Although Seungri was only imirating a fangirl’s voice, this still counts. You should hear his voice. Also the part when GDYB look at each other and burst in laughter [x]

鶴さんの恩返し~愛が深い彼~ (Tsuru-san no ongaeshi 〜Ai ga fukai kare〜)

Rabbit Candy has announced the continuation of their Otona no Meruhen series! This time, however, their fairy tales will be pulled from Japanese folklore rather than Western folklore (thus the 和 appended onto the series name).   

Synopsis (Paraphrased):

One day, you rescue a crane ensnared in a trap.

That night, a beautiful man comes to your humble abode, where you live alone. The beauty turns out to be the crane that you helped in the afternoon, and has apparently come to express his gratitude, stating his desire to return the favor.

Even though you are naturally in disbelief, you realize that the crane man is still nursing the injury he sustained to his leg, and can’t go home alone by himself…

And thus, being kind and compassionate, you agree to temporarily harbor him at your home until he recovers, but…

CV: 切木Lee (Shingaki Tarusuke)

Release Date: October 18th, 2017.

Maeno Tomoaki x Tachibana Shinnosuke

Ten Count Mini Drama CD (February Issue of Dear Plus)
Bonus Track #5 – Kurose-kun, Shirotani-san and a weird face

Shirotani: It seems Kurose-kun doesn’t have any weakness at all.

Kurose: Then, I’ll think about it, what my own weakness is

Shirotani: Kurose-kun, did you find out what your weakness is?

Kurose: Yes, I thought abou- I did find out.

Shirotani: Really?! W-what is it?

Kurose: Umm… If a person tickles me here, I can’t take it. When I’m tickled, I make a very weird face.

Shirotani: A w-weird face?

Kurose: Yes, It’s not much but the face I made was enough to stir up some rumors it seems. Should we try it out? Around this area *points *

Shirotani : Ehh.. I really want to see, but I can’t touch you… but I really want to see…

*tickle tickle *

Kurose: A toothpick won’t work.