• Kara: Lena, I have something to tell you. I'm-
  • Lena: You're Supergirl, Kara. I know.
  • Kara: How...?
  • Lena: The scar on your brow. Kinda gives you away.
  • Kara: Um... Oh... I didn't realize anyone could see that tiny scar.
  • Lena: You scrunch your nose in the most adorable way when you're flustered and the cutest little crinkle appears right beside it. And then when you're frustrated you frown and I can't even with your puppy face. And when you sleep fly to my apartment and you're asleep next to me, you're so peaceful and relaxed and I brush over it with my fingers and-
  • Client: Yes, we're just here for the rabies shot.
  • Me: Ok. Everything looks great on exam, let's get the vaccine and then you can go.
  • Client: Oh. Can you cut her nails?
  • Me: Sure. We can do that.
  • Client: What about the vomiting?
  • Me: I'm sorry?
  • Client: She vomits. Every day at least 3 times.
  • Me: oh, you didn't mention that-
  • Client: Also she's itchy. She scratches her ears all the time. I think she has a food allergy because she gets hives after she eats.
  • Me: We definitely need to address those things. Let's book you a longer appointment slot because-
  • Client: Were getting a new puppy so actually we need all of her vaccines done. I can't come back, the puppy flies in tomorrow. I need it now.
  • Me: There is no way we can address everything today, I'm sorry. And if she's ill we shouldn't vaccinate her.
  • Client: Doesn't matter. I have to pick my son up from lacrosse in 10 minutes so we'll just have to come back. So we didn't really do anything today so it's no charge?
  • Dean: So not only do they ship Wincest, they ship Destiel. Like you and me, AND me and Cas!
  • Sam: *Thinking* What about Samstiel? He's a cute little angel. I mean if I can't have a real puppy, I could have an angel puppy
  • Dean: I mean I get curiosity and everything but
  • Sam: *Thinking* I mean, I already overcame Lucifer and charmed Gabriel. I could have Castiel. I could pin him by his wings and he would love me even more than now and yell out things that would make demons turn pale with shock and horror. Then we kiss and cuddle under the stars and-
  • Dean: Hello???
  • Sam: What about Samstiel? Sastiel?

ksclaw  asked:

because I can't resist: Anakin gets scottie puppy therapy. Puppies are better than hanging out with Senator Palpatine. (this of course has consequences that i let you decide)


“…I wanna take them home.”

“Well not an unusual response but no Anakin, they belong here where others also need them.” Obi-Wan chuckled lightly, an older scottie resting on his lap as his padawan laid on the floor with several black and brown scotties sniffing at him and begging for his attention.

Obi-Wan had quickly found his favorite spot in the windowsill with the puppies mother, relaxing as Anakin had touched the furry little beans in awe.

“Awwwww.” The boy pouted before laughing when one of them got their snout under his tunic and sniffed at his belly. “Cold!” He sat up and grabbed the one who had sniffed at his stomach, cuddling it in his arms. “Cold and wet!”

Obi-Wan chuckled. “Snouts tends to be cold, its how animals tell if they’re sick. Warm and dry means sick. Cold and wet means healthy.” He slowly scratched the ears of the mama in his lap who wagged in response.

Anakin sniggered and then settled back down, cuddling the fluffy thing in his arms who seemed to settle into his fate of being held.

To his amazement, Anakin felt more relaxed then he had in what must be months, staring up at the ceiling with little furry bodies running around and a warm one resting on him while he petted it. “…We can come back, right?” He mumbled, eyes half closed.

“Of course, they have lovely tea here. But only when we have time off Anakin.” Obi-Wan hummed and scratched under mama’s chin. “When working we have to be just that, working.”

“That’s fine, when we have time off.” The blond agreed while rubbing one soft ear.


“Anakin my boy, I was hop-”

“Oh, I’m sorry Chancellor but I have plans today.”

“Ah I see, loath be me to interrupt already arranged plans.

Palpatine seethed as he hung up.

Lately Skywalker had stopped coming to the office and every time he rang he either had plans or it was Kenobi who picked up because Anakin had left his comm link behind where ever it was he was going.

What in the blast was happening with the boy!

He needed to have access to him to know that things were progressing as it should.


“I don’t know WHAT you did Kenobi but…he’s calmer, he reaches meditation much easier now.” Mace marveled at the group of padawans meditating together a stone throw from them in the garden, Anakin in the middle of them as he breathed slowly and steadily in deep concentrated meditation. “Considering his power level, this is pretty amazing.”

That got a little secretive chuckle out of Obi-Wan. “Well I can’t really claim credit to it.”

“Oh? Please tell me Obi-Wan, this may work for other padawans with problems.”

“Puppy therapy.” The knight hummed.


“Puppies. I bring him to a cafe down to one of the lower levels and…well there’s a cafe there, they serve tea and petites flours and around you are…dogs. Scotties to be precise. They wander around and you can play with them and pet them or just let them sleep on your lap.”

Mace stared at him and Obi-Wan colored a bit, shifting on his feet. “…I went there as a padawan myself, it was…soothing. I figured that Anakin needed soothing…” He felt a bit self conscious.

And then Mace face shifted to contemporary. “You know…that’s…not a bad idea. Its like Plo suggested once with therapy animals, isn’t it?”

That got a surprised noise out of Obi-Wan. “The council has thought about therapy animals?”

“Once, it was shot down but…” The Korun looked back to the relaxed blond. “If this is the effect a dog cafe can have on one of our most easy to upset and unbalance padawans, it does honestly sound like a good idea. We could make a few rooms for it couldn’t we… would you permit me to bring it up for the rest of the Council with your padawan as an example of its effectiveness?”

Obi-Wan hesitated. “Let me speak to Anakin if he’s comfortable about it and then give you my answer?”

“Of course. And if he agrees, perhaps you can bring us to the cafe you visit?”

“Of course Master Mace.”

And all the while Anakin and the other padawans kept their meditation going, all of them relaxed and in tune with the Force.


Amazing what a little bit of unconditional love could do to someone.

Ice-cream date
  • Hoseok : Seokjin hyung~ let's go and have cakes tomorrow afternoon!!
  • Seokjin : Sorry Hobi, I can't.
  • Jimin : *puppy eyes* Why~~~ you don't wanna spend time with us???
  • Seokjin : Of cause not, but I already promise Jeahwan on an ice-cream date tomorrow~
  • Jungkook : But hyung~~~~~~
  • Seokjin : I'm sorry Kookie, we could go another time.
  • *During that night*
  • Jaehwan : *Received 6 death threat messages*
  • Jaehwan : *Calling Jin*
  • Jaehwan : Hi~yeah...I'm afraid we'll have to postpone that date.
  • Jaehwan : Oh no particular reason~Just... you know~ don't really fancy dying just yet.