#can you imagine how hard this must have been for Regina though? #this is exactly what happened to her #she started to like the darkness and we all know how she ended up #she couldn’t control it #but with Emma she felt like she could finally help someone #she felt like she could help EMMA go through her darkest times and stop her from doing something stupid #look at how Regina clenches her jaw #really I cannot tell you how many times she clenched her jaw on this scene #at this very moment she realizes that Emma is slipping through her fingers #and she doesn’t know what to do anymore #she knows that she’s losing her… #these tags just hurt all three of my feelings

Time to Explain

This is very complicated, so I’m not sure how this will go or how long it will be. But I’ve posted personal stuff for over three years on here now and many of you have followed me for that long and know quite a bit about me, and you all deserve to know what is going on. (And hell, maybe some of you may have some insight or advice.)

As most of you know, I have been with my wife Chelsey for six and a half years. We have two amazing boys together and are best friends. But she also finally came to terms with the fact that she is not bisexual, but in fact gay. And I completely understand.

Yes, it hurts because I cannot ever have her the way I want her, but I am content with being her best friend and her mine. I’d much rather have her in my life as that than nothing at all. I still love her, and want the best for her, and want to support her through this because most everyone else in her life will not understand and will judge her.

I am incapable of that. So we have decided (unless it becomes to hard) to still live with one another and raise our boys together. We are best friends, and can talk to each other about literally anything. It’s going to be very hard to let go of certain feelings I have, and I’m not sure if I will ever honestly be able to, but I’m going to try my hardest to put that passed me and focus on what our relationship is now. 

I am sorry for my posts last Monday when I drank way too much, blacked out, and posted shit all over here and Facebook. That is circumstances that have nothing to do with who Chelsey is (it was my fault, I assumed the wrong things and let my past take control of my mind, don’t think I was mad and got drunk because she told me she was gay. In fact, she didn’t tell me until yesterday because she couldn’t hide it anymore). As some of you may know or have lived through, sometimes you have to hide your true self from the world due to how you were raised, who your family is, or what society and everyone else expects you to be. I’m going to try to stay positive, and hopefully soon I can let myself open up to those of you willing to support me.

I do ask to support Chelsey as well. She is struggling with her identity, her past, and many other things right now, and she needs it. Maybe someone who can relate a bit can message her (here is her blog) and give her some advice, or just talk to her. She needs it. I will not tolerate any rudeness towards her because she does not deserve that at all.

It’s a very strange situation - we are separated but live together, we get along perfectly well, we are staying married because fuck all that legal shit and we both have no interest in finding someone else right now. It’s complicated, confusing, and hard. But we will get through this, and before anything she is my best friend and I cannot stand to lose that. She and I can talk about anything together and work in tandem together, and that is important and rare.

I’ll be opening up my ask box again for anyone who would like to ask something, has some advice, or wants a bit more clarification (because I haven’t been sleeping well lately and am unsure if this even explains things well enough).

I don’t know. I hope this makes sense. Just remember this: Chelsey did not intentionally hurt me and pretend to be something she wasn’t for me. She even hid it from herself until it was finally too much to bare. I would never judge her for something like her sexuality, because one cannot help how they were born. I can only support her and keep the closeness we’ve obtained over the last six years.

Shoot me an ask if you’d like some clarification about anything. I don’t really mind letting you all know what’s going on, because honestly it will probably help to talk. If I can let myself.

'Shadowhunters' Author Cassandra Clare Sued For Copyright Infringement
Cassandra Clare, author of the series behind Freeform's hyped new show Shadowhunters, just got slapped with a lawsuit...
By Michaela Turcotte

I’M LAUGING SO HARD. SHERRILYN KENYON SUING CASSANDRA CLARE. ONE OF MY FAVE AUTHORS SUING ONE OF THE AUTHORS I DISLIKE THE MOST. Is this what fantasies are made of? Now, I do not think Kenyon has enough grounds to sue Claire. I mean, almost any paranormal saga is about a bunch of superdudes protecting the world, she would have to sue half of the industry. But the plagiarism in Claire’s work is so obvious that I don’t know why this has not been done before. I mean, writing fanfiction and publishing it is one thing. Ripping entire paragraphs from others EVEN IN YOUR FANFICTION and being a bully is a different thing.

So…I have mixed feelings about this. Claire has a very passionate fanbase and I’m afraid tht fanbase could turn against Sherrilyn, who has the TV-show and the movies of ther books in the air. On the other hand, I’m very happy that someone is calling out Clare for her shit. I DO NOT KNOW WHAT TO THINK. I JUST WANT MY DARK-HUNTERS TV SHOW GODDAMIT.

Things I love these days...

I’ve been having a moment, but I’m trying to get myself to the other side quickly. So, here are some things I’ve been loving this week:

1. Spontaneous run dates on weeknights. When your friend asks you to meet for a run after work, of course you rearrange your work day so you can get to downtown Fort Worth and run. Love Ryan for asking, she was great running company last night.

2. Ellie Goulding’s “Something in the way you move”. This song is totally my jam these days. I turn it up super loud and definitely dance in my car. I cannot wait to see her at Coachella in two months.

3. Finding every single night full of great stuff. I’m an introvert, by nature. That makes moving to a new place hard and I’m really pushing my comfort zone these days. I have more things filling up my calendar than time in a day and it makes my heart so full.

4. Warm, warm winter! It’s 72 out right now and I love it! Sorry, not sorry.

5. Finally living my life for me. This one is a big one. I love that I only do what I want, whenever I want and I owe no one an explanation. This is so freeing, I can’t even put words to it.

It feels good to put out good stuff today. I’m so fortunate to have the life I do and the people in it. Most of my close friends have come into my life from this little corner of the Internet, tumblr. I’m grateful for all of you, you know who you are.

Oh, and I’m running. I’m at 2/3 days this week with a run date tonight with my #1 running partner, @iwatchtheworldoutside. Lots of love for my girl, Jen.

Happy Wednesday, y'all.

Although I’m glad they’re delving deeper into Sara’s character because she neeeeeds to be explained, I also hate it because I really cannot stand her

also i know everyone is tired of hearing this but i love my girlfriend and i’m ridiculously happy with her and i cannot believe how well the past few days have gone and it’s GROSS and CLICHE but everything looks a little brighter and lighter than before and nothing bothers me as much as it used to because it’s like oh the director’s yelling at me for something that’s not my fault? i need to make a terrifying phone call? financial aid shit is due monday? who cares i’m DATING my best friend who is the sweetest and cutest and most brilliant girl in the world and listening to the mixes she made me for christmas and smiling spontaneously every thirty seconds just try to fuckin touch me i’ll incinerate u on the spot with how fiercely i am SHINING from within

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Santana Lopez, Buffy Summers, Faith Lehane

Good heavens. Holy—

Right so this is complex.

Here’s what I know. I cannot get drunk with Buffy. She would cry into her cosmopolitan and that would BREAK MY HEART. She is precious and strong.

I cannot marry Santana. She is many wonderful things but she’s also much too mean to bind myself to forever. My skin isn’t that thick and I am no Brittany whom she adores.

I could do ANYTHING with Faith. Everything. That messed up tough girl hero thing is pretty much kryptonite.

So let’s say I fuck Faith. I am *very* happy with this. I’d really want this to be a long term option to fuck.

Then I’ll need to marry Buffy. Perhaps I can help her save the world with my awesome uh… skills… and set up some threesomes with the girl I am fucking. In our open marriage.

And then I get drunk with Santana. And we gossip about everyone. Hopefully in a Quinn way where drunk leads to hotel room sex. The other two can come.

I cheated. I cheated so badly.

She says she has become colder with every passing day and she has no idea to how to stop it…I told her you are on a difficult path but i promised her she would return back to her former state but I cannot promise a full recovery…
—  #HiddenOne

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thoughts on princess mechanic, in general?

IF BELLARKE DID NOT END UP TOGETHER, PRINCESS MECHANIC WOULD HAVE TO BE ENDGAME. OVER EVERYONE ELSE. They love and trust each other, and their relationship is not to be underestimated. But I am forever happy that they stayed friends rather than become enemies over Finn. I don’t think I will ever get over the fact that Raven aired the helium beacon and then Clarke saw it - like Clarke saw it and thought her people were out there, but really Raven was the mechanism behind her coming home. Sunshine and gunpowder. I’d pick you first. They are so important. Their relationship is so important. I’m still waiting for wait we were promised. Raven’s reaction to Clarke’s absence. Because as much as I ship Bellarke, Bellamy def isn’t the only one who left behind. And I believe Raven loves Clarke, but cannot remained untouched by the absence of her friend. I want to see this reunion and it’s reconciliation.

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Prom season is coming up can do really want to prompose to my girlfriend. She's super into OUAT, specifically Peter Pan. I've watched the whole show with her but I cannot seem to think up a good promposal! Do you or any of your followers have any ideas for an OUAT themed promposal?

Lol it’s gonna be cheesy bc it’s not exactly a new idea, but maybe a map? Like how Pan gave them a map to find Henry. 

Feel free to chime in (w/ better ideas), followers~

- kelly

Over at Daniel and David’s house… 

Enter this cutie pie.  I did not make this sim.  She was actually a sim that was up for download by @lesyasun I think, although I cannot find a link to her to save my life.  She originally came with alien skin and eyes, and I think she is the cutest thing ever.

In my game, her name is Piqua.  

I wasn’t sure if I was going to get her with David or Daniel, but ACR took over and she ended up with Dan.  Awww… 

It will be neat to see how her unique facial structure meshes with his mostly Face 2 face.  Although he does have some recessive Vidcund in there too… so it’ll be interesting!  

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So I was just watching the Office while eating lunch and every time I watch later episodes I can't be feel so much contempt for Angela, lying to him and such. I cannot forgive her for what she did to Dwight. He did not deserve that. He loves her so much but he deserves better. (my smol beet child deserves the world) Also she can be such a hypocrite. Also, you can't be mad for someone cheating on you when you've cheated on them and your previous relationship. So yeah,just had to tell someone. Bye


the last of the requests from @altamirage during the stream!!

her incredibly handsome half-orc with buns of steel Tybalt (drawn from memory and then with a reference) who eventually retires from the life of a berserker to become a crazy cat husband

AND HER BADASS DRAGON LADY whose name I cannot remember making a meal of some poor creature!

anonymous asked:

Prom season is coming up can do really want to prompose to my girlfriend. She's super into OUAT, specifically Peter Pan. I've watched the whole show with her but I cannot seem to think up a good promposal! Do you or any of your followers have any ideas for an OUAT themed promposal?

me, personally, I have no idea haha perhaps someone can help?