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hi!! i've been wanting to get into drawing online and I've been looking for a tablet to use. I went into your faq and noticed you mention Wacom Cintiq 12x, a Wacom Intuous 4, and Wacom Bamboo Fun. I just wanted to know if the 12x and 4 are very expensive, and if they're available in US/Ohio (i cant remember if youve said where you live and for some reason I keep thinking overseas)

the cintiqs are all very very pricey, so if youre just starting out, i wouldnt really recommend getting that one! The intuous model is perfect, though they can still range from $79 to $400 depending on the model you get! I’m only familiar with the Intuous ‘pro’ models…but i would definitely recommend that!

Actually, I would just recommend any Intuous or Bamboo WACOM tablet. Wacom is an excellent brand and even though they are a little more on the expensive side, they are worth it. I have had 3 other non-wacom brands in the past and they simply cannot compare. They broke downn and were horrendously buggy, all of them lasted less than a year while Wacoms lasted me upwards of 4 years!  (prolly woulda lasted longer if i wasnt CONSTANTLY DROPPING IT)

Wacom tablets are typically available in most electronics stores (at least where I live here in texas) ! but probably only the small, cheaper models (which are fine) but they wont have a lot of selection! You can always order directly from the Wacom website, here!!

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Do you think Harry is a good boyfriend? :-)

oh my god yes absolutely i feel like harry’s such good boyfriend material. first of all he’s extremely sweet, we see it every day and that’s just with people he doesnt even know, i cant even imagine what he’s like with those who are part of his life. i feel like he would make sure you know how important you are and how much he loves you with little gifts or gestures ALL THE TIME. he would probably try and spend with you as much time as possible when he’s free and he would want you to attend as many concerts as possible (bonus: great sex right after all of them cause the highs from performing probably make him hard). i bet he’s perfect for cuddling in bed when it’s too cold to go out or on the couch while watching a movie, letting you rest your head on his broad chest and playing with your hair. dating harry would also involve a lot of hand-holding and laughing, so much laughing cause he’s just so damn funny. i saw a post on here that said that harry’s the type to make you laugh during sex: realest thing i’ve ever seen tbh. i feel like going clubbing with harry would be pretty amazing, getting drunk with him and dancing with your back pressed against his chest and his hands on your hips, making you feel his hard-on, unable to wait anymore. he would probably kiss you as soon as you’d reach the backseat of his car, telling his driver to hurry, one hand holding the back of your neck and the other one on your thigh. i also feel like he’s the type to buy you tampons and chocolate when you’re on your period and do anything he can to make you happy. you could spend hours talking with him cause he’s so smart and he’s got so many interesting things to say and he seems like a great listener too. i feel like he’s the type to amusedly watch you struggle to reach a shelf that’s just too high for you, chuckling a bit before coming to help you. he would probably walk around his house naked all the time just to tease you but he would also let you wear his clothes. he would probably buy you the sexiest, finest, most expensive lingerie he can find, pretending to do it for you only when you know damn well he’s doing it for himself too (not that you mind). i think that sleeping with harry would be the best part. his warm chest against your back and his muscular arms around you, your legs tangled with his and his face in the crook of your neck. his morning voice would be a great bonus too. also: morning sex. lazy and slow and so so so hot.

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Sexuality Headcanon: i like aro/ace steven tbh
Gender Headcanon: goddd steven is so nb…. i dont even know what kind of nb and he probably doesnt either hes just definitely not all boy
A ship I have with said character: whatever the nature of his relationship with connie is and will be in the future its perfect and i love it
A BROTP I have with said character: absolutely friggin everyone
A NOTP I have with said character: i dont know if there are people out there who ship steven with people older than him but if you do: Stop
A random headcanon: im drawing a blank here, i cant think of anything that isnt already supported by canon
General Opinion over said character: what a good protagonist all around steven is such a great character and i love him and i feel really bad for all the emotional drama he gets put through and i admire him for staying as nice and sweet and wonderful as he is even after all of that

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What's ur favorite krieger's photo?

Favorite photo? Ugh I have so many…

Cause I mean, we’re talking about Ali Krieger…

Just look at that smile…

look how cute she is…

Can we talk about her arms?

using my favorite color? love it!

even sweating she looks perfect and gorgeous

Perfect hair

can we talk about that… yeah

breathe taking

obviously one of my favorites is her with Ash, cause they’re so cute

I’m personally quite a fan of that one

And right now, this one is my favorite of them all.

None of the pictures are mine, except the collage.

Just wanted to thank you all for liking, reblogging, commenting, and following me! It really means a lot and I’m so thankful! Being able to cosplay Akasha is truly a dream. After watching the movie for the first time, I wanted to wear the costume…I think I was in middle school then haha. I’ve always looked up to Aaliyah!  She’s so beautiful and talented! I wanted to be just like her growing up. I did my hair like her, tried to dress like her…I cant dance for crap, but I remember practicing her moves from the music videos haha. She will always be perfect in my eyes and it was such an honor to finally do this cosplay!  All your love and support really motivates me even more now! I will try my best to show you what I can do! Thanks again! Love you all! MUAHHHHH!

Lol @ the guy playing hacky sack in the background.

Niall’s POV
I sneaked into Y/N and I’s shared apartment at 3 in the morning not wanting to make any noises on my way in in order not to wake her. I had schedule an early flight home. I just missed her so much. I needed to see her. Of course I didn’t tell her I was coming so I just wanted this to go as perfectly as possible. I took my shoes off and put my bags near the door and headed straight to our bedroom just wanting to hold her. I slowly opened the door and that’s when I saw her, she was so beautiful, curled up in the sheets, wearing one of my shirts and sleeping on my side of the bed. She was so beautiful even in her sleep. I took a moment to just look at her, appreciate her beauty. After a few moments I heard her say my name a couple of times, she was obviously dreaming and I decided I would wake her up. I just missed her so much. I went over to her and sat on my knees by the bed, I called her name a few times but she was obviously in deep sleep. I suddenly thought of the perfect way to wake her…. I would kiss her. I started with a kiss on her cheek and worked my way up to her forehead then down to her nose and jaw. That’s when she started to get aroused a bit and she became hazy and started to wake up. I gave her one more kiss on the cheek and she opened her eyes. “Niall? ” she asked. And my only answer was a kiss to her lips, her tender soft, full lips. Oh how I’d missed this, her I had missed her. She was taken aback of a few moments probably thinking if it was actually me or some intruder but when I deepened the kiss and put my fingers between her hair she relaxed and gave in. She knew nobody else could ever kiss her like that.“ Surprise” I said on her lips as we pulled away all she could do was look at me and smile. After a few seconds she jumped on me making us both fall to the floor. “You’re back” she said but it sounded more like a question. “Yeah baby I’m back. I missed you too much to stay away any longer” I ensured her. “ I love you” she blurted out hugging me tight. “ I love you so much more ” i told her tightening my grip around her.

Roman and Galina are goals they’re such a beautiful perfect and hella cute couple and their love shines through their relationship i cant even describe it like I don’t ever want them to divorce ok??? That’s all i’m asking for

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emily had great development until 5b, and then it all went downhill. 5b just wasn't Emily and 6a i cant stand her

Exactly! I thought she was perfect in 5A (fort the most part- I think 5x12 is where it all really started falling apart). She was strong and more willing to stand up for herself in 5A, but she wasn’t intentionally cruel. She was cruel and just not herself in 5B, and 6A- don’t even get me started on 6A. I really hope she gets better by the end of 6A or 6B, because I do genuinely love Emily and it makes me sad seeing her character be ruined like this. :(

though i feel like ive progressed a lot in the last few months alone just by drawing ygo fanart honestly lmao

where i was never able to really draw characters interacting, being shipping trash has helped me there

even if i have a long way to go and its frustrating at times and i know i can do better

its nice to know that i am getting somewhere

i sometimes forget that i cant just…be perfect and suddenly just make it click automatically and that it will take time

sometimes i feel like perfect is a thing I SHOULD be like if i looked up the right thing or had the right reference/planning my next image could be “perfect” but thats not reality and i need to accept that because as it is, i dislike my art and i blame myself for it and thats getting me nowhere

Dear taylorswift !
Thank you so Much for this apportunity taylorswift ! WORDS cant describe How Much it means to me! To see you live, to listen to your calm, Nice and warm voice! It was Incredible perfect!❤️ I’m so HAPPY that I got this apportunity!❤️ Even though I broke down with my anxiety.. But your voice and speaches just calmed me down and helped me to relax and forget my anxiety. Thank you for being so good and Nice to everyone! You’re my biggest hero and I really love you!❤️ taylorswift - you’re the best one!


We all know Dorian with this beautiful mustache, neatly and perfect.
But …..we do all know that there had to be a time where Dorian only had a few stubbles before it grow out so magnificent. 

Like..i cant even imagine that, but it had to be…..

Same goes for M!Hawke