Decided I’m going to try learn piano or guitar next year.

Guitar would be easier on one hand because, ya know, my dad’s been playing for over fifty years.

But piano would be easier because it’s basically typing but with music.

Plus when your parents try to teach you anything it always ends in tears. ALWAYS.

This is the ultimate foreign language to me. Music. Can’t read it to save my life. I can play the violin, probably shittily since I haven’t picked it up in years, but this is complete jargon to me. No matter how hard I try it just doesn’t make sense.


Here’s a list of easier things to read:

  • Programming
  • Hebrew
  • Organic Chemistry
  • A personal ad
  • Taxes
  • My handwriting
  • In the dark
  • My pokerface
  • Ikea instructions

Oh man, The Little Fairy Waltz. It was my favorite song.

Listen to this at 1.5 speed and imagine 10 year old me sitting at my crappy keyboard playing it over and over again in every key for HOURS and HOURS. <3