Last time on Tsubasa: Sakura was adorable, Blanche was professionally unhelpful, and Fai and Kurogane were taking the opportunity to openly talk about each other to anyone who would listen.

Oh and Syaoran was attacked. I guess that was important too. 

And now; Informants.

Doing nothing but reading phanfiction right now. Honestly best choice when you feel awful 10/10 would recommend ahahha

Also enjoy the recs ;)


I thought I could sneak that in there! You guys don’t miss a thing, do you??

So remember the man friend I told you about earlier this month? Well, things are good. Really good. I’m talking relationship/boyfriend/girlfriend-kind of good here. It just kind of happened. I’m incredibly happy about it too. He introduced me as his girlfriend to a couple of people and while that word would normally send me spiraling into freak out and run away mode, but this time was different. It felt good, felt right. We talked about it later and agreed that yes, we’re in a relationship, I’m his girlfriend, and he’s my boyfriend. And instead of being totally freaked out, I’m good with it. Progress, people! :)

I don’t know what the future holds, but right now, I’m happy. It’s not hard. I’m not stressed out about him or texts or things like that. It’s easy with him. And I think that’s how it should be. :)

Also, Brooke-I will send you so many pictures! You probably need your own wand too, right??!! You know I will drink a butterbeer for you!

right so Hansol’s “I’m only 17 I only got a few dollars” line is stuck in my head for several days now and I’ve come to the point where I say it loud without even realising it. My mum told me to go grocery shopping for the family today and without even thinking I answered “I’m only 17 I only got a few dollars” and she looked at me for a solid minute and just grabbed her bag and went grocery shopping alone

 (( There was once a time
      When Annie-Mun was learning Sign-Language, on school project
        And she might start it again))

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Name: Shoumma
Birthday: September 24, 1997
Starsign: I don’t know (and don’t care)
Gender: Male
Height: 183 cm
Sexual orientation: Heterosexual
Favourite color: Sky blue
Time right now: 12:09 PM
Average hours of sleep: school days=8.5, weekends=9+
Lucky numbers: I don’t know
Last thing I Googled: how to create iso from folders
Words that come up on my mind: 
Number of blankets i sleep with: 1
Favourite fictional character: Matt Cruse from Airborn or Tom Natsworthy from Mortal Engines
Favourite famous people: Adam Young
Celebrity crushes: None
Favourite books: Airborn series by Kenneth Oppel, Predator Cities Quartet by Philip Reeve, Artemis Fowl series by Eoin Colfer, Incarceron by Catherine Fisher
Favourite bands: Owl City, Port Blue, Madeon, Sky Sailing, Porter Robinson, Swimming With Dolphins, Gorillaz, Chicane, (and recently) Color Therapy
Last movie I saw: Legend of the Guardians
Dream trip: Probably a bunch of road trips in USA (including Yellowstone) and Australia (the Great Ocean Road)
Dream job: Used to be astronomer, not so sure now
What I am wearing atm: A striped white, grey and dark grey shirt with random stripes of pink thrown in

I tag: awaketotakeintheview​, panic-at-the-city​, asdeuxcoeur​, dr3amsd0ntturnt0dust, trepidsiemang, and a-relient-owl

So…there may be a leave of absence for a bit.

I just realized I have a lot of stuff I need to be an adult about and figure out.

Not a full hiatus but I will be gone for like a week or so!

See ya soon guys!

soulcoda replied to your post:So the wedding legit just got canceled for the…

:O THAT’S SO SAD!!!! why couldn’t he get his visa?? or has he not said anything at all?? (ps i still wanna see the clothes even if you can’t wear them to the ceremony)

I KNOW RIGHT??! Oh man Ari there are so many bad rumours going around like apparently the guy didn’t want to get married so he didn’t put an effort into getting his visa on time and there’s another one that my cousin’s dad was stupid and didn’t fill out the visa forms properly (which is most plausible lol). Tbh my cousin’s family is saying absolutely nothing other than that the wedding is canceled.  

Ahhh maybe I’ll try them on later or something and post a picture??? 


Nobody will probably see this, but it feels nice to let this out. I have that feeling when you want to make more friends, but you just too socially awkward and you get too scared of what they might think about you. Like sometimes I can just randomly start talking with someone and it will be fine. But then other times, I just can’t do that with some people. And that bothers me because I want to be friends with them, but I overthink things and only say one-worded responses. I like the feeling when you can just talk to someone and not feel like you are overdoing it. Especially with someone who likes the same things as me because I can talk about something that happened or just fangirl at random times. I want an internet friend, but knowing me, I will probably be so awkward that it will make me cringe. I might not be the best responder at times, but I will try. If someone ever needs to talk about something or they just need a fangirl moment about the same things, I’m here. So anybody wants to be friends???

Teen Wolf Fangirl Rant

I do understand the shipper sentiment; the original gif can be interpreted as anti, intentionally casting the show’s original parings in a more positive light.

This isn’t how I saw it =(

I do ship Scira now that Allison has passed away, and I always liked actual cinnamon roll Kira in her own right. It kills me that Kira and Allison shared so little screen time =( a relationship between them apart from their respective feelings for Scott would have been amazingly humanizing for both characters, and maybe even helped defuse a teeny tiny bit of the shipping vitriol between the hard!core Scallion v Scira camps. They should have been friends <3 Kira should have cried along with Scott at Allison’s funeral TnT Showing the audience these things would have been enormously beneficial to both fan bases I think.

Allllllllll that said, please do not dismiss or belittle my or anyone’s otp (that’s not okay guys)

Even if it’s now problematic (Rose Tyler and The Doctor 5EVER)

I ship Scira now, they are both adorable characters and I want very much for both of them to be happy <3 because they deserve that

So did Allison T_T

Do not dismiss her from the fandom, or respond with ‘You know she’s dead right?’ to those of us who still ship her with characters on the show.

*stage whisper* None of them are real anyway you know; The distinction between the living and the dead is much more ambiguous among fictional characters ;)

Scallison is still my otp, it has been since I decided to catch this silly new mtv show oh so long ago <3

Because of my Scallison feels (and the residual trauma of the untimely death of my favorite character smashed my fragile fangirl heart to smithereens) I have much less clear and present feels regarding Stydia v Stalia =) I just want for my beloved Queen Lydia to be happy and safe with someone who loves and respects her and NEVER EVER treats her like Jackson did X( SO NOT OK. ABUSE. WTAF)   

If I in anyway offended anyone’s ship or FC above, I am sorry, it wasn’t my intention. I do my best to sail my own ship and allow and encourage others to do the same! <3    

Okay <3 Teen Wolf Fangirl Rant Concluded <3   

My wanderlust is getting really fucking heavy like
All I want to do is travel and see amazing places and experience them and touch walls that once stood thousands of years ago and every time I see certain pictures of places I cry like people weren’t meant to fucking stay put and work 40+ hours a week and come home and do nothing for the rest of their lives I wanna live not just exist aND I HAVE A LOT OF FEELINGS RIGHT NOW AND I HATE FEELING TRAPPED 

whenever i start thinking about Ryan Ross, i start getting emotional bc he’s having a really hard time right now with addiction and isn’t getting better and feels obligated to make music and I just want to wrap him in a blanket and snuggle him up with some tea and snacks and protect him 

tsukana replied to your postThat moment when you get asked for your first name…

no no the worst is when you have a sub teacher and they’re reading the attendance sheet like ’*insert super long name here*’ “no please just call me alex (or whatever your english name is)” or “it’s pronounced ___”

I have a Korean friend who goes by her Korean name and I’ve never met a teacher who pronounced it right the first time.  I also once spent half an hour arguing with a teacher over how to pronounce my last name, because apparently a white person knew how my last name should be pronounced better than I did (it’s two freaking letters and we spent half an hour debating this wtf even)

just gonna ramble just cuz happiness

idk dude it’s so weird because I fell for Karmen so fucking quick but it’s SO RIGHT. laying in my bed alone doesn’t feel right. I’d rather be in hers. we’ve only known each other since Sunday and we fell just so hard for each other so quick. every kiss, every touch, just makes me 20 times happier. i think it kind of feels like love at first sight which has never happened to me. I just wanna spend all my time with her.

I don’t wanna wait for you
I don’t wanna wake up thinking, hoping
You will get it right this time
‘Cause you know that you’re so cold
I don’t wanna see no more
And I can’t get away from you
It’s one of the reasons why
That I just can’t get you out my mind
And all I keep seeing is your picture
I don’t wanna see no more
—  See No More

I’ve been thinking about my past a lot recently and it’s really getting me down. I know it can’t be changed, there are just so many people I wish I had treated better and been able to do more for. I’m trying to move on and not think about it but it’s hard when I can’t trust my own head. Nothing seems right inside lately and I’m having a really hard time projecting my outer confidence because of it, and that’s just not who I am. Of all the times in my life this scale of a meltdown could be happening, why does it have to be now? My future is right around the corner and I’ve never felt more shaken or unready. I don’t want to feel like this; not trusting my own thoughts is starting to scare me more than I thought was possible. Please just make it go away.