I am Jess Lambert and I am the writer, director and producer of “For Fat Girls Everywhere.” I grew up in love with film (mostly Harry Potter) and so desperately wished that I could be behind the scenes. I originally thought the only way I’d ever be able to do it, would be through acting. In high school I realized I could do other things. That’s when directing became my passion. I directed a play and made videos for school projects. Since, I’ve been attending Columbia College Chicago as a film major.

I’ve been attending Columbia for three years now, this is my last semester and I want to make it count!

I’m raising money for my Directing III film, “For Fat Girls Everywhere.” It’s about Charlie Lennox, a plus sized girl who must learn to love herself in order to accept love. This is the first official film I’m getting to make. I want to move people with my message, you need to love yourself first!

 I need $5,000.

Films cost money. I need food, transportation, locations, wardrobe, make up, set decorations, equipment, sound recordists and more food! In order to make the quality film I want, I need $5,000, a number I’m certain we can achieve!


Anyone who donates gets a personal “thank you” from me!

$500 gets you a video! Just for you, from me! Whatever inspires me about you!

$1,000 gets you an individual “Thank You” credit in my film!

When I’ve reached my goal the money will mostly go to food and art. The rest will go to transportation, equipment, make up and post production!

 Fat Girls Everywhere

The title of my film is the reason I’m doing it. For fat girls everywhere. Fat isn’t a mean term. It’s just a word. Words can hurt but only if you let them. The message that people must accept themselves is growing strong and I want to push it. Love who you are, no matter your size or looks.

I know I can accomplish this film successfully. I’m a straight A student with a 3.98 GPA, and have had many mentors to help me along the way.

Most of all, I am a fat girl. I’m making this film not only for them but for me. This film is a piece of me that I want to share with people and I hope they like it and want to see it.

Please share this campaign, because Charlie and I want everyone to know that it’s okay to love yourself.

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Where I’m From: the czech republic

Fave Anime: atm probably haikyuu

Fave Shows: uhhh steven universe, sense8, gravity falls, community, oitnb

Zodiac: virgo

Fave Quote: i can’t remember it ://

Fave Bands: bangtan, seventeen, the wanted, b1a4, aoa …

Fave Season: spring

Movies I’m Waiting For: nm atm, most of them are already out and i just haven’t seen them yet

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For everyone saying ‘Boruto can’t use Chidori! He doesn’t have a sharingan!’

I present to you Naruto chapter 239 (Kakashi gaiden), in which we first (chronologically) see chidori:

The sharingan is not necessary. The same goes for raikiri. However, to be fair, without the sharingan, chidori becomes much more draining, chakra-wise, and difficult to perform without leaving the user exposed to attack. Kakashi nearly had his ass whooped in Chapter 240 because without the sharingan (remember he didn’t have Obito’s yet) he couldn’t see enemy movement. 

Is Boruto’s technique straight-up chidori? Probably not. But, it is interesting to note that Kakashi created chidori when he failed to apply his lightning release to a rasengan. Will Boruto surpass both his father and his father’s sensei in shape transformation of elemental nature and combine the two?

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Taehyung/Yoongi - ''I didn't mean to kiss you.'' High school!AU

It was an accident. It really was. Taehyung didn’t mean it, he didn’t plan it, he got distracted by those glittery posters announcing winter dance and Yoongi just happened to leave the classroom at a really bad moment and Taehyung didn’t see him and …

“Oh shit! I’m so sorry, I’m sorry, hyung. I didn’t mean to. Holy…”

Yoongi glares at him and puts his hand over Taehyung’s mouth to stop him from talking, but Taehyung continues mumbling and begging for mercy.

“Stop talking,” Yoongi snaps and Taehyung swallows all his words. “Now, that’s better.”

Yoongi is smiling, Taehyung notes.
In all the years that Taehyung has known him, Yoongi only ever smiled this sweetly when he was either pulling pranks on his friends or plotting how to murder somebody.

Taehyung gulps. He’s not ready to die. He hasn’t finished reading One Piece nor he has met his favorite actor. And the Deadpool movie hasn’t been released yet!

Since drastic times call for drastic measures, Taehyung does the only thing that comes to his mind. He licks Yoongi’s palm and when Yoongi jerks his hand away, Taehyung starts running.

“Come back here,” Yoongi yells after him but Taehyung is already too far away to hear him.

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This Is The End Red Band Trailer #1 (2013) - Seth Rogen, Jonah Hill Movie HD (by movieclipsTRAILERS)

FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THE TRAILER IS OUT!!!!!!!


Seriously though the music for this movie is so pretty the animation is so pretty EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS MOVIE IS BEAUTIFUL GOODNIGHT

What would have happened if Neville hadn’t broken Voldemort’s body bind spell? The sorting hat was literally on fire. He’s fucking lucky his face didn’t get burned off, not to mention he wouldn’t have killed Nagini, and Harry’s dramatic battle scene would have gone up in smoke.

But really, what would have happened? Would somebody have put the fire out? Would they have been too scared of Voldemort? Would they have let Neville straight up burn to death right there in front of them? 

IDK man I think that was one of the most fucked up parts of the Deathly Hallows.

Being an extra on Conner4Real

• i was part of a big crowd that was attending an event.
• this movie is gonna be h i l a r i o u s
• the new songs are so catchy and really funny
• Jorma is super super sweet and down to earth w the fans
• Akiva is the chillest and friendliest director and also really focused and professional
• Andy is just bubbly dynamite. He has this amazing energy when performing.
- Everybody on set seems to love him he was fist bumping w the crew it was really sweet
- We had to run a scene a bunch of times and sometime after like the 7th take the crowd kept cheering when Andy came up and he smiled and said “I never want to stop doing this”

Non movie stuff
• girls are amazing. four different girls complimented on my outfit and glasses and I kept constantly hearing girls say to other girls how much they liked their outfits and how nice their shoes were
• my feet were killing me I was there for 15hours in total and I still can’t feel one of my toes

** I can’t give out specific details due to legal stuff they had us sign