Kitchen Chief - David Rossi x Reader

this was requested by an Anon <3 

the person who requested this wanted me to write a Rossi request where he tries to teach is daughter how to cook but she´s hopelessly bad. 

Characters: David Rossi, Y/N Rossi

Warnings: mild swearing?

A/N: tbh this is me, like i can´t cook i am miserable, but i do hope you enjoy this piece!

“But why do I have to do that again, Dad?”, Y/N asked as Rossi dragged her into the kitchen. 

“Well, in case you wanna grow up someday and move out of this house, you need to be able to feed yourself properly.”, Dave explained.

“What about Take Out food? Isn´t that enough?”, she replied, smirking. 

“Mamma Mia, no it isn´t. I can´t believe that you really are my daughter.”, the Italian sighed as he placed different ingredients on the kitchen counter. 

“Believe it or not, Dad. We´re related. So, what are we gonna do?”

“I´ll try and teach you how to cook the perfect lasagna.”

Y/N rolled her eyes. “Okay, whatever. Let´s give it a try.”

After only some minutes in, Rossi noticed that his daugther sadly was a hopeless case when it comes to cooking. She wasn´t even able to separate sugar from salt. After 20 long minutes, the duo finally put the lasagna in the oven. 

“Okay, kid. This has to be in there for at least 20 more minutes. To make sure it doesn´t burn, you need to watch it constantly. I´ll take a quick shower. Don´t disappoint me, please.”, he joked and with this, the agent disappeared to the bathroom. Y/N on the other hand sat down on the couch and turned on the TV.

“Y/N! What the hell!”, she heard her father scream as she woke up. Shit, she must have fallen asleep and totally forgot about the lasagna. The whole mansion was smelling like it was on fire. She quickly followed her Dad into the kitchen, where he took the food out of the oven. Y/N opened all the windows to get some fresh air into the room. 

“I´m sorry, Dad. I must have fallen asleep.”

“The beautiful lasagna. Kid, you were supposed to check on it constantly.”

“I know, I´m sorry.”

“You know, I love you, but maybe you should stick to Take Out food or my cooking which would give you a reason to come visit your old man as often as possible. It´s safer for everybody.”, David smiled and Y/N laughed. 

“Guess, I`m a hopeless case when it comes to cooking, heh?”

Rossi too laughed and side-hugged his daughter.

“Pizza?”, she quietly asked as she looked up to her Dad, grinning. 

“I´ll get the phone.”, he said wondering as he went where all his beautiful genes have gone. 

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Pied Piper 3

어쩌면 그래 나는 조금 위험해
널 이끄는 피리 부는 사나이처럼
나는 너를 시험해
알면서도 이끌리는 선악과처럼

➼ 어쩌면 - maybe, somehow
➼ 위험하다 - to be dangerous
➼ 이끌다 - to lead, guide
➼ 사나이 - a man
➼ 시험하다 - to test
➼ 선악과 - the fruit of the tree of knowledge

처럼 is a particle that means “like” or “similar to”
⇨ 사나이처럼 (like a man)
⇨ 선악과처럼 (like the fruit of the tree of knowledge)
⇨ 엄마처럼 요리를 못 해요. - but this sentence could mean two things. Either “My cooking isn’t as good as my mom’s.” or “I can’t cook the same as my mom, because she also can’t cook.

내 피리는 모든 걸 깨워
그 소린 널 애태워 더
이끌려 반응하는 너
끊임없이 숨을 불어내
난 너의 guilty pleasure
헤어나올 순 없어

➼ 깨우다 - to wake up (sb)
➼ 애태우다 - to worry (about sth)
➼ 반응하다 - to react
➼ 끊임없이 - endlessly, without an end
➼ 불다 - to blow (air)
➼ 헤어나오다 - to come out/get out of (sth)

~ㄹ/을 수 있다/없다
⇨ 헤어나올 순 없어 (You can’t get out)
If you are wondering what is the ㄴ doing in 순, it is the particle 는. 수 is a dependent noun so you can attach particles to it (in a limited matter of course) and 는 is a pretty special and tricky particle, here attached for emphasis.
That is also why you can see people use this: 할 수가 없어 (I can’t do it) even though you can say just  할 수 없어.

그래 내가 좀 위험해
나도 나를 감당 못해
걱정 마 나의 손은
너에게만 따뜻해 따뜻해

만약에 내가 널
망치고 있는 거라면
나를 용서해줄래
넌 나 없인 못 사니까
다 아니까

➼ 감당하다 - to bear, to deal/cope with
➼ 걱정하다 - to worry
➼ 손 - hand
➼ 따뜻하다 - to be warm
➼ 만약 = 혹시 - by chance
➼ 망치다 - to ruin
➼ 용서하다 - to forgive 
➼ 살다 - to live ( verb)
➼ 알다 - to know ( verb)

Reasons to date me

  • You’d be the cute one in the relationship 
  • I’m to ugly to wanna cheat 
  • I’m protective 
  • Surprise kisses 
  • Surprise cuddles 
  • Surprise hand holds
  • I’ll put you first 
  • I won’t lie 
  • it gives me  reasons to be happy
  • I legit have nothing else but love to give
  • I would only move as fast as you’d want me to
  • I can cook .
  • I would binge watch anything you want .
  • I think I would be a pretty good girlfriend ; ain’t no body trying to find out though

anonymous asked:

what happened to jungkook?

Apparently he was recently doing a variety show called 'lets eat dinner together’ (with jin?) which from what i understood its a show where the people who are invited go to random people’s houses and ask them to make dinner for them, so when Jungkook went with the staff and all, the person rejected him because she didnt know he was (or she already had dinner), so he had to go to a convenience store to get dinner instead :(

the person later on made an instagram post apologizing for not knowing who he was (source)

Some of them end a little naughty, some end fluffly, hope you like this!^^

RFA + Saeran with a MC on her period during a make-out session (NSFW-ish)


  • You guys were getting hot and heavy, with a lot of groping here and there
  • He slipped his fingers inside your panties and… you were wet, but not in the usual way you get wet with him… hum…
  • S H O C K E D expression for a few seconds, he’s clearly trying to figure out if you’re hurt or something.
  • But then he puts 2 and 2 together and you look at him with an embarrassed face and… ohhhh
  •  “I’m sorry, Zenny…” “It’s fine, babe. Let me just wash my hands, alright?” you nod, still too embarrassed to look at him.
  • “I can’t stain your clothes when I’ll take them off, right?” you finally look at him, only to find a sensual smirk, that you promptly mimic.



  • You were making out and he managed to get your shorts off
  • Then he saw an unusual volume down there…
  • Oh… OHHHHHH his face is as red as… no, won’t make a period joke in here.
  • He saw the package with sanitary pads in the bathroom early, and… well, he’s pretty impressed at his own knowledge in this, honestly.
  •  “Yoosung… sorry…” “No need to be sorry, MC. Are you okay? Don’t you have cramps? I can cook something for you…”
  •  “Oh, sure, but… are you sure you don’t mind if we don’t…?” “This can wait a little, and I like taking care of you not only in this sense, you know?” your blushing face is so adorable he’s not even flustered by his suggestive remark.



  •  She was kissing you deeply, running her fingers through your hair
  • Even letting some small moans in your mouth
  • She grabbed your leg to make you wrap it around her waist
  • Until you both widened your eyes and remembered
  • “Are you…?” “Yep, what about you? “Ugh, me too…”
  • So yeah, neither of you are feeling the mood that much anymore, but maybe cuddling while eating some sweet treats and watching a Zen’s DVD will bring the mood back?


  • He had you on his lap, grinding slightly against his thigh
  •  And he was so ready… until you widened your eyes and stopped the friction
  • You looked down, then at him with a mortified expression. Oh my god, what happened?
  • He looked at his pants and saw the little red spot. Oh… is that it? For a second he thought you were sick or something judging from your face.
  • “Jumin, I’m so sorry…” “Nothing that the washing machine can’t solve, my love, don’t worry over such trivial things.” He kisses your forehead sweetly, and you look down again, only to find a not subtle volume in his pants.
  • “Ah yes… we can solve this together if you’re still interested…” the hell you aren’t.


  • He pins you under him in the bed
  • And you know where this is going as he trails his lips down further
  • Until you remember and stop him
  • He immediately stops, looking at you with a worried expression. Did he cross a line or something?
  • “I’m… I’m on my period…” “Oh… oh, that sucks! Are you okay? Do you have cramps?” “A little, yes…”
  • “Oh, I heard about this really good remedy for cramps, can I test it?” he asks teasingly, playing with the waistband of your panties and chuckling as you just nod a “yes”.


  • You were getting heated when you met in the bathroom after waking up
  • You were kissing his neck and he couldn’t hold a moan back
  • He slipped his fingers in your panties, until…
  • He’s so embarrassed, not about your period, but about the possibility of letting you uncomfortable by his surprise.
  • “Oops, Jihyun, I’m so sorry…” he chuckles and kisses you deeply again.
  • “Since we’re already in the bathroom, maybe w could take a shower, how does that sound, darling?”


  • You were basically starting a dry humping session
  •  And then you stopped him. He immediately wondered if he was doing something wrong.
  • You reassured him he didn’t, it was just… “I’m on… how can I explain? There’s that time of the month when I…”
  • “You get a period, right?” oh? Yes, he’s right… “Yes… yes! How do you know about that?”
  •  “I’m not stupid! And I… did my research when we started dating…” oh, he’s so sweet… “Well, uhm… what else did you find in your research?”
  • “That ice cream will help you feel better.” Ice cream usually solves everything for him, anyway…

One More Smile

“Thanks Patton, talking with you really did help me through this.” Patton felt his heart sink, he didn’t want to go back yet.

“Really? I-Isn’t there anything else I can help you with? Cooking, responsibilities, questioning morals?” Thomas shook his head smiling.

“Nope! I’m done bothering you, I know it’s late and you probably want some rest.”

“Haha, y-yeah. I guess you’re right. I-I’ll just…go” Patton sank out and into the mindscape. His heart felt as if it was being squeezed, ready to burst at any moment.

I can’t avoid it. I have to face it, like always.

Patton walked to his room and stared at the door. It looked harmless, standing there and doing its job of holding everything that made Patton’s room his. And yet he wanted to break it down, shred it into a million pieces. But Patton calmly turned the doorknob and walked in.

“Woah! Why was I so nervous before! I forgot how great my room was!” Patton bounced around looking at all the old books and writings, a smile never leaving his face. Just stop. I’m tired. “Awww! Look at all of Thomas’ baby pictures! What a cute little fella!”

Patton picked up the pictures only to drop something else. He put the pictures down and picked up a small script. It was for the the musical Guys and Dolls. Patton’s smile faltered only for a second as a unnatural laugh left his throat. “H-ha..haha! T-that musical was a doozy huh? It’s a good thing it’s in the past!”

Please stop. It hurts, I just want to be free. Please it hurt so much. I can’t do this anymore! Someone please call for me. Get me out of here! Patton’s knees gave out on him as his shaking hands clutched the script for dear life. His smile hurt but it wouldn’t go away, and his laugh began to sound like sobbing as the room’s tinted glow turned grey. Tears covered his face as strained laughter continued to force their way out.

Please! Stop! It hurt so much, why?! Were we not good enough? What did we do wrong? I’m sorry I’m sorry. Please just fix me. The sobbing and laughter only stopped when Patton collapsed from exhaustion. The nightmares haunting and taunting him through out the night.

The next day Patton woke up and left his room to start his normal routine as always. Smiling brightly at the other sides. It was his job to smile, to give them moral support. So what if he broke down and his back and neck still hurt from sleeping on the floor? So what if he’s throat felt raw from all the screaming and crying he did? He was use to it. He could continue faking his laugh and smiles.

His room was very good at teaching him how.