything from that day is there cause that is when FOUR released and they did their 1DOrlando at Universal, including all the interviews where this wink was captured. I want to say it was either a segment from ET or Extra, but I am not positive. (By the way, I hate the fact I can easily recall the date to this lmao)


I have no idea how to express in text and picture form how obviously intentionally disorienting this is. This man is running through a cornfield in a thunderstorm, all these images flashing across the screen, no more than a microsecond each, and I did not come even close to capturing them. It’s frenetic, it’s wild, it’s exceptionally well done, there’s a sense of terror that really fills it, a sense of being near captured, and I fell anxious and tight just watching it, it’s sort of incredible, really. 

BUT ALSO, I think these are things that we’re going to see in this show, AND FOR STARTERS LET’S TALK ABOUT THE KNIGHTS TEMPLAR RING* THIS IS HITTING ALL OF MY FAVORITE CHRISTIAN MYTHOLOGY. So we already have our Holy Army set up, using a really old and delightful conspiracy theory type organization. 

Also, the Magician card appears again, but in French, which I don’t know if this is a reference to my aforementioned Great War (I didn’t catch a cap of it, but we also see a man in uniform) but considering the coffin comes right after it, I’m not willing to discount that theory entirely. So after THAT, I think we start zooming toward the present day, with a man in a mine that might be this guy or might be his dad or might be SOMETHING, a dead cheetah (Are there animals at the carnival,) and a Lobster Boy, as they were called back then, so the carnival clearly has a freak show, as a lot of them did back then. 

It’s just this amazing flash of all the things to come, all of which I am sure won’t make any sense until the moment I land right on top of them, and I can’t wait for that moment oh my god. 

*Doc, how the fuck do you know that’s a Knights Templar ring? I can read “In Hoc S… ….es” Which I am am taking to mean “In Hoc Signo Vices” which is in the Knights Templar logo, “With this sign you will conquer”

Please remember I am watching this spoiler free! Please don’t spoil me for anything, whether through outside knowledge, items from future episodes, and even stuff I missed in past episodes! I promise we’ll all get there.

omg!! i didnt get a lot of sleep last night (i just COULDNT sleep @~@;;) so this mornin i woke up and i looked so attractive (like it was my ideal!! i tried to get my own number but thats not the point rn) but i got a lil sad cuz i couldnt capture how i looked truly and i had to settle on it bein a one time experience ;_; but when i went to my classes i was so bummed out!! i didnt do as well as i hoped on my essay and im sure i bombed my test in the next class so i was so sad!! T____T but then someone asked me a very silly question and it brightened my day!!!! so i told myself i was gonna be nice to myself today despite it all and im gonna go get my fave food and i thought abt gettin the new pokemon game but i think im gonna wait to see how everyone feels abt it ♡