kim taehyung is limited edition vinyls and hidden thrift shops. black and white pictures and jazz music. he’s late night adventures and 3am giggles while dancing in the middle of an empty street. mischievous schemes and inside jokes that only you two can understand. he’s rain kisses after sneaking out of a formal party and random beach outings that leave you breathless from all the laughters. he’s the melting ice cream that drips down the palm of your hand and the cotton candy that makes your fingers sticky. kim taehyung is the summer love everyone wants to have and the heartbreak that no one could really ever move on from. 

you know what? and this is why even understood isak. he understood why isak was so hesitant to make the thing between them public, he understood homophobia and he saw how internalized it was for isak, because he went through something very, very similar. this is why when isak’s friend asks him where he forgot his snapback, even tells them in the cafeteria. this is why even never pressures him to come out, never gets upset with him for being timid. he doesn’t get upset when isak lies to eskild, and part of that is because what he has with isak is just so fucking great, and isak is worth waiting for.

this is why even is so patient. when isak goes in for a kiss in front of the cafe, and he backs off, even just laughs and smiles, because it’s okay. it’s okay that he isn’t ready for that, it’s okay that he’s still coming to terms with his sexuality and what it all means in the grand scheme of things (isak is one for the parallel universes, after all) and it’s okay because it’s them and they’re together and that’s all that really matters.

and when isak is ready, even is there to support him, to guide him through it, to squeeze his hand metaphorically and physically, because he knows that’s what isak needs (he’d wished someone like that had been there for him in the past, but it’s okay because seeing the expression on isak’s face reminds him that he was strong and now he can be strong for other people, too) and that’s what makes him such a great boyfriend, and why isak and even fit so perfectly together.

as all my jewish followers and friends know, we have a holiday coming up! the featival of purim is this sunday. purim celebrates hidden miracles and hidden beauty and hidden saviours. there’s a lot of hiding. that’s why we dress up!

i’m aware that the vast majority of gentiles and a lot of jews don’t fully know the story of purim, which is recorded in the scroll of esther, or megillat esther. the megillah’s my favourite story, and has so many amazing midrashim (bit like rabbinical fanfiction) that i study year round. this story, which is the story of how a young jewish woman saved our people from a genocide, has a lot of parallels with our current political situation in the u.s., so i thought now would be a great time to tell the story!

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promptis; a quiet corner, a little escape.

Prompto’s the one that finds him, sitting on the roof of some apartment complex, several blocks away from his own building. Noctis doesn’t bother looking up as his friend settles on the edge next to him.

“Hey, buddy,” Prompto says. His tone is no different from usual, only a little quieter. His boots swing back and forth off the side of the building. “Enjoying the view?”

Noctis shrugs. He keeps his gaze ahead of him on the sun slowly sinking behind the Wall. It’s a beautiful sight, the colours shifting from orange to pink like a dream. He’s half-surprised Prompto doesn’t have his camera out, blabbing about the wonderful opportunity this sunset is for his photographer’s eye. Mostly Noctis just wants the day to end so maybe this tightness in his chest will go away.

“Noct,” Prompto says. His boots have stopped swinging, and his fingers are playing with the bracelets around his wrist. “Are you… okay? I mean, you don’t have to tell me anything if you don’t want to, but you kind of just… upped and left class today, and Iggy and the rest of the ‘guard are still looking for you, and like, I get you need your space but I don’t know, I just… You know I’m always here for you, right? If you want to talk? Ah, I’m talking too much right now, aren’t I, uh, I’ll—I’ll shut up now.”

Noctis finally glances over. His friend has his hands in his lap, head bowed slightly, embarrassment colouring his cheeks. In the fading sunlight, Prompto looks even softer than he does usually. Noctis sighs. “It’s okay, Prompt,” he says, “I just… needed to get away, is all.”

“Oh. From school? Yeah, I get that a lot. Especially with exam season coming up and all.”

“Yeah. And also, I guess, the whole Prince thing. Even Gladio’s been on my back about it, but it’s not like. There’s nothing I can do about it. My dad’s no help either. I’m just.” Noctis blows his bangs from his face. “Tired.”

Prompto offers a smile. “Being royalty isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, huh.”

“No,” Noctis agrees, allowing his own lips to pull up, too. “Zero out of ten recommended.”

His friend laughs, and the familiar sound eases some of the tension from Noctis’ chest. They fall into silence again, comfortable this time, only the distant sound of traffic below between them. The sun’s almost gone now, and Noctis can’t help but feel like it’s much too soon. Everything’s too soon, and yet not fast enough.

“Hey, Noct,” Prompto says eventually. “You mind if I text Iggy back that you’re not dead in a ditch somewhere? I’m afraid my phone might explode from his voicemails.”


“Cool. You want to go home? Or we can go to that fast food restaurant you like.”

Noctis hesitates. “Can you… Can we—stay? For a bit longer.”

“Okay,” Prompto says without missing a beat. “All the time you need, Noct.”

As the sun fades from behind Insomnia’s Wall, Noct leans his head against his best friend’s shoulder, and breathes.

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Care to make a speech about volatile popcorn baths?


The beauty of a volatile popcorn bath is that it counters what man thinks is possible. It, like the imagination of the true individual, breaks through the confines of stagnant thought. We live in an era of meaningless traditionalism, a dark age of ingenuity. The volatile popcorn bath is a means of freeing us from this kind of useless thinking. To move on into a brighter future we must shrug off these metaphorical shackles and allow ourselves to imagine all the possibilities that are out there, to not limit ourselves to the expected or the mundane. Volatile popcorn baths are part of the changing of the conceptual guard present at the changing of an era.

Closure (M)


It was supposed to give you closure, it was supposed to be the end of your relationship with him. But the moment your gaze meets his, all of the memories flood right back to you and you’re finding yourself receiving closure in a different kind of way with Hoseok.


*breathes heavily* I finally got around to finishing this. Not gonna lie, this destroyed me. Hoseok in general destroys me, tbh. I’m dedicating this to @namsjxms because I know she’s been waiting for this. Also because I usually torture her with Jungkook and I wanted to give her some bias feels for once.

Word Count:



Angst, rough sex, oral (both receiving and giving), swearing, dirty talk, possessiveness/jealousy issues.

“It’s okay to want me, ‘cause I want you.”

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How do you think this sounds? In a critical hit hogwarts au where theyre assigned houses. Trelle=Hufflepuff Torq=Gryffindor Ket=Ravenclaw(?) Randus=Ravenclaw Orem=Slytherin/Ravenclaw(?) And then smith is a ghost that is p quiet and changes on full moons.

I think it’s more like they would be the founders

House Rivendorn

  • Founder: Orem Rivendorn
  • Animal: A Pretty Horse
  • Motto: First and Foremost.
  • Relic: The Sword of Rivendorn appears during crucial moments and tells you to kill your friends

House Thorquelson

  • Founder: Halston “Torq” Thorquelson
  • Animal: Ducky
  • Motto: I Duck!
  • House Ghost: Aunt Tilly

House Duthane

  • Founder: Randus Duthane
  • Animal: Spider Crab
  • Motto: Indeed!
  • Common Room Location: Yesterday

House H’zard

  • Founder: Ket H’zard
  • Animal: Black Eagle
  • Motto: We Don’t Cheat
  • Faculty Advisor: Professor Asmodeus

House Surestep

  • Founder: Trelle Surestep
  • Animal: A 17-Foot Long Crocodile
  • Motto: @_@
  • House Colors: Brown and Elf-Hair Green.

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OMG YOU MADE THE TAKARI ART W THE BAND SHIRTS i saw in the tags you said "tell me ab them" and if you were to ask me to tell you two things ik most ab it would be digimon and one direction. and like i totally see where you're coming from bc kari, i think she'd totally be into liam. like the whole goofy, sweet, puppy face father figure. totally. sorry if this isn't what you meant i just like talking and i really like your art lol. and idk if this is what you meant by "tell me" but?? i'm sorry lol

YES. YES. DIRECTIONER KARI IS SO REAL PLEASE EDUCATE ME *^* So Liam, mh? I can totally see it xD

I picture her as the “shy” kind of fan, she doesn’t go see them but she actually likes most of the songs so Takeru probably takes her to her first one direction concert for her birthday (and Taichi has to drive them there poor boy). I think TK doesn’t even know a song but he’s happy as long Kari’s happy ** 

Then it’s probably her first and last 1D concert, there are too many crazy fangirls and too much noise, she likes most enjoying them in her room, from her stereo, next to Takeru <3

Nothing’s Perfect

Hello friends! So I’ve been screaming about the amazing news of Helen’s pregnancy for the past few hours (SHE IS GOING TO BE THE MOST BEAUTIFUL AND AMAZING MOM) and because I have issues, my brain immediately started going a mile a minute, and the result was this fic. This will probably have more chapters if I’m feeling motivated. Hope you enjoy! Be kind to me. :) 

also shoutout to my fave @beatrix-franklin for helping me pick out a title ily jenni 

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Being that Dusk Lycanroc’s design is a combination of Midday and Midnight, it reminds me of my beginner shipper days where I would make children for my favorite ships. 

All I would do is take certain features from the characters I ship and make a child out of them. It would always look like I just fused the two characters together.