something in the way you are quivers.
the stoplight keeps changing colors
but there are no cars coming so we stand
exactly where we’re not supposed to
(don’t look down where there’s nothing but road,
everything we do ends in disaster)

and while the quivering doesn’t stop
you keep trying to ask me questions:
are we nothing but dead poets, are we
worth nothing alive?
when will the sky light up again?
where did we meet? it was
so long ago, do you even remember?
why do i keep doing things and going out
and meeting people?

(you’re always trying not to look at me,
trust me i notice.
but if your heart tells you to- 
then who are you to question it?)

(some things are too much)

—  [ insp. ] // l.b.

ok first of all sorry for the shitty edit and second of all i fUCKING REACHED 15K FOLLOWERS LIKE WHAT?!?!?!? this is so crazy like i never thought i would be able to reach 1k but now i have like 15k this is so crazy omg like i can almost fill an entire arena with just you guys like wow thank you so much for liking my blog enough to click that follow button i love you guys :) here are some blogs that i love very dearly and make my dash beautiful and i am so sorry if i forget anyone

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anonymous asked:

I was reading some aus and: "Wait, I’m just the cameraman, I can’t fill in for the missing porn star on this set, wait a second no you don’t understa-" Can you write this with Tsukkiyama pretty please. If you're a comfortable of course Have a good day/night sweety...

is probably my most favorite prompt i’ve ever received.
i laughed so hard when i first got it
but then i ended up changing it majorly because like
pornstars feels like it could be really dark???? and i didn’t really want to get into that, so i’ve changed it up in my fill, but i still think the idea of this prompt is hilarious

word count: 1541

“Tsukki!  Boss wants you.”

There are very few words to come out of Tanaka Ryuunosuke’s mouth that one could consider good, and this sentence certainly doesn’t fall into that category.  Kei has learned, through quiet trial and error, that Tanaka is prone to antics, and his poker face, while not exceptional, still spells out trouble for the people he works with.  So naturally, when he wanders into the backroom, where Kei sits hunched over his computer, and drops the words, Kei is immediately suspicious.  He’s not about to ignore his supervisor, but he’s not about to trust Tanaka’s word, either, so he’s found himself in a bit of a tricky situation.

But after a few minutes’ deliberation while picking away at his work, and then another minute planning out the exact revenge he would have on Tanaka if this was just another prank, Kei sighs, and saves his work, and stands up for the first time in hours. He needs a fresh cup of tea anyway.

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Anonymous said:Hahahaha…. Dipper tripping and falling into bill’s arms

Anonymous said: Okay but now I’m begging for something of Bill pulling off those stilettos in a nurse uniform and nursing Dip back to heath. Failing most likely.

“Pine Tree!”  Bill rushed forward to catch his lover.  

“Owww.”  The younger groaned, leaning heavily against Bill on one foot.

“What ere you thinking?  You can barely walk normally-”


“-what made you think you could walk in heels?”  Bill scooped him up and carefully set him on the bed, kneeling beside it to take the heels off and check him over.  “Especially such tall ones- you should start in kitten heels.”

“Oh and like you know so much about heels!”  Dipper groaned as Bill’s fingers brushed against his rapidly swelling ankle.

Bill lifted a brow at him and grinned.  Suddenly he was standing before Dipper  in some fluffy candy striper dress with tall white heels.  He paced before him a couple times just to prove his point.

“You’re using magic to cheat.”  Dipper grumbled, earning a laugh was Bill knelt again.

“Not for walking, but I am for THIS.”  He leaned  in a pressed a kiss to Dipper’s ankle, the young man sighed above him in relief as the swelling went down.

bobbimqrse asked:

things you said at the top of the ferris wheel + lance and bobbi ofc :)

school’s over and my muse took a mini two-day vacation. it’s nice to finally get back into the swing of writing. thank you for this one, rachel, it was fun! <3

“Hey Bobbi, do you remember how I said I was afraid of heights?”


“Oh.” Lance clutches the edge of the basket and looks up at the stars. “Hey Bob?”

“Yeah, Hunter?”

“I’m afraid of heights.”

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anonymous asked:

Okay so I really need to clean my room because it's hella messy, you can see the floor but it's just cluttered and I have shit on top more shit in piles like on my dresser. But I have bad depression and lack the energy and motivation and I need help.

Start with your clothes. You’re gonna make piles: 1. Dirty laundry 2. Stuff that needs to be hung up or folded 3. Stuff I don’t want. I personally also make a pile for socks and underwear because they have their own place. Once you’ve made your piles, put your laundry in a laundry basket, the stuff you don’t want in a garbage bag for donation, and the things you need to fold and hang on your bed. Grab all your empty hangers and take them to the bed. I’m sure you can fill in the blanks. Now that you’ve cleaned up your clothes, take a plastic bag and go around your room and pick up all your trash and unwanted shit. Throw that out. Now you just have shit that needs to be organized. Organize things by what they have in common. Bags go with bags, keep all your eye liner in one place, etc. Open a window. Vacuum. Done.

enoughtotemptme asked:

okay i was looking for more prompts to send you but honestly send this one to me or i'll end you "Uh yeah hi. Our apartment building has a strict no pets allowed policy and I’m 100% positive that something in your apartment has been barking for the last ten minutes so either you let me in to pet the dog because omg I love dogs or I go tell the management” AU

(okay so this one deviates a bit from the prompt i’m sorry no i’m not)

also clarke’s sister is raven and she’s married to wick which is why their dog is named edison

The dog next door has been howling piteously for ten minutes straight. Usually, barking dogs don’t affect Bellamy, because his sister lives in a suburban neighborhood where pretty much everyone has a dog or three. But this particular one is in a no-pets-allowed tenement building on the fifth floor.

That, and it’s kind of breaking his heart a little because the poor thing just sounds so wretched.

He raps on the door until a harried-looking blonde in a pink crown-patterned tanktop opens it. “What?” she snaps.

“You know you’re not allowed to have a pet, right?”

“Edison, hush,” she begs the dog. "I know, but he’s not my dog.”

Bellamy crosses his arms. “You can’t have a dog here. Especially not if you’re going to let the poor thing howl like that. It’s borderline neglect, princess.”

“My name’s not princess. And I’m trying to get him to shut up but he misses his family and he’s a pathetic loser puppy.”

Bellamy leans casually against her doorjamb. “Well, you can let me help, and hope nobody else has heard the dog, or I can go tell Mr. Kane you’re violating the domestic animals policy.”

She looks past the door toward the dog, then back at Bellamy. “Fine.” She gestures for him to come in and points toward the dog. “I won’t guarantee he’ll like you, though. He can be pretty grump—”

But Edison’s already interested in Bellamy, sniffing at his boots and his fingers. He’s interested enough to stop howling, and interested enough to let Bellamy scratch his ears. “There you go, buddy. It’s okay. You just miss your humans, don’t you? I bet all you need is a hug.” He scoops up the dog and continues to scratch his ears while Edison rests his chin on Bellamy’s shoulder like a tired child. “See?” he tells the blonde princess. “Easy peasy.”

She’s got her arms crossed. “Can’t blame me,” she says. “I’ve never had a pet, okay?”

“Sure,” Bellamy says. “So how’d you get landed with this bundle of cute?”

“My sister and her husband went out of town for the weekend on business, and they can’t bring Edison. I’m supposed to stay at their house, except I’m pretty sure a whole family of skunks died under the house. Or the neighbors are trying to bake the whole neighborhood. Anyway, I couldn’t sleep with the smell, so I had to bring Edison here.”

“Well, I won’t tell if you won’t,” he says. “And if you’ll let me play with him.”

She laughs. “If you can keep him from getting noticed by everyone in the building, you can play with him all you want.”

“Cool.” Bellamy sticks out his hand. “I’m Bellamy, by the way.”

Princess shakes it. “Clarke,” she tells him. “Not princess.”

anonymous asked:

Where can I fill out an application to be your next girlfriend?

  1. booty?
  2. speaky spanish?
  3. are your thighs twice the size of mine? (yes required)
  4. are you with the shits?
Prompt Fill 1 - Feathers and Broken Chains (or what to do when Maya Hart cries)

could you write a prompt about lucas comforting maya about being disappointed by her father or something and like she lets her guard down and he sees her all vulnerable which is completely different from how he used to see her? i feel like you would do a super good job with it :-) 

Thank you for the faith in me Nonnie! Yes, yes I can and will fill this prompt. Here goes:

Small warning: long post. But worth it I promise :)

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anonymous asked:

smut is disgusting

(To some maybe, but I happen to like it and it’s my blog so I can fill it will all the smut I want to fill it with. And because you seem to love it so much I’ll write you some (and also for the bitchass lovely anon who has been harassing limitlessmonster).)

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cili-ai asked:

Florida? c:

sexuality: fuck ALL THE THINGS

gender: fuck the gender too

a ship: FLYOMING

a broTP: Florida/Maine.

a noTP: I literally ship florida with everything.

random headcanon: Florida has a penchant for theatrics. He is constantly acting.

general opinion: SUGAR DADDY