“You’re only thirty-two, I sent you that porn, I like your dogs more anyways and I don’t care about any other excuses you’re making up … Why else would I still write you letters despite your glaring grammatical errors?”

I'm going to leave this on my main blog because I need ca-kekashi to see this first thing in the morning. Inspired by this absolutely wonderful fanfic.

Find and Seek (Part Two)

                                                  The Dean Series

                                           Find and Seek (Part Two)



We pulled up at the old abandoned town, and found Y/N’s car. It was empty no blood or anything to indicate a struggle. I walked into the town, knife drawn, searching everywhere for her. I spotted her mobile on the ground, my heart sunk just that bit more. I pocketed it hoping that maybe there was something there.

Cas appeared in front of me.
‘I am sorry Dean I cannot find her hear or anywhere near by.’ I felt my hands shaking, running them through my hair and over my neck to try and steady them. I was lost, unprepared for this. I’d left her safe at home. She was safe, a hunter left with a hunter, a sheriff and a geek. I left to gank this bitch demon knowing that when I came back she would be there, I’d left knowing there was something worth coming back for. I felt the tears forming in my eyes.
‘Put it out on angel radio. Find her Cas. God please find her.’ I started to crumble. Sam joined them, having had searched the area surrounding the town. He shook his head at me.  I looked down at the wedding ring my wife had given me the night we got married.

I pulled my phone out and called Crowley.
‘AH, I know why you are calling and well you aren’t going to like the answer.’
‘Crowley, so help me-‘
‘Are you sure you don’t just want to go find another piece of arse to sleep with. It might be easier.’ I took a deep breathe, the sadness slipping to the back of my emotions as rage took over.
‘Lillian decided she liked your little princess. Apparently she found Y/N quite the charmer.’ My blood ran cold.
‘Where is she?’
‘She’s been made her new little pet, the plaything she always wanted.’ Crowley continued, he gave the location. A forest 3 days drive from where we were. Cas took off, I was hoping he could find her and get her out.

‘It’s angel proof, Lillians fenced it off. Signs everywhere. Sorry Dean.’ Cas said appearing suddenly.


I woke to find myself in a forest of some sort, I was hesitant not sure what to make of the situation. I looked around and found that she had been kind enough to leave me with my demon knife. I placed it in my belt and started walking. I was panicking slightly, lost in a forest and no clue as to what her plan was. I tried not to let my fear show. Trying to calm myself

‘Jesus Y/N, you’ve camped out in nothing but a damn sway back in Oz you can handle this crap.’ I looked around at least not everything wanted to kill you.

I had walked for about 20 mins when I saw him.

‘Sam?’ I called, watching as he turned to face me. ‘Oh god.’ My hand went to my mouth, poor sweet Sammy was a vampire.

‘When? How?’ I cried, oh God Dean was going to be gutted.

I was going to ask if he had fed, but I knee my answer the blood over his mouth gave his answer. He launched at me and I fought him off. Having no choice, I cried out as he threw me into a tree. I grabbed my demon blade, thankful it worked on vamps and stabbed him with it. I broke down as I did, my best friend, my brother dead by my hands. I spent ages crying, before managing to pull myself onto my feet I had to keep moving. If I was lucky I’d find the bitch and kill her myself, ring of Solomon or not.

I heard footsteps and twigs breaking, I threw myself against a tree hoping to provide some cover until I knew what it was. I watched as demon came into view, his eyes black as onyx. I jumped him killing him quickly. I had moved no more than a 100 meters when I was jumped by another demon, he had a knife and cut my shoulder up pretty well. Dark was coming and fast, I knew I had to make as much progress as I could.

I made my way through the forest moving as quick as I could. I heard Dean’s voice, screaming in pain.

‘NO.’ I ran in the direction it came from. I didn’t watch where I was going and ran into the fist of something. I stumbled backwards looking up I saw Bobby.

‘Bobby, what the hell? Quick we have to find him.’ I went to take off again but Bobby kicked my legs out from under me.

‘What the fu-‘ I rolled quickly avoiding a machete to the head. ‘Jesus its me. STOP!’ I pushed backwards trying to stop Bobby’s attack. I didn’t want to fight him. He was like my own father. I couldn’t I loved him.

‘Bobby please stop.’ He hit me again. I knew I wasn’t going to have a choice, I hit him back hard making him stumble. I took off running. I knew full well I could out run him.

My face was wet with tears. I couldn’t understand what was happening. I had just killed Sam and hurt Bobby, Dean was somewhere in pain being hurt and I was here alone.

I continued running until my legs couldn’t carry me any further. I slid down against a tree unsure of what to do. Taking several deep breaths I tried to figure out what was happening. I felt my eyes getting heavy, now was not the time for a sleep. I rested a bit longer, jumping up when I heard my name being called.

‘Sarah?’ I yelled. My little sister was here? No way she was back in Australia working as Kindy teacher.


‘Sarah?’ I ran again, my legs and chest burning ‘SARAH!’ I screamed, I ran into a small opening and saw here with Dean.

‘Thank God.’ I burst into tears, moving closer I looked at my husband, but something was wrong. I watched as he leant over and broke the neck of my baby sister.

‘NNNNOOOOOO’ I screamed, running to her lifeless body.

‘Eye for an Eye, right baby.’ Dean smirked looking at me. I cried out as he grabbed my hair and yanked it back forcing me to look at him. He pulled forcing me onto my feet.

‘We are going to have some fun now, then I will send you to spend some time with the little brat.’ He chuckled while I looked at him, looking right into his eyes. The green globes I loved looking at so much, I pulled my knife out my belt and pushed it up through his heart.

Legacy Play - Generations 1 to 3 - Luca and Barbie Kim’s Wedding - Part 1

Barbie arrives accompanied by her sister Alyssa who agreed to walk her down the aisle.

Alyssa: Are you ready sis?

Barbie: I’ve never been more sure in my life of anything. I can’t wait to be Mrs Kim

Luca’s mother Farrah can barley contain her excitement about the wedding of her only son.

Farrah: I cannot wait to gain a daughter, I’ve been surrounded by men for too long!

Grandpa Gavin on the other hand looks like he could do with a nap. 

Gavin: How long will the ceremony take?

Farrah: Hush now Grandpa, you’ll be able to have cake soon!


As much as I hate it when my girlfriend wears my clothes, my ovaries exploded when she sent me these on snapchat. I’m away on a job and won’t see her until next week and I just realised how in love with her I am like seriously you cannot deny how beautiful and perfect she is. Ugh I just love her so fucking much. 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

Everyone on this planet, at some point in their lives, has had a major case of the feels. Those days when your heart is just too small to hold the big things you’re feeling. Today’s one of those days. You think of our emotions like they’re this unique personal phenomena…that no one has ever felt what we have felt. There is a basis in science for every emotion we feel. Anger. Love. As a scientist, I know there’s nothing magical about what makes us feel something for someone else. But then I see her smile. Man, that cannot be science.
—  Helena Wells about Myka Bering, at some point

Such an amazing week, It was officially announced that I am now represented by @imgmodels and this image by @victoriajanashviliphoto was released today. Her book will be released in July and I cannot wait for everyone to see her beautiful work and the inspiring women who grace each page!

13 Part 2

Stood inside the police department waiting to leave this place, my hands in my pockets anxious to just get out but with the sea of paparazzi I know this will not be an easy exit. Blowing out air running my hand through my slightly overgrown hair, I am still not happy with the way these motherfuckers came to Robyn’ crib to get me in for questioning over some petty ass shit. They came to Robyn’ place like I had murdered someone, still makes me wonder how they knew I was at Robyn’ place and not my own. Shaking my head, I am just glad they are letting me go just in time to get ready and go to the Grammy awards, Robyn wanted to come with me when they came to get me but I had to talk her out of it because she cannot be seen with me at all. Looking to my right seeing the line of officers and then looking to my left and seeing the same line of officers “okay let’s go boss” my bodyguard put his arm around me “damn” just like the old days with my court appearances, the doors opened and the shouting started. Putting my head down walking with everyone around me, I am going to be talked about now when I get on that red carpet “Chris why was you being questioned!? Did you beat Gregory because of Rihanna” is all they kept on shouting at me, we stopped midway “why did they let you out!?” looking up “because your mom bailed me out” I said laughing as I got pushed to move.

Walking into my house shaking my head, I have had no sleep at all besides the hour I probably got “good to see you nigga” Starino came over to dap me “I’m glad to be home” looking over at Mijo, my stylist and my manager “you need to call moms she been blowing my phone up and you need to call Rihanna because she has also been blowing my phone up” I really don’t feel like talking to anybody but if I do not call my mom she will not forgive me, walking away from everyone getting my phone out seeing texts from various people “hmmm who do I call first” looking between shawty and my mom’ number “I guess” calling my mom’ phone. Walking into my bedroom seeing the all-white suit laid on my bed, I guess that is what my stylist picked out “Chris!” my mom’ voice boomed in my ear “what the hell have you been up too? I thought all of this has ended? Look at you!” she didn’t even let me have a word in edge “mom it was not my fault, Robyn’ ex was there and he said something and my friend hit him. I am just a witness that is all so please stop shouting, sorry” yawning while walking into the bathroom “hmmm better be just that! I just got worried, I am a mother” l understood where she came from but she never lets me talk, just shouts “it’s cool, I gotta go mom. I need a shower aight” looking at the mirror rubbing my face, damn I look like shit.

Putting the shower on while waiting for Robyn to pick up the phone “oh my god Chris” she sounds out of breath, I laughed “you been to the gym or something?” she sounds unhealthy “listen, I am trying to get dressed and I fell over my dress to get to the phone, where are you? I am happy you’re out” placing my hand in my boxers “yeah, I’m about to have a shower and get dressed” I could hear Lee’ big ass mouth in the background “you sound so down Chris why didn’t you come to me? We are supposed to walk the red carpet together anyways” I really wanted to masturbate but Lee is putting me off so I slipped my hand back out “it’s cool babe, I’ll be late there so you walk it and I will see you there” this is my way of just not ruining anything for her “okay then, you better come though” I didn’t want too but my manager will drag me “love you” I said quickly before disconnecting the call, I don’t know if hitting G was a good thing or a bad thing because now I feel like I owe people things.

I purposely left late to arrive at the Grammy’s red carpet so hopefully Robyn has walked the carpet and the rest of the Roc Nation clique, I don’t want to steal their limelight “please try and not answer any questions while on the red carpet” my manager warned me before getting out the car “I will be as blunt as I can, you know me” our SUV slowly pulled up to the red carpet, seeing my bodyguards waiting for me “here we go” my bodyguard pulled open the door as I stepped out, fixing my suit jacket looking up smiling “that’s it” my manager hit my back motioning me on to the carpet “a fake smile can fix anything” I said licking my lips laughing “Chris look over here!” my manager stepped away as I stood with the flashing lights all in my face, looking to the side seeing Starino and Mijo walking along slowly. Placing my arms behind my back walking along “quick interview with us Chris” Ryan was quick to say, looking at my manager he just gave me a slight nod “yeah sure” I might as well get this over and done with even though my manager said no to interviews.

Stepping on to the stage “you going with the all-white theme today?” he touched my suit jacket, looking down at myself “oh yeah, I thought black and white is a bit predictable so I went with all white. Makes me look like an angel” I laughed knowing full well I ain’t an angel “yeah sure you are and look who it is behind you” Ryan ran passed me as I turned my head to see Robyn walking up to the stage “damn” I mumbled, I seem so unimpressed but not in a bad way but I wanted it to be less stress free for the both of us “Rihanna!” Ryan got his hand out as she lifted her dress “Chris!” My manager shouted at me causing me to look at him, he was eyeing me up “what?” I mouthed “hand?” he was clasping his hands together “don’t just stand there” what is he even talking about “Rihanna” he spat “oh god don’t you look beautiful” so much is happening my mind is everywhere.

Robyn walked into my eye view “I called you” she said in a whisper “I was getting ready” she doesn’t look happy at all, wrapping her arm around mine “you said that when you put the phone down and then I called you an hour later, ignoring my call is very petty” chewing on my bottom lip looking over at my manager “wow, now I would have never thought I would have seen this” Robyn is funny, she can be so angry but is quick to put on a fake smile “so is this official? You both are together now” I was not about to answer anything she can “yes we are” Robyn giggled, looking at the side of me seeing Robyn’ red dress flowing behind her, seeing her back exposed and placing my hand on her back “Chris” Ryan said my name snapping me back to reality “what have you seen?” looking up at him like I seen a ghost, I laughed to myself “oh I was just looking at her dress, she looks beautiful. I didn’t get the chance to see it” I could hear people shouting Jay’ name so I really wanted to move out of here but as always they had plenty of questions to ask “have you seen the new movie with Rihanna in it? I’m sure you was the first” shaking my head “no I haven’t seen it yet, I been waiting on them free tickets. Rihanna been stingy with me” Robyn hit my chest “boy bye, I invited him so many times but he has been busy. But you can expect him to be there at the LA premiere” biting my bottom lip smiling at Robyn, she scrunched her nose up at me smiling.

Kissing Robyn’ cheek, I don’t know what has gotten into her but she can’t stop laughing “it is so nice to see you so happy Rihanna” Ryan said watching us both “oh look its Jay” Ryan said, this is my moment where I can now run off. Turning around to move off the stage, Jay is stood right behind me “Chris” his big ass lips all in my face “Jay” moving my hand from Robyn to walk away “boss” my bodyguard stepped in front of me knowing full well what was going to happen “huh” looking at my bodyguard and then looking to where he was looking to see that motherfucker G “aye Robyn” not moving my eyes from him, he wants to hit me but I don’t think that will happen and I know Jay bought his dumbass on purpose “come on” grabbing Robyn’ hand not really caring if people are looking and saying things “what?” she said, walking off while mean mugging G “that bitch nigga bought his bitch nigga” I mumbled, I feel so annoyed now and I just want to get out of here.

“Chris” Robyn snatched her hand from mine “just stop walking” I stopped midway, I didn’t realize we even got inside, I just wanted to get out of the situation “what is your problem? Why are you acting like this” unbuttoning my suit jacket licking my lips “like what?” Robyn slowly walked towards me, Mijo, Starino and my bodyguards stood away from us waiting “like this, so uptight. You seem real upset that I even stood near you, you said you wanted me to claim you and now I am. Why did you ignore my calls? I waited to walk the red carpet with you and you purposely came late, I am trying here. Are you in trouble?” shaking my head seeing 50 cent walk over to us “little homie” he got his arms open giving me a hug “you aight homie, been a long time” he stepped back smiling “riri” he gave Robyn a hug “talk of the red carpet, you both stole the show. I am real proud of you guys” patting his back “thank you big homie” Robyn gave me a look wanting to talk to me “I see you inside” he walked off luckily “everything is good, I ain’t want to ruin the day for you. I hate feeling as if I owe people shit, I know he bought all of Roc Nation along on purpose because they all saw that shit. Jay acting like I owe him shit when I don’t” Robyn bought her hands up to my face “stop, forget them and just keep your cool. You’re doing well so far and we are sitting together” I love how supportive she is being with me “just happy you’re out of there” pecking Robyn’ lips “true, the thug is out” I know that what is what everyone is saying.

I am so happy that I am sat next to some no named white country singers, I could not deal with anyone today let alone sitting front row with everyone just watching us “can we go yet? I am actually bored” it is always the same shit every time at this place “Chris how many times have you asked me this” poking my bottom lip out “no” Robyn said “don’t do cute faces either” bringing my face closer to her “not changing my mind either” she grabbed my jaw with her one hand “I’ll eat ya pussy and the booty too if we go now” Robyn busted out laughing “stop” she giggled moving her hand from my jaw to hide her laugh “I will devour the booty on all fours, I will move in with you. This is getting bad” Robyn hit my leg “stop” sighing sitting up straight in my seat “you can devour my booty later though” Robyn whispered “mhmmmm” side eying her, she think I’m giving her any benefits after not letting us leave.

Looking up at the screen seeing Robyn’ face as they announced the award for best pop album, I hope she wins it so we can leave. I know her ass is after at least one Grammy today “and for the best pop album goes to Rihanna” Jamie Foxx said into the mic, getting up from my seat smiling wide at Robyn while clapping with everyone “oh my god” she gasped in shock before getting up and latching onto my neck out of nowhere “congratulations baby girl” wrapping my arms around her body and lifting her off the ground a little, Robyn shrieked in my ear “thank you” she said through her shriek, putting her down giving Robyn a kiss on the cheek before letting her go on stage. Robyn lifted her dress as she walked up the stairs towards Jamie to get the award, sitting back down watching on “oh my gosh, thank you so much. I don’t know what to say but I want to thank my fans and my team that have always rocked with me through everything and my family. It means so much to me that I have won this and Chris I love you.” My eyebrows raised in shock “ayeee” Mijo’ hand met my head as he sat next to me in Robyn’ seat, the camera was quick to get all in my face and catch me getting all shy.

“She really going all out” Mijo said in my ear “yeah, but I was complaining to her about not claiming me but I guess now she is” the show went on a break after that “Roc nation are doing a party after, Rihanna is going to be there. We are sat near them fools and I heard them saying, I just wanted to warn you because I don’t think you’re invited” shifting in my seat sighing “well you never know I might end up finishing what I started with G” Mijo nudged me “listen, just stop with trying to get at G. Dude could have you gone down for some time, you got some blood nigga going down for something he did not do. You talk about not owing people but allowing people to go down for you comes with some kind of debt” rubbing my neck watching Robyn walk over to us with a big smile “yeah I know, I have to pay for his family. I said I would look after them” Mijo didn’t say anything but get up to congratulate Robyn, the dude is doing time because he is on probation and breached it but he was actually doing good until I let him take the blame.

“You proud of me baby?” placing my arm around Robyn “no because you didn’t let me leave” Robyn placed her hand in my hand that was hanging around her shoulder “okay we can go as soon as they announce the next award that you’re going to win” I chuckled “yeah right, more like queen Rihanna will be winning it” looking at the stage watching them prepare for the next performance, feeling Robyn’ teeth graze my earlobe with her teeth “do I sense jealousy? I want you to call me queen Rihanna when I am riding you” Robyn’ breath against my neck was tickling me, I have the biggest grin on my face right now “actin inappropriate when the camera is in our faces” not even turning my head to look at her and just smiling at the camera “I don’t care” she shuffled closer pressing her cheek against mine “you’re mine” I have never laughed so hard, she is on something today.

Robyn and I held hands as they announced the category for best album “it’s gonna be you Chris and if I am right you have to eat my ass” busting out laughing while they announced my name as one of the nominees “okay then, if I do I will” licking my lips seeing me and Robyn on the screen just waiting, I feel really nervous now. These white people are taking forever to announce this shit “oh here we are, so the award for best album goes to” he looked down at the card “one of my favourite people and his name is Chris Brown” everyone stood up around me as I remained seated “me?” I looked at myself on the screen “wow!” slowly getting up “I told you” Robyn wrapped her arms around my neck “congratulations” I am in shock right now “thank you baby” pecking her lips and then fixing my suit jacket “come on” grabbing Robyn’ hand, she is coming up with me and I don’t even care.

Holding my Grammy and walking over to the mic, I hate giving speeches, shit makes me feel nervous “Thank you everyone, you can all sit down now. My bad for taking time to get up here because I didn’t expect to this, I came here just to sit here and obviously I was made to come by Rihanna, she wasn’t about to leave me alone if I didn’t come. I talk too much but thank you so much and I would like to thank god for blessing me with everything and my fans because I wouldn’t be here without y’all and also my team, my producers and the people that have to deal with me on a daily basis, with the amount of work that was put into this album we was eating and sleeping in the studio so thank you to everyone that was there” taking in a deep breath “just thank you, goodnight and god bless” laughing while the crowd cheered, grabbing on to Robyn’ hand and hearing wolf whistles from the crowd.

Finishing off my blunt just in time “take pictures backstage with the press and then you can leave” throwing the stub to the ground “okay” Robyn has just finished her press photos so it was my turn now “you did real good out there, I am actually proud of you. I was ready to be dragging you out of this building because some shit poppin off” walking behind my manager “what can I say, Robyn made sure my ass was all calm and shit” buttoning my shirt back up “well I am happy she is here to calm you down” hearing the press all shouting stuff, here I go. Robyn stepped off “wait here for me” Robyn nodded buttoning up my suit jacket “hurry up” grabbing hold of my Grammy, I didn’t even step on to the press stage and they shouting shit at me “Chris! Look over here” taking in a deep breath walking further on to the stage “how you feeling that you won!?” turning around and smiling “I’m good” looking straight ahead “it’s good to win this award, I had a lot of talented people in that category so I was blessed on this” the press roared with questions again, I couldn’t even catch any of them “Chris! How did it feel to have Rihanna in the same category as you?” here they go with the stupid questions “it felt okay” shaking my head laughing “it just made me lose a bet, I think she has won the biggest prize!” they all started shouting again “what is next!? Are you doing a new album?” I have not even start to think about that “erm that is a good question but I will be erm going on a break” licking my lips “me and shawty are going to move in together and look for a family home so I want to have a break for a while” the press look like they have just been given the best gossip they have ever heard “is she pregnant? You both having kids” I laughed stepping back, I am about done with questions.

Robyn hit my arm “why did you just do that? Now they think I’m pregnant” I shrugged smirking giving my Grammy to my manager “you will be soon so no worries” Starino walked over to me “congratulations nigga” getting my hand to dap him “thank you homie” I heard Robyn huff so loudly, she hates Starino so much but that nigga has done nothing to her “and you too Rihanna” Starino said, Robyn pouted giving him a fake smile “come over here” Starino dragged me away “I had erm G come over to me and he about to make your girl life a little hard” frowning at him “Jay can’t control that nigga, and look I don’t know anything but he said that Rihanna got rid of his kid” my eyes near popped out “what! How the fuck does he know this!?” rubbing my face “I don’t know, I was told this and he said just watch the blogs. He petty as hell because he knows he can make money out of this” shaking my head looking into thin air “why would Jay let that happen, she is his favourite?”  Starino shrugged “his favourite did something he did not want to happen” he has a fucking point, I can’t tell Robyn this because I do not want to spoil her day. Just seeing her smiling mean so much to me.

I am about ready to leave this place but Robyn is just playing around backstage, still not happy she didn’t mention about the Roc Nation after party which I will not let her go too even if she think she is going. Lifting my head seeing my bodyguard doing hand signals, frowning looking behind me my other bodyguard was doing the same “why y’all doing hand signals?” weird asses, but then I realised why when I saw Jay walk along with his bitch and I don’t mean Beyonce “you stay with Robyn” saying to my other bodyguard that was already stood with her because he was about to come towards me, shit is about to become very awkward. Drinking the last of the Vodka from the bottle, this is why I wanted to leave but no she kept me waiting “I ain’t like this set up cuz” Starino mumbled “shut up” watching Jay and G walk over to Robyn, why would he do that knowing full well that is her ex, shit is just a set up “no” my bodyguard grabbed my shoulder “let’s just go” Starino nudged me “yeah Chris, let’s go” Mijo agreed with him “you either get Robyn here or I will go and cuss someone out” Mijo put his hands up “calm down, I will” My bodyguard didn’t move his hand from my shoulder, I am about storm over there if she don’t move.

Mijo calmly got Robyn to walk over to me “the fuck you doing huh?” trying to keep my voice as low as I can “I have to keep face Chris, what else you want me to do?” I wish I could rant right now but I need to keep my cool “let’s go home” I bluntly said, her face soon fell “but you not partying?” shaking my head “for what? There is no party” this is all Robyn’ fault, she never told me about a party and I refuse to go there and look stupid “you’re not going” I said smiling at her “how do you know!? Chris I have too” I shrugged “you want to go but your man is not invited, just please listen to me on this and come back to my place” Robyn frowned walking off “Chris can come right!” she shouted all in Jay’ face, rubbing my temples “I do not want to go!” I barked “I think someone forgot his tablets” G said behind Jay “say that to my face bitch nigga, hiding behind Jay. I can beat both y’all up now, his old ass and your bitch ass. I could take the both of you” I meant every word, my nose flared up “I think maybe you need to just go, you owe me Chris and now you’re threatening me in front of all these people. Watch it” I was about to step to him but Mijo stood in front of me “let’s all just cool it” Me and Jay just glared at each other “you don’t know me blood don’t act like you do, I’ll get you fucked up. You better get security and bodyguards for G because I am coming for him! Watch me!” Jay squinted “don’t make false promises Chris, it’s the drink talking. Sleep it off” shaking my head laughing “you ain’t no blood Chris, you’re a regular dude form VA” clenching my jaw “you don’t know me” moving my eyes over to G “your soccer career will be over, watch it” G tried to push Jay out the way which made me laugh.

“I’m gone, forget it. I am done” putting my hands up walking off, as soon as I moved everyone else moved with me “I am done with her, she always does this to me and has the fucking nerve to make out like it’s me. Fucking so done she can have them” shouting at nobody in particular “Chris” I heard Ryan say, wanting more gossip from me “suck my dick” I spat shaking my head “let’s just get him home” I heard Mijo say behind me “I am so angry, she made me look stupid. I fucking told her” the SUV door was already open so I could just quickly get in “no pictures” my bodyguard pushed the people out the way “you need to shut your mouth” Mijo said sitting in the back “yes you do” Robyn’ voice came out of nowhere, my heart skipped a beat “are you done with me? I am here, I am not going. I was walking behind you all that time” now I still look stupid “you’re so hot headed” Robyn shifted in her seat next to me, the car door shut “hmmmm” was all I said looking out the window pouting.

“You know how to ruin a good day” Robyn said in annoyance “so do you” I said back, she always thinks she is hard done by when I have done nothing but save her from bullshit but I guess Robyn will never understand that “you have to understand Chris I work for these people, but anyways you have to still come with me tomorrow for my premiere even if you don’t want to come” I always forget about that premiere “is your ex invited too? Seem like he’s around you like a bad smell something you ain’t telling me here? I mean you have done it before, can’t forget the Jew you forever fucked on me with” Robyn gasped “fuck you! I don’t want to hear it, I don’t want to hear anything come from your fucking mouth!” she pointed in my face “well it looks like this us” Mijo said, opening the car and stepping out the SUV “you niggas have a good time, god bless and be good!” Mijo patted my shoulder “yeah good luck nigga, you got one angry chick in there” Straino laughed walking by me, pulling my tie off looking inside the car just watching Robyn tying her hair back, she is getting ready for something “you looked beautiful” I said sitting back inside the car “looked!?” She barked “you heard right” throwing my tie into Robyn’ lap “I am sure I said do not talk to me, so don’t” she mumbled gathering my tie up in her hands, I guess I better just keep quiet.

Sitting in my office, I have been sitting in here for a good hour now just to keep out of Robyn’ way or I will just end up annoying her. Rolling my shirt sleeves up to my elbows blowing out air, I am just so over shit and then the world will find out that Robyn was pregnant with someone else’s kid. I will look crazy stupid and now that is making me become so angry at things, I don’t even want to go to the movie shit because they will be asking “shit sucks” unbuttoning my top buttons on my shirt while getting up from the chair, I hope she is letting me talk to her now.

Rubbing the back of my neck seeing the back of Robyn’ head, oh she would put that ugly ass headscarf on. She is so focused on the TV with a wine glass in hand and a skin tight top with jogging pants on, she is quick to take everything off, even her make up is off. Robyn didn’t even look my way even though I know she sees me here, lifting her legs as I sat beside Robyn placing her legs on my lap “I can hear you breathing, shut up!” Robyn spat while mean mugging the TV, busting out laughing “If you don’t stop this, you ain’t no Taraji p Henson” she watching her movies and now is trying to get buck with me “I am Robyn Rihanna Fenty and you all up in my space” snatching the wine glass from Robyn before it ends up on me “you all up on my couch, now what? Why you wearing that ugly ass headscarf, it’s ugly” Robyn looked at me like I swore at her “looking like some busted up baby momma” Robyn was about to snatch her legs off from my lap but I wrapped my arms around them “your hairline is crooked but you don’t hear me complaining! And you have a missing patch on your chin” laughing as Robyn tried to insult me “aww you feel better now?” Robyn huffed crossing her arms “your smile is ugly and I hate you” I sighed “damn, I am heartbroken Robyn. That hurt my feelings” licking my lips loosening my grip from her legs.

“Can we talk now?” I didn’t even let five minute pass until I started bugging her again “lick my ass maybe we can then” oh this girl has an attitude “okay, turn around and let me lick your ass. Ain’t nothing new there” Robyn’ lip curved up in disgust “see you know I would do it, now can we just talk like adults or I will stop letting you use me for sperm” Robyn’ head soon turned “I don’t use you and stop making me feel like dirt, always bringing up my past and shit is not cool with me” I shouldn’t have said that I was in the wrong “I get mad when you don’t listen when I do this shit for you, I am protecting you. The whole after party is like a set up and I was not invited, I would have went there just to be thrown out” Robyn furrowed her eyebrows “Jay said yes Chris” shaking my head “it’s lies, Robyn please wake up they are not here for you! Don’t make the same mistakes as you always do. Take my side for once” putting my head back closing my eyes “I am but why would they do that?” I am contemplating on telling Robyn that they know “because they hate me, they rather you be unhappy with G then be with me. I am hated by your people still” lifting my head up looking at Robyn “I do see when they rile you up” grabbing Robyn’ hand “you want to know the reason why I did not want you to go?” Robyn nodded slowly “I know you don’t like Starino but he’s there for me and helps me when I need it because if I went there and got told to leave shit would have popped off. Tell me this, who knows about you losing the baby? Who have you told?” Robyn shrugged “Just my mom and Jay because people were talking but I always tell Jay things” why is Robyn so dumb “well congratulations dumbass the whole world will know about this thanks to you!” pushing her legs off me “don’t even follow me! I need to be alone” getting up from the couch “Did you tell G I take medication!?” I still can’t forget he said the words to me “I may have mentioned it but Chris what will they know!?” the look of panic on Robyn’ face right now “G told Starino about his baby you got rid of!” walking off, I cannot deal with Robyn and her tears, I do not care anymore. She fucking told Jay her damn self and only god knows what else shit she has been telling G about me.

The Twitter user that said Jared would not be attending the Gilmore Girls reunion seems to have deleted her tweet. I cannot find anything about Jared not attending. She most likely heard he had cancelled appearances and assumed he cancelled the Gilmore Girls Reunion. There is NO indication he has cancelled this event at all. As far as we know, Jared is still attending at this time. If he does cancel, we will hear about it. 

441. This is my letter to the World

This is my letter to the World
That never wrote to Me —
The simple News that Nature told —
With tender Majesty

Her Message is committed
To Hands I cannot see —
For love of Her — Sweet — countrymen —
Judge tenderly — of Me

so here’s your monthly ‘we haven’t forgotten about 0nemoresoul2thecall’ post.

but, no, really, we haven’t. i know i’ve pretty much said that once a month for the past several months and/or a year but it’s true. since we last updated (over a year ago, i know) i went through comprehensive exams, dissertation proposal and defense (and writing the entire thing), getting two surgeries, being sick as a result of the surgeries for about two months, some very unpleasant and upsetting experiences, and internship stuff… plus, of course, a beautiful and amazing wedding and moving from one state to another state several states away. none of that includes the stuff that steph has been dealing with as well with her own graduate program and life.

while i cannot promise that we will update before august (or at least mid-to-late july because we’re honeymooning and moving and steph is graduating) we do have major plans to start putting into play. because of the health stuff and grad school stuff and life stuff, our last plans didn’t quite work out the way we had intended. however, we are now officially moving permanently to a location where many of our co-stars/friends reside and i will have a normal work schedule instead of an 80+ hour work week to contend with, including now having weekends off.

thank you so much for bearing with us over the past year. we have not abandoned this project and we are so happy that people continue to find our series and express interest in it.

So. I had been posting stuff on facebook asking if people were willing to assist me in moving out somewhere. Dad thinks I’m just moving out to stay with mom. So he doesn’t know I actually intend to be with friends. However if he found that out, he would do everything to talk me out of moving. He’s already trying to talk me out of it. Saying things like “how about your friends in the Raleigh area?” or “why not some family around here?” as a way of keeping me within his reach. He also wants to deter me from staying with mom because she has her drinking problem which he knows I cannot handle. But I’ve made up my mind. I’m leaving this place for good. There’s no turning back.

But I know he wants me to turn back because he has called me twice this morning in an attempt to change my mind. He never lets himself get distracted from his job. But here I am, distracting him from his job. He doesn’t want ‘his baby’ to leave. But I’ll be 26 this year. I’m not “his baby.” I’m an adult who should be able to make decisions for myself. And until I leave this “my house my rules” type of place… I can’t make decisions. 

Also Raleigh is a shithole and I’m ready to leave.

anonymous asked:

who do you like the most on GOT?

It’s all about my strong badass girls <3 

  • Brienne of Tarth (cannot explain how much I love her)
  • Daenarys 
  • Sansa and Arya
  • Margaery (and her fierce and fabulous grandma)
  • But I also love Tyrion 
  • Samwell Tarly and Gilly are cute too tbh

I cannot cope my mum is cancelling her insurance with a company purely because she doesn’t understand how to use their website 😂😂😂😂😂

they both have metal arms, extreme warpaint and a truly ridiculous number of belts, and they are my favourite children of all time

I’d like to tell you about my twin sister, taylorswift because she has been so incredibly good to me. She told me all about how she thinks of me all the time because she sees pictures of me everywhere ❤️ Thank you for finding me tonight and doing more for me than you’ll ever know you’ve done. Love you forever big sis💕 Remember, you’re not taller than me, you just wear heels more 👠👠