So I just wanted to do a sketch of the “WHATISUPEVERYBODY” intro but wHOOPS my hand slipped and I did a fully rendered collection of Sanders Sides  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I was feeling a little sheepish at first about drawing fan art of a real person but then I kind of thought to myself, well, Thomas isn’t embarrassed about what he likes! He would just want me to have fun!! So I did!

I also sort of accidentally came up with non-Disney theme songs for each of them. At least, it was what I listened to when I worked on each of them, and I kind of think they themselves would listen to these songs?

Logic: Oh No! by Marina and the Diamonds (I know exactly why I walk and talk like a machine~~)

Morality: Fireworks by Katy Perry (Mostly because my own dad has recently discovered Katy Perry and is being… very Dad about it, but also because I feel like Morality would believe in me. And imagining him singing along in a dad voice gave me a hearty chuckle.)

Princey: Born This Way by Lady Gaga, (What would a prince listen to if not a queen???)

Anxiety: Pity Party by Melanie Martinez, (cuz you can’t spell party without art. And I can cry if I want to.)

And then I feel weird assigning a theme song to a real person cuz at least the other four are fictional representations, but when I did @thatsthat24 himself I was listening to A Little Opera Goes A Long Way by Sky Sailing

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request!!! RFA and maybe V and/or unknown (if ur comfortable writing them!) reacting to the MC breaking up with them because she fell in love with another RFA member? Like, for example, MC breaking up with Zen because she's in love with Jumin 🙊 kinda weird request but I haven't seen a request like this before, so...

this one kills me because i love all of them but i want them all at the same time but i dont wanna hurt them ughhh my emotions are all over but i had fun writing this <3

 I hope you like it :)


  • For him it was Zen
  • Zen had been sweet talking you for a while now
  • Always making fun of you for going for such a gamer head like Yoosung
  • “If it were me, I’d spoil you with attention, MC. Nothing would come in between us.” He said to you once, over the phone. 
  • You were venting about Yoosung’s recent lack of interest in you. Zen was always around and he appreciated you more. 
  • You couldn’t contain your feelings anymore. You went to Yoosung’s house and broke the news right at the front door.
  • “I need to tell you something.” You said, looking at the ground.
  • “Come in, you haven’t been to my apartment in like-forever.” He cooed, excited to see you.
  • “No, that’s the thing. I’m not coming in. I need to say this now.” You breathed out. Clinging your bag strap to your chest, you finally look up him.
  • “I’m breaking up with you. You’ve barely been giving me any attention. I’m sick and tired of asking for it too. I can’t sit around and wait for you to grow up Yoosung. Besides, there’s someone else..” You manage to say.
  • he’s broken already now
  • “MC, I’m so sorry. I can be a better man! One that showers you with love and affection!” He’s biting back tears now. You turn on your heel and leave, deciding not to tell him who the ‘someone else’ was.
  • he’s super depressed after this
  • lost his first girlfriend 
  • wait why am i crying


  • This one is a little more on the soft side.
  • Believe it or it was Jaehee
  • It started off so innocently
  • Movie nights with Jaehee watching Zen’s plays
  • til one day you realized how much time you’d been spending with her lately
  • When did she start making my heart pound like this?
  • You were confused because you’ve never liked a girl before. 
  • Nonetheless, you weren’t even sure if Jaehee would accept your feelings, since you thought she was only interested in men
  • You couldn’t hold out anymore.
  • “Zen, we need to talk.” You say, in nothing but your pajamas. He had just came home, and he hung up his coat on the coat rack.
  • “Of course babe. Let me just hop in the shower.” He says. You waited all day to tell him, you decided to wait a little more.
  • He came out of the shower, still dripping wet and in nothing but a towel.
  • It was at this point that you realized you weren’t attracted to him anymore.
  • “I’m all ears, babe.” He said , still drying his hair. He bent down to leave a kiss on your forehead but you turned your head away.
  • “Did…Did I do something?” He was hurt now.
  • “Zen I can’t keep going with this relationship. I don’t feel like I’m..like I’m myself.” You say.
  • “What do you mean?” He said, sitting beside you on the bed.
  • he’s so concerned
  • “I’m… I’m in love with someone else… She doesn’t even know how I feel and I don’t think I can tell her.”
  • His self esteem right now plummets to the ground.
  • “She…?” He asks.
  • “Jaehee..” You breathe out, quite embarrassed.
  • “Oh…OH.”
  • “Yeah..”
  • “Just tell her then. You shouldn’t keep something like that to yourself. The heart wants what it wants.” He half smiles.
  • he’s hurt af
  • but supportive
  • he eventually helps you confess 


  • With her it was Yoosung
  • No one expected this
  • Not even you
  • Until one day Yoosung confessed to you
  • At first you didn’t think much of it. Simply told him you didn’t feel the same way
  • He was hurt but he got over it
  • or so he thought
  • One day Jaehee was working a late shift with Jumin
  • Yoosung invited you out with him and a couple of his friends
  • they thought you and him were a couple 
  • but you explained you didn’t roll that way
  • you guys were at the movies and Yoosung sat beside you
  • his hand brushed over yours on the arm rest and then laid above it
  • he didn’t move his hand
  • you didn’t mind since you knew he liked you
  • you let him have this
  • after the movies he and everyone else parted ways
  • you guys were walking the same way
  • “Oh..MC.. I forgot you walk this way too haha..” He blushed.
  • “Yeah, haha.” You say.
  • He walked you all the way home
  • “I had a great time tonight.” He said, nervously.
  • “Yeah me too-
  • He kisses you
  • *sparkles and butterflies*
  • uh wait what you liked it??
  • “Why did you do that?!” You say, all flustered, covering your mouth.
  • “I don’t know-I’m sorry!”
  • poor boy ran for the hills
  • You didn’t speak a word of this to Jaehee.
  • he texted you a couple days later “Sorry about the kiss, MC. I guess i still have feelings for you..”
  • “No..it’s.. I liked it.” You texted back.
  • things got off from there
  • you told Jaehee about it
  • that he kissed you and you sort of enjoyed it
  • “For some reason, I liked it. And whenever I kiss you now… it doesn’t feel the same anymore.. maybe I-I have feelings for him?” You tell her.
  • my hEART
  • she’s pretty understanding but mad that you waited to tell her
  • “I don’t think we should be together either… since you’re second guessing being with me now.”
  • shes hurt


  • He knew if anyone would take his girl it’d be V.
  • He was actually just waiting for you to admit you had feelings for him.
  • He could tell from the chemistry you had with him.
  • You don’t smile at me like that anymore.
  • You both hung out a lot when he was working
  • he was sick of the lies
  • everyday you came home and seemed less interested in him.
  • You knew he deserved better. You fell in love with his best friend. What else could you say to him that he didn’t already know?
  • You came home especially late one evening and he was sitting there, waiting for you.
  • “Did you have fun with him?” He practically spat.
  • You couldn’t say anything to him but the truth now.
  • “Jumin… I’m..sorry..I never expected for it to happen but it did.”
  • “Did you just expect for me not to find out? This is the fourth time this week you’ve been with him. And me? Well I’ve just been here. Waiting for you to tell me something at least.” He pinched between his eyebrows.
  • He wasn’t even hurt anymore
  • just tired
  • “I love him. I can’t change that. I’m so sorry for prolonging this. I could’ve just told you the truth but my heart..I didn’t want to deal with the heartache… of whatever we had.”
  • “I also didn’t want to ruin your friendship with him.” You were crying now.
  • “But I love him. I can’t be with you anymore.” You say, leaving his place.
  • Jumin’s a mess now, he’s holding back tears and frustration
  • daddy i didnt mean to im sorry


  • he couldn’t believe ears when he heard it was Jumin
  • The busy hacker knew he worked a lot but he didn’t think you’d leave him for it.
  • “Jumin’s just as busy as you. He makes time for me and he’s always working.” You say to him.
  • “We have different jobs, sympathize with me here, MC.” He says to you.
  • It all started when Jumin invited you over in the chat room.
  • “Well.. you know MC.. if you’re feeling lonely, I have no problem providing company for you.”
  • “Thanks, but I shouldn’t.” You were a little on edge but at the same time Seven had been working so much he was barely in the chat room.
  • “Positive? Not even for dinner?”
  • “I guess I could use something to eat.”
  • That was your first mistake.
  • He was far more caring the Seven, never afraid to show you his romantic side.
  • He sweet talked you into a kiss and so much more.
  • You told him you couldn’t continue to sneak around like this without breaking things off with Seven first.
  • “I’m leaving you. All I asked for was a little effort and you couldn’t even give me that.” You said to Seven, before heading out the door.
  • He was crying
  • “I can be better.. I want to be better…” He sobbed, but you didn’t hear a thing.
  • dont cry bby I LOVE YOU


  • well he definitely didn’t SEE this coming 
  • I’ll go home
  • It was complicated when you told him you had feelings for Jumin
  • He still had feelings for Rika
  • You couldn’t deal with all the emotional stress that came along with him and his whole situation with her
  • “I can’t Jihyun. How can you kiss me and still think of her.” You say, hurt inside.
  • v route spoiler maybe?
  • “It’s not like I want to…I’d loved her so much..I gave her everything. I gave her everything thinking she’d do the same. I can’t get over that..” He said.
  • “I’m not in the wrong either..” You admit. “I’ve been seeing Jumin.” 
  • “What?”
  • his small little aching heart
  • he can’t right now
  • how will he ever love again 
  • “He…He doesn’t compare me to her..He loves me for me. I thought you’d do that but I guess I was wrong.” You say, tears spilling from your eyes. You turned on your heel to leave. 
  • Why does my heart hurt?
  • “MC.. I’m trying to learn… learn to love you..for you. Does that not mean anything to you?”
  • “It’s not enough.”
  • im sobbing

Unknown (Saeran)

  • He was already on edge about loving someone period
  • So when you told him that you were in love with Saeyoung, it broke him.
  • “Why..Why am I never good enough?” His gaze dropped to the floor.
  • “Saeran..”
  • “Shut up! You liar!” He spat.  “You said forever.. just like everyone else..”
  • You didn’t know what to say. 
  • “How long..?” He asked. “How long have you felt this way?”
  • “Since before I met you.. I think he’s always had my heart. But he insisted that he wasn’t good for me. My heart couldn’t just stop loving him.. and then you came along and-
  • “You felt sorry for me?” He laughed. “Sorry enough that you pitied me. You don’t give a shit about me..I don’t know why I thought you did.” He ran his hands through his hair. 
  • i do care about you bby im sorry
  • He was sobbing and laughing all together.
  • “I can’t keep pretending to love you. I’m so sorry.” You say, leaving the room because you were on the verge on tears yourself.
  • im already crying
Maid of Honor (a Kyungsoo one shot)

You stood in front of your floor length mirror wearing the dress. This was the dress you would be wearing as your best friend, your better half, your soulmate, got married. You were the maid of honor. Hyunsoo. The person who was by your side through everything, your first love, your first heart break, her first love, her second, and third. You shared music and clothes and shoes and secrets. Everything. She was it. And she was irreplaceable.

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It seems like you're treating and favoring Helene as the main character instead of Laia, who IS the main character, right? I just hope Helene isn't favored in Ember 3 and Laia isn't treated as the main character anymore, because with Helene's summary paragraph as the first and Helene being dead center on the Ember 3 cover really makes it seem that way

I answered this a few days ago. But I would like to add….


(This is to the tune of “It’s my party and I can cry if I want to, fyi.)

Episode 4 leaked on Freefolk and the Jonerys stuff is literally BETTER than the script implied and I can’t stop crying. I really want to make gifs but don’t want to spoil people so. Life.

Anyway when I stop flailing I’ll post Jonerys deets for yall lol. P.S. Their new theme music plays for the entire scene and they are alone the whole time like in each other’s faces.

god i love movies

Guillermo del Toro is making a beautiful, tragic, mermaid-AU-looking love story featuring a mute female protagonist and it’s one of those every-frame-is-a-painting trailers and I’ll probably buy it on Blu-Ray just so I can cry whenever I want


both Texas Chainsaw Massacre and the Saw franchise are getting movies named after their murderers (”Leatherface” and “Jigsaw” respectively), and those movies are releasing on the same day, and the Leatherface trailer features a kid getting a chainsaw for his birthday (literally the mom just slaps it right down on the table next to his cake) while the Jigsaw trailer features 5 people with buckets on their heads!?

And im just….thinkin of……this

movies \o/


so I got to thinking… what if the other members got solo singles too?

(complete tracklists under the cut)

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Dear Charlie,

I can’t stop crying. I don’t want to be alone, but then again I do. I don’t want to call you because it hurts to hear your voice, because when I hear it I just keep hearing those words and it hurts even more. I don’t know what to do or how to fix this. I’m hurt and I’m sorry. I’m sorry that I’m missing part of myself that you want and need. Im sorry that I don’t know if you’ll get it back. I’m sorry


  • INFP: I can fake cry whenever I want
  • INTJ: Yeah, I call bullshit
  • INFP: Really? You don't trust me? *tears up*
  • INTJ: Wait. What is happening
  • INFP: *puppy eyes* *more tears come up*
  • INTJ: Oh my god you're doing it
  • INFP: *sheds a tear*
  • INTJ: *starts laughing uncontrollably*
  • INFP: *also can't contain laughter but still crying* No why are you laughing, I am truly hurt, see, I'm crying
  • INTJ: *losing their shit*