‘Melanie and I hit it off from the second we met each other. In Calgary, neither of us have family there and of course I was very far away from home. And so we ended up spending a lot of time together and I completely fell in love with her. She’s a beautiful beautiful person inside and out and we had a genuine connection and I think that is what you guys see on screen. I feel very very fortunate for that.’ - Dominique PC

somewhere I can rest my soul

by togetherwecouldbealright

|| harry/louis || 3k || [ao3] ||

“I’m Louis Tomlinson,” the boy says, holding his hand out. Glancing down at it, Harry starts at the word beautiful written there, just along his pointer finger. It seems someone else knows exactly how stunning Louis is.

Willing himself not to act like a complete and utter prat, Harry takes Louis’ hand in his own and quietly murmurs, “It’s nice to meet you.”

Also known as the AU where the way your soulmate sees you is tattooed onto your skin.

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Hey C! How are you? I have a completely hipotetical question for you. As in, I don't think anyone other than H knows the truth, but i would still like your opinion. Is that ok? ^.^ What do you think of H's Brazil tat? I mean, he either got a tat for a place he barely knew (possible, he has lots of stuff), or maybe something happened there, possibly with L, that he wanted to remember by? Thanks, love?












What’s in the box? Part 6

Kazui: *lower lip trembling and eyes beginning to tear up*

Kazui: Mommy, why is Daddy so mad?

Orihime: *can’t come up with an appropriate answer*

Rangiku: *bursts into the room with a smile as broad as her out-stretched arms*

Rangiku: Yoo-hoo! Look who’s come for a visit!

Orihime: *too startled to return Rangiku’s hug*

Yoruichi: *walks into the room more calmly*

Rangiku: *pulls away from Orihime and begins to notice something’s wrong*

Rangiku: Orihime? What’s wrong?

Yoruichi: *looks at the table, crosses her arms, looks over at Kazui and arches her eyebrow at him*

Yoruichi: Tell me something, Kazui. You get that package from Urahara?

Kazui: *sniffs as a few fat teardrops start falling*

Kazui: Uh-huh. He said it was for Mommy and Daddy, but Daddy got really mad and he just left with his face all scary and…I’m sorry…

Rangiku: Ohhh, c’mere. C’mere, baby boy.

Rangiku: *sweeps Kazui into her arms and starts cooing at him in a soothing manner*

Yoruichi: *looks over at the package and slowly shakes her head*

Yoruichi: I can’t believe he actually did it. That man is the absolute limit sometimes.

Orihime: *turns to look at Yoruichi with the same horrified expression she had when Ichigo first lifted the box lid and asks just barely above a whisper*

Orihime: Is that…is that really what I think it is?

Yoruichi: *lets out a long-suffering sigh*

Yoruichi: Not exactly.

Yoruichi: *reaches inside the box, ruffles around for a moment, pulls out a third note and hands it to Orihime*

Orihime: *reads the note to herself, but unconsciously mouths the words as she does*

Note: …the anniversary of the day Ichigo finally discovered his true feelings for darling Orihime. With my help of course (smiley face, winky face). So, I thought in honor of the occasion, I’d make Ichigo an outfit to match! Enjoy!

Orihime: Oh…my…

Yoruichi: *makes Orihime sit in a chair and pats her shoulder while continuing to shake her head*

Yoruichi: That man has absolutely no impulse control.

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okay!!! so like !!!!

i was listening to 8tracks & this song popped up

ジョジョ ダイヤモンドは砕けないED -『I Want You』

the beginning reminded me of a song i use to hear when  i was young and i paused it and tried to find the song! i remembered this one part but all i remembered was mumbled words not the lyrics.

long story short i ended up stop searching and hit play on 8tracks



When the squad keeps you worm @c-estmabiologie @sharkodactyl

Miscellaneous things about the ending credits of LLS Ep7

1. This episode’s ED is sung by Ruby, Hanamaru, and Riko. Don’t ask me why, I have no idea where this combination came from either. (Edit: lesson learned, don’t write a post several hours after watching the actual episode lmao)

This episode’s ED is sung by the first-years. Now we have a complete set for EDs for all of the year trios! I wonder if we’ll ever get subunit versions…

2. The ending credits confirm that Ria’s (the twin-tailed girl in Saint Snow) last name is also Kazuno, which means that she’s probably Seira’s sister. Considering that Seira addresses her directly as “Ria”, it’s likely that Ria is the younger of the two.

3. Seira is voiced by Tano Asami and Ria is voiced by Satou Hinata.

The only major role that Satou Hinata seems to have had so far is voicing a main character plus singing the OP for the 2014 anime Kutsudaru. She’s a former member of the pop idol group Sakura Gakuin. The major gimmick of that group is having the members “graduate” when they graduate from ninth grade (the last year of middle school) in real life. Yes, you read that right: ninth grade. Oh, and did you know that she’s only 17 years old? Since she’s turning 18 later this year, my guess is that she’s currently in her last year of high school.

Tano Asami is perhaps best known for voicing Hino Akane/Cure Sunny from Smile Precure!. She’s also played Kirijou Mitsuru in the stage play adaptation of Persona 3. She’s a former member of idol unit BOYSTYLE. A notable song from the group is “Kokoro no Chizu”, the fifth opening song for One Piece.

tl;dr: Saint Snow is comprised of two former idols, which is why they’re such badass singers.

4. Suwa Nanaka is still listed in the credits, even though Kanan didn’t even make an appearance. In fact, Kanan’s the third character listed, right after Chika and Riko. How fitting, since this is the third episode with zero Kanan lines. (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻

Guess she’s just there by default since she’s in the main cast.


                           (  𝙷𝙸𝚃𝙾𝙺𝚄𝙸 𝙽𝙾 𝙾𝚆𝙰𝚂𝙷𝙸 𝚃𝙾𝚁𝙸𝙺𝙾  )

                                                                               ᵖᵒʳᵗʳᵃʸᵉᵈ ᵇʸ ᴼᵒᶻᵉ

So I was looking for the image of Akoya, Shortymcshortface, and the cat, so naturally I searched “Akoya Kitten”, and here are the results

Ugh. Utsukushikunai.

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[ squiire ] "Have you really done the right thing?"

The Scattered Bones lived by their own creed: If it’s evil, they kill it. Sounded simple enough. No one tasted their blade unless they needed it, but it was a much more complex job than it sounds. Anything that anyone does bad could be considered ‘evil’ to the eyes of many, but behind every action was a reason. May it be by their own volition, someone pulling on their strings like some sort of puppet, or some other reason. It was up to the Scattered Bones to find these sort of things out as well as what kind of person their target actually is.

Before Yuri joined up with the Scattered Bones, he never did this amount of research on his targets. Anyone he finds acting suspicious or abusing their power, he keeps a tab on. If the knights were unable to punish said people, or have trouble capturing him, that’s when he stepped in and took action along with the help of his trusty companion. He always thought the less he knew about them, the less he’d feel guilty for killing them off for doing the terrible things they’ve done. But it wasn’t like they let a person’s past -no matter how good of a person they were back then- affect them. They focused on the person they were now, the actions they’ve done, and the reasoning behind it.

Though sometimes it was the malevolence’s doing. Ever since Sorey stepped into their lives, they had a whole new way of dealing with evil people. If they could be purified through the power of purification, then the person could be saved along with their life. But if not… Then either Rose or Yuri stepped in to take care of the job.

This time, both Yuri and Rose had been out and attacked by a strong malevolent creature with a very powerful domain. It threatened to swallow Yuri whole, and he was struggling greatly against it. His will to fight back was slowly draining from him, but Rose’s cry to him to snap out of it made him act quickly or he too would have been swallowed by the malevolence.

He struck it right through the heart, blade soaked in blood, and his fingers twitching.

“Have you really done the right thing?”

There was a very long pause, his back to Rose as he looked at the blooded body at his feet. Lifeless and gone. “… Sometimes doing the right thing… Isn’t always something you agree with.” He struggled to keep his usual calm exterior, clenching a lone pipe within his free hand. Even to the very end, he remained stubbornly loyal and protected him from being swallowed by the shot of malevolence. For if he didn’t jump in the way, he wouldn’t be here right now.

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I have no doubt in my mind that Clay is the type of person who would say "diddly darn" and "dang flabbit" completely unironically

disgustingly true

clay is the type of person to say really southern shit even though he’s never one visited the south probably? like “jesus, ‘pollo, you scared the blue out of my jeans!” and he’s always using the complete wrong saying like “we’ll burn that bridge when we get to it” and he’s such a butt i love him

apollo’s eyes are dead and empty and only grow more so as clay’s like “y’all!” at every given oppurtunity