draw me like one of your french girls

So I was rereading this Captive Prince tumblr fic I love where Damen and Laurent are art majors, and it made me crave something similar for Sterek. Thought I’d write it while AO3 is down for maintenance… I mean, what else am I supposed to do on my day off, haha? So here’s the drabble~ 

(I’ll probably also write a part 2 at some point.)

Stiles Stilinski has been shooting him increasingly unsubtle looks for weeks now, so it’s not exactly a surprise when he makes his way over at the end of class one day near the end of the semester. He seems to be trying to make it look like he just happened to wander over and end up near Derek’s table by accident, but Derek’s not fooled, or interested in pretending to be. He stops packing up his art supplies and sits back on his stool to hear what he has to say. 

This is the fourth time Derek’s been asked out just this semester, and there are only twenty-two people in the class to start with. It still makes him as nervous as the first time it happened, but he thinks (hopes) he’s getting better at hiding it. 

People always take one look at him and assume he’s some kind of player, that he’s used to this, and he’s not. He was home-schooled all through high school (it was a werewolf thing). Then, bam, he showed up to college orientation and three cheerleader-looking girls flocked to him within the first fifteen minutes. 

He’s been asked out more times than he can count since then, but it’s usually by girls. Not plaid-wearing, messenger-bag-toting, comic-book-quoting hipster guys with warm brown eyes and leanly muscled forearms.

Stiles drifts to a stop in front of him, and Derek thinks, Here we go

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I have the idea that Mike and Will often hang out in Castle Byers, and that he’s the one who does so the most of their friends. Mike will spend the time reading comic books or Dungeons and Dragons manuals, writing their next campaign in his head, and Will spends his time drawing and just enjoying his friend’s presence.

annicent  asked:

And becus I´m selfish and rude... (I´m so sorry) and also becus I did something special for you ;p I also request some heating action between Kiris and Ashkore... I´d love to see her as a dom ♥♥

Don’t we all love seeing Kiris as dom?

NSFW, under the cut!

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Listening to music together…

What better way to spend a day off with your boyfriend, amirite?

PS: Yes they are sharing headphones, sorry if its not very clear ^^’

Hope you guys enjoy~!