I’ve been abducted so many times that I don’t miss gravity.

Bad news wolf

howls to the crack of

a moon. When I open your

spine, I will love you.

Drink the marrow, 

darling. Drink the color blue

until your lungs give 

a fuck. I expected you to be taller.

I threw sharp things into the sky until 

the sky stopped throwing

them back. 

The Daily Doodles on PATREON!

Hey all!

To help raise money and give readers a way to help support my work, I’ve created a Patreon page!

As some of you may have noticed, I haven’t been around much lately due to my computer dying. Without proper equipment I can’t create my GIFs, work on my books, commissions, or any of the other more ambitious projects I’ve been planning.

Anyone can donate here–


What is Patreon?  It’s very similar to Kickstarter, but instead of giving money for a specific end result, with Patreon you’re giving money to support ongoing projects (such as mine).  With your help I can create more content, create BETTER content, and have the equipment and time necessary to do all I need to do.

You become a patron of my art, as the name of Patreon suggests.  No matter what you’re able to give, you’ll receive exclusive gifts from me to hopefully make it worth it (in addition to the knowledge that you’re an essential part of my work).

$1 per month (and up): You’ll get my first ever STICKER PACKS, 10 stickers in each pack, and mailed 4 times through the year. That’s 40 stickers total for only a buck a month!

$5 per month (and up): In addition to the sticker pack 4 times a year, you will be linked under one of my GIF/stories on The Daily Doodles as the “sponsor” or patron of that post.  (You won’t be drawn into the story like the $10 patrons would be, and you won’t get to choose the story, but I won’t attach you to any story or drawing you may find objectionable (I will clear it with you ahead of time). 

Plus, you can request high quality video or GIF copies of any past or future Daily Doodle you like, so you can own a crystal clear sharp copy for fun (the original video files always look much nicer since ya gotta compress the file to make it fit onto Tumblr).

$10 per month or a one time payment of $100 (and up): You’ll get to star in your very own animated Daily Doodle GIF!  It’s the same program I’ve been doing for years now, and more details can be read about it here– http://www.thedailydoodles.com/post/6368411095/would-you-like-to-star-in-your-very-own-daily

You’ll also, of course, get the sticker pack 4 times a year and the ability to request high quality video or GIF copies of any old or new Daily Doodle.  Plus, you’ll receive HD video copies of your personal animation that you can load into a digital frame and display proudly 24 hours a day, you’ll get copies of any work in progress along the way, and if possible you’ll also get the original hand drawn illustrations.

This is all a new way for me to hopefully be able to create more content for everyone to enjoy, and if you have any questions or concerns whatsoever please don’t hesitate to write me here on Tumblr or at thedailydoodles@gmail.com.  Plus if you have ideas for different/gooder rewards and presents, I am all ears!

You can also consult the Patreon FAQ here!  If ya wish to only make a one time donation and not be charged monthly, that’s no problem– the Patreon FAQ explains how one can do so :-)

Thank you for your time and support!  When I absentmindedly created my site years ago, I never thought it’d become a full time career.  Everyone who has enjoyed my work has helped change my life, and I can’t thank you enough for the opportunity.

David Michael Chandler

Warm and snug in their jammies, fire crackling in front of them; Douglas and Martin decided to open at least one present each on Christmas eve, waiting to open the rest the next day with Douglas’ daughters.

The tearing of the paper sounded around them, Martin’s eyes lighting up at what was inside the once perfectly wrapped box.

“Oh, Douglas, love, it’s perfect.” He flushes at the thoughtfulness, looking toward his fiance, a grin alight on the older man’s face as his glasses began to slide down.

“I’m glad you think so, mon amour.” He says deeply, giving Martin a loving kiss, they snuggling closer, the pop and crackle of the fire their soundtrack for the night…

Fandot Creativity Night - 'holiday’ and/or ‘glasses’ and/or 'rip’ UwU ❤

Well I enjoy them. >u> ❤ I need to sketch out more Christmas-y Marlas.

Hope you all enjoy!


Carla ❤❤❤