“dont do it,

its so cliche”

i whisper to myself as i’ve already begun drawing

Blood, seed and milk.

Of course i was gonna draw a fanart. I always liked original Mad Max movies, so i thought i know on what i’m going, but damn…. DAMN… not even close. Seriously, if you’re still somehow resisting the hype and haven’t see it, just GO. It’s dream come true.

“Pls don’t post but do you still feel positive about canon Destiel? I didn’t expect they never addressed the final fight scene in 1022 properly and once again Cas played no role in what’s important to Dean. I feel that not only even subtextual Destiel is gone but Cas’ position on the show has become very questionable. But again it is just one (very terrible and makes no sense at all) episode, but it’s a finale so I don’t know how to feel.”

To the person who sent me this…  I’m taking your name off it since I have anon disabled but feel I inevitably need to address this so people know where I fall…

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Haters: “Lol, Emily is a desesperate, saying that they are friends with Norman, she is just lying to get attention, he should put her a restrain order´´

Norman Reedus* Went to Emily´s concert, driving for hours, let fans take pics of him in the parking lot, was ushered to the backstage and then left the concert with Emily, favorited a tweet saying ``Norman and Emily don´t let me live´´…*

Maybe, just maybe, the reason you never see then hanging out together is that he had to take down two articles he tweeted about Emily last summer due to hate from you-know-who, and later he had to do the same with the two bethyl pics he put in Instagram the night they aired Slabtown, and want to avoid innecesary hate…

Like we know for sure that he went to her concert tonight and they left together none of them posted any pic…

So the ``they are not friends because they never post any pic together´´ is bullshit. 

Every time I see this, I picture Felicity using this in arguments to come between her and Oliver…

“Remember when I saved your life….”

“What about the time I literally caught you falling off the dam…”

And then Oliver will get really quiet and look at her the way only he can and say:

“Felicity, you saved me in the very beginning and every time since.”

if you support the free the nipple movement but tell every hijabi or niqabi you see that they’re allowed to take that ‘thing’ off their head than ur an ignorant butthole and are a terrible representation of feminists