half - blood prince: a summary
  • ginny weasley: *exists*
  • harry: ginny you're so amazing
  • harry: ginny you blush like the setting sun
  • harry: ginny your eyes are so beautiful in the firelight
  • harry: my heart feels lighter after just talking to you
  • hermione: hey harry are u--
  • harry: in love with ginny? ABSOLUTELY NOT! 100% brotherly platonic feelings over here lads, just normal "friendly" behavior towards a perfectly casual friend chaps!
  • hermione:
  • harry:
  • hermione:
  • harry: nice save potter
Guys ...

Clarke didn’t want Bellamy to tell her he loved her when they were separating because she didn’t want it to feel like a goodbye, because that’s how it went all the other times before … 

What if she finishes his sentence when they reunite? What if their “I love you” is a “hello”?

The way Alec just slams straight into Magnus once he sees him. Magnus’ little rambling about Madzie being safe with Catarina because he thinks that’s what Alec’s worried about. Alec being like ‘Magnus, no, wait, I only care about you right now’. Magnus’ shock at Alec’s confession. Them being afraid to lose one another. The “I love you”s. The “I can’t believe you’re safe and I wanna keep you safe for the rest of eternity” kiss. The forehead touch and soft breaths. The unsaid “you’re here with me now and that’s all that matters” as they hug. 

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