Signs Of Your Basic MM Blogger

•"let’s marry in the space station" caption for every. Single. Picture. With. Seven. In. It.

•too much angst and unnecessary tears

[The Comedians]
•horribly edited images with the character’s faces and jokes pertaining to Seven having crippling depression

•current memes now revolving around MM characters (i.e.: dabbing Sevens, Twitter memes drawn as the MM characters, triggered, etc)

When you can't draw,edit, or write but you still want to contribute to the fandom

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did some facial ref practice with the vento aureo gang also @ davidpro part 5 when????

I’m chasing a ghost
A feeling that’s haunted me for years 
Every time I get close it’s gone

Am I living a lie?
Well, maybe I just expect too much
Maybe it’s time I try for more 

 I will tear my sky
To make it through the night
I will take back my pride
And live while I breathe, live while I breathe 

I will move the ground 
I will pull the curtains down 
Wear my fist on my sleeve
And live while I breathe, live while I breathe 


Fun fact: before knowing Kageyama’s name I called him potato head.


i can’t believe my team leader is a meme: the new series on mtv