The Signs as Tumblr Insults

Aries: You screeching alarm clock.

Taurus: You chicken fried fuck.

Gemini: You white crayon.

Cancer: You sugarless bar of chocolate.

Leo: You fucking muppet.

Virgo: You dirty sock.

Libra: You wobbly chair leg.

Sagittarius: You used tissue.

Scorpio: You mother fucking donkey snout.

Capricorn: You cup of cold creamerless coffee.

Aquarius: You Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

Pisces: You pie eating dick biscuit.

a cold and broken hallelujah: an elibarra fanmix

for boat rides and revolutions and a lover drowning for you. for the idealistic scholar, the rebel fugitive and plans that never came true. for “i’ve seen your flag on the marble arch, love is not a victory march. it’s a cold and broken hallelujah.”

animal - neon trees (national anthem mashup) / laughter lines - bastille can’t help falling in love - magic! (cover) / youth - daughter / all i want - kodaline / dead in the water - ellie goulding / yellow - coldplay / stay - sam tsui (cover) / hallelujah - imogen heap

bonus tracks {opm songs, not included in the 8tracks mix because that website won’t let me upload it for some stupid reason} : you’ll be safe here - rivermaya / huling sayaw - kamikazee 

–> listen here

beatrice broke my other mixtape / {listen}

1. Moon Trance Lindsey Stirling / 2. You Know I Will Lucas Grabeel / 3. Painted World Two Steps From Hell / 4. Catalyst For Love Ministry of Magic / 5. Walk The Whomping Willows 6. Like Ships Over the Garden Wall Soundtrack / 7. Into a Fantasy Alexander Rybak / 8. I Wouldn’t Mind He is We 9. Pain This Beautiful Republic / 10. Waters of Cesme Cusco / 11. Happily Ever After He is We / 12. I’m Taking You With Me relient K

Art by me~

  • name - rai
  • age - just turned 17 www
  • height - 5’ 5"
  • personality - his design is based off a lion, so he pretty much acts exactly like one. he’s quiet and lazy, especially on sunny days. because he’s usually quiet people mistake him as a cool guy, but he’s actually very childish. he covers his right eye to focus better when drawing (since that eye is bad). he’s left handed, and loves steak www

i did some maths and if thunderbird 5 has a radius of about 16 meters (estimated from the height of the corridor around the outside being something like 2 meters), then to maintain a force of 9.8m on any body resting on the outside of the circle it has to travel at around 1.1 rads/sec. opened up space engine at a geostationary orbit around earth at about 80k up and did my best to estimate that speed (around 6 seconds per rotation, give or take).

so this is what john sees when he looks down.

{ ★ } campaign.

It’s just a school project, he has to keep reminding himself of. 

Jotaro stands stationary at the sidewalk, a bundle of papers clutched at hand. Green eyes traveled from passerby to passerby, each individual treading elsewhere to their destinations. The larger male’s expression remains as flat as ever. From the bundle of pages, a single sheet was pulled out from its stack. From the dissipating crowd, the page was held out– a single pamphlet with a rather childish illustration of a dolphin, adding on some words about some sort of campaign.

“Overfishing is killing off the marine mammal population all over the world. Spread awareness for the decline in the dolphin population.”