every day I go outside at night and lay on the grass. it’s wet and full of life and tickles my ears as I look up at the sky and I feel like I don’t belong on this planet, it is a strange feeling but I cannot stop thinking that maybe somewhere else there’s something more, some place I’d be more serene. I look at all the satellites and airplanes and shooting stars and they makes me feel dizzy and strange and I fall asleep on the grass and dream I am not on earth anymore

nerd!aro!dean who’s 110% more interested in fictional universes and earning his phd in some kind of engineering than he is romance

nerd!aro!dean who sits in the impala the day after valentines day, just waiting for the store to open so he can put a dent in their discount candy stock

nerd!aro!dean who likes to go down on girls and gets really flustered around attractive guys - they’re inTIMIDATING OKAY - and once he tried dating lisa braeden in college but he realized he just wanted to be her friend, and besides he has too much studying to do to have any time for a girlfriend

nerd!aro!dean going on “dates” with his best friend charlie, and he pretends to propose to her for the free dessert and compliments. when they have enough money they like to go on honeymoon retreats, and charlie schmoozes free or discount stuff out of everyone, like a free couples spa pass or an upgrade to the honeymoon suite. (of course mostly dean and charlie play video games in their room and enjoy feeling special and pampered, and charlie picks up girls on the beach). sometimes - and it’s TOTALLY a coincidence - their honeymoons coincide with con weekends. totally a coincidence

nerd!aro!dean who eventually publishes with his best friend artist!cas the first comic with a canon aromantic character. it becomes one of the publisher’s most successful comics

Okay can you please for one moment appreciate this face I simply cannot stop talking about? How much you wanna bet this is the smile he has on when he sees Taylor after being a few days apart? Like imagine Taylor in the kitchen cooking sth as Calvin gets home and goes inside the house and for a couple of mins he just looks at her little moves and how focused she is as she keeps cooking and when randomly she looks towards his direction, he puts this smile on and hes like “Baby I’m home” and open his arms as Taylor runs to his arms and she’s like “when did u get here? How long have u been standing there? I’ve prepared ur favorite meal. U must be tired” and all he does is bury his face on her neck with his eyes closed holding her close breathing her and feeling her and he understands home is where she is. And Taylor knows that she finally belongs to someone who belongs to her only as well!

Cinnamon Rolls: Our Two Bedroom Story Edition!
  • Looks like a cinnamon roll but can actually kill you:Chiaki.
  • Looks like a cinnamom roll and is actually a cinnamon roll:Shusei.
  • Looks like they can kill you but is actually a cinnamon roll:Akiyoshi.
  • Strawberry roll:Tsumugu.
VanCon 2015, J2 Panel, Misha Photo OP

I have wanted to come to one of these for YEARS and today it finally happened. Words cannot express how much this event meant to me, I got so emotional at my photo OP with Misha (I was shaking so hard, I’m surprised I got any words out of my mouth at all) and seeing the boys on stage and listening to them and being apart of the whole experience, I’ve been in this fandom for a few years now but never have I felt it more then today. I couldn’t stick around to get my photo from the vendors rooms after the OP, but in a few weeks when I receive it in the mail you know that bad boy is getting uploaded right here (I may also frame it and guard it as my most prized possession because, I mean, A PHOTO OF ME HUGGING MISHA COLLINS? Yeah, that one’s a keeper)

I know, I know: pics or it didn’t happen right?

(Me before the con, geeking out)

(before the show)

(the boys are back in town)

(beautiful souls, beautiful laughter)

(my best pic of the day)

(I don’t have the hard copy yet, so this will have to suffice)

Taylor and Joseph are so smart. When i first saw the WD music video i was just like okay this music video is a beautiful romantic story but I didn’t understand it. But when i came on tumblr and the smart side of the Swift fandom start to explain the concept of the video I honestly cannot stop watching it now. When you understand the story behind it, it blows your mind how smart Taylor and Joseph can be to make this video that amazing and possible. Well done Taylor. I’m so proud that i’m about to cry :’)

donotkawaii asked:

I just came here to say that thanks to you, now I am unable to see AoKise fanarts of them wearing suits or holding weapons without thinking "Oh, nice fanart of that one Mr. and Mrs. Smith Au-"

(This is literally such a great comment to end my night with. Like that’s all I see when I see suits and weapons aokise, but the fact that I’ve made other people see it too just literally has me grinning like a complete and total idiot over here omfg. Thank you so much for this LOL And you’re welcome for making you think that cause I’m totally not sorry at all hahaha)

look my friends if ur not a lesbian then ur not a dyke im sorry i know its a cool word and yr all about appropriating lesbian terms but ur not a dyke. sorry. u can put it in ur url or your sidebar and say it until u blue in the face and technically i cannot stop you from doing those things but u will never, ever be a dyke.