• Kara: Lena, I have something to tell you. I'm-
  • Lena: You're Supergirl, Kara. I know.
  • Kara: How...?
  • Lena: The scar on your brow. Kinda gives you away.
  • Kara: Um... Oh... I didn't realize anyone could see that tiny scar.
  • Lena: You scrunch your nose in the most adorable way when you're flustered and the cutest little crinkle appears right beside it. And then when you're frustrated you frown and I can't even with your puppy face. And when you sleep fly to my apartment and you're asleep next to me, you're so peaceful and relaxed and I brush over it with my fingers and-
  • Dean: So not only do they ship Wincest, they ship Destiel. Like you and me, AND me and Cas!
  • Sam: *Thinking* What about Samstiel? He's a cute little angel. I mean if I can't have a real puppy, I could have an angel puppy
  • Dean: I mean I get curiosity and everything but
  • Sam: *Thinking* I mean, I already overcame Lucifer and charmed Gabriel. I could have Castiel. I could pin him by his wings and he would love me even more than now and yell out things that would make demons turn pale with shock and horror. Then we kiss and cuddle under the stars and-
  • Dean: Hello???
  • Sam: What about Samstiel? Sastiel?

*takes out the box of tissues* Meanwhile, in the parallel universe,

*wipes tears* the FOX picks up “Doctor Who” pilot *sobs*

and turns it into complete 3-season series *blows nose*

where Paul has his real hair and kicks the crap out of Cybermen, Daleks, Sontarans, Yetis and other wankpots *falls on the floor*

has multiple companions, includijng cameos, the return of the Monk, the Rani and The Celestial Toymaker, and a full-motion 40th Anniversary “Zagreus” ON the SCREEN *bangs head on the floor*

Has more stories about Gallifrey and suffers childhood flashbacks.

Meets historical figures. Loses his memories and his clothes. *swoons*

Regenerates into Shalka Nine by dissolving into a swarm of blue butterflies, accompanied by a heartbreaking symphonic theme.

*dies happily*

I highly suggest watching Vet Ranch on Youtube.

I found them randomly and they use donations to take care of animals that would sadly be normally put to sleep for some of the most minor things cause of lack of money or owner to pay for it.

They actually show the whole process of taking care and helping the animal heal.
Its educational and interesting.

Just blame the fact I can’t stop looking at puppies for finding this one.