Honestly I wasn’t taking too much stock in what gender the gems were, cause the whole nonbinary thing and also there’s a ton of male characters in FEA. We’d have slim pickins if we didn’t let them in on the gemness.

Connie’s a good question! Nah would be a great one for Morgan Steven, same with Nowi Ricken. I’m actually gonna reblog somethin in a sec that actually uses the former.

FUSIONS! While yeah there can definitely be some among the main cast, I did think it would be cool if some far out there fusions were FE characters from other series, just for the humor of it. Reminds me how a while back someone talking about how all the SDR2 characters were basically just fusions of the cast from DR.

- mod sully

well, it seems as if i did get too antsy after that anon asked and so, here is my first follow forever! i love and appreciate every one of these blogs and the people behind them, honestly. please let me know if you feel as if you should be included in this list or if i have forgotten you! i did get a bit scatter-brained halfway through. bolded users are mutuals! you guys are awesome! off we go!


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oh my god. 
the fault in our stars.
oh my god.
what is this life.
oh my god.
picked it up and didn’t put it back down until i was finished.
oh my god.
i’m still hugging it to my chest like a heart breaking teddy bear.
oh my god.
john green you literary god.
oh my god.
this book.
oh my god.
this is better than everything.
oh my god.
like if i had too choose between having limbs and this book.
oh my god.
i would choose this book, stumps down every time.  
oh my god.
did i just make a joke about amputees?
oh my god.
i need sleep.  

sometimes, I’m studying or reading or sitting in class and I can literally feel my brain absorbing knowledge and I can feel all of these connections emerging and I get so excited that my heart starts racing and all I want to do is learn more and soak it all in. I love that. As much as I procrastinate and complain sometimes, I just love learning and going through the arc of not understanding, thinking I understand, realizing that it’s so much more complicated than I imagined, and eventually starting to put the pieces together. I’m in love with what I’m studying and it’s all tying together.