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the teen dream of being rich and carefree

tennis court - lorde // campus - vampire weekend // norgaard - the vaccines //sweater weather - the neighbourhood // purple yellow red and blue - portugal. the man // she’s on my arm now - the cinema // new americana - halsey // knee socks - arctic monkeys // m.o.n.e.y. - the 1975

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Decided I’m going to try learn piano or guitar next year.

Guitar would be easier on one hand because, ya know, my dad’s been playing for over fifty years.

But piano would be easier because it’s basically typing but with music.

Plus when your parents try to teach you anything it always ends in tears. ALWAYS.

This is the ultimate foreign language to me. Music. Can’t read it to save my life. I can play the violin, probably shittily since I haven’t picked it up in years, but this is complete jargon to me. No matter how hard I try it just doesn’t make sense.


Here’s a list of easier things to read:

  • Programming
  • Hebrew
  • Organic Chemistry
  • A personal ad
  • Taxes
  • My handwriting
  • In the dark
  • My pokerface
  • Ikea instructions
this isn’t a guilt trip, it’s a confession

i’ve said my vows:
purpose in a deep, imagined kiss,
a drop of blood 
on parchment.
a scarlet signature,
a name that i am trying to forget.
but i’m not sorry.
i won’t regret
the embraces of the flames
even though they’re burning me
a little now.

i’ve signed–
to many hells,
sprinting down the stairs,
leaping off and into hungry fires,
but i have never felt
something quite like this before.
a lust for loving you 
and loving your desires–
from distances away.
though i needed nothing
but to love you.

i gave myself to you
at a fraction of the cost.

i know the criminal that i’ve become.
a wanton felon at the mercy of myself
a felon that you could’ve been
and wanted quietly to be…

and i still hope your bed is warm, my darling
and that she’s still in love with you.
we are halfway devils, both of us.
but i (re)signed myself
to hell.

Music Challenge

Was nominated by the wonderful victoriansherlock, so here we go.

Pick your artist: Red Hot Chili Peppers (big surprise)

Are you a male or female: If you have to ask

Describe yourself: Hard to Concentrate

How are you feeling now: Storm in a Teacup

Describe where you live: Californication

If you could go anywhere, where would you go: Snow (Hey Oh)

Your favorite form of transportation is: Subway to Venus

Your best friend is: Sir Psycho Sexy

You and your best friends are: Funky Monks

What’s the weather like: The Zephyr Song

What’s your favorite time of day: Midnight

If your life was a tv show, what would the title be: Parallel Universe

What is life to you: Torture Me

your relationship: Goodbye Hooray

Your fear: Don’t Forget Me

Imma tag ritzinpeace, br0h, shreeracha, hiddlebatchlove, quinahmet, haemokinetics, boxcarsandbattlescars, ridently, theonepieceaddict, and maxedlegacy. Have fun!

how should i go about finding a penpal? i want it to be fairly anonymous in the beginning. i don’t want us to know a huge amount about each other before i start writing … i sort of just want an address. preferably overseas. all the penpal websites i’m finding just don’t look appealing.