Annalise Keating is my new motivation like if she can go in the courtroom after being shot, drugged all the way the fuck up, hallucinating her dead son and having no eyebrows and still able to lie her ass off while bleeding out right there. then I can get my ass up tomorrow morning and deal with some rude ass college students.

Shit I aspire to be on Annalise Keating level of slayage!

as someone who struggles with anxiety and depression and has, miraculously, found ways to cope with said anxiety and depression and Keep On Truckin’ (a Not So Easy task, let me tell you!!!) it really, really, REALLY!!!!! immobilizes me with Feels when my FAVORITE CHARACTER, my son, my firstborn, sole inheritor of all my properties, my hearts’ love, etc etc., says this shit:

i’m honestly on the floor, crying my eyes out, because i imprinted on billy years ago and it just. i can’t even explain how it feels tbh, to have this character that you love so much, that you can relate to so much, just come out and say this stuff–it feels??? really good??? to know that my Utter Fave Nerdy Son is dealing with the same things and keeps on fighting too.

idek. don’t listen to people who say fictional characters can’t have a huge impact on you. billy hasn’t had an easy life and he’s been through the shitter so many times, but he’s so fucking strong. my son. wow, i love him. wowsers.


To follow up with my previous post, and add a bit of salt, if you are so focused on power-playing followers don’t put important information in your about page. No one reads that unless they really want to get to know you better. And people rarely even read them when you do that. Put it in your description, or as your blog title so that people on mobile can read it.

If you are a minor and don’t want adults to follow you, for the love of god put that in your blog title. Warn people. And if an adult accidentally follows you, just soft block them. Don’t make a huge deal out of it or shit. 

If you are a blog that only wants rp blogs to follow you, or people are accidentally following your main because you’re following them on it, I suggest you put it in your title to save you a lotta headache. Or something that notifies people so they know they are in the wrong place.

It’s so easy for people on mobile to just see barely a glimpse of your blog and follow you. They literally “oh look an [x] blog, I’m going to follow it because they have a similarity in interests.” It’s not some sort of attempt to defy you or make you uncomfortable. You are a public blog.

As a public blog, you have consented to all of tumblr being able to see your content. Let me repeat, you have consented to all of tumblr being able to see your blog. Even people you have blocked can still go to your page unless you go so far as to IP block people from your blog.

If you don’t want people to follow you or see your posts, make a private blog.

Things that are typically highly inappropriate to do and can be seen as either power-playing/manipulating:

  • Telling people to “ask to follow” you
  • Telling people to tell you if they unfollow you (don't’ ask that it’s super awkward like why would you want to do that even)
  • Contact people after they follow you asking why they unfollowed you (THIS IS THE MOST UNCOMFORTABLE THING DO NOT DO THIS OH GOD)
  • Telling people to not follow you based on gender/sex/race/religion (Their identity is none of your fucking business, and it is gross)

The only possible exception from the last one is if you are a victim trying to still rehabilitate from trauma, but even then it is still very inappropriate to put people on the spot like that. It is not appropriate to do any of these things.

One of my fave things about lis is that sometimes at the bottom of the screen on the menu it’ll say something along the lines of “if life is strange has caused any emotional harm call this number” and I just find that really sweet because it does deal with some serious shit and for the developers to put a number you can call to help in the menu is rly nice and makes me feel good

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mallout valencock with either 8 or 22 >:v

(NOooo my bbs can’t fight D:)

“What, nothing?” Nick was pissed already but the fact that he wouldn’t just fucking answer him, god that was what really got him. “I’m cool with most of the crazy shit you do, John, but when you moved in we made rules. And you know what? I can deal with you leaving your shit all over my side of the room and never doing the dishes or walking the dog but this?”

Hancock kept his eyes firmly on the tv, pretending like he wasn’t even listening. The tight jaw, clenched hands, and narrowed eyes gave him away. “Would you fucking answer me,” Nick shouted, pushing the power button for the tv much harder than he needed to.

“I was watching that,” John muttered, still refusing to make eye contact.

“And I’m talking to you.”

“You got a problem with me, just kick me out. It’s what everyone else does.” 

After a long moment of silence and a heavy sigh he brought his eyes up to meet Nick’s. “Thank you. Now what do you have to say for yourself?”

“It’s not that bad, Nicky,” he said with a smile that was just a smidgen too shaky to be natural. “It’s just a bit of coke.”

Nick was torn for punching him in his smug fucking face for being such an idiot and the other part of him wanted to hold him and never let go. “You said you quit.” 

“You know, quitting is sorta a process you know? It’s not just, like, you stop one day and never do it again. Sometimes you screw up and you just need to get a little high, you know?” He said it so non-challantly, as if he actually believed it. They both knew that wasn’t true. He’d fucked up.

Nick crouched down, putting his real hand over John’s. “That shit’s dangerous, love.”

“I know.”

“I can help you if you’ll let me.” Tears welled in Hancock’s eyes and he pulled him close, vowing to never let go because a man like him shouldn’t cry. “Oh… Don’t cry…” John’s hands clung to his shirt and it was obvious he didn’t have plans to let go either.

(I’m so sorry :’( my gay babies should be happy and yet here I am writing this)


I dunno if this is a thing. I’m making this a thing.

So its super simple. You need a dictionary. Either a physical copy where you can flip to a random page, or any of the billion dictionaries online. Oxford dictionary and dictionary.com both have a word of the day deal which is more than sufficient. Let that baby fly until you get a word at random.

Then you write something based on that word.

It can be a headcanon, a drabble, a starter, whatever you like.

For bonus points include the dictionary definition of the word.

Do that shit for 14 days.

Not only is it a great way to expand your vocabulary, but it’s also a great way of coming up with unusual prompts for your character.

i can’t believe people are shitting on kat mcnamara’s acting… i just… i refuse to deal with any of it… if y’all wanna sit here and complain about shadowhunters then go ahead and do it, be bitter for the rest of your lives!!! but i’ll be here happy with my malec headcanons and all my clizzy moments and the show’s acknowledging of magnus’ bisexuality bc anything else does not bother me.

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Sukhi, do you have any advise on how to deal with emotionally abusive and overbearing parents? You mentioned your parents being difficult a while ago and I can relate. Please don't answer if it's not something you don't want to think about

lmao i’ll let you know when I figure it out myself tbh right now tho I’ve just been doing what they want me to do keeping low dying on the inside its whatever 

Do you enjoy fucking with my head? I’m in no good state to deal with stuff like this and I seriously can’t of this anymore. This blog is supposed to be my outlet. It’s my escape from all the shit going on in my life but I can’t go onto this place if I still get shit for it. I get that I can’t help everyone but you don’t have to push me down just because of that. I get enough of that. I can’t enjoy my life if you keep throwing bullshit at me. I can’t own a blog without trying to be better version of myself. It’s so hard to keep myself alive and the when I show the tiniest bit of vulnerability, people like you decide to make me feel worse about myself. I already want to die for Christ’s sake!! What else do you want me to do?!!

the worst thing is being different from everyone at work, finally admitting that you are sorry you are the way you are but you can’t really help it, and then everyone continuing to shit on you because you don’t act, think, or live like them. 

Sorry. Leaving the house makes me tired and anxious. Being with people I don’t know REALLY WELL makes me tired and VERY anxious. Often I will talk to people and know I am being “strange” (talking too much, too loud, dominating conversation) but cannot seem to stop myself from continuing in that vein unless I just suddenly cease socializing.

Can all this please stop, I have enough to deal with without having to be the absolute “weirdest” person in every situation on top of it. 

On second though, can everyone else just stop? Why am I required to achieve social normality? Why is it such a big deal if I talk too much unexpectedly or don’t get a joke or not enjoy cruel/hurtful humor? Why does it matter so much that I exist in my own way? 

Hey guys.

I’m going to be leaving this blog up for the “memories” but its more-or-less closed. It was a fun deal but life is always, you know, happening. and whatever motivation I had to do this sorta thing has melted.  I don’t consider myself and artist and I never have. But it was a fun deal. 

So thanks, yo. 

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(And no, the URL will not be changed/given away. I earned this shit. )

I love how in Grey’s, the doctors are always too busy to deal with multiple patients but if it’s one of their doctors it’s like no other patients exist and they all swarm around the doctor in pain. LOL. 

On another note, two seconds in I WAS BAWLING ALREADY! THIS IS THE GREY’S I FELL IN LOVE WITH! The patient drama and geez! Ellen can act even when she’s just laying in bed. Like holy shit! 


I’m ‘bout getting tired as a muh'fucka with this up and down shit. It’s only been a month and a half, there’s still a lot of shit we didn’t deal with, and y'all @dymondsempire @kandiredshmoney ready to give it up cuz I been working like fuck ooc. If all this shit is based on me and shit then how is the other shit gon’ work? You gon’ have 30 niggas in that shit, none of them niggas know y'all ooc so when the shit gets quiet they gon’ be ready to leave and talk shit about the way y'all run shit, and if I’m the nigga who keeps shit going then y'all shit outta luck bruh cuz I got OT for a couple of more weeks. What we got in this is perfect for me cuz I can do late night group posts and shit, and I ain’t gotta deal with young girls and they feelings. I don’t give a fuck about the tags, tbh. I don’t want to do another tag rp cuz that shit is immature as a muh'fucka. You gotta worry about lil ass girls playing grown women and shit. I’m just beyond that shit. I was only gon’ do that shit for y'all, but fuck. I wanted to make this shit last for a couple of months, but y'all ready to be done with it and these 3 @she-hella-ill @hendrix-hennessy @chefcurrywitdarock are the only ones who want to keep it going. I can’t keep it going for them cuz both of his @chefcurrywitdarock endgames are gon’ be gone.

I had to go to bed early cos I only got 5hrs last night and tomorrow I’m on double horse duty but I slept for 1hr and woke up in like full body pain very confused and angry w/my brain in hyperdrive about how I’m TRAPPED and I have to GO and then everything’s rotten and bad I gotta LEAVE so I had a stress shower and some food now I’m sitting here trying to figure out how to sleep and where to sleep. Ideally it would be like, out in the backyard but I’m not prepared to have a discussion about why I’m doing that. And I don’t have any drugs to knock me out no wait I have ONE pm cold and flu tablet and I guess like an enormous amount of expired weird antipsychotics which I hate. I can’t believe I still have to deal with shit like this when does it end um lol.

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hm, how do i say this without being a dick...? you're so fucking pretty, thyra, you'd never in a thousand years go for me

((tbh ngl)), if you can make me laugh, cuddle, and deal with my shit 24/7. im literally yours :)♥

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If you're otherkin how are you on the Internet? I don't see how anyone but humans can use the Internet????

This is a humorous anon here. Give them a round of applause.

Now go away. I don’t have time to deal with your shit.


Dee’s internal monologue during “It’s NB Deal”:

  • “oh shit this is happening”
  • “oh no”
  • “he’s going to hate me”
  • “i’m so bad at this”
  • The pure fear of rejection that comes with telling someone something like this.
  • “wait what”
  • “i can’t believe this dork”
  • “Jesus”

Dear Kaitlyn,

Thank you for this episode. Thank you this character. Thank you for this series goddamn it, it’s everything I need. Your writing, acting, dancing, and captioning are all amazing. Please continue to be amazing.


that one tumblr user that makes all those LaFontaine gifsets and hopefully doesnt weird you out (aka, Riley)

  • Chat:*see expensive vase*
  • Ladybug:chat dont do it
  • Chat:*stares and pushes it off anyways*
  • Ladybug:NO
  • Volpina:*catches vase*
  • Ladybug:oh thank god
  • Volpina:*throws vase at the floor*
  • Ladybug:
  • Volpina & Chat:*insert content smiles/tail wagging intensifies*
  • Volpina & Chat:"KISS KISS-"

you know i love ford and i will always defend him but i can’t get over stanchurian candidate, like the man built a mind control tie for use on the president by some shady third party, like honestly that explains a lot of reagan’s presidency but holy shit ford that’s some crooked deals you’re doing. like i can accept that you were tricked by a demon to make a huge doomsday portal but he talks about this government mind control thing like it was some project he did for fun. and then hes like “yeah you can use it on my brother” fORD WHERE IS YOUR MORALITY