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Hey Steph! I'm SUPER excited about SDCC after Moffat's statements! However I think that with Amanda on the panel, they will tone it down a bit. Unfortunately I live in Europe, but I hope someone will upload it, or if a clip is shown we will all be able to watch it somehow.. Anyway, don't you think it is a bit weird how Martin and Ben never attend these panels? Ben will probably be there anyways. Is it because they are bored to do so? I like the rest of the crew but I hoped they'd be there.

Hi Nonny!!

It’s tough to say what the outcome of the Panel will be; it could go either way. Mark is actually the gatekeeper for how much stuff they should spill… he has actually stopped Amanda and Steven both in the past have been warned and hushed during panels from speaking too much… I can only imagine what deep dark basement he’s gonna be locking Steven up in after SDCC for yesterday’s comments, LOL!

ALTHOUGH. They were a lot more open at the panel just before TAB, so I suspect we may be pleasantly surprised.

As for Ben and Martin: Martin doesn’t do cons, I believe, and Ben quite possibly needs a break after such a long stint of filming and press junkets; he has a family he wants to spend some time with. BUT every time Ben is on panels, he… tends to ramble and not pay attention to what he says, and then ends up saying too much. Ben and Martin together? Yeah, they wouldn’t be able to contain their excitement over it, and they both have tells when they lie (Martin goes stonefaced or redirects conversations and Ben gets very anxious and fidgety and mumbles or rambles) so I think once they’re allowed to talk about it, Ben will return to the con junket for Sherlock stuff.

I look forward to next year’s cons :D

(EDIT: So apparently Ben IS going to SDCC?? Possibly promoting Dr. Strange. Either way, I don’t think he’s allowed to talk in public yet lol.)

And as for a clip of the con, someone always uploads the stream after it is done, so hopefully I’ll get y'all a link to it once it’s up!

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You started running and Cas stuck his arm out straight and caught you as you tried to run past him but failed. "Oh no you're not..." "But-" "no." CasXReader

You start running and Cas sticks his arm out straight, catching you as you try to run past him and fail.

“Oh no you’re not.”



Cas,” you protest. Trying to move his arm is like trying to push a semi-truck. 

The angel glares down at you, nostrils flaring. “It’s too dangerous.”

“You’re still going!”

I am an angel of the Lord,” he replies and you roll your eyes at the familiar line. “I have power you can only imagine. I am more than capable of keeping myself safe.” He starts to push you back toward your room. “You, on the other hand, are a human, and a fragile one at that. And it’s my responsibility to keep you safe.”

Hands on your hips, you march back into your room, huffing as you sit on the edge of your bed. “I was taking care of myself long before you showed up,” you point out indignantly. 

“And I’m not discrediting your abilities.” He sets his hand on your shoulder, and you see something different in his blue gaze; something soft and protective all at the same time. “But the fact that I’m here now means you don’t have to do all of this alone anymore.”

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What does Steve do to make Bucky laugh? I can only imagine he's addicted to the sound of his laughter.

“Eat it.”


“Eat it!”


“C’mon Rogers, don’t be a baby!” Bucky dangles the worm in front of him and Steve sticks his tongue out and makes a gagging noise. He doesn’t actually care, he’s eaten a lot worse than worms in his short years on this Earth, but he doesn’t want to give in too easy. “I dare you to eat it! You gotta!”

Steve’s thin nostrils flare and Bucky’s grin widens, because he knows he’s got him now. 

“If I eat it, you gotta eat three ants. At once. I double dog dare ya.” He takes the worm from his friend’s fingers and squints at it as Bucky hurriedly agrees. Steve apologises silently to the little fella, but figures he’s probably kinder than a bird as he pops the thing in his mouth and swallows without chewing. 

Bucky bursts into peals of laughter at the disgusted look on Steve’s face, the shudder that runs through him at the slimy texture going down his throat. The laughter, and the fact Bucky ends up on the wet sidewalk clutching his sides with mirth because he’s stupid, makes the aftertaste worth it. Almost. 

“C’mon, bucko. We’ve gotta find some ants.” Steve grabs his hand and hauls him off the floor, trying not to smile as the infectious giggling just refuses to die. 

Bucky ends up being bitten on the tongue by one or all of the ants, and they both get in trouble with their moms. Still, the stricken look on his face was perfect, and then it was Steve’s turn to laugh. 

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Touka and Aura about to go round 2... Suddenly 0 Squad and Kaneki come to the :re crew salvation like a knight in shining armor. I'm here wondering what must be Touka's sincere reaction upon seeing her beloved friend Kaneki again. Welp ^^ someone wake me up when it's Friday again (jk) xD I can only imagine °_° though...

Beloved friend?



I’m staying off tumblr and twitter for a little bit, it’s taking a lot not to cry and I’m at work so this is not the place. If you get triggered by anything involving self harm or suicide, please stay off twitter. I pray Bex is okay even though it’s unlikely that she is, I can only imagine how angry and torn apart she must feel right now. But I also worry for everyone else who sees it, so take care of yourselves. 

edit: also, this all started because she told people to stop saying it. and here we are. i know she’s strong and she knows the intent behind it is just pathetic people looking to bother people, but hearing this is never going to feel okay. no matter the intent. 

If you bring a complaint to a supervisor/management about the workplace, offer ideas for improvements. You'll be seen as a contributor and not just a critic.

Some people are saying this is a ridiculous tip, and that they would get fired for trying to improve their workplace. I can only imagine people are talking about shit retail jobs that few people take seriously as a career.

If you work somewhere where the management doesn’t respect the employees or the environment, then of course this tip won’t work. Nothing will. So, how about, LPT: Don’t work for fuckwits.

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I can only imagine how pissed off Jack and Celeste would be after working so hard to get this up and running and they don't even get to tell everybody themselves!! I personally would feel so disappointed after working so hard for someone else to ruin it!!

I know i feel terrible for them, like it’s so fucked up that she ruined this for them 

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Tbh are you out to your parents/close family? I can't imagine it's easy being Albanian

Only people I care about like my close fam like sis and mom and some cousins they’re cool wit it…I don’t need to make an announcement yet I feel like Also I haven’t told my dad because I don’t live with him and I’m not close enough to know how he’ll take it but I’ll have to do that soon

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alt!universe malec in which alec is the super hot barista at a starbucks and magnus runs into him by chance because (being from a relatively wealthy family) he gets super expensive coffee from high end places but he was running late for smth and saw alec from the way back of the line and his eyes widened and just thought "the booty will be mine" and flirts with alec at the register and makes him flustered. soon its the only coffee place magnus will go to

wait like…. and au with our regular malec or an au with alternate reality malec? cause like if we going alternate reality malec i can only imagine magnus trying his best to flirt but its been so long and alec is so hot that he ends up stumbling over every second word and completely fucking it up but hes so adorable cause hes blushing and giving it his all and alec thinks its the cutest thing ever so he starts flirting back, all suave and confident, completely charmed by magnus because tbh who isnt? and magnus is all ????it worked???? and when he gets his coffee a number is scrawled across it with little hearts surrounding it and magnus is just fucking gone

it takes a week for magnus to come back cause he never actually called alec, he’d talked himself out of it, but he really really wants to see him again and the coffee was actually pretty good. so he goes back and alec looks really surprised cause he never got a call so he assumed magnus wasnt interested. alec still flirts tho, how can he not? 

magnus eventually does call, and even after the set up their date he keeps coming into the coffee shop