Yuuri tells Victor his thoughts during their first dance.

I want to thank @thehobbem so, so much for co-writing the dialogue! She spent hours going through metas and crafting this line-by-line with me. Yuuri was much harder to write for than Victor and I couldn’t have done it without her tireless work. ;u; I also want to thank @teasidesketches for doing final revisions despite not being in the fandom. You two are the best. <3

I also want to dedicate this to @solfegefaerie for being the first one to give me the idea of writing Yuuri’s vows. They’re not vows this time, but I thought this was suiting. :) 

If you can, you should read this while listening to “Yuri on Ice.” I matched the flow of the comic to that of the song, hence the tribute to the representation of Yuuri as the lone piano until Victor comes into his life as the violin (in case you were wondering about the sudden Music AU thrown in the middle there). 

Pair comic to Victor’s Vows.

Episode 7 of Yuri on Ice allowed us to experience the paradox known as Schrödinger’s Kiss, where the characters simultaneously kissed and didn’t kiss as long as the actual frame of their lips touching was not shown. The result depends entirely on the observer of the event.

Eren and Levi Play Pokemon Go
  • Levi: Good for you.
  • Levi: Wonderful Eren.
  • Levi: *rolls eyes and sighs* Well would you look at you, baby boy all grown up, doing amazing things. Now go catch me a legendary before I disown you.
  • Eren: I caught you... I consider that a pretty legendary catch.
  • Levi: ...
  • Levi: You asshole.

I’m freaking out over the Instagram photo of Phichit catching Victor and Yuuri in a topless hug and looks overcome with jealousy but why isn’t anyone mentioning literally right after that

That when the skaters area all hanging out together that there’s another skater between Yuuri and Phichit and

Victor literally has Yuuri in the most possessive hug imaginable. With Phichit in front of them. And Yuuri separated by another skater from Phichit.

I can’t believe we get canon jealous/ possessive Victor yall


A: Honestly, after everything that’s happened the past few months, I could use a vacation.
K: Let’s do it. Let’s go on a vacation, just the two of us, anywhere you want.
A: Really? Okay. I’ve always wanted to see what the Spirit World’s like.
K: Sounds perfect.

Happy Two Year Anniversary, Korrasami fandom! (Dec 19th) °˖ ✧◝(○ ヮ ○)◜✧˖ °


As @yuunabai-whisper2 and I determined, when it comes to cowboys like McCree and Erron Black, archers like Hanzo and Kung Jin are indeed straight as arrows … as in very helluva bent arrows.

yeah so remember that post i made….

Bonus doodles!


can you believe that this bat actually got some sun today??? 🦇☀️

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Ok but please consider: Pliroy circus AU

In which Yurio is the lead dancer, acrobat and contortionist, he is this ethereal being that captures the public with his beauty and the exquisite movements of his thin body, clad in the most beautiful sparkly suits that cling to his body and it isn’t possible this hypnotic boy is human.

Then, we have JJ. JJ the Mighty King of the beasts. Because he is the tamer of the beautiful big cats. Charismatic and handsome as he is, some believe he gets to enchant the lion and the tiger and the panthers the same way he enchants people, with his smile and his bright eyes and cheerful voice.

Yuri has always made sure to watch at least a part of JJ’s show. He won’t ever admit that at some point his eyes stopped focusing only on the graceful beasts and instead went to the handsome man, which he of course found ugly and annoying. Of course.

However, one day he approaches JJ with curiosity, and their passionate chats over cats big and small stop being the only thing they talk about over breaks.

Until JJ invites him to get closer to the felines, and Yuri is almost swooning in excitement. But of course he respects their power and might, so he feels a little nervous. JJ gets close to him. So, so close. He swears against Yuri’s ear to protect him above everything, and Yuri trusts him, trusts that big and warm hand that guides his own to touch ever so briefly the majestic mane of the lion.

And maybe, just maybe, the butterflies in Yuri’s stomach are not only caused by the adrenaline alone.