The new SKAM scene where Isak gets the most beautiful text ever (it took me like 15 minutes and google translate but it WAS so worth it) and rushes to find Even in that little bench where everything started!!!! My heart is so full and warm, I need more Even and Isak happy and together pls.


I want you to defend my back. Do you understand? If I’m leaving you in charge of defending my back, it means you can shoot me from behind at any time. If I ever stray from my path, shoot me right away with those hands. You have that right. (insp.)


Who else was gonna care for you and protect you and worry about you? Your father? No. I was the one who wiped your nose, and made you brush your teeth and do your homework or washed your dirty underwear. Me! Your stupid, non-scientific aunt, who doesn’t know how to make ends meet, who has to take nursing classes with 22 year old kids so I can pay for you to go to college. And I don’t know how to do this without Ben! I don’t know how! And you’re dreaming about your perfect father, who was never here? No! No. I won’t tell you.