im glad i dont bottle up my emotions.. I don’t even know how to do that

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Lol I told myself I was into older men before I figured out my sexuality too

lol that’s funny, glad i’m not alone. it’s such a coping mechanism.. like you’re in high school surrounded by guys your own age thinking you’re supposed to like them and have crushes on them but u just don’t and that’s 1 easy lie you can tell yourself

Dance to forget

Dance to forget your failures

Your jealousy

Dance to forget your selfishness

Your loneliness

Dance like no one is watching

Because no one does

And no one will

Now, you own me

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    I was trying not to push anybody in the crowd and just peacefully find a sit. The whole place was smoky and smelled like a beer. This bar maybe, or even definitely, was the worst bar in Central City, but I liked in here. Every time when I wanted to be alone, I came here. My friends didn’t know where am I and I could be alone with my own thoughts. Only vermouth, cigarettes and me. Other people didn’t matter.
    I had seen one spot by the bar and went there to sit. A waiter had remembered me and every time when he had seen me, he pours my drink. I sit and he smiled to me, giving me a vermouth. I nodded and returned with a tiny smile. 
    Staring somewhere into the distance, I felt someone’s hand on my shoulder. Interrupted, I turned around and saw a high man in the coat. Leonard Snart. He smirked and sit next to me. I frowned and rolled my eyes.
    “What girl like you, who helps Barry Allen to fights against guys like me, are doing here?”, Leonard asked still having that stupid sarcastic smirk. 
    “Not of your business”, I said in a calm tone and took another sip of the drink. Snart raised his eyebrow and looked at me. 
    “I’m guessing that your little friends don’t know that you’re here”, I heard his voice again and looked at him. Snart took a sip of whiskey, waiting for an answer. 
    “Again, not of your business”, I returned lighting a cigarette. When I let out smoke in the direction where he was sitting, he wasn’t there anymore. I shook my head and tried to relax. 
    Leonard Snart aka Captain Cold, was the only bad guy that I could admire. He is smart criminal, good in lying but he has that glimmer of goodness in himself and that made him better from others. He was still a human, bad one, but still human. 
    When I raised my hand to call the waiter, someone grabbed it. I looked behind me and saw a big man with a smile on his face.
    “Is there a problem?”, I asked and stood up.
    “That is my place”, he growled. “And you’re sitting here”
    With the corner of my eye, I saw Leonard looking at me and this guy. "Are you blind?“, I asked raising my eyebrows. "Do you see that I’m leaving?”, I looked at his eyes. “Now let my hand”
    “Oooh, you’re brave one”, he mocked. “Do you know what I do with girls like you?”
     "Just. Let. My. Hand.“, I became impatient. 
     "Are you threaten me?”, he mocked once again and I break. I grabbed a bottle of beer next to me and crashed on his head. Everybody stood up, including Snart and looked at me. Leonard had a surprising expression on his face with a little smirk. Guy stepped back a little and madly looked at me. I had a smirk on my face, prepared for a fight. My hands were clenched into fists. He hit me in the face and I kicked him with a leg in the stomach and then with a fist in the nose. Big guy gives me another hit into face and I stopped.
    “Mamma hadn’t told you to not hit girls?”, I asked wiping the blood, smiling. “So, I think I will teach you a lesson”, I hit him in the tibia and then in the nose again. Blood started to run down his nose. When I wanted to give him last shot, he pulled out a gun. 
     He pointed a gun at me not giving me the possibility to do anything other than to freeze. In the same moment, I heard the sound of the charging gun. Snart pointed his cold gun near his temple holding him under the throat. 
    “Put the gun down”, he said in the calmest voice I heard. Man in the same moment drop the gun looking at me. “And now say sorry to this young woman”, Snart said looking me in eyes, smirking. 
     "I’m sorry", guy mumbled and Leonard released him. The man started to walk fast, trying to escape. Suddenly, Snart turned around and shot his arm with a cold gun.
     "Just something to remember me when you want to hit the girl again", then he turned to me. “Now, you own me”, he whispered in my ear and went to sit.
     I was watching him walking and I smiled. With that smile, I went to him and sat. His cold green eyes were looking at me. Snart looked away and took another sip. I light a cigarette and let out smoke. 
     "Do you want answer and make us even?“, I asked and he looked at me.
     "It will, if the answer is good”, he said raising an eyebrow. I nodded pulling out a necklace. Snart waited in silent looking at my hands. I give him pendant from a necklace. He frowned, observing every detail. 
     "Look closely", I said while he tried to solve the simple enigma. 
     "White Roses", Leonard whispered and looked at me. “You’re from mafia family?”
     "Was", I corrected him. “I escaped from them and faked my death”, Snart looked again at the pendant, then at me.
     “Anyone know about this?”, I shook my head. “So, why do you think that we’re even now?”, he returned pendant to me. 
      “You have my life in your hands. You can every second to call mafia and say that you know where their daughter is. Knowing them, they will give you a lot of money”, I stood up.
      “How much?”, he asked.
      “Few million. Even more”, I smiled putting my leather jacket on. Leonard watched me.
      “But they would kill you, am I right?”
      “Maybe. But you wouldn’t have to rob anymore”, I smiled. I made a few steps forward. “And thank you one more time”, I kissed him in cheek.
      “I think that I own you that”, Leonard smiled and took a sip of whiskey.

Author’s note: So, this is my first imagine on this blog. I’m hoping that you’ll like it and that I’ll  succeed. Send me your request, my inbox is open also if you only want to talk or similar. 

Words: 1,004

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JI went to OhMyBaby alone bcos it was req a lot for him to meet his baby look-a-like Taeoh (their resemblance became viral in SK mostly). CB went to a diff. baby show w/c is Superman Returns bcos CY said that he is a fan of the twins. BH came w/ him bcos it's hard to handle 2 babies alone,OR CY/manager asked him to come,OR CB was being promoted. But I think JI came alone so that he could have an alone time w/ his baby look-a-like. The focus of his guesting is to meet his look-a-like after all.

Explain why Xiu*in had to go with Ch*n to take care of one baby then, that is Ch*n lookalike only.

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“I’m here on my own, though I never feel alone.” Alucard at Lisa's grave

“I came here alone, again. Just like last year. Just like the year before. Just like I always will. 

But, I suppose, it has been three years in a row. That has to count for something, right?

I am trying to have this place registered for a historical landmark. They want to tear this down. Build an extension of a highway. They would take the last things of you from me.

When we removed the castle from this earth, I lost your garden. The home that father had made for you did not survive the eclipse. I do not know when I lost your wedding ring.

This is all I have left.

I no longer even have the name you gave me, it has been so long since anyone has called it. Since anyone has known me, truly. Even the people who believe they do will never know the sunlit childhood, the love I was once given.

I am alone, mother. The way you would have hated to see me.

But perhaps it is for the better. Perhaps, one day, I will take the child here, and see if anything of what he could be remembers you. But to do that, I must save this place.

I must save you. This is the only place i do not feel alone.”

                                             I KNOW you are a man of honor
                                           I’m so sorry to bother you at HOME
                               But I don’t know where to go, and I came here all alone

                                INDEPENDENT & SELECTIVE MARIA REYNOLDS
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My story preview!

Hiiii! Here is a preview of a story I have been working on alongside so many other stories! It is the story of Nick helping a friend and the friend does the same in return but not in the way you’d expect considering the friend is a Novelist. The friend is a Tabby Cat named Jeremy and this character is actually myself. Ok, I’m going to shut up and show you the preview. Enjoy! Here it is;

“I’m on vacation. Yeah.”
“Are you alone?”
The cat nodded and Nick helped him up.
“Why did you come alone? You look young!”
“I came alone because, I don’t know, I wanted to make a friend or two. A friend I will remember and talk to for life. Also, I am young because I am only 17…”
“Really? Do you have friends from wherever you come from?” Asked Nick, and the tabby just shook his head slightly and then smiled. It was a kind smile.
“Listen, erm… I should go to the hotel to check in.”
“Wait… Before you do, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Nick. Nick Wilde. I am a cop.”
“That’s a nice name. Nick. Hi, I am Jeremy. Jeremy Nelson but you can just call me Fourth Dimension. I am a journalist and a novelist!”
“Wow! A novelist? I’m impressed! Fourth Dimension? That’s your nickname?”
“Erm… Yeah… It’s bad, sorry.” Jeremy chuckled.

“Erm… Let me get you a muffin or something!” Suggested Jeremy, and Nick proclaimed that he would love to! So there on out a new friendship was formed. Little did Nick know, Jeremy is about to do something huge for him.

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The dream team is me by myself lol, I kind of hate working in such a small hotel. But I do get my best reviews when I work alone.

I came from select service where it was only me by myself, and I wouldn’t go back if you paid me. But hey, select service auditors deserve all the props for doing what they do and being absolutely everybody, literally running that hotel with the trimmest crew. You’re the real MVPs.