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9th January, 18:30 on BBC Radio 4.


In which Bo Burnham describes my life in a 30 seconds

dont-look-back-keep-walking-blog  asked:

Hi. ; v ; I need to say that I adore your blog. No, seriously, it's the biggest compilation of thing that I love too much to deal with without freaking out. Thank you for hosting such an amazing blog. Keep doing what you do; keep being awesome. <3 u v u

Aww, thank you! :3 You’re so sweet, and I am so glad that you like my blog. ♥ I wish I could hug you!

As 2013 comes to a close, I can only look back and shake my head in wonder.  It’s been an incredible year, both in it’s highs and lows.
I’ve moved thousands of miles away from the only place I had ever known.  I’ve seen things I could scarcely believe, from the dappled sunlit hot springs of Canada to seeing lightning flash on the horizon of the Midwestern plains.  I’ve driven in torrential downpour and midnight darkness and sweltering heat.   I’ve drowned in depression and loneliness, reveled in rage and hate, and felt so incredibly lost at times.  But thanks to my friends, both here and elsewhere, I’ve found myself, both in new and old ways, and grown to be a better person.
But most of all, I’ve chosen to have a good life, just as someone very wise had advised me before they passed away.  And as the new year starts, I’m going to choose that again.
After all, if life is such an adventure, doing anything less is a damn shame.
Happy New Years everyone.
unwiltingblossom replied to your post    { i finished Fushigi Yuugi Genbu Kaiden — and…

//I haven’t had time to read Genbu Kaiden yet but—hold up a Fushigi Yuugi reader!


Been an avid Fushigi Yuugi fan since I saw the anime series when I was six-years-old. Miaka Yuki has been my hero and I gushed over Tamahome. Now, years later, crying over Genbu Kaiden. Nice to see a fellow fan //shoots hearts


Yeah, defs go kill yourself Liv for hatin on a fictional character. You must be the worst persona alive.

Oh, completely.  Anon is right; there is nothing worse I could ever do in the world than hate the Box Ghost.  It’s really made me rethink my choices, you know?  *wallows in emo corner*

[I just noticed you added “queen” to the end of your username…when did that happen on tumblr?  :P]