so I started playing Pokemon y again…

guess who I named my ralts after lol

Boueibu 30 Days Challenge

Day 27: Cutest/Sexiest character.

These questions are so unfair…

When it comes to cuteness, I prefer those who are not especifically designed to be cute, but that from time to time get to show this adorable side that makes me appreciate the cuteness more. So, I think the cutest are two:

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I… don’t really have a deep explanation of how and why I consider a character sexy. It is not something you really analyze tho, you just get to see them and think “Fuck”. And for this case I present you:

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Aaaaaand, because I do what I want, I can’t talk about aesthetically pleasing characters without mentioning the very embodiment of “Aesthetic”. And really, he can be cute, he can be sexy, but mostly, he is gorgeous and oh so fab.

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Do you hear that angel choir singing??? I do, because I’ve finally got this fucking chapter nearly done.


[[ Welp. I had a feeling this was coming. While this isn’t the first time I’ve put this blog on hiatus, it’s the first time it’s been for this specific reason - and it’s one I’m both embarrassed and ashamed of, to be honest. 

For about a week now, my Chekov muse hasn’t been cooperating with me at all, and I’m unsure of if or when he will again. Don’t get me wrong, I still love him to bits, and I want to continue writing him with all you amazing, wonderful people! The problem is, the inspiration just isn’t there anymore. That being said, unfortunately, I’m going to have to drop all of my on-going threads. @kindaaouttaaluck , @irascibledoctor , and @sarcastic-captain - I am so, so sorry about all this.

To all my followers - mutuals, lurkers, past and present RP partners, and everyone I’ve had the pleasure of meeting and interacting with and getting to know: Thank you so much for being a part of my RP experience on this blog. If you wanna keep in touch, please shoot me a message and I’ll link you to my personal blog, if you aren’t following it already.

I love you guys, and God bless!

💕 mun Fee ]]


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