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How the lords touch themselves? Maybe MC walking in on them? Idk I'm thirtsy pls help

same tho holy water won’t do anything at this point in our lives tbh

Nobunaga: If the MC walked in on him, his pride would be crushed x69. He didn’t want her to know that he didn’t have the balls BA DUM TSS to grab her and say, “Yo, I’m horny af, let’s do the horizontal hokey pokey.” He would make it up by smirking and pulling her underneath him, squeezing her hips and touching her all over until she needed him as much as he needed her. “Foolish girl. If you wanted to help me out you could have just said so.”

Mitsuhide: Ashamed affff. He’d apologize about a hundred times since she had to witness seeing that um bitch I’m pretty sure she’s seen your dick already chill and for ruining his gentleman image yOU ARE AN ANIMALL DUDE. Unless she requested to “lend a hand” BA DUM TSS I’M HILARIOUS he would put his lil soldier back in his cage and pretend like nothing happened.

Yukimura: He’d die?? I’m pretty sure this is self explanatory?? They’d legit have to prepare a funeral and put him in his coffin with his “spear” out?? That actually sounds amusing af tbh. MC would have to slap a hand over his mouth bc he’d scream and she didn’t want to let other people in on this except for saizo. (; “MC I’M SO SORRY I WAS DESPERATE.” “Dude it’s fine just put your dick back in your pants please.” At the end of it all, he’d end up dying begging MC to lend him a hand. IT’S TIME TO STOP HANNAH FOR FUCKS SAKE.

Saizo: I don’t think this would ever happen unless he knew she was coming and he wanted to embarrass the shit out of her. When she walked in on him, he’d grin and look at her with lust in his eyes, and beckon her over. He’d replace his hands with hers, and busy his fingers with pleasuring her EQUAL TREATMENT BABY. “It can’t be helped, why don’t you come over here and let me indulge you for a bit, hm?”

Masamune: Frozen. He’d be frozen. He is dying inside. He is dead. He’d whisper an apology and with a shaking voice, beg her to leave. After they talked again later that day, he would talk about how he never wanted to force her to see him that vulgar and hug her because he felt so bad. He would die again bc she would suggest that he come to her if he was feeling aroused. But hey he took that offer seriously that night he doesn’t fuck around. 

Kojuro: He’d blush a lil but then confess that he wanted her but they already frickle frackled ten nights in a row and she must be feeling sore so he wanted to give her a break. She would remind him that just because he wanted her doesn’t mean they necessarily had to have intercourse. Before she went down on him, he would flip her around so he could do the same to her. 69 has never felt so good.

Hideyoshi: So calm about it. He’d be a mischievous fuck and say something like, “What a situation, huh? Wanna join me?” Despite his words, however, he’d put that banana away and cuddle her instead. In the middle of their cuddle session, he’d notice her rubbing her thighs together, and would be shocked to find out that his antics had unintentionally aroused her too. They’d help each other out. End of story.

Inuchiyo: GET THE FUCK OUT OR YOU’LL CATCH THESE HANDS. Nah but you bet your ass he would yell at her tho. If she mentioned it later, he’d hiss at her to drop it with a blush on his cheeks. She already found out he read pornography THIS IS CANON I’M CRYING INU NOOO and she probably thinks he’s some crazy pervert already. That night, she’d sneak into his room before he did and undress herself. Once he came in, before he could get any words out, she would kiss him and tell him sweetly that he could use her body whenever he wanted to. To sum it all up, he’d wreck her more than Mitsunari wrecks his pride.

Ieyasu: He’d threaten to kill her if she didn’t get out, nothing new. She would be smarter than to bring it up again, but surprisingly, he’s the one that did when he grabbed her by the wrist and brought her into his room. “Help me.” He’d mumble those words with a fierce blush, “It doesn’t feel good unless it’s with you, now come over here already.” He would be a little rougher than usual due to the fact that he wanted to erase whatever teasing remarks that were in her head, even if there weren’t any.

Mitsunari: I can see this happening but at the same time I don’t. He’s all about sophistication but I can so see him being sexually frustrated bc he’s too shy to initiate anything with the MC. He would literally roar at her to gtfo, like, you think Shingen is a tiger? Think again bitch. Like Mitsuhide, he’d pretend like nothing happened. MC would feel bad and also lustful af and end up straddling him despite his prickly words. When she rolled her hips against his once, I repeat, only once, she could already feel him getting hard underneath her. When she did it again, he let out a long, desperate moan. He wanted her so badly, so she granted his wish.

Kenshin: He doesn’t give any fucks. In fact, he’d hold out his hand with passion in his blue eyes. “Come to me, my beautiful one..” And of course, who could resist that? He would give oral until she was at the point he was, and then he’d begin intercourse. Afterwards, he would suggest a second round so they could start once more, but with each other this time.

O-OH MY GOSH I CANT BELIEVE THIS??? ;O; HOLY SHIT where did you all even come from omg i’m??? shook??? thank you all so much!!! it honestly still surprises me that so many of you are following me!!! a lot of you have been so cool and friendly and AHHH im just so…shocked


This is for llttledipper and her amazing soulmate!AU you must read cause it’s heartbreaking and gods so much inspirational! For this comic I use this song you guys need to listen while reading the comic for more feelings. The panels without lyrics are meant to follow the music soooo, enjoy!

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i've been seeing ur asks on my dash abt ur crush and honestly that's the cutest thing ever <3 u seem like a really sweet person ;; do tell more abt ur status??? i mean how close are u guys? sorry for being pushy or smthing but iTS SO CUTE OMG i cANT

Okay so basically… Idk where to start haha

Like, it’s a bit funny. I’m quite flirty irl (but in a fun way, not really serious) and so is he, so this is why I have no idea if he likes me or not, cause we act like this with everyone. He sits right in front of me (we sit in a U position in class) so he’s like 2m in front of my face~ and idk we have the same type of humor, I think. We laugh all the time and just look at each other like all the time and do funny or cute faces or we talk during class (I mean like without the sound)~ Earlier this week we exchanged hats so I was wearing his and he was wearing my cap. Mmmm idk~ These days I’m always complaining I don’t have a boyfriend and he’s always talking about wanting to get a girlfriend. And hmmm when the teacher asked me if I liked Chinese/Korean/Japanese guys more he was so overly dramatic about it, clenching fists waiting for my answer etc. Or when I was asked what is important to me at first impression and I said voice he suddenly started talking with changing his voice so it would be super low. And it’s always like this when we talk about relationships/ideal types~ not to mention during 1st class this semester he said jokingly we should get a date together lol

But this is the thing, it’s all mostly half-serious, just for laughs~ and I’m playing this game since I remember, it’s my personality… and I think it’s also his personality, so I can’t tell if it’s all serious or still jokes AH I got caught up in my own game hahaha it’s great

/// ++++ when we have speaking exercises and sometimes we’re paired up with people in front of us so i’m with this guy, we often finish super fast and then he starts asking about some stuff about me etc. and once after the exercise we had to do a roleplay in front of the class and i was like panicked cause we talked instead of practicing so he said ‘just ask me the question, i will improvise, don’t worry’ so he kinda saved the day lol but he’s better at Korean anyways so bless

And tomorrow we’re meeting for the first time with some of our classmates in the evening to drink so ;))))

SM’s Pre-Hawaii Meeting...

SM: Ok so I think thats it for roll call we’re only missing a few people but thats ok, let’s start talking about the itinerary.

Someone from the NCT side of the table whispering: “Omg we get a vacation and we just started I cant believe it!”

Amber: “ The family luau is gunna be lit.“


SM: “No guys its not a vacation we’re having a workshop. I mean you can have fun but only after you guys work.”

Kyungsoo: *chokes on his coffee and spits it out* Uhhh…. I forgot I have a… musical.

SM: “We didn’t schedule you for a musical“

Kyungsoo: “I gotta…….watch it.“

SM: “That’s fine you can join us after since we’ll be there a while.“

Kyungsoo: “It’s Titanic….. you know how long that is… Uh ya I actually gotta go.. right now….“ *falls over his own feet escaping*

SM: “………“

Minho: “Ok but do we get to choose our roommates? Cause I need to pick Suho before Sehun does…“

Nelipot 2 year anniversary!! (its like 10pm omg)
It’s been,, 2 fuckening years since nelipot episode 1. it doesnt even SEEM…LIKE IT. OMG. recreating, changing, getting excited about nelipot and all the stories and relationships we wanna convey has been probably the most fun i’ve ever had! I’m extrEMLY…. AGGRESIVE AND PUSHY SOMETIMES WHEN IT COMES TO EPISODES COMING OUT…… OR PEOPLES SCHEDUELES… LIKE MY PALS.. MY BUGS.. CANT U TELL ME EXCITED.. RUBS A KNIFE AGAINST UR THROATS. So thanks for eveyrone putting up with me!! Since episode 4 has come out I feel like a weight has been lifted from my damn shoulders! thank you lord! I can’t wait to animate the new opening and literally heave at my children being brought to life.

I can’t wait for more years to come and more nelipot fanime episodes to come out!!

Nelipot,, is. really close to me. Like extremely. The whole world me and ray have built around it. like i can’t describe it but it’s the best feeling ever to see it brought to life or talk with friends about it and get hyped up. even if its animated in a silly little fanime form. it’s…….. nice. and fun. okay im done LOL… thank you so much for watching nelipot fanime!!