the signs as types of electric music

aries - synthpop

taurus - deep house

gemini - synthwave

cancer chillwave

leo future funk

virgo -  mallsoft

libra - dreamwave

scorpiowitch house


capricorn - vaporwave

aquarius - seapunk

pisces - future bass

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Boyfriend Hansol
  • yes my busan prince has a request ( finally omg )
  • big shoutout to the anon who requested this ,
  • and also for @anoukpower for requesting too !!
  • sm better debut him soon he deserves more
  • im weak for him too so this might get really fluffy idek
  • and also this marks the very last post of the boyfriend! series i had alot of fun writing for all the 17 boys ( i cant believe i actually did all of that too ) but there are still many more scenarios and au’s to come so feel free to request ~
  • okay let’s go

  • so you have been friends with yuta since like forever

  • his friends are your friends and vice versa with him
  • so it wasn’t much a surprise when yuta suddenly introduced you to hansol one day
  • but something about him was just different but you couldn’t seem to find out what it was
  • back to hansol ,
  • when he first greeted you he said it in a monotone without much expression
  • “nice to meet you , yuta’s friend . i’m Hansol ”
  • “ haha nice to meet you , Y/N here ”
  • /gives a small smile and says nothing else/
  • then he acts as if nothing happened and goes back to listening to the conversation
  • and throughout the whole time he doesnt even glance at you
  • he hardly smiled too
  • you highkey thought he actually disliked you and you also scolded yuta for forcing him to join since he didn’t look too happy
  • little did you know he was just shy and wanted to seem like a tough man infront of you
  • and he’s an awkward little bean so he didn’t know what else to say
  • and he was the one who begged yuta to introduced you to him
  • “ yuta-ah , hyung needs help ”
  • “ what is it ? ”
  • “ your best friend … she’s really pretty ”
  • “ are you interested in her ? ”
  • “ …. ”
  • “ what do you want me to do ? ”
  • “ introduce her maybe .. ? ”
  • “ hm … not until you treat me to a meal ”
  • and just like that , for the sake of getting to know you hansol burnt a hole in his wallet because yuta just had to pick a 5 star high class restaurant which caused 50$ a dish
  • yuta you asshole
  • soon enough he began hanging out with the both of you more ,
  • and you’d slowly notice him looking at you from time to time ,
  • and how he’d blush a little when you got too near
  • one day you fell ill and yuta was busy so he couldn’t rush over to attend to you just in time
  • and once hansol heard about it he rushed over to your house within like 0.2983293secs
  • he wrapped you up in thick blankets
  • and offered to cook for you
  • and he attended to all your needs despite being tired
  • soon after he fell asleep beside your bed with his head in his arms
  • and you couldn’t help but take in every detail of his features
  • you were utterly touched and stunned by his caring side
  • which he hardly ever showed to others
  • after this incident the both of you grew closer
  • and yuta being himself , he teases the both of you a lot
  • “ wow Y/N , 8 years of friendship gone just like that because of hyung , bye i’m off ”
  • “ why are you saying this yuta ”
  • “ because someone’s been stealing my bestfriend /eyes hansol/ ”
  • “ i did not steal her ”
  • “ and i’m not even yours wth yuta ew ”
  • “ you’re not mine but you should be his ”
  • then the both of you stare awkwardly at each other
  • blushing like mad
  • then two weeks later he showed up at your house ,
  • and he passed you a small notebook
  • and when you read the contents of it you almost cried
  • because it was hansol’s daily journal/daily entry of his feelings for you
  • all for 4 months
  • and you hugged him so tightly he almost choked
  • and when you tell him you like him too
  • he smiles like crazy and immediately pecks your forehead
  • so cute aw -and when the two of you cuddled in bed together that night ,
  • he thought you were still asleep so he called yuta to fanboy over the news
  • when in fact you were lying in his arms trying hard not to laugh
  • “ hyung did it !! guess who’s my girlfriend now ? ”
  • “ she’s so cute ”
  • “ ahh i love her so much ”
  • honestly the type of boyfriend which helps you in everything ,
  • he tries to cook for you ,
  • buy gifts
  • and he likes to compliment you , but very lowkey though
  • and he doesnt show much affection , but on days when he’s in a good mood ,
  • he hugs you really tightly , and loves burying his face in your hair
  • pecks on the cheeks too !!
  • even though he seems manly and tough he’s actually a really big softie
  • he’s too shy to even initiate kisses on the lips so you’re always the one doing so
  • and when you do he blushes like crazy
  • for like one whole hour
  • he’s so tol you look so tiny beside him
  • so he loves having his arms around your shoulder ,
  • and resting his head on yours
  • lots of backhugs too aw
  • it started when he was busy with work one day ,
  • so you crept up behind him and gave him a backhug
  • he froze at first but he turned around and hugged you back without saying any words
  • from that day on he loves surprising you with backhugs , and catching you offguard makes him giggle like a small kid all the time
  • when he gets jealous though , he gets really confident and starts speaking more ,
  • when normally he’s just quiet and not saying much
  • “ baby do you want to go home now ? ”
  • “ it’s still early hansol , is something wrong ? ”
  • “ he’s getting too close to you ”
  • “ babe he’s only my friend , you don’t need to worry ”
  • “ i love you ”
  • and that was the first time he ever said those three words first to you ,
  • both sincerely and genuinely
  • you were so touched and happy you agreed to leave early with him in the end
  • he has your picture set as his phone’s lockscreen
  • and on yours , it’s a picture of him sleeping on your lap
  • and he blushes everytime he sees that picture because your hand was on his head , your fingers touching his hair
  • when couple fight happens he’s always the first one to apologise
  • and he’s always on the verge of crying because he cant bear to leave you
  • yuta also plays an important in helping y'all to patch up ,
  • he’d lecture you with his wise words on the choices and decisions you should be making
  • and he reminds you of all the times hansol has been there for you at your lowest points when he couldn’t be
  • and when you broke down after you heard his words ,
  • yuta called hansol right away
  • and like always , he appeared within seconds and he comforted you
  • okay ngl but lots of binge-watching of animes & probably cartoon shows together
  • when he first told you he liked watching them you were shocked at first before y'all dated ,
  • “ you’re turning 23 soon hansol ”
  • “ but it’s really nice , i can guarantee ”
  • “ okay … but what if it isn’t ? ”
  • “ it is ”
  • and he said it with so much confidence you couldn’t help but watch it with him
  • now both of you are hardcore anime enthusiasts taeyong had to stop y'all from influencing winwin any further
  • but it’s too late , yuta already did
  • he lowkey bought y'all matching pokemon soft toy keychains
  • but you didn’t know until you noticed he had the same one hanging from his bunch of keys
  • he often posts one word description pictures of you online ,
  • “ Beautiful. ”
  • “ Stunning. ”
  • “ Mine ”
  • yuta unfollowed him once because he was posting like 8 pictures of you in a day with those captions
  • he’s a great listener so you often rant to him when you have problems ,
  • and even though he doesn’t give great advice ,his hugs and company never fails to make you feel better
  • but since he isn’t that good with words either , he has problems trying to speak/say out his feelings and thoughts
  • so he asks for nothing more than your hugs when he’s sad
  • he stares at you in awe like 24/7
  • and everytime you ask him ,
  • “ what are you staring at ? ”
  • “ You ”
  • “ why ?? ”
  • “ you’re beautiful ”
  • he’s so sweet ahh
  • in conclusion he’s someone you can lean on and ask help from
  • and he loves showering you with love even though it may not be obvious
  • dont sleep on him , he’s too adorable not to be loved
  • i hope you enjoyed this series and thanks for reading !!