this is exactly how I remember it happening

  • Cole:Your elbow made him smile.
  • Cassandra:My-? Who are you talking about?
  • Cole:The blacksmith’s apprentice. He repaired the armour. He was too shy to ask you if you were satisfied. He saw you smile as you tested the joint. It made him happy.
  • Cassandra:It was fine work. I will remember to thank him when we are back at Skyhold.
  • Cole:My elbows don’t make anyone smile.
Ittetsu Takeda;

Current concern: He’s been told by his students that “Your glasses are totally uncool, sensei.”

Happy Birthday to the ever so adorable Take-chan! -10/01/2015

the walking dead + underappreciated relationships [4/?]:

rick & beth

Jung Leo letting out his inner playful kitty~ 3/3