I keep foam stickers in my backpack to give to people who I think need or deserve one and they’re very colorful and I have an assortment of not only aliens but also dinosaurs and like as silly as it sounds I genuinely want to mail one of those stickers to Dan like I dunno if it would help but he could have a little purple dinosaur or a little green alien to stick on his fridge or whatever and I think that’s always a nice thing

Dan if you’re reading this go buy some foam dinosaur/alien stickers and put them on ur fridge like it’s definitely not gonna solve any of your problems but it’ll look super silly and you’ll feel like a seven year old and it’ll be great I promise trust me on this one I’m a scientist


I remember
When I would see
All those black and white posts
And poems
About being alone
Or hurt
Or wishing for a second chance
And scroll right past
Because they meant nothing
They were silly to me
But now
Each and every one is like a trigger
To memories
Good and bad
And I’m sad
And hurt
All over again

Hey can you guys like or reblog this if you think we should be able to sell classmates/entourage members before they go to the admissions office

I just wanna know if any one else feels this way