Cristiano Ronaldo, the favourite of every mother in law to be

After winning the UEFA Best Player Award Cristiano Ronaldo held a small press conference. The Portugal star doesn’t only entertain the crowd on the pitch but he was brilliant behind the microphone as well.

“Do you know who ended up second?” Ronaldo asked when he arrived. He made sure his latest award was in the right angle before he winked to the photographer, now he could take a picture.

The female winner, Ada Hegerberg was also official to the post-event press conference but didn’t arrive with Ronaldo to the room. For a while everyone sat quietly, the Portugal footballer facing the journalists.

“Men always have to wait for the ladies,” the silence was broken by the winner. A journalist mentioned she must be in the makeup room. “She doesn’t need makeup, she’s only 21 years old,” the star of Real Madrid defended the young woman.

After a little more waiting the football player of Lyon finally arrived. “Ada, come on,” Ronaldo called to her jokingly and then helped her to place the award on the table.

Before the two winner started answering the questions, the official of UEFA signed, he got the final results of the voting to his phone. Ronaldo tried to take a peek from the screen of how many points he got.

The official tried to cover his phone. “I already saw it,” said the forward cheekily and when the official once again didn’t pay attention, he took another look at the phone.

In the middle of the press conference Ronaldo asked for water from the organizers. Shortly after he got the glass of water just like Ada Hegerberg. He took a sip of the water but signed he didn’t like it and asked for another one. The winner of the female award was just about to take a sip when Ronaldo told her there was vodka in the glass.

“My mother’s here. I can’t be drinking vodka,” replied Ada. “Hello, Mama!” Ronaldo welcomed the mother of the female footballer, who sat among the journalists.

The mother of Hegerberg was clearly delighted of getting attention from Ronaldo. Later during the photoshooting after the press conference, the Portugal football star called to her “Come on, Mama!” so the three of them could take a photo together. There were a few more words exchanged between them before Ronaldo took off.

Written by Dániel Hegyi

translated by me


I can’t believe it’s taken me three and a half years to realize Javert has ADHD. Same type as me, inattentive (as opposed to hyperactive, or wait, he seems to jump to action a lot and has just learned to suppress that and I wouldn’t be surprised if he stimms with finger tapping or whatever but idk, I’m gonna say inattentive for now though), and everything. Goddamn it.
He’s not aware, or if he is he sees it as a flaw to conquer in himself, and more severe than me. His incredible drive to succeed which is 90% of his personality should also be accounted for since I bet he pushes through a lot of shit just to be up to par with everyone else, even more to be as good as he is.
But seriously look
-Spaces out, sometimes for entire conversations, see, the whole thing with Fantine, also when he’s first at the barricades before he’s called out as a spy.
-Real good at doing whatever interests him, which is police work obviously.
-Hates reading not because his ability to read skills aren’t great, but because he cannot focus on the words enough to get through it. Probably works much better orally rather than reading TBH but idk if that’s just my experiences or not.
-Forgetful in the fact that he’ll just mutter to himself, unaware that he’s doing it, because it helps him straighten out his thoughts better.
I’m missing a bunch but it’s 2am help me out here? I can’t believe I missed this. My diagnosed ADHD ass missed this I cannot believe

scREAMS ok ok for real this time……… bed…………. it’s 4am i srsly haven’t slept in like 48 hours at this point #holyshit. i promise to actually do more real™ replies and not just cracky things come the morn i s2g. also set up tags…. finish those starters from the starter call…… and the blog in general….. yada yada…….

i can’t believe the most productive thing i did today was flesh out a kira!mise au i’m so angry fucking…….. whwy akjfbrlakjbwjgkhb i’m a failure #turtlegeturlifetogether


AHHHHH!!!! I found it!!! *goes insane*

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Note: This animatic is an exact reading from a legal transcript.

GUYS I JUST MET TAYLOR IM CRYJNG I am honestly in shock right now Taylor is so beautiful and incredible and perfect i can’t believe my dream finally came true. I never thought this would ever happen. This still doesn’t feel real to me honestly. Abby and I got to talk to taylor for so long, she was so patient I didn’t feel rushed at all. We talked about Vanderbilt and never grow up and Twitter friends and then we took our picture. So for our picture I was like I know this sounds weird but can we do the X sign because my Twitter is multayply and she was like omg I recognize your URL I thought it was so funny! I honestly was like what you know my URL like I didn’t even say that she followed me/liked my posts/tweeted me I can’t believe that. Taylor is the sweetest person in the world she listened and was genuinely interested in me. That made me feel so special and loved. Taylor, I will never be able to thank you enough for everything you’ve done for me or describe how much I love you. Tonight was honestly unreal. One of my biggest dreams came true. I am so beyond happy we finally got the chance to hug and meet, I really never thought we would get to. You have made me the happiest person ever today, I hope you know how much I absolutely adore you.
Love forever,
PS: your outfit was so on point honestly fall af (where’d you get your shirt and pants from??) and you’re just perfect k love you



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