Minhyuk consoling a teary-eyed Wonho after Wonho says what he’s always wanted to say to his members…

[To Minhyuk]

I’m just thankful to Minhyuk. These days, I’m afraid to speak as I tend to make mistakes and I don’t have self-confidence. I feel really uneasy when we’re at some program and Minhyuk isn’t with me. I always ask him to sit beside me. I always smile to show that I’m fine but sometimes it’s hard. I don’t know if Minhyuk knows this, but he really takes care of me. I feel at ease when he helps me. He’s always the first to talk and ask me if something is wrong. I’m really thankful, but I never did anything to him. I feel sorry.

An Endless List of Reasons to Love the Tenth Doctor: The Way He Gets Excited About… Well, Everything

  • Henry:... and I like you even less now that you and my mom are together!
  • Hook:'Together'? She used that word, together?
  • Henry:Did you miss the part where I said I hate you?
  • Hook:Yes yes I know, I suck, you hate me, whatever, let's get back to the point
  • Hook:I mean did she actually say 'together'?
  • Hook:Or are you paraphrasing?
  • Hook:And what was the context?
  • Hook:Did she talk about me?
  • Hook:What'd she say?
  • Hook:Actually, DOES she ever talk about me or was this just a once-off comment?
  • Hook:I need details damn it
  • Henry:FML