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say...everything bad comes out of Fushimi's mouth. What if he loses his voice - literally becomes mute for whatever reasons? How will the cast deal with him then? (or just focus on Yata and Munakata if you don't have time)

I can see Munakata having a little too much fun with that one, actually – heck, Awashima too, probably. Take advantage of the time Fushimi can’t talk back to give him lectures on proper behavior and watch him squirm (I’m suddenly imagining Fushimi sitting at his desk with a sign board around his neck and writing rude things on it in marker while glaring at people and everyone is torn between wanting to laugh and not wanting him to stab them). Munakata would actually probably work pretty well with him, though, since I think he has a good enough measure of Fushimi that he’d understand most of what Fushimi was thinking even without Fushimi saying anything. And I could maybe see him giving Fushimi some good advice about how if he can’t talk maybe that’s not so bad a thing and maybe he should think about what he really wants to use his voice for, something like that. Then Fushimi goes out and runs into Yata and of course he wants to start a fight but he can’t say anything to mock Yata and rile him up. Yata would probably be briefly concerned and then amused – assuming this is something that can be fixed and not permanent, like an effect of a Strain’s power or something, a permanent loss would probably worry him a lot more – using the opportunity to tease Fushimi a little knowing Fushimi can’t mock him back (and Fushimi takes out his sign board and writes ‘VIRGIN MIDGET’ on it in giant letters). And possibly they might even get to have a moment, since if Fushimi can’t talk then after having a good laugh at his expense Yata might use the time to finally do some of his own talking instead, telling Fushimi honestly that Yata misses him and doesn’t understand why things turned out the way they did and that he would like it if someday Fushimi does actually talk to him honestly. Fushimi being Fushimi I don’t know how much he would listen – Yata tries a similar tactic in the cellar chapter of MOR and it doesn’t work there either – and he still might try to start a fight, but if Yata’s words resonate with him at all it could be something for him to think about when he gets his voice back, what he wants to use those words for.

❝  Keep calling me a Persian cat. The description is somewhat accurate as cats do eat birds.❞
He hears you motherfuckers. Keep calling him a Persian cat because this cat will eat all you doves starting with Arima who he considers to be an overgrown mouse waiting to be swallowed whole by an owl. But if Arima keeps this up, Tatara will do the honors first even if it may give him indigestion.

                          ( OUTOFSASS. )

           Typing up a verse for the Tiny Tyrants AU. Like where would their
           headquarters be? What kind of missions would Loki, Dami, & Mindy
           go on? I’m pretty sure Damian would provide all the necessary equi-
           pment bc well he’s rich and whatnot. Living up to the Mini Bruce name.
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