More prompt starters

- “We probably shouldn’t.”
- “Just kiss me.”
- “Maybe I want to.”
- “How many times do I have to tell you not to do that?”
- “You don’t have a choice.”
- “You’ll be there to save me right?”
- “I know about everything.”
- “I can’t keep being your dirty little secret.”
- “If I don’t who will?”
- “Just trust me.”
- “So is anyone going tell me why there’s a baby in the living room.”
- “No no do not die on me.”
- “Guys look I can walk on water.”
- “All this excitement is making me nauseous.”
- “I want you.”

Throwback to songs/bands that you used to listen too while being younger

Numa Numa

Bad Boy

Stacys Mom

Mr. Brightside

Jump on it

Check it Juliet

Black Parade

Three Days Grace

All I ever wanted

I can walk on water

Seven Nation Army



Fall Out Boy


Black Veil Brides

Adam Lambert

Papa Roach




My Chemical Romance

We will rock you


Y, M, C, A

I love Rock ‘n’ Roll

Monster Mash

Sound Of Silence

That Yo Gabba Gabba shiz. ((Don’t tell me you haven’t listened to this I kno you HaVE.))

Dream a Dream

Fight song


Weird Al

(Boi I know I have more so I may update)

Oh man now I'm thinking about embarrassing amvs I watched when I was twelve

Including songs such as the immortal classics:

-numb by linkin park

-crawling by linkin park

-in the end by linkin park

-bring me to life wake me up I can’t wake up by evanescenscescence

-think twice by eve 6 (if you haven’t heard it listen to it and imagine my embarrassment)

-hot n cold. oh god. hot n cold. katy perry

-you belong with me by Taylor Swift

-poker face? by lady Gaga.

-impossible by shontelle

-flesh by Simon Curtis? Lots of things by Simon curtis.

-touchin on my, but that one is still used, so


-I still hear your voice when you sleep next to meeeeeee

-every time we TOUCH I get this feeling

book starters [12]

                                 ( BETH REVIS ) ( ACROSS THE UNIVERSE )

  1. “I never thought about how important the sky was until I didn’t have one.”
  2. “Dreams are like that: they go in and out of memories and scenes, but they’re never real. They’re never real, and I hate them because they aren’t.”
  3. “Power isn’t control at all — power is strength, and giving that strength to others.”
  4. “A leader isn’t someone who forces others to make him stronger.”
  5. “A leader is someone willing to give his strength to others that they may have the strength to stand on their own.”
  6. “In the end, we are alone.”
  7. “It is like a piece of my soul is lost, empty.”
  8. “If my life on Earth must end, let it end with a promise. Let it end with hope.”
  9. “Sorry? Sorry isn’t enough.”
  10. “Every single thing I ever loved is beyond my reach now. Everything I ever wanted. Everything I ever was.”
  11. “Will you stay with me?”
  12. “A leader doesn’t make pawns - he makes people.”
  13. “Do you hear that? The pulse of life from your heart, the slow in-and-out from your lungs? Even when you are silent, even when you block out all noise, your body is still a cacophony of life. Mine is not.”
  14. “ It is the silence that drives me mad. The silence that drives the nightmares to me.”
  15. “There is nothing between us but rain. There is nothing between us at all.”
  16. “I like a little chaos.”
  17. “I will never, never be the same.”
  18. “I quit thinking.”
  19. “You must dedicate your whole life to this.”
  20. “You can never show weakness in front of them: you are their strength.”
  21. “You can never let them see you in despair: you are their hope.”
  22. “What if I am dead? How can someone without a beating heart, without breathing lungs live like I do? I must be dead.”
  23. “I want to scream. I want to throw open my eyes wake up and not be alone with myself anymore, but I can’t. I can’t.”
  24. “I will spend all of eternity trapped in my dead body. I will be locked within myself forever.”
  25. “Should we wait?”
  26. “Just give me a chance!”
  27. "It’s bad, being frozen, but it’s better than waking up alone.”
  28. “Everyone has secrets and if you keep asking, you’ll see how far I’m willing to go to keep mine.”
  29. “Memories always kill nightmares.”
  30. “I’m going to find a way to fix you.”
  31. “I am not broken.”
  32. “People are supposed to be like that: obedient, calm, working together. It’s us who can’t obey, can’t focus, who can’t work together, —  we’re the ones who aren’t normal.”
  33. “What were you running from?”
  34. “It’s not like I’ve done anything wrong!”
  35. “I can get closer.”
  36. “Like walking through water. Like drowning.”
  37. “This journey… it’s long.”
  38. “Why run? Run where? What’s the point?”
  39. “People will survive anything for their children.”
  40. “Does it matter if it’s a lie if it keeps us alive?”
  41. “Old people die. It’s what they do.”
  42. “This is… mating, it’s not love.”
  43. “The first cause of discord is difference.”
  44. “I’m not going to be the one to let her drown.”
  45. “Good. I want darkness.”
  46. “Well, that did the trick.”
  47. “I can’t do this. I can’t. It’s too much.”
  48. “Everything is wrong here. Shattered. Broken.”
  49. “I am surrounded by walls. I just replace one box for another.”
  50. “What we imagine is often worse than the truth.”
  51. “Oh, don’t worry, we’re all mad here.”
  52. “I know I look different. But I’m just a person, like you.”
  53. “I definitely think I’ve fallen into the rabbit hole.”
  54. “I don’t like dreams. Sleep is too much like dying.”
  55. “They are dreams, but I’m too out of control, I lose myself in them, and I’ve already lost too much to let them take over.”

idk why some white people think bi latinos are “spicy and shameless casanovas”, i mean, i’m bi and latina but i don’t even can walk and drink water at the same goddamn time.

for all of your middle-school anime lovin’ europop trash needs

Butterfly SMiLE | Levan Polka Hatsune Miku | DotA Basshunter | Ponponpon Kyary Pamyu Pamyu | Castle in the Sky DJ Satomi | I Can Walk on Water Basshunter | Matryoshka Hatsune Miku & Gumi | Waves DJ Satomi | Barbie Girl Aqua | Popipo Hatsune Miku | Bad Boy Cascada | Dam Dadi Do Nightcore | Triple Baka Hatsune Miku, Kasane Teto | Numa Numa Nightcore | Best Friend Aqua | PRE-PARADE Rie Kugimiya | Sailor Moon OP Nicole and Bynne Price | Sakura Kiss Kawabe Chieco | Motteke! Sailor Fuku! Lucky Star | German Sparkle Party The Something Experience | Hatafute Parade (Chibiromano) Hetalia

New Girl - Stefan Salvatore

Request: Hi, can you do an imagine with Stefan from tvd where the reader is new to town and know one knows her because she’s always in the woods writing in her journal writing stories and always has headphones and one day he sees her in the woods and tried to talk to her, you can choose the ending. Sorry if it’s not too detailed, but thank you!

Pairing: ReaderXStefan

Word Count: 2.2K

Authors Note: Hey! TVD is my all time fave! Who is you favorite Character? Mine is Kol ( when he was in it haha) or Kai because lets face it he is just ahggg 😂. Thank you so much for requesting, I hope it was something that you imagined! Love you all ❤️


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Mystic Falls was an interesting place… Full of wild rumors about Vampires, Werewolves and Witches. Which all turned out to be true…

You had moved from a small, quiet town to live with your aunt Kelly; to get a better education at the local school. In reality it was just you and your cousin Matt in the house, but that was fine by you. Matt was one of your closet friends whilst growing up.

He knew how to cheer you up if you were down or how to make you laugh like crazy. He even knew your ticklish spot. All in all you got along like a house on fire. You and him seemed to be the only humans in this town.

You were currently strolling around the square looking for a book store. You had been inspired to start a diary of some sort, after your friend Elena told you about how writing helps her with keeping her humanity in tack. She said being a Vampire sometimes made you forget the most basic human feelings or thoughts. You really liked to write little stories that would link with your reality, so you had decided to give it a go.

It seemed like fun. Eventually a store comes into your sight, with cardboard cut outs of characters from the latest bestseller. You headed inside to be greeted by the smell of stale coffee and that strange smell that old, worn books have. It reminded you of you’re Dad’s office back home, he would work for hours on end to finish up accounts and papers. Only ever leaving that room for a refill on his coffee or to make a sandwich.

You wandered the isles of the store, scanning the shelves till a burgundy, leather note book caught your eye. It was beautiful. You freed it from in between the other books on the shelf, to get a closer inspection.

It had a golden clasp on the side that clipped to front, sealing the book closed. A small length of pale blue ribbon was visible from the top of the spine, a book mark to keep track of the progress. It was perfect!

You hurried over to the counter and paid for the book, purchasing a pen from the pot on the desk. After thanking the sales assistant for the change you made your way out.

Grabbing your phone, you plug your headphones in… Blasting the latest music you had gotten off of iTunes. You start towards the woods. The woods was a nice, quite place where you liked to go when you wanted to be alone.

After stepping and tripping on multiple logs and tree
stumps, you finally settle down next to a big oak tree. You pull out the book and pen from your grey messenger bag and begin to write.

Your thoughts and ideas spilling out, your hand making fluent motions, delicately across the yellowed pages.
You were so deep in thought that you didn’t notice a dark figure approach you.

Stunned by the sudden appearance of a person, you pull out your headphones and close your journal.
You look up to inspect the stranger only to be greeted by a devilishly handsome guy. He looked oddly familiar. He was looking straight at you, he cleared his throat, breaking the awkward silence.

“ Hey, you must be Y/n, I’m Stefan… Stefan Salvatore” he finally says in a clear, velvety voice.

“ Hi… Stefan” you say trying to compose yourself. How on earth does he know your name? Oh God he isnt a stalker is he?! Your mind began to race… You didnt know this dude and you were in the middle of the woods… Oh God!!!

“ Hey are okay? You’re heartbeat is racing” he says concern casting over his eyes. He moved to sit down next to you against the tree.

“ How do yo- wait what? How would you know that?” You stammer slightly moving yourself away from him.

“ Well I can hear it” he says with a smirk. You just rolled your eyes, he obviously wanted to play games.

“ Yeah and I can walk on water” you say opening up your journal and continued to scribble down the stories. Completely ignoring the hot guy sitting next to you, his eyes burning into your body.

“ Im a Vampire… Thats why” he chuckles, pulling out his phone to check the time.

“ Wait…” You say looking at him, catching his eye to signal you were being serious. “ you aren’t going to kill me are you?”

“ Who do you think I am?” He says whilst putting a hand to his heart acting like he is hurt by your comment. “ Look I’m not Damon, I would never hurt you”  

Damon? Now that rings a bell.

“ Damon.. As in Elena’s boyfriend?” You say setting your journal down.

“ Yes… He is also my heartless brother” he says grinning “ don’t tell him I said that” he chuckled.

“ So you’re the famous Stefan Salvatore hmmm? ” you mumble, your fingers fidgeting with the ribbon in the book you were holding.

“ I guess so” he grinned looking down at hands.

“ How did you find me out here?” You question, looking around.

“ I hope you don’t find this creepy but I followed you , I have wanted to talk to you since you arrived here but I never had the chance” he says quietly his hands fidgeting.

“ Oh… Why would you want to talk to me?” A hint of curiosity in your voice. As you take the opportunity to explore his face. He had an amazing jawline, sharp and angular; it really structured the rest of his face. His big green eyes darkened as they met yours, making you shiver.

“ Matt told me you love to read..” you nodded in agreement, motioning for him to continue “ and I happen to have the best library in Mystic Falls” he grinned.

“ And your point is exactly?” You frown, making him chuckle.

“ Well I just wanted you to know that you can come by anytime if you fancied reading anything but the complete rubbish, which is sold in the local book store” he explained, keeping strong eye contact, making you very flustered.

“ Thats very nice of you, but I wouldn’t want to intrude” you reply quickly.

“ Honestly it would be a pleasure… Nobody appreciates written masterpieces anymore” he says, placing his phone back into his jacket pocket.

“ Would you mind if I took a look at your collection?” You ask, opening your bag to place your journal inside.

“ Not at all, my car is only 5 minuets away” he says in a happy tone as he stands, brushing the dirt from his black jeans.

“ I don’t really know you that well… Can I trust that you aren’t some sort of serial killer?”  You mutter as you stand, flinging your bag over your shoulder in the process.

“ Well I did have a ripper stage, but that was way back in August” he slyly grinned. You moved to playfully punch his arm. Making him laugh hysterically.

“ Oka- okay I promise I am not going to hurt you, You see that necklace around your neck? I made Elena give that to you. To make sure you are safe here” he says after composing himself. You glanced down to the beautiful silver necklace you had been given.

“ Hmmm… Well I suppose I will just have to trust you on this one” you smile as you bump shoulders with him as you pass, heading back down the trail towards the parking lot. Stefan almost instantly by your side in a steady pace.

“ So who is your favorite author?” He questioned reaching a beautiful red car. Opening the passenger door and motioned for you to take a seat.
As soon as the car door was shut he was already starting the ignition.

“ I would have to say Jane Austen, what about you?” You say quietly. Pulling your bag closer to your chest.

“ See that’s a difficult one… I love you choice by the way Austen was a phenomenal author… But I would have to say Charles Dickens seen as though I met him on my family trip to England in 1866” he glanced at you and smirked then returned his focus onto the road.

“ Wait… You MET Charles Dickens?!” You say with excitement “ What was he like?”

“ He was what you would expect really, a creative old man that had a way with words that made you really think about how the world really is” Stefan replied with a smile. You nod as you listen with interest.

“ We are here” he states as he hops out of the now still car. You look out of the passenger window only to be taken back by the beauty of his home and garden.  You had gotten here quick, you thought to yourself. You quickly were pulled back to reality when Stefan appeared, opening your door.

“ Malady ” he says in a British accent whilst bowing. A smile hovered on your face as you stepped out.

“ Thank you good sir” you grinned back, curtsying to play along.

“ This way” he says leading you to the doorway.

“ Welcome to the Salvatore Manor” he grins, opening up the door and pulling you inside. The interior of the house was even better than you expected. The polished wooden floors, expensive looking rugs and portraits of what you guessed to be family members, all looked perfect.

“ Would you like something to drink?” Stefan asks as he wanders over to a wooden table full of what looked like alcoholic beverages.

“ No thanks, I’m good” you mumble.

“ Well the library is through there” pointing out an archway “ I will be through in a moment” he says clearly as he pours himself a drink. You nod with a shy smile and make your way towards the library.

You were stunned by the amount of books that were on the shelves, they covered every available wall. Leather books lined in volume order, there was no modern books that you could see. You didn’t mind so much because you had a huge love for the classics.

“ Impressed?” Stefan mumbles from behind you, quickly you turn to see him leaned up against the archway, sipping from his glass.

“ Very” you smile returning your focus to the thousands of surrounding books.

You plop your bag down on one of the nearby chairs and wander over to the closest shelf. You read each of the  name closely, till eventually you discovered your all time favorite novel Pride And Prejudiced.

Your hand quickly plucked it from the shelf, moving your hand over the leather cover. Tracing the golden, engraved letters on the front. From what you could tell it was a first edition.

“ You can have that if you want” Stefan says as he appears beside you.

“ Oh- no I couldn’t,  thank you for the offer bu-” you were cut off from him placing his finger on your lips.

“ No buts… I insist” he whispers, his eyes darkened again.

“ Thank you… I will look after it like my life depended on it” you mumble against his fingers, making him chuckle.

“ You are something special Y/n” he grinned, removing his hand from your face as he brought his glass to his lips. You attention was suddenly drawn to them, they were plum and very pink. You quickly snapped your eyes away before he could notice you staring.

You move your attention back to the books stacked on the shelf in front of you.

“ Hey, my brother is hosting a huge party for Elena’s birthday tonight, would you like to come?” Stefan questions as he takes another sip of his drink.

“ Sure sounds like fun” you grin, suddenly your phone beeped. You rush over to see who it could be.

From: Matt

Hey, Y/n where are you? Me and Tyler are at the Grill, want us to order your usual? :p

You quickly respond with I’m on my way.

“ Hey, I’m sorry but I have to go… I was supposed to meet Matt and Tyler at the Grill for lunch” you stutter as you place the heavy novel you were holding into your bag.

“ No problem, would you like me to drop you off?” He asks politely.

“ No, no I can walk but thank you for the offer and the book”  you smile in return.

“ Well I guess I will see you at the party tonight then?”  He mentions as you both make your way to the hallway.

“ Yeah, I guess” you laugh nervously, stepping out of the door. Turning to face Stefan.

“ It was very nice to meet you, and thank you so much for the book” you say in a soft tone.

“ It was a pleasure to meet you too and you’re very welcome” he smiled down on you.

“See you at the party Salvatore” you say as you begin to walk down his drive.

“ See you at the party Y/L/N” he shouts after you.

You grin to yourself as you plug your headphones back into your phone. You were going to have to be careful around him… Or maybe he was going to have to be careful around you…

Man: Jesus, why is there only one set of footprints in the sand here?

Jesus: I can walk on water, you think I’m not gonna take advantage of that and walk on the sand instead? dumbass

Who are You?
  • - - Saturn Sign - -
  • I leap tall buildings in a single bound:
  • Taurus, Scorpio, Sagittarius
  • I leap short buildings in a single bound:
  • Gemini, Virgo, Pisces
  • I accidentally run into buildings:
  • Aries, Cancer, Leo
  • I lift buildings and walk under them:
  • Libra, Capricorn, Aquarius
  • - - Mars Sign - -
  • I'm more powerful than a locomotive:
  • Leo, Virgo, Aquarius
  • I always get run over by locomotives:
  • Cancer, Taurus, Libra
  • I just say "Look at the choo-choo":
  • Gemini, Sagittarius, Pisces
  • I kick locomotives off of their tracks:
  • Aries, Scorpio, Capricorn
  • - - Rising Sign - -
  • I'm faster than a speeding bullet:
  • Scorpio, Capricorn, Aquarius
  • I can fire a speeding bullet:
  • Taurus, Scorpio, Pisces
  • I don't have any ammunition:
  • Cancer, Virgo, Libra
  • I catch speeding bullets in my teeth:
  • Aries, Gemini, Leo
  • - - Moon Sign - -
  • I can walk on water:
  • Taurus, Cancer, Pisces
  • I'm a good swimmer:
  • Leo, Virgo, Libra
  • I need a life jacket, or I'll drown:
  • Scorpio, Sagittarius, Aquarius
  • I can freeze water with a single glance:
  • Aries, Gemini, Capricorn
  • - - Sun Sign - -
  • I talk with a god:
  • Taurus, Gemini, Libra
  • I talk to animals:
  • Cancer, Virgo, Pisces
  • I talk to walls and argue with myself:
  • Aries, Scorpio, Sagittarius
  • I am a god:
  • Leo, Capricorn, Aquarius
  • - - - - - -
  • For Example, Me:
  • I leap tall buildings in a single bound
  • I just say "Look at the choo-choo"
  • I don't have any ammunition
  • I'm a good swimmer
  • I am a god
  • - - - - - -
  • Have fun!!! This isn't meant to stereotype any of the signs, I only put it here for fun. If you guys want me to make more of these,, please message me, and I will as soon as I can. Please enjoy, and don't take the results too seriously!!
Eight Appreciation Post

His first words are “Chill, chill, chill.”

Curly dark hair

Green/brown eyes

Full lips and eyebrows

Husky but kind voice

Skinny but muscular

“If you want to get all Loric on me, you can call me Number Eight.”

<i> if you want to get all Loric on me <i>

Shapeshifting, teleportation, can walk on water, telekinesis—easily one of the best set of Legacies

Extremely kind

Strong enough to push down the Stonehenge

Swift and smooth, saved himself from falling down a cliff without skipping a beat

Brave, suffered two lethal wounds both of which Marina had trouble to heal


Will sacrifice himself for those he loves

Survived by himself for years in the mountains, trained himself

Loves animals

Innocent, harmless jokes (unlike Nine)

Very warm, apparently

So I’ve been having this theory…

I’ve been thinking about what other mythologies Riordan rick can write about, and I thought about the Jewish mythology (because I’m Jewish lol), and then I thought “well that’s gonna be awfully short because there’s only one God that can do everything so there aren’t gonna be halfbloods or god wars” but there I realized there has been a record for one “half blood” from this god? Jesus? So like, what if this god is a part of this universe, and he only made one child but he realized he can’t have children because they’ll be too powerful and could change history of humanity (the creation of Christianity) and their lives will probably end tragically (Jesus’s crucifixion(. And he takes different forms as Jewish\Christian\Muslim god just like the Greeks\Roman gods. And what if suddenly a child of him comes up?? (I was thinking maybe a girl this time?) And they’re gonna be super powerful and imagine all the other half bloods meet them

“Yeah yeah yeah, no shocker, we know there are gods” sighs Percy. “We’re half bloods too.”
“So where are you coming from?” Annabeth examines him\her. “Greek? Roman?”
“This guys a Norse,” Leo points at a reluctant Magnus. “And I heard there’re Egyptians, too.”
He\she gives them a measured look. “I’m not any of those. When I said I was a son of a god, I meant the God.” He\She says.
Everyone exchange confused Glances. “Well, which one?” Asks Magnus finally.
“Elohim, Allah, The Lord,” He\She listed. “That guy.”
“You mean… the monotheistic god?” Asked Annabeth.
“The one and only.”
“Wait, you’re talking about the Christian God?” Asked Percy.
“And Muslim, and Jewish” Added Magnus.
“Yeah, that. That god doesn’t exist. It doesn’t make any sense.”
He/She raised an eyebrow at him. “Doesn’t it?”
“Actually…” Said Annabeth slowly. “There has been a record of stories of a child from that god…”
Everyone turned pale as they realized what she meant. They all turned to the guy\girl.
“Jesus Christ,” mumbled Leo in amazement.
“I see you’ve heard of my big brother,” said He\She sarcastically.

Later, at camp half blood:
“Are you Jewish, Christian or Muslim?” interested Frank.
“Actually, I consider myself an Atheist,” Replied He\She.
“I see,” said Leo. “Not a daddy’s boy.”
“Oh my GODS, Leo. We just found out about the existence of an all-powerful god and the first thing you do is poke fun at him?” Said Piper unbelievingly.
“I can’t blame him, that dude\girl is a gold mine,” Said Magnus. “So can you walk on water?”  
“Ha ha.”
“I can walk on water,” mumbled Percy. Jason snorted.
“Do Jehovah witnesses tell you ‘hi’ from your dad?”
He\She sent out their hand sharply at Leo’s direction, and the grass around his feet transformed into little snakes that started crawling up his legs.
“Ok, Ok!” called Leo frantically. “I get it. No more jokes.”
“We need to get you to Chiron,” said Annabeth decisively. “Come with me.”
“Shame,” said Magnus as they walked away. “I had a really good one on Christmas.”  

AIC 21

By the second day that she dropped by to see Naruto during training, Jiraiya had pretty well given up on coaxing her into a bathing suit. He was sulking on the other edge of the pool, occasionally giggling over whatever he was trying to write. Also at Naruto’s failures, he liked laughing at the little irritated screech Naruto made when he fell in the pool. The onsen had been cleaner, but it had only taken Jiraiya a day to get thrown out.

Aiko kept one eye on Naruto and one turned to the surroundings. She’d felt watched all day, in a way that couldn’t be attributed to Jiraiya’s wandering eyes.

‘I’d say Konoha, but I can sense that team. So they’re not the ones giving me the creeps. Unless it’s a different Konoha interest- Danzo? Bu why would he care about me?’

“I heard some interesting news this morning.”

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‘cause i’m gonna be free and i’m gonna be fine

can u believe i wrote @elsaclack a zombie apocalypse au snippet and avoided doing my stats homework? anyways, this will probABLY eventually evolve into a larger Thing, but right now I just really needed to WRITE something and also Em’s been having a bit of a rough time and this is her baby, so here u go, Emelius!!! shameless end of the world fluff. 

So, like, Jake really needs a shower.

It’s a mark of how gross and dirty Amy must feel that she agrees to it without hesitation. Jake’s already splashing as quietly as he can into the questionably sanitary river, his t-shirt and jeans in a heap on the damp ground of the shore, when he turns around to see her stripping out of her jeans and lumpy jacket and her t-shirt, wading in after him.

Jake grins and lets his knees bend so that his tummy and chest submerge in the water easily. It’s muggy enough outside that the cold water is refreshing, rather than shocking, and Jake lets himself sigh in relief and dip his head back, the back of his hair just barely touching the water.


Jake looks up to see Amy’s eyebrows creased into a frown, hands curling into fists at her sides. He can see the perfect upside down u of her mouth, filling her face with a frown. She’s on edge, anxious – well, Amy’s usually on edge and anxious, and like, okay, maybe it’s one of Jake’s unspoken life missions to make her less so – but he knows her and he knows exactly what she’s thinking right now. The fact that she keeps glancing over her shoulder and at the looming warehouse behind them, abandoned against the backdrop of the Hudson and the surrounding scraggly trees, is not lost to him.

So Jake steadies himself on his feet again, biting back a happy groan at the way the air brushes against his wet skin, and whispers, “Hey, Santiago.” He watches as she jumps, the lines of her body tightening, to look back at him with wide eyes. “I’m turned around so I can see behind you, right?”

Amy’s shoulders relax, marginally, and her eyes narrow. “Jake –”

“Forreal,” says Jake. “And you can see behind me – so we’re good. All bases covered. I swear I’ve got your back if you’ve got mine.”

Predictably, Amy huffs and places her hands on her hips, thigh-deep in the murky, deliciously cool water. “We’re supposed to be on a scouting mission right now. If we take too long, we’ll either attract attention, or they’ll send out a search party that will definitely attract attention, and – God, Jake, think of the inconvenience – and, you know, statistically, it’s more likely that the zombies would approach from land,” she says. It all comes out in one breath. “Which means that your responsibility is inherently higher than mine – would zombies walk on water, Jake? I don’t think zombies can walk on water. I did research on the last functioning library computer, it’s not listed as one of their –”

“Amy,” he says, looking her in the eye. This is easy; her eyes are standing out big and bright and expressive in the bright moonlight. “I’ve got your back.”

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The signs as popular Nighcore songs
  • Aries: Angel with a shotgun
  • Taurus: You're gonna go far kid
  • Gemini: Secret
  • Cancer: Marionette
  • Leo: Listen to your heart
  • Virgo: I can walk on water I can fly
  • Libra: Cocaine
  • Scorpio: Come little children
  • Sagittarius: Na na hey hey goodbye
  • Capricorn: Undead
  • Aquarius: All the things she said
  • Pisces: Centuries

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stevetony #18!!!!

#18: Underwater kiss

Hello, krusca! This is not what I originally set out to write. I have no idea what happened. 


Tony loved the smell of chlorine.

“Or salt,” he said, lazily splashing one hand in the water. He was floating, his head tipped back just enough that his ears were beneath the water and his own voice sounded echoing and far away. His eyes were closed against the sun but he can sense the light behind his eyelids. “Salt water’s just as good.”

“Not freshwater?” Peter was sitting on the poolside just a few feet away and Tony can hear the dull swoosh of his kicking his feet in the water. His words sound like they’re coming through the vacuum of space. “What, freshwater’s not fancy enough?”

“No salt water in the cave,” he said. “No chlorine there, either.”

There was a moment of silence where the water almost went still. He could imagine his teammates pausing to exchange a quick glance; half of them uncomfortable, the others concerned. He didn’t speak about Afghanistan often, after all.

The water lapped at the side of his face for a moment before a shadow came between him and the sun. Water dripped on his face and he opened his eyes to see Steve leaning over him, an easy smile on his lips, his hair dripping wet from his swim.

“I thought we came out here to swim laps,” Steve said. The sun was illuminating him from behind and he looked like he was smoldering, like at any moment he’d catch fire.

Tony briefly considered dunking him. “I think you came out here to swim laps. I came out here to relax and look at my boyfriend in a bitty pair of swim trunks.”

“They are awfully bitty,” Natasha said, but she didn’t sound like she was complaining.

“Cuts down on the water resistance,” Steve said with a straight face, like he’d thought of that himself. Tony, who could remember the look on Steve’s face when Tony had bought them for him, bit back a smirk.

Clint laughed. “I’d say yours isn’t much bigger, Tasha, but that would imply that I’ve actually looked directly at it.”

Natasha’s bikini was a pale lavender and made a handkerchief on a string look like a house frock. Tony strongly approved.

There was a muffled splash, then the sound of someone walking through the water. “So the pool doesn’t bother you as long as it smells like chlorine?”

Steve frowned, just a little. Tony slid a hand against his thigh beneath the water, reassuring him. “For the most part.” He let his palm rest on the back of Steve’s leg, content to lie there with the water lapping at his sides, Steve warm and strong and solid beneath his palm. “If you snuck up behind me and shoved my head under water, we might have a different story.”

Clint snorted. “If I did that I’d deserve the ass-kicking you’d deliver as soon as you got back in the armor.” His words seemed to mollify Steve somewhat, as the soldier’s muscles relaxed slightly beneath Tony’s hand. “I don’t know that the chlorine helped me any. Mostly it was the sound of the filter.”

“Yeah?” Tony pulled his gaze away from Steve’s face to squint up at Clint. The archer was standing just a couple of feet away and while Tony watched, he kicked his feet out from under himself and dunked himself under water. When he came back up he stayed on his knees, so most of his body was submerged.

“Yeah. I mean, it’s basically just white noise, but the guys who interrogated me just used a tub full of water in an empty warehouse. No machines anywhere. So when I finally worked up the nerve to stick my head under water for the first time after that, I realized I could hear the pool filter and it reminded me I was at SHIELD HQ and not an empty warehouse in Kiev.”

“I’ve tried swimming in lakes,” Tony admitted. “I can’t do it. I can walk out into the water, but when I try to go underwater, I panic.” He panicked if anyone got anywhere near him, which Rhodey had learned the hard way. “I can’t handle people, either, in lakes. I just tense up and wait for the hand to push me under, no matter who’s with me.”

“Are we crowding you?” Natasha asked and the muscle under Tony’s hand was tense again.

“No.” If they were anyone else he might be less comfortable. SHIELD agents, or strangers at a pool were a different thing entirely than his teammates, and he’d probably at least get his feet under him if that were the case. “You guys are good.”

Steve’s hand was wet when it skimmed over Tony’s forehead and combed through his hair. “You feel safe with us.”

It was a hell of a thing for him to admit, when he can barely bring himself to admit that he liked them living in his house, that he trusted them to watch his back in combat. This was something entirely worse and at the same time, easier. “I am safe with you.” He stared up at Steve when he said it. Let the others think he was talking to his lover if they want to. He and Steve both know better.

Steve smiled down at him and when he lowered his head for a kiss, Tony was ready for him. Steve kept the pressure light, but Tony hooked an arm around his neck and let his weight drag them both beneath the water. He could feel the stream of bubbles against his cheek as Steve exhaled slowly through his nose, and he could taste chlorine when the water rushed in as their mouths met and parted.

He surfaced with a grin, shaking water out of his face as Steve wrapped his arms around Tony’s waist and pulled him back against the soldier’s chest. Steve’s skin felt hot from the sun and Tony let Steve support his weight entirely, going lax in his lover’s arms and letting his head fall back against one broad shoulder, breathing in the scent of sunscreen and chlorine and Steve.

Natasha was watching them with a lazy grin and Peter was rolling his eyes. Clint pursed his lips thoughtfully. “You know, I have an idea.”


The lake was wide and deep. The water looked ominously dark and placid. Tony stood on the shore for a long while before he walked in.

The others mostly gave him space, wandering a bit along the shore with approximately a hundred inflatable pool toys. They were close enough that he could hear them shouting, and close enough that they could hear him if he needed them.

He’d cut his own throat before admitting it, but he kept Clint’s story in his mind. There was no filter here, and no chlorine, but he could hear Peter’s wild laughter and Ororo’s cheerful shouts. He could hear Steve calling for someone to pass him the sunscreen, and Jan’s shrieks as Hulk drenched her with a cannonball.

He wasn’t in Afghanistan. He chanted it like a mantra as he walked out into the water. He wasn’t in Afghanistan. He slid into the water and swam a few strokes, then rolled onto his back and closed his eyes before he could see the blue of the sky.

He could hear his heart pounding in his hears. He was breathing too fast, but he wasn’t panicking.

He wasn’t in Afghanistan.

Further down the shore, Rhodey was shouting for someone to start up the grill already.

Tony pulled in a deep breath and held it for a long minute. The lake water smelled like algae and damp earth and fish. The water they’d had in the cave had smelled stale and it had been tainted with the oil and grease and gunpowder that surrounded them. It had left a metallic taste in his mouth that he hadn’t been able to really wash away for weeks after he returned.

He wasn’t in Afghanistan. He couldn’t be in Afghanistan because his nostrils weren’t full of the stink of sweat and gunpowder. He wasn’t in Afghanistan because his chest didn’t burn with the fever-hot pain of infection. He wasn’t in Afghanistan because Steve and Rhodey and the team were here and they’d never let him get trapped in that cave again.

A shadow came between him and the sun. He looked up and Steve was smiling down at him. “You okay?” Steve asked.

“If I was drowning,” Tony started to say.

“I’d breathe for you,” Steve said, sincerity and determination packed into every word.

When he bent down for a kiss, Tony wrapped an arm around Steve’s neck and pulled them both beneath the surface of the lake. Steve’s mouth opened beneath his and Tony breathed in the air from his lungs until they made it back to the surface.