And now . . . Tarot Readings OPEN Until 4PM EST!

Same as last time: since I’m opening them now, I’ll do a batch when I get up, and a batch after 4PM (and potentially, one the next day). Why am I opening them so late? Well, because I know the night crowd might want to try to get in on this … so yeah. My guidelines are here. Free readings are one-card ONLY, with either Rider-Waite or Happy Tarot decks.

IN ADDITION: I want to make a point to offer donation-based readings. For this session, I am willing to offer:

  • 3-card Spread: $5
  • Celtic Cross: $12
  • Spirit: $15
  • All Readings Include Shadow Card

Reason I am doing this is because I am about to head back to university, and while I still have some things I want to purchase before returning home, I’d also like to get my bank account above my alert threshold so I don’t have to deal with alerts every day. I know these readings appear expensive; however, these are based on the time and effort it takes me to do them. 1-card readings remain free.

Whatever you decide to do, PLEASE, leave me your initials so I have something to go off of during my readings, because otherwise, I have to go off of your username or even an anon status. If not your initials, give me something I can call you, at the least.

All that being said, come at me!