So my dad and bro stopped by to move out some of my bigger stuff since no one is free to help me move out on actual move-out day.

Welp, got a strong dose of what my summer’s gonna be like when I get home

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I'm hoping you can fill me in on the "Jenny" joke. Such as what is this referring to "I feel like Taylor Swift didnt finish watching season 4 though because that's when you realize you DONT want to be Jenny."

it’s a gossip girl reference lol 

i never watched gossip girl so i can’t explain it fully but that’s what i know

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"Jim- I need you. Now." - Whitney

“I can’t fill up the gas tank faster than it goes, damnit! I’ll be there — just — just get into something sexy!” // I’m funny my bad.


we see no end, we don’t know how

we are lost and we’re falling

  • Sirius:Got three bedrooms. Check this out. One is my bedroom. One is my office and the other is I have no idea. How great is that? I have got an entire room with no defined purpose. I can fill it with Corn Flakes if I wanted.
  • Remus:I'm not sure this neighborhood is zoned for Corn Flakes but an intriguing notion none the less.

Then he is invading Kuramochi’s space, staring in admiration at the arm closest to him, which is Kuramochi’s right one. A cheetah is wrapped around this arm, accompanied by fine lines of windswept clouds. He allows Sawamura to also get a closer look at his other arm, which is a tiger, head to tail going down from shoulder to elbow, prowling through curling fog. He can’t help but flex his arms a little to show off the meticulous detail and vivid colors.
“…Hey, why are you rubbing my arm, it’s not like it’ll come off! Let go! You owe me another five games!” -Weak for Sweets, part 2

Sketch from my sweets shop AU, where Kuramochi is a tattoo artist and Eijun’s neighbor.

ok real talk so many people are afraid that bc Jack and Bitty got together now and theres 2 more years worth of comic to go, that means that theyre defs gonna break up at some point bc “its too early for their happy ending” but like
have yall watched Boy Meets World. Cause that show literally ran from Cory’s middle school days to his college years. He got together with Topanga wayyyy early on and while they did do the whole relationship troubles plots there was kind of no doubt for most of the show that they would just be together the rest of their lives and they pulled that off extremely well.
like bitty and jack have other things in their lives to cause drama other than an inevitable break up. also if ngozi chooses relationship drama as the way to go they can also fight without breaking up yall.
like she promises that this is over all a happy comic (despite the fact that she regularly enters our individual homes to tear our hearts out of our chests) and while I know shes capable of emotional murder I just dont think thats where shes gonna go.

Staying Alive (1/?)

[Part 2]

Title subject to change upon further discussion with @saberin. Anyway, the both of us have been meaning to collaborate on something for a while now and we finally decided on this ^^; 

We’ll be taking turns to write the chapters, so the story will flow how the one writing at that moment feels like it to, but don’t worry, the main idea is already fleshed out. 

So without further ado, presenting to you the first installment of our Zombie AU. (I don’t even know why we picked this when we’re both terrified to death by zombies.)

~800 words, [NozoEli]

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If I have learned anything from being sick, its that everything happens for a reason. It took me a very long time to accept, but sometimes it takes darkness to see who’s truly ride or die. When I needed support, my community rose to the occasion, and vice versa. Its moments like these, that make me proud to be trans. This isn’t an easy lifestyle and it can be quite lonely at times, but the support from a fellow community member can make the world of difference. When I was at my lowest, these guys got me through. Maybe its just me, but these pictures speak volumes about love, trust, friendship and brotherhood. When I have my own practice one day, I can only hope to fill the walls with pictures like these–pictures of our community working together to help each other reach our dreams. 

It was late– how late Timothy wasn’t exactly sure but he was aware of the sun setting as he arrived to the bar. Now the sky was dark and a light breeze blew through the air as the people who occupied the city that never slept continued on with their travels from bar to bar or some local cheap $1 pizza spot. Timothy how ever was not planning on leaving the bar he had spent a little over 5 hours in now. The establishment belonged to his brother and he had unlimited tokens for the pool table and a pretty reasonable discount on his booze so for tonight this was the place to be. As the brunette male leaned down to position his cue stick behind the white ball aiming for the last shot he needed to make to win this game. There sat the black 8 ball in one of the most difficult places to get a hole in. As Timothy prepaired to make his move he could hear someone yelling his name which caused him to cringe uncomfortably for it wasn’t just his name but his surname which meant one thing and one thing only, it had to be a student or some awkward staff member who still haven’t felt comfortable enough to use first name basis with the male. Standing up and grabbing his beer that was set on the edge of the pool corner he turned to face the soul who dared to call out his name. “Hey buddy – yeah hey you see this, this is a bar we don’t yell out last names in here okay? We don’t yell at all. Come on man use your brain.” Timothy explained frustration laced in his voice. 

It’s been 17 years. I was 17 when my life changed forever and it’s been the same amount of years since it all happened. I kind of feel this anniversary is different than the others because besides the first year, this year has been the toughest on my health. It’s brought back a lot of sad memories and flashbacks, mostly of uncertainty because there are so many unknowns for me presently. But I’m choosing today to focus on the fact that I’m here and still alive while 13 others are not. I’m living for them and being grateful that I can have my heart beat and I can breathe, however pain-filled my life is. I’m praying for all of my classmates today, the families of those that passed away and the families of the injured. I’ve seen so much good come out of that day 17 years ago and my meeting with Sue Klebold two months ago was part of that. I’m also so grateful for Sue Jewell Townsend and Rick Townsend, I would have never met them had this not happened. I became an honorary member of their family and they welcomed me as one of their own. I’m also so grateful for the support of my family and friends, you lift me up when I am down. We are all Columbine. Live your life today in honor of those who lost their lives.
—  Anne Marie Hochhalter,   April 20, 2016.


SUCK IT @irl-daoko-girl

Seems accurate, he’s a rather busy guy

Probs more interested in your manacutter half the time?


I guess that explains the Ascian Prime fight?


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I guess the whole trying to rule the world thing’s an issue?

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