The signs as things me and other members of my choir have said
  • (Each sign corresponds to the kid that said it)
  • Aries: *accidentally knocks over piano bench* parkour
  • Taurus: I can't actually read music, I've been BSing it since 7th grade
  • Gemini: We all suck but at least we get candy on Tuesdays
  • Cancer: If Laura's dating the pamplemousse kid then I'm the only single person in our section
  • Leo: Can we do Hotline Bling for our next concert
  • Virgo: Do you think anyone would notice if I sang "memes" instead of "dreams"
  • Libra: Eat a snickers, you sing off-key when you're hungry
  • Scorpio: I think the band director has a crush on the choir director
  • Sagittarius: You need to go to all the concerts. It's re-choired.
  • Capricorn: I'm gonna blackmail my boyfriend into joining so we can actually have some guys
  • Aquarius: I think I have a literal addiction to these cough drops
  • Pisces: When there's a really high note I'm just gonna scream and nobody'll be able to tell the difference

This might be a dumb question but I’m dumb musically. Can you like??? Easily translate guitar chords to piano??
I only know how to play piano and not even that well but I would like to learn smth and there’s only stuff that’s guitar for it

This is the ultimate foreign language to me. Music. Can’t read it to save my life. I can play the violin, probably shittily since I haven’t picked it up in years, but this is complete jargon to me. No matter how hard I try it just doesn’t make sense.


Here’s a list of easier things to read:

  • Programming
  • Hebrew
  • Organic Chemistry
  • A personal ad
  • Taxes
  • My handwriting
  • In the dark
  • My pokerface
  • Ikea instructions