Akashi always sat in the front row.

He could make any number of excuses for this practice. They were always the last seats to fill in the lecture hall, for one. He would be able to concentrate better without having to deal with rowdy classmates chattering all around him, for another. But the true reason behind it, the one he wouldn’t dare tell a soul, was the fact that he was completely and utterly enamored with the skittish teaching assistant.

“What the hell is he setting up? Is that a train set? Isn’t this a biology class?”

“Shut up, Takao. Why are you here, anyways? Aren’t you an English major?”

“I’m broadening my horizons, Shin-chan! I want to learn about your world! Be a little more supportive!”

“Both of you, hush,” Akashi commanded, furrowing his brow. He was just as curious about what concept his beloved Furihata would demonstrate using the toy train, but he much preferred not to call any negative attention to himself. Furihata seemed to have a favorable opinion of him thus far, and Akashi wanted to keep it that way.

“O-Okay, I think I’ve got it set up,” Furihata said to the professor. “Let me just check and see if this–”

A loud whirring filled the room, and the brunet let out a surprised yelp as he jumped out of the way. Akashi didn’t have time to see what it was that caused Furihata’s reaction; the next thing he knew, there was an intense pain erupting in his head, and he was sprawled flat across the floor.

“Holy shit, did you see the air that thing got?!”

“Shut up, Takao! Akashi, are you okay? What was Sagittarius ranked in Oha Asa today?”

“Aren’t you supposed to ask how many fingers you’re holding up? You’re the worst doctor ever, Shin-chan!”


Furihata’s lovely-yet-panicked face came into focus as Akashi cracked his eyes open. He could feel his heart beating in his ears as Furihata brushed his bangs back, surveying the damage caused by the rogue train.

“Akashi-kun, can you stand? I-I’ll take you to rest in the office! I’ll call the health center! I’m so sorry about this!”

Sitting in the front row had its dangers, but if it meant Furihata half carrying him down the hallway and fussing over him for the remainder of the hour, it was a risk Akashi would gladly take.


it was a different world then.

221B: Home - John Watson, graphite pencils 10H-8B on Strathmore Bristol 11x17in vellum. Open in a new tab or at my blog for higher res. Matching Sherlock to follow, hopefully sooner rather than later!

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You didn’t know you needed to see a young Damien Sandow coming to the ring to Britney Spears?  Well, you do now.

important question: 

which one of your otp shouts WAKE ME UP INSIDE 

and which one shouts CAN’T WAKE UP


Okay, can we just talk about how awkward these must be to film? Just, mouth wide open. I’m sure when I watch the bloopers there will be at least one joke made about this.

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Ramin's gonna be so mollified when he finds out that those dreaded cruise ship vids cropped up...wonder where they came from...??

literally me the entire time watching it:

*the amount of embarrassment i feel for him*

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HEY someone else who thinks that Jek was trying to be like Marta. I always thought he was because of the dye and lipstick (?) color he had

IFKR, the pink dye was just the nth proof I needed to confirm that!
I mean, all that “Marta was indeed a prettier girl than you”, “I understand why Nesta-sama chose Marta” he was doing on episode 11 while talking with Ritsuka was so obvious man, we got you like him!

And I kinda feel sad for him, ‘cause no matter what he does - even screwing with his own hair - Nesta-senpai will never notice him~

just stalking my old tag, and omg i just found my fIRST MAJOR PLOT on ben, and let me say hellhounds aren’t doing their jobs very well. they were meant to come for ben last year. they’re a year overdue. i’M CRINGING WTF