Ok so I saw a headcannon on here that Keith can terrify everyone with his ability to eat insanely hot food like its nothing, but what about lance being able to eat anything without getting a brain freeze? Keith getting so pissed off at Lance chewing on ice every time he finishes his drink. Keith losing it when lance downs his iced milkshake in 3 minutes. Keith visibly cringing when Lance bites straight into his frozen Popsicle. One day Lance is just chewing on his ice when Keith losses it and he grabs some hot sauce and downs it, and Lance just gasps and eats more ice cubes because just watching Keith do it makes his mouth burn, and then they sorta unknowingly start to amp it up slowly letting the hot and cold factors (and their egos) build up in a competition. Shiro walks into to Keith about to eat a Carolina Reaper pepper and Lance is about to drink liquid nitrogen Pidge made that’s safe for humans (that doesn’t exist but fuck physics) And Shiro stops and lovingly berates his children for so reckless.

  • me:okay time to be productive and get--
  • my brain:spones
  • me:...get some shit d--
  • my brain:sPONES
  • me:i just wanna... be a productive person today...
  • my brain:but spones tho
  • me:i have things to do, i have a list of actual productive things i could be doing right n--
  • my brain:spones
  • me:... *sigh*
  • my brain:spones? (:
  • me:spones.
  • my brain:okay great so now that we're on the same page how about we watch every spones fanvideo in existence, then listen to every fanmix available, then find some fanart, read fanfic, maybe make a few gifs...
  • me:...fine

i have a conundrum: my grapes aren’t frozen yet they are in the freezer but i still want to eat them all but they aren’t frozen and i don’t want them just cold i want them frozen but i want to eat them all right now!

I am, simultaneously, 5 and 50.

The bland walls dull all sound in this gross fucking cage -either that or his ears just are taking the day off from work! which is just fine too! He doesn’t need them!  Ugh..  The thought starts out as a bitter half-joke in his head, but it occurs to him right away that it could be right. He’s losing his sense of perception. The more time spent here, the worse it is, and his ears are ringing all the time now.  It’s ugly and alien, and it’s getting repetitive. The idea of this place EVER becoming familiar is its own kind of uncomfortable joke- one he’d told and guffawed at maybe a week ago now. 

  It’s becoming just a tinge less funny now, just a tinge. He doesn’t trust anyone here.  Keeps watching the door, waiting for his parents. They’ve kept him waiting far too long, hurry up.  Come on..

      What if they are poisoning him here? And that’s why he’s losing his game? Why he can’t sleep?

The young man pauses in his writing and looks up across the table to the man across from him, outwardly showing only impatience to the stranger.. never the suspicion. There IS something off about the meager portions of food he’s been left here, or at least he’d imagined it that way, and so he’s taken measured risks in either starving himself or accepting food and drink that could be tampered with.    He doesn’t trust them here but-

                  GOD what’s wrong with him? no- wait, maybe that’s what’s wrong with him. He’s tired because he hasn’t EATEN enough! And he hasn’t been sleeping well, that’s why he’s jumping to shitty conclusions, because he hates this shitty place and these shitty people.

It’s paranoid and completely silly. Ridiculous, because they won’t DO anything, they WOULDN’T, and how could they? Shitty as it is, this place is still government run, and that makes it his. It’s his family’s.. Everyone here knows exactly who he is, regardless of how they’re treating him now, they know where he belongs, and even if they were absolute idiots they wouldn’t dare to hurt him.  Not him.

     That doesn’t mean there’s not something wrong here.

People keep mumbling under their breath around him, and his once-snarky quips about it have started to turn to deadpan ‘what.’s in response. And they never repeat what they’d said.

They keep acting as if they never said anything at all.

Every time.  Every person who comes, like it’s a game. It’s happened enough times times now that it’s wearing the venom from his words, and that venom’s migrated now to his silent glares from pale, wary eyes. It feels surreal, and he wonders there if it’s really just the lack of sleep.

No-there, he’s sure the man said something again.

A twitch of a smirk at the corner of his mouth, where he almost finds something mocking to say. There have to be jokes left to tell about this.. Instead his smirk fades and his pen returns to the paper. He’s finished filling out his personal information (For the umpteenth time, all things they already KNEW) on the sheet they’ve provided, and he moves on to the next section- a written explanation of why he’s here and his appeal to leave.


He KNOWS they’ve had him do this before, but they never seem to acknowledge it. It’s like they’ve lost the paper two dozen times. They send a new drone out to request he fill it out  A G A I N, every fucking time..

They don’t listen for shit.  They never listen for shit. They’re fucking morons and the only reason nobody’s come to get him is probably that they’ve lost the paperwork.  Morons.  Morons.  That’s what he tells himself.

Then, as the man collects the papers and takes his leave, he remarks conversationally, as if Vincent had just written his paper on the subject, 

“It’s violent. Why would you like it?” Accusatory words in a friendly tone. “You can judge a person’s disposition from the things they favor. Red’s a dangerous color, it won’t do you favors.” 

A long moment would be spent with a dumbfounded stare, as he’d process the words,

“Fuck off.” He’d wave his arm, still a bit shocked, but hurrying the dull fucker AND his absolute bullshit along and out of HIS space.

                                                       god, he’s taken to calling this room his now

It takes some time for it to sink in that even in all of the papers he’s filled out, he’d never once told them his favorite color was red.


Had he?      He can’t remember, but he’s– no, he’s pretty sure.

They’re just

Spouting bullshit at him, that’s all.

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Okay, so, "This Is War" - 30 Seconds to Mars is *definitely* a Vox Machina song. Also if this is way too many bothersome asks, just tell me to shut up and I'll disappear, but I love music and I love Critical Role and I love bringing them together.

ooooh yeah this is great! 

and don’t worry, you’re not bothersome at all :) I’m just pressed for time and not getting to many music asks right now. I’ll probably sit down and reply to a bunch of them on Sunday, but no promises

want to suggest a song? check the list first!

Okay, to start this off, my household has been having a charging problem with electronics and my phone is basically the only thing alive right now. Since my phone doesn’t have the storage for the app I use mobile tumblr through Chrome so I’m just sending this through your submit incase it gets too long since I can’t tumblr chat. I’ve also lost my tablet pen so I can’t draw a quick Lil ref for you, sorry! However as soon as my tablet charges I’ll send you a (horribly) colored version of the reply I made for the beach day thing. I brought me(AKA my persona and main OC for RP), my Chara, and my Frisk cause I need to draw more Frisk uvu.

Tl;Dr: technical difficulties and will be getting a ref to y'all soon. I brought me and both my kids. 

Johnny: -excitedly- Alright guys, I need you to act perfectly normal while I take this shot alright? Yeah, that’s right sip that coffee Chet. 

Marco: -mutters- He can’t be serious.

Chet: Surely he can’t be serious. 

Johnny: Awww come on, guys! I said act perfectly normal!

Marco: -makes snoring noises-

Mike: -snickers-

Johnny: Ha. Real funny!

Johnny: You guys are just incredible. Absolutely incredib-… Now hang on one second. Who’s the wise guy that stuck a wad of bubblegum to my camera?! 

Chet: -perks up- Did somebody say bubblegum? 

Sorry I’ve been so inactive !! Work is just starting to die down so I plan to get more things done (all the doggos go home so we’re very dead right now) 
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14. Why did you choose your URL: One of my favorite characters from BNHA is Denki Kaminari, and his hero name is “Chargebolt,” so I decided to sue it for my url. 

15. Gender: Female

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18. Favorite color: Blue

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20. Lucky Number: 8

21. Favorite Character(s): (these are just some of them) Dawn, Riley, Shiro, Keith, Frank Zhang, Nico di Angelo, Hermione Granger, Luna Lovegood, Sora Takenouchi, Takeru Takaishi, Koushiro Izumi, Tohma Norstein, Son Gohan, Son Pan, Oikawa Tooru, Iwaizumi Hajime, Yamaguchi Tadashi, Moniwa Kaname, Yaku Morisuke, Arya Svit-kona, Trafalgar D. Water Law. 

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I get Ryan being closeted and also think now that he has nothing to lose that it is a good time to come out. Do you think he is still pining for MP or that they are together right now? If bring with Michael is something Michael will never let happen, I want him to find someone else to love him. (I volunteer!)

I mean???? I go back and forth tbh.

Like one thing I still can’t figure out is what Michael really worked through in rehab. Like he really was spiraling after London, no doubt about that, and now the story being sold to the public is that Nicole really helped him through that yada, yada. I remember those post London years, and there’s still no good way I can explain it with a phlochte narrative.

On the other hand though, there is SO MUCH supporting phlochte. One of the most telling to me is that they make it seem like they don’t hang out ever. Like they always say that they’re friends etc, but they never post pictures together or publicize that they’re hanging out, like they do with everyone else. And we know that it’s not the case that they really ARENT hanging out bc everytime they are together during a meet they are all over each other and smiling and laughing and acting married. That level of comfort doesn’t happen when people go long periods without seeing each other. Anyways, my point is, it seems very deliberate that they avoid drawing attention to the fact that they spend time together, and I guess the question is why.

There’s something I want to write about on here that I don’t really currently have the time or mental capacity to write right now but it’s about how I remember in 8th grade when they showed us all the clubs in the high school we could join the next year and all these guys were laughing about the gsa and how anyone who joined it was a gross gay. Like I remember feeling really uncomfortable and #yikes and going “uh no there’s a reason there’s an s in gsa, like im just a straight ally and I’ll probably join it” (I didn’t actually bc I was too scared of what my family would think but) and now here we are all these years later and I’m the hugest lesbian and like. It makes sense now.

Idk what I’m trying to say bc it’s a weird handful of thoughts but it’s something about knowing before you even knew and learning things about being gay before you even “were gay” and something down there about casual homophobia…