Jamie & Claire + Drinking from the same source
#indirectkissing #soon there will be a lot of DIRECT kissing if you know what im sayin (via approvesomuch)


Dude, sometimes I forget, Kaiju are fucking big.

@geertruis‘ idea: 

Wedding dress au! Charles is the prince of some faraway kingdom. Raven is to be wed off for political reasons, and Charles knows he will too someday. So one morning when everyone’s out he sneaks into Ravens room and tries on her wedding dress - she’s only a few years older - just to see what what its like (wedding dresses are seen as gender neutral but theirs a masc one and a fem one). and then the servant boy Erik walks in on him and Charles notices that he accidentally gets hard …surprisingly quickly

Erik and Charles avoid each other. Neither know how to approach the other, what to say. They rarely crossed circles before, Erik being a gardener or something, but it’s just… awkward. And then something happens (I’m thinking about all the tension between Robbie and Celia in Atonement) and they actually do kind of become friends…. and then Charles’ mother announces his engagement to some prince elsewhere. And when Erik finds out he’s a crying mess because he kind of.. there’s something /there/ between them, but he knows they can’t be together. Charles tries on the dress again, and he asks Erik to help him into it, and Erik is just trying not to cry cus he luv the Charl. And then Charles is like, “I don’t know how to walk in this” and Erik helps him, and Charles says, “It’s so tight I can hardly breathe,” so Erik stands close to him and unlaces the corset just slightly, and Charles whispers, “I’ve never kissed someone before. How should I kiss my husband?” and Erik goes to kiss him — but no, Erik reasons, It’ll hurt more having to lose Charles if he’s kissed him >:3c


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