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So my friends are always hating on my art and saying that I can't draw for shit and that I'm "always copying" even though the only time I ever copied was when I really liked this anime and I drew one of the characters and I'm starting to believe them what should I do

find new friends

Signs Of Your Basic MM Blogger

•"let’s marry in the space station" caption for every. Single. Picture. With. Seven. In. It.

•too much angst and unnecessary tears

[The Comedians]
•horribly edited images with the character’s faces and jokes pertaining to Seven having crippling depression

•current memes now revolving around MM characters (i.e.: dabbing Sevens, Twitter memes drawn as the MM characters, triggered, etc)

Find My Husband's Murderer
  • <p> <b>Nadia:</b> My husband's murderer must be captured and punished. You WILL find Doctor Julian.<p/><b>Sawyer (My MC):</b> Yeah, mhm, can do.<p/><b>Also Sawyer:</b> (Oh I'll find him alright, but I definitely won't be bringing him to you. First come first serve~)<p/><b></b> @thearcanagame<p/></p>