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What's a mannequin AU? I feel like I am missing something. Is this like some mannequins come to life at night the museum type deal? Like Cap is a wax figure in a WWII place and but comes to life and has memories? I don't even know. I am so confused.

*gasp* have you never seen the 1987 cinema masterpiece ‘mannequin’???

only instead of ancient egypt it’s WWII. and instead of some random gods it would be the red skull with some kind of magic thingy. and he does it to get steve out of the way. only he doesn’t wield it correctly and ends up being turned into a ‘mannequin’ or whatever as well. and then when someone finds them decades later they destroy the red skull in a trash compactor because he’s ugly and they think the other mannequin has a striking resemblance to captain america so they use him in some kind of museum display which is where tony finds him


so I went to the beach fully dressed listening to my ipod and a Mayday song came on so I walked into the water barefoot listening to it feeling like I was in a music video because it was all sad and cute, and I was just staring at the waves, but then Sticks and Bricks by A Day To Remember came on and the ‘girl stands in the water looking serious’ thing wasn’t going to work so I went to go sit down

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can you recommend me some good fanfics on aff? C: specially ones that are dark and angsty if you can.

Sure! Angst is my favorite ^^ Most of these are oneshots unfortunately, but they’re all pretty good.

Btw, Nonny, I read some pretty messed up stories. Don’t judge me pls U__U

Pretty Boy
Sexual Deviance
Chained At Home
Winter In My Heart
Swing Boy
Kiss My Eyes And Lay Me To Sleep  <—- this one is my favorite c: