Me, after episode 3 of BSD S2: “Yeah… this is all nice and everything, but where’s Chuuya at? I won’t survive another 9-episode-long wait for 2 mere minutes of screen time and they keep on releasing official Soukoku art and promotion, and yes, I know that these are the events of the light novel and that their focus is on Dazai and so on, but I think the amount of promotion for Soukoku has pretty much caused a public demand for Chuuya’s appearance and I think that makes it clear that we are in dire need of him and his fancy hat and his fancy coat and his beauty and his grace and…”

thank you for ptvkellin for tagging me in the 20 beautiful people tag!!! (btw you’re hella pretty like DAMN)

the beauties I tag are:
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Guys look what arrived today!

I’m so goddamn happy hjdfghjkajfgskvfgsjk !

This little cutie looks even better than a photo could ever show, I love it so so so so much!

Thanks to my favourite artist Atan @xatanic, I love you so much for this, for everything you do and for everything you are T__T <3 (Sheesh that was cheesy, I’m sorry! ~)

sometimes i can’t handle how precious and tender and intimate merthur writers make their relationship because it’s so beautiful and lovely and it makes my heart ache so much

I thought the Magnus poster had ruined me for good. And then Alec happened.

I am shook. This is too much to handle right now.

Aaron Tveit appreciation post :)

Although he’s not on social media, therefore he can’t see this, I’d really like to take a few minutes and say thank for him - well, for everything…

First of all and most importantly: thank you for existing. And by that, making me exsisting more too.

Thank you for delighting my life. Thanks for whenever I feel a little down, all I need to do is looking at your face and my day is already made. Thank you for your beautiful smile and your shining eyes that could really end even the most horrible and cruel wars.

Thank you for your beautiful and melodic laughter that makes me laugh and cry at the same time. I wish I could hear it more, and especially: live…

Thank your for all that passion of yours for your job. Watching you makes me want to reach some serious goals in my life. You give me so much motivation, I can’t even tell how much. I’m so thankful you can share all your talent with us, I can’t imagine what I’d do without having your voice in my life…

Thank you for being the cutest person I’ve ever seen. I don’t know how you manage to look so sweet all the time but I’m so glad you do.

Thank you for being the most adorkable, life-ruiner piece of shit on this Earth. I don’t know what I would do without some of these ‘big Tveit moments’:

…well, my life would certainly be so much more empty.

Finally, thanks for being so kind to all of us. I haven’t got the chance to meet you in person yet, and I doubt I ever will, but I’m never gonna give up. But until then, thank you for everything. You made me a whole different person than I was, and I can’t tell you how thankful I am for that. Whatever you do, you’ll always have my support, and I know it means nothing to you - but it means the world for me. Keep being my main inspiration, and give me more cheerful moments. 


anonymous asked:

Hi!! I just wanted to drop by and say that I love you and your blog so much and you seem like a lovely person and I hope good things happen to you very soon because you deserve happiness

I misread lovely as lonely and got panicky because oh boy!! I must be really transparent 😅

Ahh, thank you a lot, dear person ♥ I love you too and I hope you have a very beautiful day!