That day the water
Sapphire blue, jade-like green
Washing rocky shores with
Jewels of memory
Watching fog like dolphins
Jumping rushing for shore
I pressed my fuzzy sweater tighter
Your hand, this love, slipping round me
A steady warmth I can count on
Sun shining happy saliferous mist
Spraying smiles across my face
Despite the black storms living in my head
Your hand, this love, holding on
Pressing into swells I bring
Your eyes seeing more, the shore
The bursting sunshine when I come out
The other side


dream me a soft world, my love,
a city with no night
where I can count the stars with the sun shining overhead.
dream me a world where my bruises turn to tattoos
so I’ll have art on my skin instead of the fading
memories of blows and raised voices.

dream me a world where I can love you
fierce, without needing to suck my poison from your veins
every time we kiss.

but if you can’t, sweetheart, dream yourself a scarless boy
with soft hands and softer kisses. dream yourself a new world,
a cleaner world without me in it.


a. n. s.

letter to a greywaren

anonymous asked:

stay awake lyrics analysis :*

oh god, this is my favourite all time low song. i feel so lucky to have heard it live more than once, i cried my eyes out. SO LET’S GET EMOTIONAL AS BALLS.

caught in a cold sweat, stuck splitting hairs and drinking too much. i’m on my way to striking out. 

a cold sweat is generally brought on by stress, anxiety or fear. so alex is feeling stressed out about the position he’s in at this point in his life, and he says he feels caught in it. this would suggest he could be in a rut. he’s not addressing the problem, just drinking and messing around and being irresponsible so he doesn’t have to think about it. 

he knows that, soon, it’s going to amount to failure.

go to sleep with the pressure of everyone watching and waiting, they’re yours for the taking, but i still have my doubts. 

the fans are expecting something of him, for bigger and better music, and his band-mates and friends and family are all expecting it too, expecting him to make something of himself now that he has this career. he could have it all and be a success but he’s doubting his abilities to be better, to make more of what he’s already achieved. he doesn’t know if he can top it. he doesn’t know if he’s as good as everyone believes he could be.

before you ask which way to go, remember where you’ve been. 

alex tells himself that before he doubts his abilities and starts to feel lost and scared about his future, he should remember what he’s already overcome and his previous successes. 

there are mistakes he’s learned from. he’s made it through all the tough times in his life and fought to be where he is; he’s stronger than he’s letting himself believe.

stay awake, get a grip and get out, you’re safe from the weight of the world. just take a second to set things straight. 

here he talks about staying positive and not panicking when he feels lost and unsure what to do next; get a grip and get out. 

he removes himself from the negative mindset and reminds himself it’ll be okay. 

there’s a phrase that goes, “carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders.” to look as if you’re doing that, it means you’re taking on the bulk of the planet’s problems and worrying about them as well as your own. i think alex has twisted that meaning a little here, saying that no matter what shit is going on in his life, his world, to himself or the people close to him, he’s safe from it as long as he keeps a clear head. 

he won’t worry so much if he just takes a step back, takes a deep breath, and reminds himself that he can work it out. it won’t help if he lets the stress and pressure get to him. 

as long as he keeps on moving forward, he’ll be safe from his worries.

i’ll be fine, even though i’m not always right. i can count on the sun to shine. 

even if his judgement is off sometimes, if he makes a mistake, if he messes it up, it’s not going to screw up his entire life. he can fix it as best he can and move on because not everything is going to go his way no matter how hard he tries, and that’s okay. 

if his bad days are rainy days, he knows there will be sunshine someday soon.

the sun is very symbolic, it has thousands of meanings. a very common one passed down in cultures and religions is that it is the cycle of all life: birth, death, rebirth, and all in between. (people might be most familiar with this because it’s a heavily featured theme in the lion king, particularly with songs circle of life and he lives in you. it even has mufasa in place of the sun in several scenes). 

i’m not sure if alex deliberately picked a sun metaphor for this reason, but the idea of birth and rebirth fits very well here in the sense that bad things pass, and new, better things come along in their place. 

dedication takes a lifetime, but dreams only last for a night. 

alex comes to a point in life where he’s reminded that while it’s all very well to have dreams, they won’t help you succeed in life. imagining what you want and going after it are two very different things, and he recognises that he’s going to have work harder and harder to make these dreams of his come true. 

figure it out boy, you’re tripping so pull yourself together or you’ll wash up like the rest. 

alex knows he’s going to fuck this up if he doesn’t get his head together and figure out what to do rather than ignoring the issue. 

if he doesn’t, he’s not going to make it like he thought he would. he hasn’t lived up to his potential yet, hasn’t done what he wants to and what is expected of him. it’s going to take work; dedication.

this ship is sinking, i’m thinking i’m done for. i’ll watch as the sails disappear under water, ‘cause i’m no captain yet. 

he’s feeling so lost, a little bit like his life is falling apart before it’s really began, and he’s not very sure how to improve it from here. 

a ship sinking pretty much means the game is up and there’s nothing to be done to save it. but alex is no captain; he’s not an expert, he’s still learning from his mistakes and doing his best to be positive no matter what life throws at him. 

he’s no captain yet, but he thinks he can be. he thinks he can come back from this.

that was my third attempt at analysing these, my laptop kept freezing the other day when i tried to. but alas, i did it! and i may have teared up just a little.

in short, this is alex being so close to achieving the one thing he’s been dreaming of for so long, but he’s in a rut and struggling. he doesn’t want to try because he’s scared. then he realises that if he wants it, he has to work for it, because wishing for it to all work out and fall in his lap won’t get him anywhere. 

this is such a beautiful song, i can’t get over it.