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so I wrote some head cannons to go w ur monster AU but I'm afraid to tag u in them bc they're not that good but I love the fantasy AU

oh my gosh! don’t say they aren’t good i’d be ecstatic with any headcanon no matter if it’s “pidge is the true mastermind behind the u.s. government” or “lance eats pasta sometimes”!! i’m already smiling at you just saying that you wrote something up haha!! i get it completely if you’re still too shy to tag me, but i would LOVE to read up on those. headcanons are my favorite thing, and i’m honestly so flattered you liked the au enough to write some! i hope i find them ;) (if you really don’t want me to see them i’ll try my best to stay away from searching, i’ll just take you tagging me in the post or not as a queue, but know that i already love them and i haven’t even seen them pfft) thank you so much ;u;

wtnv au where in his dreary small town cecil palmer dreams of excitement and some cool new tracks to play on his radio show. one day a rusty old van brakes down in front of the local pizza joint. out jumps the most beautiful latino grunge boy cecil has ever seen…with a bass strapped to his back. the back doors swing open to reveal a ton of instruments and amps and such, as well as a group of other young musicians. on the bass drum reads a name (a band name to be specific): carlos and the scientists

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Okay listen Nikolai is grabbing a gumball out of the gobblegum machine but the machine bites nikolai and isn't letting go Nikolai screams for help And takeo is just screaming at the machine: HOW COULD YOU BE SO DISHONORABLE MACHINE!! Let it sink in

Takeo [2.0]: You really think I’ll help him if he gets into trouble like that, himself?

Nikolai [2.0]:………bitch……..

((Mod; They still love each other, no harm done))

Umm.. I will.. Leave this here.
It’s terrible I know I can’t draw for shit. I also don’t know where I was going with this, boredom, I guess.
I took like 5 mins sorry, I lost my effort.
What’s the ship name?? We need one.


K guys, k. But hear me out… @edorazzi twin’s AU… But with Drake & Josh quotes.
In which Adrien is THAT ONE kid who blames literally everything they can’t find on their siblings taking it and Felix being so done bc “bitch what do I even need your stupid Ladybug keychain for? Your side of the room is a mess I’m not surprised you can’t find anything there”