Omg I just realized

So after ep5, it’s easy to conclude that Lucy is, in fact, a little shit, and more AI-ish than straight programming because favouritism is not an algorithm. 

And we’ve been told that John and Dutch met when he tried to steal Dutch’s ship.

And now all I can think is that Lucy was less “stolen” by John and more “ran away” with John and I’m picturing Dutch watching unimpressed as her ship just saunters/glides away from the docks an dI can’t stop laughing.

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one of my favorite things about the project diva models is the way they made lens shoulders very small? like not very broad. i also rly like how wide kaito's hips are sometimes?? it might be kind of weird but im trans and it rly helps me feel more comfortable with myself

&& hellmannequin​ Beginning x

Manny was still unharmed underneath Tatara’s bed. Quite a miracle, really.“Well, I heard a rumor that if given the opportunity, he would gladly give you a hell of a good time. Get it? ‘Hell of a good time?’Cause he’s the Devil. The King of Hell.”

      IT was a short, calculated miracle connected to an invisible ticking time bomb. Sharp predatory crimson hues were carefully watching the intruder who had somehow gotten past the sentinels guarding the base, infiltrated the fortified Aogiri stronghold again, and slipped underneath his bed unnoticed with the skill of a repeated offender. It was not every day you were told the Devil himself wished to come after you even for ludicrous REASONS.

     IT could be troublesome if the King of Hell decided to side with the Hell Squad Army against him in the war. However, he and Lucifer had a small understanding for acquaintances and as such he doubted his claim. Expressionless impassive features did not change, the possessed piece of wood’s attempt at a joke going IGNORED.❝ Do you not think it unwise to spread false, ridiculous rumors and lies about the King of Hell?❞

  • Sakata's "Katamimi"

So, people were asking sakata to do “katamimi” (basically talking/whispering in one ear) and then sakata was just like

“You’re saying embarrassing things as well, huh~ You’re pretty lewd aren’t you, you pervert!” *continues to do katamimi saying pervert and other things*

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um I kinda love those ideas but then again, I do appreciate the thought of a shirtless Inuyasha singing on a canoe with Shippo as Meeko just casually thrown between Inuyasha’s ears, so…

I’m just gonna leave this here for everyone to visualize. 

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LMFAOOOOOOO OMG THIS IS THE BEST THING I’VE HEARD ALL DAY. sehuns-bubbletea was telling me the same thing!!! That is soooo cute!!! I’m imagining him in Atlanta saying “Hey shawdy” OMG LMAOOOO. I can’t. V is too cute.

Happy 21th Birthday sconesandrosesworld!

I’m 15 days late oops even though I started this thing a while ago. It took so long because of the colouring, shading and all. I wanted it to be perfect but it’s still crappy, and I don’t have any idea of what happened with France’s face.

In case you wonder who the kids are, they’re the FrUk love child ocs we both imagined basing ourselves on the headcanon of herz-aus-purem-gold and douceshistoires. Lili-Rose, the tiny girl, is Pas-de-Calais, and Sonny, the lil’ boy, is Kent.

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“Greetings grandmother.”  

❝ Owl. What nonsense are you spewing? That is not your grandmother.❞