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Fanfic: has fluff

Me: That’s cute and all but where is the smut

Fanfic: has smut

Me: That’s hot and all but where is the fluff

Fanfic: has fluff + smut

Me: But where is the angst

Fanfic: has fluff + smut + angst

Me: Yes this is perfect-

Fanfic: last updated in 2005

Second Task AU
  • Harry: *sees hostages and goes for Hermione*
  • merman: No! This one is yours. *points*
  • Harry: Uh, excuse you, no. That's Malfoy
  • merman: *gestures again violently because he doesn't understand Harry underwater*
  • Harry, perplexed, distracted, and kind of offended: *frees Malfoy and drags him to the surface*
  • Everyone: GASP! CHATTER!
  • Dumbledore: AMAZING, HARRY
  • Harry: But sir, there must have been some mistake. I wouldn't miss Mal–
  • Dumbledore: Oh Harry. So young. So unaware. Just trust me on this one
  • Harry: Wait, you mean you're the one who–
  • Harry: But–
  • Dumbledore: Harry, stop lying to yourself. Literally the whole staff agreed something had to be done.
  • Snape, from the stands: Excuse me, I did not–
  • Harry: *looks at Draco*
  • Draco: *shrugs and bites lip*
  • Harry: *heart suddenly thudding* Er–
  • Draco: Just kiss me, Potter
  • Harry: *lunges*
  • Dumbledore: OH MY SHIPPER HEART, I CAN'T

For anybody that is looking for tv shows at the moment with w|w ships, this is a pretty good one. Im kinda sad that more people don’t know about it because its actually really great. (or at least i haven’t seen any of it on my dash)

So the tv show, “Stitchers” is like a sci-fi crime show where they “stitch” the mind of a live person to someone who was recently deceased to retrieve their memories and figure out how they died and who killed them. 

Now this show recently introduced medical examiner Amanda Weston who quickly becomes the girlfriend of Camille Engelson.

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Camille has been a lead character on the show since episode one and has been previously dating men and was not really “out” as anything, other than a very brief mention of dating one of her ex’s sister that everyone kinda just brushed off.The show however handles other characters finding out about her relationship with Amanda super well and makes it all seem “normal” and supportive.

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Also, Camille is super sarcastic and clever and she has the best one liners.

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 AND remember that show “Drake and Josh” and remember Mindy Crenshaw? Well, same actress

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And Amanda is played by Anna Akana who is surprisingly one of the youtubers who is actually a GOOD actress (and is also super cool)

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now these two have only been together for like 3 episodes so far but they’ve been insanely cute. I mean they serenaded each other in like the second episode that Amanda was in. and both of them sound like literal angels

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they hosted a lil dinner together in which both of them were already like a married couple

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also did i mention how Camille beat down a bitch to save Amanda (i don’t think theres a gif for this yet since the episode is new) and afterwards when Amanda was tending to her wounds and Camille telling her how much she means to her.

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Anyways, these two are literally the cutest and sassiest couple out there and I want more people to know about it 

*UPDATE* Until you find me is officially their song

CAN. WE. TALK. ABOUT. THIS. ????. Okay I’m gonna back up so that I can explain to you all why I spent the last 5 minutes rolling back and forth on my bed with a pillow shoved in my face so I don’t scream at 130 a.m. 1) this is after the conversation at Wymack’s apartment. The conversation that was 50% truth. The most honesty Neil had ever expressed to another person. 2) this is after Andrew looked at Neil with something unnamable in his eyes and decided that Neil wasn’t going to hurt Kevin. 3) this is after a week or so of silence/indifference from Andrew towards Neil. 4) this is after the complete verbal destruction of Riko Moriyama on Cathy’s show by Neil fucking Josten. 5) this is after Neil decides to protect Kevin as he watches him wilt under Riko’s furious yelling. 6) this is after Andrew came between Riko and Neil and shoved him out of the way so that Neil could take Kevin away. Andrew doesn’t do casual, especially when it comes to touching. Neil isn’t one of his here. He realized Neil wasn’t a threat and left him alone. But this???? This casual, barely there brush of his fingers on Neil’s back??? That’s a thank you. That’s a ‘is he alright’ check. THAT IS A MARK. THAT IS THE MOMENT ANDREW DECIDED 'THIS ONE. I KEEP THIS ONE.’ DO YOU UNDERSTAND??? THIS IS SOME PRIDE AND PREJUDICE, MR DARCY HELPING ELIZABETH GODDAMN BENNET INTO A FUCKING CARRIAGE, BARELY THERE TOUCHING, HAND CLENCHING, WAIT I THOUGHT WE HATE EACH OTHER MOMENT I’VE LOST ALL CHILL I GOTTA GO BYE