“As far as trees go, it’s the prettiest one you’ve ever seen.”

So a great thing to do when you’re working on a long-term project is to find a great podcast to listen to, and I’ve been going through a number of McElroy shows, most recently @theadventurezone.

It’s a wonderfully-done goofy RPG adventure 95% of the time….and the other 5% of the time you get things like the finale of the “Petals to the Metal” arc, which make you cry your eyes out.  I was so distraught I had to draw something right away to work through it.  I’ll probably post some more doodles later, I just can’t get these characters out of my head!

Thanks to the McElroys for giving me some amazing listening.  You should also catch up on The Adventure Zone, you won’t regret it!  Do maybe bring a tissue box, though.

First year med school

Ok so this will be a post about what med school is actually like, and how you can prepare for it and what to expect, and general tips! Hope at least someone finds it useful.

FIrstly, the general stuff:

1. First year is for fun! Don’t be one of those people who just works all the time - you need to go out and meet people, make friends! And the people on your course you’ll be with for at least 5 years, so make a good first impression! Don’t be fooled into the stereotype that ‘med students don’t have time to have a social life’ um yes we do. So don’t panic. 

2. But don’t go TOO crazy. I probably didn’t work hard enough especially in my first term. All med schools do exams differently in first year, but make sure you do some work for them, even if they don’t count for much.

3. You will be overwhelmed at times, and that’s ok. Especially if your med school is integrated, you may be faced with upsetting patients at just 18 years old, as I was. It’s ok if you don’t deal with it well at first - it’s part of the learning process. Remember that everyone else is finding it tough too.

4. Make sure you don’t become one of ‘those’ medics. You know who I mean. It’s fine to be proud to be a medical student, but that doesn’t mean you’re better than other courses. And when you’re on placement, remember that the nurses, porters, etc, are just as important as the doctors. 

5. Be outgoing - especially on placement, it is what you make of it. Meaning, you’ll learn a lot more if you go out of your way to see patients and go on the wards. Ask questions, ask the doctors (if they’re not too busy) if they could watch you do a history or examination, ask them if there’s any bloods that need doing, etc. You’ll learn a lot more that way! AND DON’T SKIP ANYTHING EVEN IF IT’S SOMETHING YOU HATE BECAUSE YOU NEVER KNOW WHAT YOU MIGHT LEARN!

Ok, so now more work-related things!

6. There is a LOT of work. You will have to learn far more information in small amounts of time than you have ever done before, and the way to get around this is BE ORGANISED. Even if you’re having fun in your first term, make sure you still go to lectures, make sure you cover at least the bare minimum. Buy notebooks, folders for different subjects. An important thing is to know WHAT you need to know. Your uni should have some sort of learning outcomes or specification (hopefully). Keep a note of that and tick things off.

7. MAKE NOTES AS YOU GO ALONG. YOU WILL THANK YOURSELF LATER WHEN YOU HAVE YEARS OF MATERIAL TO REVISE! It doesn’t matter how pretty they are, just try to keep them organised and with the key material you need to know.

8. DON’T IGNORE ANATOMY. Ok yeah it’s long and it’s boring, but try and keep up with it or you’ll find it harder to understand the diseases.

9. In practical exams it’s all about how you present yourself. Be confident, smile (but not when the actor/patient is telling you they’re terminally ill) and act like you know it, even if you’re not sure. And practise makes perfect! Practise with your friends and help each other perfect your technique.

10. And also, especially for British students, I’d recommend getting the Oxford Clinical handbook because it’s such a dinky little book with pretty much the basics of everything you need to know. I always have it in my handbag! (When I’m at placement and stuff. Not on a night out, that would be weird.)

If anyone else has questions about this, let me know and I’ll answer and update this! Love you all and good luck xxx

Dating Michael would include:

• he’d probably be the one who’s suggests to have those “at home spa days”
• “mikey you’re suppose to put the cucumbers on your ey- stOP EATING THEM”
• slap your ass alot and give you a face like :DD
• always “accidentally” posting cute candids of you on social media and you literally tackling him to the floor, yelling at him to delete them
• posting stupid shit on each other’s snapchats
• “michael, why can’t i be in your snapchat?” “because you can’t make the rainbow come out of your mouth right”
• *michael tweets about being in need of attention* *walks up to him with your phone in your hand* “woW its aLmOst as iF yOu didn’t haVE a girlfriENd tO dO thAt!”
• sitting or laying on top of you when you didn’t want to do what he wanted
• Michael would let you push him jokingly and laugh then actually push you for real
• “i thought i’d bring you food but i got hungry on the way *finishes bite and hands to you* so here’s half a donut”
• so you give him a glare and slap the donut out of his hand
• you’d probably own half the shirts michael used to wear in 2012-13 djskfksjd
• netflix and chill on a fucking basis
• definitely the “oh no!! my hands spazzed out and landed on your boobs” kind of guy
• you’d be used to it so you’d just look down and sigh as you continued to what you were doing before
• CUDdLes, cuDDLES, AND MANY MORE CUDDLES (with kisses here and there)

Small quick 400 followers appreciation giveaway!

Sorry it’s on mobile so I can’t make any fancy text post~ xD


- Must be following me! It’s a giveaway for my followers after all.
- Must have your ask box open!
- no giveaway blogs. Even if you’re following me.


- 1 million bells
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There will be 3 winners and I will choose them with random dot org as always.

Ends on Friday night 3/20 at 6pm MST. A like and a reblog count as an entry each.

Thank you all so much and good luck ^_^

Some changes coming because I need sleep

There’s a running joke among my close fandom friends that I live like a vampire. The truth is… it’s not too far off the mark. To those ladies, and you know who you are, you are going to love this post. 

This is sort of an announcement/personal post because I need to make some changes to the blog because (confession time) I don’t sleep you guys. I operate on probably 4 to 5 hours and that’s on a good day. 

One of the things I struggle with is setting limitations for myself. When I was working full time I did the same thing at work. I had a very difficult time prioritizing. I’d work myself into the ground because I never wanted to disappoint anyone. I don’t like disappointing people. I think I can do it all and get everything done. One of my ways to accomplish that is to do things at night. Trust me, this has been going on long before I ever started this blog. 

Luckily, I am married to an extremely regimented man who is excellent at prioritizing. After nearly a year of battling with me… I have finally caved. Nick is stepping in. I’m thinking of him as my silent blogging partner because he’s setting up some parameters so I sleep. It’s going to require a few changes around the blog.

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Recipe: Ice Cream

Description: It’s hard to find someone who doesn’t like this. 

Game ingredients: Milk, Sugar

This recipe restores 100 energy and 40 health. It can be obtained from Jodi after achieving 7 hearts and sells for 120g. 

Difficulty: Easy, 5 hours. (½ hour prep, 4 ½ hours freezing)

This is a no-churn ice cream recipe. The only special equipment you need is a mixer and a blender. I decided to make three flavours based on the image: vanilla, strawberry, and avocado. 

-2 cans of sweetened condensed milk (300mL/14oz size cans)
-1 litre cream
-1 avocado
-1 ½ cup strawberries, chopped
-1 tbsp lemon juice
-Pinch salt
-1 tbsp vanilla extract 
-Ice cream cones (optional)

Note: This recipe is for all three flavours. If you only want to make one flavour, use one full can of sweetened condensed milk and 2 cups of cream. Follow the recipe for the desired flavour as normal with the new amounts. 

Since everything will be split into thirds, each flavour will use 200mL of sweetened condensed milk and 333mL of cream. 

Cut the avocado in half and remove the pit, then spoon out the flesh into a blender. Add the 200mL of sweetened condensed milk, the lemon juice, and the pinch of salt. Blend until smooth, then empty the contents into a medium bowl. 

With a stand mixer or hand mixer, beat the 333mL of cream with a whisk attachment (or similar) until it forms stiff peaks. 

Using a spatula, spoon the cream into the avocado mixture and fold it together until well-combined. Pour the ice cream into a loaf pan. 

Repeat the process with the strawberry ice cream, starting with blending together the chopped strawberries with the sweetened condensed milk. Pour it into a bowl, whip the cream, and fold that into the strawberry mixture. Then pour it into a loaf pan. 

With the vanilla ice cream there’s no blending needed. Simply mix together the sweetened condensed milk and the vanilla extract together in a bowl, whip the last 333mL of the cream, and fold that into the vanilla mix. Pour it into a loaf pan as well. 

Freeze the loaf pans for at least 4 ½ hours. 

The ice cream is soft serve, sweet, and delicious. It’s probably better to have it in a bowl than a cone, but I’m certainly not picky. 


metalace223  asked:

Is it just the armor making them look bigger or has Kelly got some real thunder thighs going on there? She looks like she can give Chun Li a run for the money!

Yeah, you’re not the first person to mention that…part of it is probably the armor, but when looking at her compared to the other ladies I think it’s pretty clear that Kelly-087′s character model was specifically designed to have some powerful running apparatuses. And that’s really cool.

The thing is though, I love that Kelly-087 has legs like an Olympic sprinter. I love that Linda-058 is kind of leaner all around, I love that Vale is curvy at the waist and slim at the arms and calves, I love that Tanaka is built like a tank.


I currently have Mass Effect Christmas cards available for preorder on Etsy! I wanted to try getting a couple more drawings done before listing but I gotta focus on commissions and my other projects for now that I’d like to get finished before the month ends! If I do happen to finish any more I’ll list them ASAP tho ;0

Currently preorder since I make all the cards myself and I’m waiting for materials to come in, all orders will be printed on demand and mailed out quickly to you though <3 I’ll probably be going to the post office every day up until the cutoff before Christmas xnx 

You can buy individual cards, or sets of 3, 5, and 8 with your choice of cards! Be sure to check out the listing for more info!

To me it was pretty obvious that Chloe and Christi had taken two different screenshots that they posted to their Instagram’s. I thought I would test a theory. 

I noticed in the picture Christi posted of the girls on top of her that she has an iPhone 5. Chloe has been pictured with an iPhone 6. They have different sized screens which would lead to a different screenshot.

I have an iPhone 5. I went on the Teen Choice website, took a screenshot, tried to upload to Instagram. Above is what I got. As you can see if she wanted to include the title of the category then Maddie’s name is cropped out. 

Maybe she did it on purpose, but probably more likely it was an accident and when people were making a big deal she took it down. She was excited for her daughter and wanted to post quickly.

But in general why are we making such a big deal about this? Maddie’s name is at the bottom because they are alphabetical by last name and that meant it got cropped. It happened. Move on.

Stop trying to start crap. 

hey y’all! so uh i’m actually finishing school this week and am gonna start looking for jobs n stuff, but in the meantime i’m probably gonna open commissions again

i’ll make a proper post about it later but, if anyone wants to get in line early or whatever, here’s some info:

  • $12 USD for b&w sketches like t h i s, paid up-front 
  • more art examples here
  • if you want something colored we can talk about it and adjust prices n stuff
  • +$5 per additional character
  • no NSFW/nudity
  • i reserve the right to refuse any offers
  • email me: spacechaserr@gmail.com

ty ty reblogs are much appreciated!

This gross dirt looking stuff is actually the most amazing homemade body/facial scrub I’ve ever tried and it only took me 5 minutes to make. It’s grounded coffee beans, oregano leafs, tea tree oil, lavender oil and coconut oil. My skin honestly felt as if it was new! It probably hadn’t been so soft ever since I was a baby. It’s also good for helping/preventing acne but also, if you rub hard enough, it can help get rid of cellulite.
For more post like this go to my instagram, zoevangorp.

(p.s message me if you want to know how much to add exactly or ingredients you can use instead for incase you don’t have some of them)

Hey everyone!!! I cannot believe that i am making this post. I never thought that 2k of you would ever follow me.. Like?? thats crazy to think about, like that many people can see what i have to say & probably, at least somewhat, care about me. LIKE WOW! I would like to stress how grateful i am for every one of you! It means so much to me  ❤ 

Now, please bare with me, i have no clue how long this is going to be..  

I’m going to start with all the lovely mutuals i gained from some of the group chats i have been in over the past couple months!

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i’m not even joking i’ve only ever finished 1 promo this is a self building activity to see if i can actually finish one


gotta be followin me sorry i dnt make the rules :////at least 50 notesreblog thismaybe don’t like??? i’ll still like u if u do tho

i haven’t decided on categories yet but there will probably be around 5 categories with 5 winners in each, i’ll start picking on april 13th!!! (if it isn’t posted by april 15th pls send me a message reminding me to ty)

Just because you’re a big blog and have met Taylor doesn’t mean you’re “the shit.” It doesn’t mean you run this fandom or that you’re the queen. And the frickin’ nerve of you to tell people that you won’t reblog their posts. Are you serious? Like, I get it, you already met Taylor, but some Swifties haven’t even been acknowledged by Taylor the slightest bit, and the fact that you can’t even reblog their post makes you obnoxious. You’re a big blog, and even just leaving it up for 5 minutes wouldn’t do you any harm, and will probably get a lot of recognition for that person. And the fact that you’re gonna be rude by ignoring that person’s request, because, oh, you’re the queen of this fandom, makes you extremely ridiculous.

Help other Swifties or don’t be one at all. 

Today it’s about 5 weeks since I stopped using shampoo. Since then I’ve used a shampoo every once in a while without sulfates/parabens/silicone and also lots of natural oil and stuff and my hair smells sooo good and it’s so soft! Honestly I don’t think my hair has ever been so soft, it’s like I can’t even feel it when I touch it eep
I also showered and washed my bedsheets and put body butter on my skin, and now everything around me including me smells amazing and it just gives my anxiety a rest
I love clean things


While I’ve been procrastinating on sewing, I thought I’d do something nice for the amazing followers I have! I love you guys so I’m going to do a giveaway!! The winner gets a free copy of any of my patterns and a 20% off coupon to my shop!

Rules! Because there always has to be rules, right?

Only REBLOGS count. Only one per day because no one wants to see a million repeats of the same post. Likes don’t count but they’re nice. I like them.

Please tag you post with #FatBottomPurlsGiveaway so I can count the entries!

You don’t have to be following me! I always feel like an ass when I follow someone just because they’re holding a giveaway so I’m not going to make anyone else do it. 

The giveaway will end… November 15th at noon, EDT. (Or GMT -5).

I’ll announce the winner the same day, probably in the evening!

Dutch Spotify Plan

So I did some calculating on the Dutch Spotify charts last night. The #1 at the moment has 5,500 plays per day, the #2 about 3,500 if I remember correctly.

*Now, The UK and the US charts make a much bigger impact for Project Home, so if you are able and willing to switch to a US account, like is suggested in the project posts, you should probably do that. If you can’t, like me, you can instead make a local impact.*

if you run the project playlist while you are asleep at night (with headphones), you get 8 hours of Home, the song being 3:11 minutes long, that gets you roughly 150 plays per night.

This means you need only 37 people to do this every night, and Home is top of the Spotify chart every single day. I’m also going to let the playlist run at home while I’m at work, so I am two of the 37 already. And remember streaming counts towards national single charts like the Top 40 and Top 50. This should be doable, right? Let’s do it.

Whoever reads this and wants to join in, please let me know through message or some other way, so we can keep track a bit. Who is in??

EDIT: for all who haven’t seen the tips on how to do this without having to listen to it: plug earphones in, don’t mute it and don’t simply but the song on repeat. Use the playlist that the project organisers have provided which is here.

$5 Sketch Stream this Friday at 4pm PST/ 11pm GMT

This Friday i’ll be holding a sketch stream where you can donate $5 or more to me and get a sketch like above!

What you’ll need to do to get a sketch is donate $5 or more to THIS link, with your username so i can find you in the stream to ask you what it is you’d like drawn. If you can’t make it to the stream, feel free to send me an ask or e-mail (catmiyashiro@gmail.com) with your request.

I will be streaming HERE. I will make a post on tumblr when i start the stream, but if you think you’ll miss it you should probably follow my picarto account to receive a notification e-mail!

If you have any other questions feel free to message me!

I’m so dumb. I’m signing up for an online dating thing again because apparently being on for like 5 days isn’t long enough and I’m told I need to give it a real chance which apparently is several months so here I again downloading these apps and making my dumb profile again but who knows. I’ll probably end up deleting them again in a few days because I can never make up my mind.