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I'm seriously hoping Lottie will show up at the Brits afterparty like she did with the Pride of Britain awards!! I cannot stand another stunt with E... She knows we all hate her and cant stand her after what she said about Louis and Harry all them years ago! I can't believe she's stupid enough to actually do this again! And the article!? 'Only positive female influence?' He has Lottie, his siblings, Gemma, Anne, Sally that come wayyyyyy before E...! I'm just so sick of this shiteshow!!

She’s a bitch and she’s evil. The fact she choose (because she has a say in that) shows to everyone exactly what kind of person she is. Louis went through hell this past year with the other nasty, a fake baby, the attention seeking pageant smile and his mom getting sick and passing. She saw all this, she saw all of it and choose to go back. After all she did to him and Harry for four fucking years. She can choke I don’t care about her. She doesn’t deserve not even a drop of pit

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Maryse still cannot accept who her son loves… until…

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i think if anyone else played Dee she would be so fucking annoying. not in the way that Dees annoying now which is in a pathetic way (the same as the way the guys are) but in a ...Generic Blonde Woman On Comedy Show sort of annoying and i dont think i would still be watching the show if she wasnt on it

yeah true… i mean i guess we’ll never know because we never saw anyone else play dee but like. it’s so hard to imagine. and i think dee’s cornerstone is really her physicality and that deep-rooted sense of feeling angrily bitter and pathetic and i can’t really imagine any other actress giving her that same foundation

similarly i literally CANNOT imagine david hornsby playing mac….. like whether he meant to do it or not, rob wrote mac for himself. hornsby’s a good actor from what i’ve seen of him but like.. similar to kaitlin and dee, i just can’t see him finding the soul of mac the way rob has

Weird crossover dream, ends in tragic headcannon

So I have been playing FFXV recently, and let’s just be honest.  I am in love Ignis and there’s just no way around that.

I have also had Battlestar Galactica up in the background while I have been doing my work (I never really watch movies or TV shows, I just put them on play in the background)

So, in my dream, Amaryllis started dating Ignis.  It was adorable and wonderful.  They were on Earth and setting up camp and just being romantic.  He’s totally her type so it works out perfectly.

Flash to Solas on a baseship in full Dreadwolf Regalia and he’s talking with Cavil— Then suddenly he freaks out.  Falling to his knees and clutching his head he says, “Vhenan! I cannot feel her anymore!” with just intense distress and Cavil just looks at him confused. I legit woke up at this point as it was so distressing. Then I laughed at how crazy it was.

And that’s how I came up with the tragic headcanon that Solas knows when the Inquisitor is no longer in love with them as he can no longer traverse to their dreams across great distances because her heart and mind is locked to him.

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I was worried for Solarine at first, when things began between you two. But I must say what you two are for each other, and how it has grown since those early days... it is beautiful. It makes me happy to see, truly. Any worries were gone long ago.

“Not everyone understands what Solarine and I have together. I am glad you are no longer among them.

“I am not, strictly speaking, a good man, but that does not mean I cannot be good to her, good for her, and she for me.”

every bioware animation
  • back of the head scratch
  • a character shaking their head in disbelief or disgust with hand on their forehead, looking down
  • that kiss animation used since origins and in every mass effect game where they very slowly go in, hesitate, bop their heads around, and really go in for the kiss 
  • when a character, usually female, talks and puts their two hands in front of them like a robot and shakes them to illustrate their point
  • a character leans back on one leg with their arms loose
  • the exit-stage-right an NPC does after a conversation ends
  • angry limp wrist pointing
  • neck/collar bone scratch 
  • a slow crossing of the arms in times of suspicion
  • that punch animation 
  • drinking alcohol and violently shaking head
  • a character gives a half smile with an eyebrow raised
  • pointing behind with thumb, body turns very slightly

full offense but lemme just remind you that ed sheeran was the only person who stood up for taylor during The Really Bad Times and he never gets enough credit for that amirite ladies