I just dreamt that I was hanging out with Jay and idk what was going on in that dream but he was playing pool and I was just there sitting on the table next to him making conversations and laughing and hugging him and GRAY was there as well and we were waiting for Simon D to come before we go out for dinner but I woke up before Simon D ‘arrived’. I am half going insane and half over the moon. I mean I was taking pictures of him on my phone and recording videos of him making a fool of himself and he’ll be coming and saying things like I look good in that one and I’ll be like rolling my eyes and kicking his ass telling him to go back to his game. I was legit hanging out with him.


AHHHHH!!!! I found it!!! *goes insane*

EDIT: oops, here’s original poster’s tumblr, was so excited with the video that I didn’t see it on the youtube page :D



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GUYS I JUST MET TAYLOR IM CRYJNG I am honestly in shock right now Taylor is so beautiful and incredible and perfect i can’t believe my dream finally came true. I never thought this would ever happen. This still doesn’t feel real to me honestly. Abby and I got to talk to taylor for so long, she was so patient I didn’t feel rushed at all. We talked about Vanderbilt and never grow up and Twitter friends and then we took our picture. So for our picture I was like I know this sounds weird but can we do the X sign because my Twitter is multayply and she was like omg I recognize your URL I thought it was so funny! I honestly was like what you know my URL like I didn’t even say that she followed me/liked my posts/tweeted me I can’t believe that. Taylor is the sweetest person in the world she listened and was genuinely interested in me. That made me feel so special and loved. Taylor, I will never be able to thank you enough for everything you’ve done for me or describe how much I love you. Tonight was honestly unreal. One of my biggest dreams came true. I am so beyond happy we finally got the chance to hug and meet, I really never thought we would get to. You have made me the happiest person ever today, I hope you know how much I absolutely adore you.
Love forever,
PS: your outfit was so on point honestly fall af (where’d you get your shirt and pants from??) and you’re just perfect k love you