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Forever wishing I was like 5 inches taller and not a stumpy shrimp but that’s what platforms are for.

I was quite down on myself for this, considering the modeling industry revolves around the 5'7" minimum height with invisible thighs. Sure, I wish I could magically change that. The thing is, I can’t. It wasn’t the cards I was given and it is a complete waste of my mental energy to wish I could.

But I think who I am and how I am built can give me a chance to change the game. Knowing myself, if I want to be good at something or I love something, I don’t give up because I don’t necessarily fit the mold.

I’m sure every one of us has been in a situation where we wanted to pursue something, but had people tell us we can’t. But who is anyone else to push you in a corner? Why not make a shape that’s different than the box we’ve been put in. (at Santa Barbara, California)

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This week’s update. Accommodations are important and it can be illegal not to follow someone’s. They are not about giving someone extra treatment but allowing a more even playing field. I can do the work but I just need to changes things around to allow me to do it to the best of my ability. I would have failed out of uni without mine.

I always explain accommodations and accommodations in the classroom using the example of eye glasses to those who aren’t use to learning disabilities. If a person needs glasses to see, that isn’t their fault. No matter how hard they try their eyesight will not get better and they are not lazy when they can’t see something. If glasses are the only way they can see, you wouldn’t take away the use of them on a test or assignment just because the other students don’t get to use them. The other students don’t need them. Also it just wouldn’t be right to judge that student on the work they did without their glasses because that isn’t a true reflection of their abilities. A student could fail for the dumb reason of trying to treat everyone the same when we’re all different.

Following someone’s accommodations is just so important and it could change someone’s life. Glasses are a type of accommodations but there are so many more. Be open to them and teachers, work with your students to find out what’s best for your them.

A year older, a year wiser?

LOL not sure how true that is but…

Several aspects of my life where I do feel I am better at. I am a bit more patient, I am a bit more consistent with goals, but there are a lot of other things I hope I can change with this new year of my life. Lucky to still have friends I care much for and not so happy some I can’t even see on days like tomorrow. This year was not bad and I am still happy with it but I hope I can accomplish more things. Be more confident and happy with myself with this new year.

Ready to celebrate tomorrow but also celebrate on here with the start of SCI as an after party. LOL

One thing I will say is that I have come more in terms with defining the success and happiness in my life on my own terms. Society puts way to much pressure on where you should be in life that you forget that you are the one that lives it day by day and they don’t.

Edit: this post has raised a few questions, and I’ve tagged further analysis with ‘sandra’s signature’ - please please please check that tag before messaging me about this. Thanks!

I am inspecting the Sandra Bland arrest documentation (available to view here) and I actually… think I have found… some fucked up shit…

Here is a sample of Sandra’s signature from every signed page except for page 7:

I underlined strange spelling errors in the paperwork because I’m not familiar with American police policy and was unsure if documentation would be created anew for each inmate. I’ve enlarged her surname in each of these pictures, because this is where I found a discrepancy on page 7:

For reference, page 7 is the female inmate intake form, which is the form in which Sandra states she is not taking any medication:

compared to the unsigned page 2, in which she states she is taking medication:

It’s kind of hard to spot - and to be honest, if I didn’t deal with contracts on a daily basis at my own job, I might not have spotted it - but that B is not the same on this signature. I noticed a difference in the way the base of the letter was formed, and on closer inspection, it’s apparent that it has been formed in an entirely different way to any of the other signatures in the arrest documentation, which is unusual for a signature as the individual generally writes it the same way each time. That’s, y’know, the point of a signature.

I’ve made some comparisons of my own to show exactly how this signature differs from all the others.

Firstly, here are the other signatures again:

And here is the signature on page 1 compared with the signature on page 7:

Here are my own attempts at replicating each letter B. The first B is a copy of the letter as it appears in the image. The second is an exaggerated depiction of the letter to show how the letter was formed. The arrows on each second picture show the direction of the line I was drawing to form the letter in one fluid moment without having to remove my pen from the page (as you would in a signature).

This is a copy of the letter B as it appears in Sandra’s signature on pages 1, 4, 5, 9 and 10:

And this is a copy of the letter B as it appears in the signature on page 7:

This image shows each individual component / pen stroke required in order to form the letter in each signature:

As you can see, the only stroke that these two letters have in common is the first downward stroke. The second stroke takes the letter in an entirely different direction - Sandra usually forms an upward stroke behind the first one, then comes around to form the two curves, then makes an upward stroke to join the B to the next letter. The signature on page 7, after the initial downward stroke, makes a horizontal and upward stroke to form the two curves, then a downward stroke to form the base of the B and join it to the next one. 

This difference cannot be explained due to normal signature variation. No-one’s signature looks exactly the same each time they sign it, but they write it the same way – they make the same fluid movements with the pen. The letters are formed the way they usually write them, and any apparent variation is simply due to circumstance – pen pressure, paper quality, time etc. This signature is not the same signature as the others. There is no reason for Sandra to form her B this way in one signature only. The only conclusion to be drawn here is that Sandra did not sign her name on page 7. 

I also noticed this funky looking area on the very first page (the booking sheet) which definitely looks like the paperwork has been doctored, but without seeing the actual paperwork, it’s hard to speculate whether the actual arrest template has been amended (ie all booking sheets use this edited template and have this unusual area on them) or whether Sandra’s has been doctored after the fact.

I don’t think it’s uncalled for to ask the Waller County Sheriff Department to explain the inaccuracies in this arrest paperwork, and I strongly suggest that people inspect the documentation themselves to see if anything else is amiss – I know literally nothing about the American police system, so I can only spot errors like this. I don’t know if any of the actual information is inaccurate. I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if it was.

Edit 25.07.2015: Another reading that has been presented to me of this signature is as follows:

I do not personally agree with this reading, and view it like this:

but it’s important to keep both ideas in mind and rely on fact rather than suspicion, which is why I’m adding this amendment here.


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Crushes can get frustrating, sometimes

Here’s the thing: the problem with Twilight was not the fact that Bella was female and Edward was male. The problem with Twilight was it romantiscised controlling and abusive relationships. Switching the genders doesn’t fix this problem, and neither would making all of the characters female or male as I’ve seen some tumblr posts suggest. In every situation it’s still fucking gross and abusive. Abuse isn’t limited to the controlling male and controlled female dynamic. (Also the problematic werewolves wtf, but I’m not qualified to speak on that). 


Well, I just killed off Daisuga in this AU…

Atlantis - Haikyuu AU SCENE 1


Cute frazel for greyreaper :)

this was supposed a comic of this headcanon I have that Frank said the L word first without noticing and once he realised he said it out loud got so embarrassed he turned into a dog and hazel had to pet him and tell him she loved him for ten minutes before he was able to turn back, but I got lazy and I only finished the first panel so yeah

Palmdale 7/19/14