150622 Cancam August Issue - SHINee's Jonghyun x Minho x Key Interview

When these three who love talking assemble, the god to laughter and spontaneity swoops in?!

— Q: Please tell us what kind of girl does the member sitting beside you suit the most.

Jonghyun: With Key, it should be someone with colorful hair, like pink or purple! (LOL) Someone stylish!

Key: (LOL) Minho is the type who is my exact opposite so in terms of appearance, someone who is maidenly and clean would be good! Then her eyes must be fox-like~. And her mouth, must be like a puppy’s! How is that?!

Jonghyun: That is absolutely Minho’s type!

Key: And then, in terms of personality, I think a girl who is a bit cat-like would be good (LOL)

Minho: What is that?! (LOL) For Jonghyun, it should be a girl who is cute and always has good reactions/expressions. If it’s not someone who laughs (for Jonghyun) a lot, it’s not good.

— Q: What is each member’s amusing/funny side?

Minho: Key is really the best at impersonation/imitating people.

Jonghyun: Yeah! He’s amazingly good! Particularly, he’s the best at imitating our manager (LOL).

Key: (LOL) I think I’m good at minor impersonations! Saying that myself is a bit embarrassing (shy). Jonghyun’s also good at imitating! When Jonghyun finds funny movies or gags popular in/about SHINee, he sends them to the members. That is really funny, I think.
(t/n: The sentence is a bit jumbled up, but by SHINee, I think Key means in the community, so basically gags/movies popularly related to SHINee, like memes, etc.)

Jonghyun: That’s right! I look them up!

Minho: Jonghyun always have ridiculous facial expressions. Key’s face when he wakes up, after sleeping because he’s so tired, is really funny.

Key: Don’t say that! It’s just my face when I happened to take a nap after not having much sleep (LOL). Then how about Minho’s funny side?

Jonghyun: Minho is someone who makes you go, “what are you doing so suddenly…” because he does these mysterious actions/stuff…

Key: True! But instead of funny, that seems…creepy? ! (LOL) I think the five of us are all funny….Ah! Not everyone. There is one person…

Jonghyun: Taemin is not funny!

Key: Wait! (LOL) He can hear you (LOL)!

(Taemin: *looks at them while sitting in another place for his interview* Hm?)

Key: Ah, it’s nothing~

“I respect Key’s diligence! No matter how tired he is, he wakes up early every morning and I think that’s amazing (LOL). ” - Minho

“Unlike me who has times when my spirit is either up or down, Minho is always energetic (LOL). Even though everyone is tired he constantly remains so bright that looking at him makes me happy, too.” - Jonghyun

“Jonghyun is the type who, when he finds something he’s interested in, carries it to the end. He doesn’t sleep and secretly works on things before showing his results and I respect him for that.” - Key