When your favourite games finally get a proper, good-sized fandom, but the tags are filled with jacksepticeye stuff, because he played them and that’s why they’re popular.

I came to the tags to look at my Children not Jack goddammit
Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad they’re popular, but good christ-

When I’m capable, I don’t want to do anything

When I’m incapable,  I wANT TO DO EVERYTHING

Don’t give up.

You can get through this. I might not know you, but- I care. You may be hundreds of miles away from me. You might not know that I even exist. You might be the type of person I hate the most, but- I need you to know that I care.

No matter who you are, no matter what you’ve done, I care about you. Your life. Yourself. Realize your worth. You’re beautiful. Love yourself. If you’ve become someone you hate, change. I’ll help you with it.

To be perfectly honest, I don’t even know why I’m typing this. I just feel a strong urge to do this. Who knows? This might save someone’s life. Now, or in the future- I hope that this helps someone. Know that, at the very least, there’s someone who cares about you. I’m here. I love you.

I’m not sober and I might delete this later but I honestly love my friends so much. I’m not always the nicest person and can be a little too rude and sarcastic but they still love and support me and make me feel like I have a place in this world I belong. I wouldn’t be here without any of them and I can’t always tell them in person how much I love them but I hope they know.

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What kind of messed up relationship were you thinking? Because I've had some ideas floating around in my head for a while.

Anything’s fair game with me tbh, I love love love the idea of Yukari interacting with Reimu’s ancestors… Anyone is free to throw their Yukari/shrine maidens thoughts at me anytime \o/

I would say my headcanon Yukari would do things like deliberately not training much a shrine maiden with little potential, to quickly move on to the next one… Cruel, but seen with practical eyes?

I hc the Hakurei shrine maidens as a mother->daugther succession, and when there isn’t a child available, Yukari would be the one (w/ other youkai, like that weird comment Aya said makes me think of) to choose someone else from the family. I like to think Yukari would erase the new shrine maiden’s past memories, when that happens, to make sure the girl devotes herself to the job. She’s “nasty” so definitely she’d toy with the ones who pester her to get their memories back. She’s a youkai after all… :v

At the same time I think she nurtures a bit of obsession with her shrine maidens, for reasons unknown. She’s fickle, impossible to understand. She’ll take care of them from the shadows if needed, play favourites with some of them…

“Your kind is precious but I will have no remorse losing you if you fail your job, because you are at this land’s disposal.” Something like that? The Hakurei shrine maidens are the most important pawns on Yukari’s game of chess, but she’s got plenty of possible new ones if needed.

Because this is related, I’ve also got this idea that most of the previous shrine maidens’ clothes/uniforms are hidden somewhere at the shrine, with past diaries and stuff, and I’d really like to draw something about Reimu finding them and confronting Yukari about it - because honestly, who could have done that besides Yukari. Creepy.

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I honestly stop mid conversation (my mom is going crazy because of this) just so I can look at the chapter again on my phone

@candy-crackpot is still suffering from all my fangirling and @it-started-over-sasunaru has been listening to my screaming and crying and theories since the chapter came out… and she doesn’t even read dgm!!!!

I’m honestly losing my mind over how amazing Tyki is. Whenever I think I can’t love him more than I already do, he goes and show me a new side of himself… it’s incredible.

victor nikiforov means so much to me it’s not funny anymore. like, when I see fanart of him, I just seriously cry because he’s so beautiful? and his personality, gods, his personality, is beautiful and inside out he’s just gorgeous. he’s imperfect but that’s okay because he deals with his imperfections and he has yuuri to help him and he is slowly improving as a human and tbh, he feels so real it just brings tears to my eyes (actually mispelt that as ice before correcting, such pun). 

gods, please just let him be happy with yuuri and their skating fam. let him love, let him live. let him have his life and love in bliss and contentment and perfection.

i’m makkachoking on my feels