Anne also seems to have had that elusive quality – “style” – which can never be quantified or permanently attached to specific body parts, hair color, or facial features, and which can transform a flat chest into a gracefully unencumbered torso and a birthmark into a beauty spot. “Style” cannot be defined. But in its presence, the rules of attraction are transformed. Style defies convention and calls the shots on what is considered beautiful. There are plenty of examples from our own time. Consider Audrey Hepburn, whose portrayal of Holly Golightly in Breakfast at Tiffany’s turned teenage girls’ gazes away from hourglass-shaped Sandra Dee and Annette Funicello, their bodies seemingly made for producing cute little babies, toward a new vision of cool, long-limbed, not-made-for-the-kitchen beauty that has remained a dominant ideal through the present day. Think of Barbra Streisand, who, like some modern-day Nefertiti, proudly offered her “Jewish” profile in dramatic, high-fashion poses that shouted “F*** you” to Gidget – and the rhinoplasts. Think Michelle Obama, whose prominent jaw would disqualify her immediately among those who insist that symmetry and a delicate chin are biologically inscribed requisites for female appeal. People with “style” remind us that the body is not just a piece of inert matter that can be measured and molded. And beauty, far from being cast in an unchanging, Platonic (or sociobiological) mold, is the human body moving through history, accepting or challenging the rules of its time and place. Sometimes, the prevailing rules of beauty are ripe for changing. Anne seems to have been among those who have changed the rules.
—  Susan Bordo, The Creation of Anne Boleyn

You know what’s funny?

Y’all didn’t even care that Adam Driver had been in the military until now, until you had to dig through your own turds to find reasons to hate him as your deadass delusions about a fucking space opera became so obviously wrong even you couldn’t ignore it. Never mind that he was 18 years old, that the majority of the country (by default including people you know and have relationships with) felt the same way he did, carefully propagated by the ruling classes for their own interests, that the military is largely working class and racial minorities, and the fact that not only did he not deploy but he also changed his attitude entirely and has since put his efforts into transformative and rehabilitative causes aimed at helping veterans, a group disproportionately represented among the homeless and the mentally ill, reconnect and adjust to civilian life - he believed something Bad and Wrong at the time, he’s tainted forever >:(

His involvement in the military is no longer in pursuit of deceptively disguised notions of democracy and justice, it’s to help a returning underclass of people in the United States who we have to help if we are ever serious about challenging exploitation. 

And the presumption that you yourself in your cocooned internet space are not to complicit in and a beneficiary of imperialism, however indirectly or unwittingly, is perhaps the most work a day Western centric white savior crap ever. The clothes you wear and the iphones you buy are made by people in the Global South. The celebrities that you “woke” people worship usually support warmongerers like Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. You use and consume technology that affects the environment most drastically for Island and native peoples. 

You are part of this web. 

  • Jaune, walking around a Mistral market, examining fruit: Huh...not bad pri-
  • Jaune, cutting himself off with a dropped jaw, watching long red hair walk along the road behind the stall he's at: I....it can't be...
  • Jaune, puts down the fruit and charges down the market line, keeping pace with the red headed woman, finally cutting over onto the road she was walking along, panting out of breath: Is it...is it really you?
  • Red headed woman, who Jaune realizes is much older than who he hoped it was: Are you okay young man?
  • Jaune, standing up straight, his face saddened: S-sorry...I thought you were someone I know...
  • The older red headed woman's eyes light up, she grabs hold of Jaune's hand: You!! Oh she was certainly right, you're very noticeable! And handsome too, oh so handsome.
  • Jaune, awkwardly looks around: Ummm...who? Who was right?
  • Red headed woman, flustered and takes her hand back: Oh goodness, I'm so sorry! I should have introduced myself before. I'm Pyrrha's mother. She told me so much about you in her letters. It was the closest thing to physically seeing her fall in love for the first time.
  • Jaune, frozen in his place, forcing himself to speak, trying not to give away any sense of pain or sadness: O-oh...I'm glad to hear it.
  • The older woman looks at his oddly, then looks around: But why are you here in Mistral? Shouldn't you be in Vale helping with reconstruction?
  • Jaune, at a loss of words: Well, I...you see.
  • Red headed woman, with a smile: Ah, regardless, where's my daughter? Her letters have stopped recently, but now I know it's because she was on the road with you! I haven't seen her in so long, I'll cook you both something wonderful!
  • Jaune, unable to hold back anything, tears now streaming down his face, collapsing to the ground: Oh....oh no...
  • Coworker: How are you liking that book, by the way?
  • Me: [what I want to say] I don't know. It's kind of slow, but in a way that makes me keep wanting to read it and I'm just waiting for it to get to the point where I can't put it down. I kind of want to read other books, but this one is still pretty good, I just don't know. I probably won't finish it for a while.
  • Me: [what I actually say] it's good.

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yay managers! my manager gave me a fidget spinner to use at the desk because my cube is very clicky and the spinner is super quiet! I literally can't put it down and guests have been saying how cool it is all day!

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I can't put a book down, even if its trashy garbage (unless it does something disgusting) and its such a problem I only read on weekends because if I start on a week day I read in school and on the bus and zone out and its a problem. Upside is I read fast at least?

Reading fast means you get to read more books!

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It’s good to have limits! I know better than to take a book to work for exactly that reason!