idek how many months it’s been but im still not over arima’s fugly anime chin

HOW THE HELL did they take one of the most attractive tg characters and turn him into something that damn ugly? jfc that is a sin right there


AHHHHH!!!! I found it!!! *goes insane*

EDIT: oops, here’s original poster’s tumblr, was so excited with the video that I didn’t see it on the youtube page :D



Ianto’s Shrine, Cardiff Wales

Went to Cardiff for the Doctor Who experience (which is much like a ride at Disney, who knew!) and of course, to visit the Roald Dahl Plass, which is of course where the Torchwood secret entrance is. What I did NOT know, was that under the Plass, along the water, there is a shrine devoted to Ianto Jones, at the *other* Torchwood entrace. What a fun place to be, seeing BBC and Doctor Who across the bay, the beautiful Plass behind you, and this wonderful memorial for all Whovian fans. Worth seeking out!