don’t u ever get self conscious about how you sound over the phone? yeah I’m looking at you unknown

emergency theme commissions

hey guys! so, long story short, my work just screwed me over big time because they aren’t going to pay me in time to pay for a lot of stuff (mostly comprised of bills or things i’ve already committed to) that i cannot opt out of.

this has put me in a very sticky situation because i just can’t afford to go an entire month without getting paid. so i’m opening up theme commissions because it’s the only other source of work i have that i can look to right now, and i really need to not go into the negatives because i’m not going to get paid on time.

i will not take donations. this is not a life or death situation, just a “i’m really fucking screwed” situation, therefore please do not ask to simply donate to me, although i appreciate the sentiment. if you want to send me money, please send it in the form of a commission. and if you cannot commission me, then please reblog this so others see it! i would really, really appreciate that.

thank you so much.

Finals Week

Canada: Did everything ahead of time. Actually read the syllabus. 

America: What do you mean all my deadlines are at midnight it’s 8 pm right now?!!?

England: Works systematically.

France: Entirely projects due before finals. Hangs around to distract everyone else. 

Japan: I have time for a video game break.

China: Only has in class exams. 

Spain: I’ll get good grades because all my professors like me! 

Romano: I can accept a C. 

Russia: Does everything last minute but still gets 8 hours of sleep? 

Italy: Sorry my vacation is finals week I’m just gonna do it all two weeks before~~

Germany: The only reason anyone gets anything done.  

Domestic Victuuri

Makkachin: *crying in the middle of the night to go outside* 

Victor: Yuuri…can you get that please?

Yuuri: No way, I did it last time.

Victor: Please??? I’m just so comfy right now and I don’t wanna move ;A:

Yuuri: Ugh, fine. This is why Makkachin loves me more, y’know.

Victor: What?! She does NOT! *gets out of bed immediately* I’ll do it! Makkachin loves her Papa more! *storms out of the room*

Yuuri: *smirks as Victor leaves and snuggles back under the covers* Works every time.

guys i’m planning on getting a lost tattoo before i move cause my friend and i are gonna get tattoos together and i’ve wanted a lost one for years but I CAN’T DECIDE WHAT I WAAAAAANT

The beginning of ME2 was a wild ride, and I was so relieved and happy when Joker eventually walked into the room. Nobody can’t tell me that my Shepard didn’t just immediately go and hug him. He was so worried!

(I also know that Shepard was actually wearing armor at the time but I’m not about to take a shot at that just yet, no patience for it. xD)


Final Fantasy 15 - Nyx Urlic

Nyx constantly makes my job just a tad bit harder. You can now see why I don’t really get my work done these days.

I am experiencing severe counter-transference from this episode so I can’t get super meta like I usually do. However, I just want to say something really important about Yuuri.

For the first time, he didn’t skate for the audience. He also didn’t skate for Viktor, the coach. For the first time, Yuuri truly skated for himself for the sake of Viktor as a human

After his cathartic purge in the garage, Yuuri reached deep into himself, his raw and hurting and unbelieving self, and said, “You are strong. You are amazing. You will win this.” Yuuri is admitting that Viktor is probably not the best coach for him, but you know what? Viktor is a human. He has limitations. He’s not the perfect idol that Yuuri looked up to since he was 12-years old. Viktor held him this entire time, helped him grow his self-efficacy and confidence and met Yuuri wherever he was mentally, but past all of this? It’s not up to Viktor anymore. He can’t do everything for Yuuri, no matter how badly they both want it. Now, all Viktor can do is stand at the finish line, waiting with open arms, and it is Yuuri’s turn to meet him where he is.

I'm sorry

for all the times I can’t think of a things to say
for when I talk too much about things you clearly don’t care about
for when I don’t put in the effort we both know I could
for when I make it worse
for responding too quickly
for singing too loudly
for laughing too obnoxiously
for letting myself get so fat
for being too clingy
for not understanding
for trying to understand
for bothering you when you’re busy
for over reacting
for being bad at everything
for messing everything up
for not being able to hold a conversation

I’m so infinitely sorry for being me

RL Update

So far all tests performed on my aunt have come back negative. And we still don’t know what’s going on. All we know is that she has an infection in her body that is causing her white blood cells to sky rocket. Doctors have her on really strong antibiotics and she has been intubated and is being kept asleep for most of the day. The antibiotics are helping with the infection but are taking a toll on her organs, specifically her kidneys. At this point it is really important to keep a close eye on her because organ failure is very likely at this point due to all the medication. Sadly there is nothing else that can be done at this point since we have no idea what the cause of the infection is. For now doctors are just doing their best to keep the infection at bay and that is all that can really be done at this point.

My mother has returned from outside the country and seeing her was really a grim site. In just two weeks she has lost so much weight. She looks like she’s aged so much in just these two weeks and it’s really hard to see. It’s easy to tell that she isn’t emotionally well. She cries about having to come back and leave her sister in such a state. Sadly all her job gave her was two weeks to be with her sister and told her that they couldn’t guarantee her job if she stayed any longer. Part of me wished that she would just have stayed with her sister for her own peace of mind and just said fuck the job. Sadly we aren’t in the best place economically and now even more so that we’re covering a big part of my aunt’s medical expenses.

My grandmother is also clearly being affected by all of this. Our family has tried to keep the details of the situation away from her so she wouldn’t worry and no one would really tell her the gravity of what has been going on. Seeing how bad things are the family finally decided to tell her about what is going on in hopes to prepare her if anything were to happen to my aunt. Since telling her she hardly eats and has lost quite a bit of weight as well. She seems to have gotten sick or a fever we’re thinking due to the worrying as well so that’s just another concern.

This is all just so stressful. My parents don’t really tell me much about what’s going on likely due to me already suffering from depression and anxiety but I listen as they talk on the phone with relatives. All of this makes me so anxious.

Out of desperation now our family is seeking out a type of witch doctor in addition to western medicine and praying. They’re scheduled to head out to talk to one tomorrow morning. I don’t know all the details to be honest. I don’t really know if I believe in that sort of thing either but at this point our family will try just about anything.

my favorite thing about the people shipping ginny and mike right now is that we’re all feeling the same things 

-disbelief that we let ourselves get in this deep after just 4 episodes 

-a general feeling of helplessness as we lose control of our lives

-an admission of defeat as we reblog the same gifset for the 5th time in one day

I suspect many of us have seen our otps go up in flames and yet here we are 

Hm, well now there’s you. And you’re new. You’re funny and cute, and right now, that’s all I’ve gathered. I can’t assume you’re different because I’ve made that mistake too many times before. But you make me laugh and smile when we talk, and I can’t help but wonder what else your personality encompasses. I’d like to get to know you better. And that’s all I know right now.
—  12:16PM// right now, today

I’ve heard many people say that Yuri on Ice is just queer-baiting, and honestly? I disagree.

And see, I know where you’re coming from, we’ve seen this pattern in anime (and sports anime especially) many times: we get some fanservice, some teasing, a suggestive glance or a fist-bump/high-five or maybe even something similar to hug. *gasp*

But like, am I the only one who can see that this anime is nothing like that? By episode three I think it is absolutely clear that this anime is crossing borders that sports anime, and in fact anime in general just didn’t cross. Not until now. Which leads me to believe that this is not just ‘fanservice’ that there’s meaning here, that they’re doing it for a reason. (no, that reason not being queer-baiting)

Because they’d sell the anime to fujoshi/fudanshi anyway, because they don’t need to go this far if they’re just trying to tease the viewers into buying the BDs/DVDs.

Which leads me to believe that there’s a plot-related reason for this, that all of this has a meaning.

And even if (and this is highly unlikley) they would suddenly go all like “Oh wait, Yuuri and Victor are actually completely straight!” they can’t make all those scenes from the first three episodes disappear, and let me tell you - there is no way that any straight males would ever act like that.

Where am I going with all this? My conclusion is simple: wherever Yuri on Ice goes from here, it is already clear that it is far from queer-baiting and in fact, might just be the closest to queer main characters in non-BL anime that we’ll be getting anytime soon.

And this makes me incredibly happy.


“They just can’t get anything right!”

I was talking with @gomboc123 the other day about her lovely Tangled AU, I couldn’t restrain myself from drawing this loser with his wanted poster. It was so much fun to play with this AU and I am most definitely gonna return to this universe.

All you people who suggested Ron Mustard as his name need help. You know who you are.


This is right after Oliver gets Felicity back from Damien Darhk and I noticed Oliver has his eyes on Felicity this whole time.  In my mind, I imagine him thinking… that her chair could have been empty. He could have been alone right now without her. She could have died tonight. Don’t waste another moment. Life is too short. I need to make her my wife. 

Okay, I'm Saying it...

This has been bugging me for MONTHS.
Every time I watch Gravity Falls, and they mention Soos’ girlfriend in “Soos and the Real Girl,” I hear them, CLEAR AS FUCKING DAY, pronounce her name as “Melanie” (probably didn’t spell that right) with a CLEAR and AUDIBLE ‘n’ sound. Where the hell are all of you guys getting “Melody?”