It never occured to me that I had brought him here not just to show him my little world, but to ask my little world to let him in, so that the place where I came to be alone on summer afternoons would get to know him, judge him, see if he fitted in, take him in, so that I might come back here and remember.

Maria's Version - Say No To This Parody

So like why hasn’t anyone written Maria’s side of Say No To This?

Not in the Say Yes To This, mixtape style but like the original album style. Like the same way, same beats and all but different. I don’t know how to explain it and all but eh. So, @feral-tomcat-hamilton helped me with most of this and created a ton of this, so most of the credit goes to them, they are an angel

Of course, the original song belongs to Lin and the production of Hamilton: An American Musical. So, please don’t sue me if you see this.

So it would be like this:

I don’t like to go down to the city.

But when I do, I make sure I look pretty.

Clothed in a red dress, eyes filled with pity.

Toxic summer air, I can smell it.

Alexander hungrily stares, I can tell it.

I hadn’t eaten in a week, I was beat, I was afraid.

I hadn’t been this scared in a relationship, I needed a break.

Longing for freedom, hating this strife.

That’s when I walked into Mr. Hamilton’s life.
I said

I know you are a man of honor. I’m so sorry to bother you at home. But I don’t know where to go

And I came here all alone (I said)

My husband’s doing me wrong. Beating me, cheating me, mistreating me. Suddenly he’s up and gone. I don’t have the means to go on

So he offered me a loan. He offered to walk me home. I said

You’re too kind, Sir

He gave me 30 bucks that he had socked away. I lived a block away.

I said

This one’s mine, Sir

Then he said “well, I should head back home”

I turned red.
I led him to my bed.
Let my legs spread, and said.




Then I pull his mouth onto mine, and he doesn’t say no to this.

He doesn’t say no to this.

He doesn’t know how to say no to this

Oh my god, he’s so helpless, and my kiss makes him say hell yes.

(Woah…) Lord, don’t show him how to say no to this

I don’t want him to say no to this

In my mind I can’t let him go

Go, go, go

Then I pull his mouth is on mine

And he doesn’t say-

No! Go!

Say no to this

No! Go! Say no to this.

No! Go! Say no to this. No! Go!

Say no to this

The fact of the matter I’m not the only one blame here. I wasn’t the only one to have sex there.

A month into this endeavour he recieved a letter from my husband James even better it said:

Dear Sir,

I hope this letter finds you in good health

And in a prosperous enough position to put wealth

In the pockets of people like me
Down on their luck

You see, that was my wife who you decided to

(Maria saying this furiously at the letter.) Fuck!

Uh-oh! You made the wrong sucker a cuckold

So time to pay the piper for the pants you unbuckled

And hey, you can keep seeing my whore wife

If the price is right

If not I’m telling your wife

I hated the letter, simply it could’ve been better

I tried to keep to my self, but it’s hard to do that when Alex is losing is wealth.

He raced to place

Screamed in my face putting guilt on my part

Forgetting that I even have a heart.

Mad. Angry. Up in my space

I cried “No sir!”

So was the whole story a set-up?

I don’t know about the letter!

Stop crying, goddammit, get up!

I didn’t know any better!

I am ruined!

Please don’t leave me!

I am helpless!

How could I do this?!

Just give him what he wants
And you can have me!
Whatever he wants
If you pay
You can stay!

Lord, show me how to help him with this

He doesn’t know how to say no to this

But the situation’s helpless (Helpless…)

And his body’s screaming, “hell yes”

(Woah…) Lord, don’t show him how to say no to this

How can he say no to this

I beg him not to go
Go, go, go

When his body on mine he does not say no.

He doesn’t say

Yes! (Yeah…)

Say no to this!

Yes! (Yeah…)

I want to help him with this.(Yeah…)

Yes! (Yeah…)

Say no to this(Yeah…)

I want to help him with this

I don’t

Say no to this

There is nowhere I can go

Go, go, go


Nobody needs to know

My report:

Okay so this is gonna be a bit… much… I am currently incapable of being chill. It’s in bullets because that’s the best way to organize I think

  • So first…. EVERYONE WAS DRESSED SO WELL like this was a damn fashion show
  • Second, I came alone and just inserted myself into people’s conversations and even when I could feel myself being weird and overtalking because that’s what i do when i’m excited and no one seemed pissed off or annoyed or even weirded out. the were taken aback by some things… but like…  it wasn’t like “omg i do not want to have this conversation anymore” and more “okay i wasn’t expecting to get this personal with  someone on first meeting.. okay…”
  • Third, the people I originally sat next to were high schoolers from my city. That was cool
  • Fourth, the people in the merch line were so nice
  • Fifth, MUNA was so wonderful and they are so special and I love them and they oepened with Loudspeaker and I think I near lost my voice right there screaming “THIS IS NOT MY FAULT” 
  • Sixth, when they were setting up for Harry and I saw the trans flags, I lost it and everyone around me was so kind and loving and happy for me as a trans fan to see and feel that kind of love and support. I have never been surrounded by so many cis people who were good enough allies to understand that that means a lot. That was when I knew this was really a Safe Space.
  • fuck numbers… I moved up from row J to row F after MUNA before Harry so I got to see Harry from row F. Beautiful.
  • He is so fucking beautiful guys… I forgot. also in the pictures him with short hair doesn’t look like himself to me… but in person, he looks exactly like himself with long hair like they look exactly the same and I do not understandhow it can look so different in photos but so same in person
  • He performed in front of not one but two trans flags the entire time. Every time I looked at the stage, I also saw trans. There is no explaining how special that made me feel.
  • He did thousands of note changes and I couldn’t keep up. It was beautiful. I almost didn’t want to sing and miss something.
  • I didn’t fall for his games in WMYB, but I almost did
  • Let’s go back to Only Angel and the flags… As the Only Angel intro started, he went and grabbed an rainbow flag from the crowd. Then he stood with it in the back of the stage while it was dark and then the lights came on him and he ran around with it and then threw it to someone on the other side of the crowd. Then he immediately went to the back, grabbed the smaller trans flag and ran with it and then put it back right behind him. It was as if he had planned it and coordinated it perfectly. 
  • I danced. Hard. I used the railing for the stairs in the aisle and I danced
  • I don’t think this happened, but I’m going to imagine he waved at me during Just a Little Bit of Your Heart. I was waving my arms back and forth in that like arms stretched out concert sway thing… and to my knowledge, no one else around me was doing it… I couldn’t see anyone else doing it… anyway, he looked up in my general direction, stopped, smiled, and waved. Again, I don’t think he really waved at me… But I’m going to imagine he did. 
  • Embracing a stranger was so fun. I was in a group hug with two girls behind me and then I hugged someone across the aisle and I would have hugged more but the bit was ending. 
  • He did Story of My Life instead of Stockholm Syndrome and I cannot believe he could see into my heart like that. I wished so hard for this and The Harry Wishing Well delivered
  • I forgot how much power he has when he’s performing… it’s hard not to just get mesmerized
  • His speech before Sign of the Times made me cry. Take kindness with you after you leave and help Puerto Rico. 
  • During From the Dining Table a girl got sick. I hope she is okay. Harry had them turn the lights on and get the paramedics to her and he gave her a bottle of water and then they took her away and I hope she’s okay. I spoke to the girl who was next to her after the show and I just relaly hope she’s fine.
  • That brings me to after the show…  I walked out and yelled “What a day to be transgender!: and people smiled and laughed, some said congrats and not in a sarcastic “oh wow you’re trans, congrats” kind of way. as if they were genuinely happy for me as a trans person to have had that experience. 
  • I had another group hug with strangers after the show and we talked about how special and important that was and they were beautiful humans and I love them.
  • A girl who was behind me told me she loved my dancing. 
  • I complimented so many people on their beautiful clothing.
  • The merch is better in person that it looks in pictures. tbh
  • I feel like when we were in that room together, every single one of us there was a part of the same nergy and it is a loving kind compassionate nergy and that kind of energy can’t be stopped. As stupid and cliche as that sounds, I feel like we all share the energy of love
  • I have never in my life walked out of a concert feeling close to that level of safe and loved and cared about
  • Also people liked my neon rainbow beard and I got compliments on it. Even a couple people who understood without explanation. Amazing

All in all, this was the best night of my life and I’ll never forget this experience ever. 

great comet songs summarized by hamilton quotes
  • prologue: we have a war to fight, let's move along.
  • pierre: meanwhile in all the bleedin' and fightin', i've been readin' and writin'
  • moscow: and we just happen to be in the greatest city in the world!
  • the private and intimate life of the house: you'll be back. soon you'll see. you'll remember you belong to me.
  • natasha & bolkonskys: here's an itemized list of thirty years of disagreements! sweet jesus!
  • no one else: look into your eyes, and the sky's the limit, i'm helpless! down for the count, and i'm drowning in 'em.
  • the opera: i have never been the type to try and grab the spotlight. we were at a revel with some revels on a hot night.
  • natasha & anatole: trying to catch your eyes from the side of the ballroom.
  • natasha lost: how could i dO this?
  • the duel (part one): no more sex, pour me another brew, son!
  • the duel (part two): can we agree that duels are dumb and immature? sure, but your man has to answer for his words.
  • dust and ashes: i imagine death so much, it feels more like a memory. is this where it gets me? on my feet, several feet ahead of me? if i see it coming, do i run, or fire my gun, or let it be? there is no beat, no melody.
  • sunday morning: i take the children to church on sundays, the sign of the cross at the door.
  • charming: i'm so sorry to bother you at home, but i don't know where to go, and i came here all alone.
  • the ball: lord, show me how to say no to this, i don't know how to say no to this. in my mind i'm trying to go, then her (his) mouth is on mine, and i don't say no!
  • letters: why do you write like you're running out of time?
  • sonya & natasha: be careful with that one, love, he will do what it takes to survive.
  • sonya alone: i know my sister like i know my own mind, you will never find anyone as trusting or as kind. i love my sister more than anything in this life, i will choose her happiness over mine, every time.
  • preparations: rumors only grow, and we both know what we know.
  • balaga: no one has more resilience, or matches my practical, tactical brilliance!
  • the abduction: one last time, relax, have a drink with me. one last time, let's take a break tonight, and i'll teach you how to say goodbye.
  • in my house: most of them in my own house. DAMN! you ever see somebody ruin their own life?
  • a call to pierre: *jefferson voice* whaaaaaaaaaaaaat
  • find anatole: i'm not here for you.
  • pierre & anatole: congratulations. you have invented a new kind of stupid. a damage you can never undo kind of stupid. an open all the cages in the zoo kind of stupid. truly, you didn't think this through, KIND OF STUPID.
  • natasha very ill: i'm erasing myself from the narrative. you have torn it all apart, i'm watching it burn.
  • pierre & andrey: don't lecture ME about the war, you didn't fight in it! i almost died in a trench, while you were off getting high with the french!
  • pierre & natasha: if you see him in the street, walking by her side, talking by her side, have pity. they are going through the unimaginable.
  • the great comet of 1812: let me tell you what i wish i'd known, when i was young and dreamed of glory.
Perverted Bunny Mask: Jeon Jungkook x Killer AU ft. Min Yoongi Part 12

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Perverted Bunny Mask: Jeon Jungkook x Killer AU ft. Min Yoongi Part 12

Author: Taettybear

Words: 4.7 k

Genre: Smut/Gore/Assassins/Killer JK/ Drugs/ Gangs

Rating: M

WARNING: Death, blood, and a sick mind ahead with psychopaths

Jeon Jungkook was many things.

He was dangerous. He was mad and psychotic. He was a man whore. He would even admit he was a pervert but only for you.

But one thing he would never call himself was a coward.

It was because he hated cowardly people who ran and hid away from their problems. Just looking at people like that made Jungkook irritated, his body itching to move to stop them from breathing.


And that was exactly what he wanted to do at that moment.

His eyes narrowed behind his suffocating bunny mask as he eyed the scene in front of him, Young-Min’s voice sounding like an annoying buzz from a pesky bug.





Five guards on the second floor, all of them standing around him as his loyal dogs….

Jungkook clicked his tongue in annoyance, a low growl escaping his lips. Young-Min was a fucking coward who hid behind his guards acting all high and mighty while he himself wasn’t much and that was getting on Jungkook’s nerves.

You, who stood beside him obviously heard the noise he released, tilting your head slightly up to look at him in question.

“What?” You whispered, your red lips pulling into a small frown, not understanding Jungkook’s strange behavior.

Jungkook responded with a small cough, “Nothing, it’s just going to be more difficult than what I expected,” he mumbled as he lazily placed a hand at your waist, tugging you closer to him.

Your fingers quickly found Jungkook’s hand, giving the skin there a warning pinch, telling him to behave with his sly advances. The brat was taking full advantage of your couple act and you were fully aware of it.

The two of you returned your attention back to Young-Min as the man spoke to the crowd.

“I’ve prepared food as well as drinks for you all and I certainly hope you enjoy them! I’ve also prepared rooms upstairs with ladies and gentlemen if any of you have come tonight without a partner. They will take care of your every need, so do not hesitate on using them!” Young-min released a booming laugh as if his statement was an amusing joke.

You, on the other hand, felt disgusted from the bottom of your stomach, your nose scrunching behind your mask.

Young-Min was truly the fucking lowest of the low. His statement revealing to you that he also had control over human trafficking either for slavery or prostitution. Or maybe even both.

“Oh, if Taehyung was here, he might have taken the offers up…” Jungkook’s low joke made you lightly slap his arm in disapproval, making the man laugh at your reaction.

Your eyes moved back to Young-Min, the man ending his speech, “Although I would love to greet you all and keep you all company, I have some urgent plans tonight,” you held back a gag as the man eyed the two women hanging off his arm, a sly smile on his lips.

Stupid, perverted old man…..

The two women giggled as they played with the man’s suit, ignoring how they had more than a hundred people’s eyes on them.

“Enjoy the night, you all deserve it.”

“Long live S.M.!”

Neither you nor Jungkook joined in on the cheer, stoically watching as the man disappeared from the scene, taking his two companions as well as his bodyguards with him.

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Jealous ♡ Ethan

Summary: You are in a fight with Ethan about a boy who has a crush on you. You leave for a party and Ethan insists on going with you because the boy is there as well. Things get heated at the party but Ethan and you, of course, make it up. ;)  

Requested! 1, 2, 3

‘Ethan, I am done talking about it. You are absolutely making no sense right now. We went through this a hundred times already.’ You let out a deep sigh of frustration and turn your back to Ethan. Although he had a face that was so beautiful you could look at it all day every day, you couldn’t look at him at the moment.

‘Oh my God. Y/N, he was literally trying to kiss you. Just admit it!’ Ethan said, raising his voice at you. He sticks his hands in the air as he was talking. You hear him walking after you and you turn around to meet his angry face. 'No, he wasn’t. He was just leaning in because he thought I had something in my eye. And I’m sure, because I was there. You were at least standing ten feet away,’ you answer, feeling a little irritated.

There was this boy in your class called Liam who had a little crush on you and Ethan knew that. Ethan had always been a very laid back kind of type, but boy, when some guy showed interest in you, he could be very jealous. Since the moment you both knew that Liam liked you there had been several fights between you and Ethan.

They weren’t big fights or anything, but they were always about that boy who was, according to Ethan, hitting on you whenever he wasn’t around. And you were tired of it. 'Y/N, don’t act like he can’t keep his hands off you. The only thing that he wants is to get in your pants. I swear, if I ever see him trying to make a move on you again I don’t know if I can control myself.’

Ethan sighs deeply and strokes a hand through his hair, leaving it messy and fluffy. His face was a little red because he was so worked up and his jaw was clenched, which you secretly found pretty sexy.

'What do you mean by that?’ you ask with narrowed eyes. Ethan rolls his eyes and sighs. 'Nothing.’ 'Leave it then,’ you answer coldly, turning around again to walk to the hall to grab your jacket. Ethan growls.

You had said to your friend you would go to her party tonight and even though you really didn’t feel like it after the fight, you had made a promise to her. You hear Ethan’s footsteps behind you. 'I am going to that party with you, whether you like it or not. I know Liam is there.’

You put your jacket on. 'Oh no, you’re not.’ You were just trying to open the door when Ethan grabs you by your waist, making you turn around. He presses you against his hard chest and you look up, your eyes meeting his. Why did he look so good and smelled even better?

'Oh yes, I am,’ Ethan says softly, chuckling. You tried to free yourself from his tight grip, but he refuses and wraps his arms around your back. He licks his lips before he leans in and presses his lips hard against yours. For a moment you are overwhelmed by the kiss and you just let him, but when he notices that you don’t kiss him back he pulls away.

'What?’ he asks confused. 'Stop it, Ethan,’ you whisper out of breath. 'You always try to make things up by kissing me, but this time it won’t work. You know how bad it hurts that you don’t trust me? I love you and I can’t understand that you think I let myself seduce by this boy who I don’t even pay attention to. Now let me go,’ you say softly, looking at his chest now.

'Baby…’ he starts, but you shake your head. Ethan lets go of you and you turn around to open the door. Ethan doesn’t know what to say; he was lost for words. He just stood there, frozen, his mouth open and his hands hanging on each side of his body.

You close the door behind you and sigh. As you close your eyes and breath in the fresh air, you try to forget about the fight for a moment and just go and enjoy your friend’s party.


It was pretty crowded at your friend’s house. There were a lot of people, most of them who you had never seen and a lot of people you were sure who were more than a couple years older than your friend. You decided to stay for an hour or two and then leave. You just wanted to talk with your friend, drink something and maybe dance a little. That was the plan. But it didn’t go exactly how you wanted.

Just when you are enjoying yourself and making small talk with a few friends you hadn’t seen in a long while, your eyes catch Ethan’s presence. He was standing in the doorway, his eyes searching for you.

He was hard not to notice; he was one of the tallest persons in the room and of course; everyone knew him. Besides, he looked like a model in his tank top which made his muscles appear even more.

When he sees you he raises his hand to wave at you and his lips curl into a small smile, which made your heart skip a beat. You couldn’t believe he was actually here. He was such a child. He tries to make his way to you, but there were a lot of people in the room and it was hard to get through them. He locks his eyes at you for a moment before a couple of guys approach him and he focuses his attention on them.

'Hey Y/N, how are you?’ A familiar voice interrupted your thoughts. Oh shoot. You turn around and face Liam, the boy who liked you. Okay, he was cute. And sure, he was nice. But that was it. No one was like Ethan or came even close to him and you blessed yourself everyday that he was your boyfriend.

You try to hold back a deep sigh. 'Hi Liam. I’m fine, thanks.’ You knew it was polite to ask how he was doing, but you really didn’t want to talk to him. 'Did you came here alone?’ he asks. He talked with a double tongue and his breath smelled like alcohol. He takes a step closer to you and checks you out from head to toe. You felt very uncomfortable.

'Eh, actually -’ you start, but he breaks you off. 'I came here alone as well. Maybe we can be alone together? Hm, what do you say?’ He had a dirty smile on his face and the alcoholic smell hits your face; it almost made you sick. He was obviously very tipsy, probably even drunk.

'Eh, I - am -’ you stumble over your words, not knowing what to say. He was very intimitating and also hovering above you now. Just when he leans in and places his sweaty hands on your cheeks, you feel a warm hand closing around yours. You knew it was Ethan. No one you know had such big hands and you recognised the length and form of his fingers very well [ ;) ].

He pulls you away from Liam very quickly and pushes you gently behind his back. He had the most deadly look in his eyes that you had ever seen. 'Ehm, I don’t think so, dude. Go try to find yourself a girl who do wants you. This one is mine, and very not interested.’

Liam laughs, but it doesn’t sound like he thought it was actually funny. 'Calm down, bro. I didn’t try to do anything.’ When he takes a step towards you again Ethan places his other hand on Liam’s chest, stopping him.

'Don’t you understand what I just said? If you ever come near her again and try to kiss her or do something other of which is crossing your mind right now, I swear that I’ll hurt you in a way you can’t even imagine. And I’m serious,’ Ethan says, talking slow and very deep. His voice was so full of anger that even you got goosebumps.

You felt protected and safe now he was here, like no one could do you any harm. Liam raises his eyebrows and takes a step back. He chuckles to made it look like he wasn’t scared, but it didn’t sound very convincing.

‘Okay, man. If you say so…’ He looks at you one more time before he quickly walks away and disappears into the crowd. Before you can say something Ethan puts his arm around your waist and makes his way through the people in the direction of the stairs.

When the noise of the living room had slowly faded away after you had gone to the first floor and Ethan had closed the door behind you, you could finally relax a little. You were in your friend’s bedroom right now. You were sure that there would have been a fight if Liam hadn’t been so scared and Ethan knew how to control his anger. Sort of.

After Ethan had closed the door he slowly walks up to you. He grabs your hands and entwines his fingers with yours, his eyes focused on your hands. 'Ethan, I…’ you say, but he interrups you.

'No, Y/N. You were right. But, I am too, a little. I am right about the fact that he do wants to get in your pants and that he did tried to kiss you. But I’m very, very sorry that I made you think that I don’t trust you. Because I do! I trust you completely, it’s just…’ He sighs.

'You are my world and the thought of you hanging out with another guy makes me go wild inside. You’re amazing and I feel like there are a million guys standing in line for you, waiting for me to make a mistake so that you’ll break up with me.’ Ethan frowns his forehead and bites his lips, waiting for your answer.

You were so flattered that you didn’t really know what to say. 'Ethan… I’m sorry. For everything. But you don’t have to be scared that you’ll lose me. You are literally the best thing that has ever happened to me. And I mean that. I love you. So, so much.’

Ethan’s eyes are sparkling. 'I love you, too. And I couldn’t say it when we were fighting and this is completely off topic, but that shirt you’re wearing is making me go crazy.’ You burst out into laughter. God, he was such a cutie.

'I’m serious!’ Ethan says. 'I almost can’t stop myself from ripping it off so I can make love to you, here, right now.’ Your eyes grow big. 'What? You’re serious, aren’t you?’ Ethan licks his lips, seductively and slowly, because he knew that that was one of your weaknesses.

He places his hands on your waist and slowly trails them down to your butt, not breaking eye contact. 'Ethan, we can’t do that! We’re in my friend’s bedroom, you know.’ Ethan ignores your objection and starts attacking your neck with wet kisses while his hands squeezes your butt.

You gasp for air. 'Ethan!’ you say louder now, but you can’t help but giggle. He was leaving hickeys and you sure weren’t okay with that right now. Ethan chuckles and places one sweet kiss on your cheek before pulling back.

'I’m joking. But I have to show everyone that you’re mine, though.’ You roll your eyes. 'Oh my God. Well, if you really want to finish this…’ you whisper and pause for a second, boring your eyes into his, 'then I suggest we better go home… Where you can rip my shirt off - and ehm, things like that.’ Ethan laughs. 'You are unbelievable. Come on.’

To Have You Again - Thranduil

Originally posted by thranduillover2013

38. “Because even the sun can wish to be among the stars.”

43. “Do you think you could be happy here? With me?”

A/N: This request was also sent with another for Sauron. It will not be posted until all are done, just because I have no idea how to write it. :)

Warnings: Mentions of war

Words: 1500

My bare feet padded against the cold, wooden walkways that weaved their way through the realm of Mirkwood, the light clinking of elvish armor accompanying my soft gait as two elves, clad in golden armor, silken hair flowing behind them, led me to the throne room.

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Oscars Red Carpet (Shawn Mendes x Reader)

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« How much glamour, fame, and excitement can one red carpet take? Welcome everyone to Hollywood’s biggest night, the 89th Academy Awards, welcome everyone to the Oscars!” Robin Roberts shouted to the camera.


“Okay Y/N, here we are!” Your manager and close friend, tapped your shoulder excitedly. It was your first Oscars and first ever nomination. So, the butterflies in your stomach were definitely fluttering like mad and they have been for the past two weeks.

Your phone beeped, and you opened it to a text from Shawn.

Hey baby, I’m so sorry I can’t be there for your big night. Just know that I am so fucking proud of you and everything you’ve worked for. I’m staying up all night in Japan to watch ya.

An “aww” slipped from your mouth as you smiled.

Are you watching live?

Yep, did you get to the Dolby Theatre yet?

Yeah I’m in the car. Stepping out right now. Look out for me ;) hint: my dress is (favourite color)

Trust me, I will be. You’re going to be the most beautiful on the whole red carpet x

“Alright, time for us to go!”

You took a deep breath, fixed your hair and stepped out. The second your foot stepped on the red carpet the cameras started flashing.

You walked your way onto the carpet. Your manager’s words and instructions going through your head. Go on the carpet. Pose. Keep on walking. Then go talk to Robin.

And that’s exactly what you did.

You felt like a real princess. You walked down the carpet, slowly, your long dress trailing behind you magnificently. You smiled to the cameras, twirled, and of course; you couldn’t help but goof around a little. That’s just who you are. Spotting one of your best friends, you decided to have a little red carpet fun.

Hailee Steinfeld posed in her white dress, giving the cameras long seductive stares. Suddenly her serious expression turned into a terror-stricken one as she felt two hands clutch at her shoulders.

“OH MY GOD Y/N!” She yelled, turning around to see you. You tried your best not to let your tears of laughter slip out knowing that would ruin your makeup.

“Hiii. Don’t you look fricken fabulous?” You said to her.

“UM I can say the same about you.” She grinned.

You took a few pictures together, then carried on the red carpet, saying hi to some of your favourite actors.

Nearing Robin’s platform, you looked up at her and she spotted you grinning.

“Oh ladies and gentlemen I see Y/N Y/L/N approaching!”

You mounted the little step and hugged her.

“Hi Y/N wow this is so fun meeting you!”
“Hi hi, likewise!”

“So, first Oscars huh? Who’d you come with?”

“Oh I came here alone haha. Yeah Shawn’s in Japan and my friends got school.”

“Oh right, Shawn Mendes, you two are really Hollywood’s couple huh!”

“Well I think so.” You giggled.

“How’s it going with him?”

“It is going wonderful. I um can’t ask for more.” You gushed.

“Aww did you guys hear that, can these two get any cuter? Seriously though, do you guys ever fight?”

“Hahahaha, we do, little ones. They’ll usually be small bickers over stupid things. Like actually once, Shawn got pissed at me because I showered too long and started saying random stuff and bringing up the ecosystem haha.”

“Hahahaa. So what would he say if he was here?”

An idea came through your mind.

“Oh my god! Well actually he’s watching right now, hi babe!” You waved at the camera. “Wanna try FaceTiming him? Can we do that?” You asked the cameramen around you.

“What a fun idea! Let’s do it.”
You pulled out your phone and rang him. Surprisingly, he picked up. He was in his PJs and a Japan hoodie. He looked positively overjoyed.

“Hi babe!” You said to the phone. The cameras zoomed into the screen.

“Hi darling! How are you? You look gorgeous.”
“Thank you.” You blushed.

“HI I’M HERE TOO.” Robin popped up from behind your shoulder.

“Hi!” Shawn grinned. “So what do the Oscars red carpet look like?”

You took your phone and gave a 360 view of what was around you.

“So Shawn how does this feel like, your girlfriend being nominated for an Oscar?”

“Oh my god, it’s surreal. I’m so proud you know, each time someone says Y/N Y/L/N I can scream: She’s my girlfriend!” he said.

You chuckled.

“Alright we gotta go, text you later!”

“Bye Y/N, I love you and good luck baby. Bye Robin!”

“God you guys are too cute.” Robin said once again. “Alright let’s move on to Lara!”

The cameras zoomed away, as Robin continued to talk to you.

“You look great really.”

“Thank you so much Robin, you too!”

“So, what would winning this mean to you?”

“Oh my god, it’d mean the world. Like literally. Um, all my life I have struggled and I remember in my teen years, my dreams would seem so far you know? And just the fact of being here is a dream come true, and it proves to 15 year-old me that as long as you work you can do it. And hopefully teens will watch this and this’ll prove it to them as well.”

“Now that is a winning speech right there.” Robin smiled, touching your arm friendlily. “Well it has been awesome having you, but oh my we must be getting on the show is going to start! All the luck tonight, Y/N.”

“Thank you, so much.”

All the luck, Y/N.

Will you win the Oscar? To be continued when the show actually begins hahahaa I am writing live here!

Spring comes slowly and quietly
to allow Winter to withdraw
slowly and quietly.
The color of the mountain afternoon
is tinged with nostalgia.
The terrible war flower
has left her footprints-
countless petals of separation and death
in white and violet.
Very tenderly, the wound opens itself in the depths of my heart.
Its color is the color of blood,
its nature the nature of separation.

The beauty of Spring blocks my way.
How could I find another path up the mountain?

I suffer so. My soul is frozen.
My heart vibrates like the fragile string of a lute
left out in a stormy night.
Yes, it is really there. Spring has really come.
But the mourning is heard
clearly, unmistakably,
in the wonderful sounds of the birds.
The morning mist is already born.
The breeze of Spring in its song
expresses both my love and my despair.
The cosmos is so indifferent. Why?
To the harbor, I came alone,
and now I leave alone.

There are so many paths leading to the homeland.
They all talk to me in silence. I invoke the Absolute.
Spring has come
to every corner of the ten directions.
Its, alas, is only the song
of departure.

—  Thich Nhat Hanh
The Mystery of Y/N (Part 4)

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Pairing: N/A

Requested: Nope

Summary: You’re at a party when you mysteriously disappear. You’re friends work together to try and piece together what happened to you leading up to your disappearance. Little did they now they all know a part of the reason why. What happens when they find out the truth?

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Part 3 <- Part 4 -> Part 5

Italics mean Flashback

Chapter 4 - Betty’s POV

Betty was your partner for the summer project for history class. She kept asking to come round your house to help out with it but you insisted on doing it yourself. Being the kind and caring person Betty was she felt terrible about letting you do all the work so she hiked over to your house to help out. Getting off the bike she walked up to the grand front door and knocked on it. Normally, she would expect your maid to answer the door but when you answered Betty was a little shocked but brushed it off. “Hey.” She greeted. 

“Err, he-hey… what are you- what are you doing here?” You asked looking around nervously to see if she was alone. 

“I came to help with the history project. I felt bad that you were doing it on your own so I thought I’d come and help.” Betty answered before frowning at your reaction. “Unless now isn’t a good time." 

"No, no. Now’s fine.” You assured her with a forced smile and hurriedly ushering inside. When Betty got inside she noticed an immediate difference from last time she was there. Normally, she is met with expensive paintings lining the walls instead she was met with blank walls. Betty followed you upstairs to your room noticing the lack of items as she went. Clothes were strewn across your room, a vast difference from last time. You moved some of them out of the way but not before Betty noticed tags still on them. 

“What’s going on, Y/N?” She asked gesturing to a top in her hand which she saw you wear the other day at school still with a tag on. 

You gulped. “It didn’t fit right so I need to take it back to the store.” You lied hoping she wouldn’t recognise it. “So… err we should get started then.” You said trying to change the subject which Betty obliged to. 

Things were quiet between the two of you as you worked on the project, the occasional question being asked when your parents started arguing downstairs. Your grip on your pencil tightening as they did. “How could you be so stupid?” Your mom asked your dad exasperatedly. “You knew this was our only chance and you ruined it." 

"I can’t take this.” He replied before you heard the sound of keys being grabbed. 

“Where are you going? To your little assistant? You have to be blind if you think she is still going to be with you when she realises that you have no money.” Your mom scoffed. You quickly got up and closed your door before Betty could hear anymore of your parents fight. You leaned your head against the now closed door and took a deep breath, wiping away the single tear that fell. 

“Is it true, Y/N?” Betty asked with caution. You nodded before running over to hug her. 

“Please don’t tell anyone.” You cried into her shoulder. 


Betty, Veronica, and Archie made it back to the newspaper room to meet Jughead and Kevin to tell them what they found out. “I’ve found nothing new. What about you guys?” Jughead asked once everyone was in the room. Veronica relayed what they found out from Reggie to Jughead and Kevin. 

“So, let me get this straight Reggie actually wanted to be with Y/N but Y/N didn’t want to?” Kevin asked once she finished. 

“It’s not that I don’t think she wanted to but that something else was going on with her.” Veronica stated before turning to Betty. “You said you knew what was going on with her parents." 

"Yeah I do know what’s going on but I promised I wouldn’t say anything.” Betty admitted, looking down guilty that she kept this from them. 

“It’s not like she’s here to stop you.” Jughead said bluntly causing Archie to look over at him. “What? We were all thinking it.” He shrugged. 

“Fine… Y/N’s parents have been having money problems. I went round in the summer and that’s when I found out.” Betty told them. 

“Wait, so you kept this from us for the whole summer?” Archie asked, a hint of offence lacing his tone that you didn’t tell him. 

“She made me promise not to tell anyone. You should have seen her. She was broken up by it and embarrassed she didn’t want anyone else to know. Y/N wouldn’t have told me if I didn’t accidentally find out.” Betty replied. 

“Hang on, if she was struggling with money then how did Y/N still have new clothes and a fancy car?” Veronica wondered. 

“It appears she was wearing the clothes with the label still on so she could take them back to the store.” She shrugged. “But there’s something that just doesn’t make sense." 

"What is it?” Jughead questioned as the others gave Betty a look telling her to continue.

“I went over to her house again in the summer but this time she didn’t seem closed off or trying to hide something. She was acting like this whole money thing wasn’t happening. Also, Y/N got new clothes that had the tags off and new shoes. It’s almost like she had some money but I didn’t know she got a job.”

“Y/N didn’t. She would have told us.” Veronica said certain that you would have told them if you got a job. “Plus, for the whole summer I didn’t see her working." 

"Y/N kept her relationship with Reggie a secret and the issues she was having with her parents. It makes you wonder what else she’s been hiding.” Kevin pointed out. 

“Oh, my god… it makes sense now.” Jughead blurted out after putting what Betty had told them together which resulted in everyone giving him a questioning look.

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Going Public

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Group: Big Bang

Idol: Kwon Jiyong (G-Dragon/GD)

Genre: fluff

Overview: You’d have never thought you’d be the center of attention after going public with Jiyong. (one-shot)

Words: 1,808

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I saved your ass

Pairing: Derek Hale x Reader

Word Count: 1648

Warnings: mmh, none.

I used to take refuge at Hale’s House. Since there had been the burning, and the few survivors had left Beacon Hills, the house was by now abandoned. I needed a place to stay a bit alone, away from my family, from my friends, and everyone else. It was my secret refuge, until Derek Hale wasn’t returned to the city. The first time I met him, he found me while I was sitting on one of the sofas in the room on the second floor, with a book in my hand. As soon as I looked up, and saw him, I jumped up, and panicked, I ran away.
I saw Derek a few days later, when one of my friends, Scott, had been bitten by a werewolf. The first time Stiles told me, I began to laugh. Who knew that the stories about werewolves were true?
And when Stiles told me that Derek was a werewolf, I had a stroke. Scott and Stiles had decided to talk to him, and asked me to follow them. Hesitantly, I decided finally to go. When I saw Derek, I felt speed up the heart; the first time, I had only fleetingly, however, in that moment my eyes wouldn’t stop exploring his body. He was cute, and his mysterious look.. I still fascinated more.
After the conversation between Scott and Derek, this last came towards me.
“There was no need for you to run away, the last time. You can come here when you want to hide.”
At first I decided not to go into the house; to know that I was no longer alone, it made me feel.. nervous. I felt uncomfortable, knowing that there was Derek.
One day, however, I quarreled furiously with my father, and not knowing where else to go, I ran to Derek. I had tears in my eyes, when I knocked on the front door. Derek just saw me, his face turned from confused to worried. He asked me what had happened, and surprisingly, he embraced me. I didn’t expect such a.. lovely gesture from him. I didn’t say what had happened, I asked only awkwardly if I could stay, and he, without another word, made me sit in the house.
From that moment I went to go to Derek’s house, whenever I needed it.
Stay in that house, alone with Derek, it was not easy. I was always nervous in his presence, even though I tried to ignore it, I knew he felt my nervousness. Even without his wolf powers.
The guy used to train, and I.. I tried not to look at him. Even though my eyes were always on him.
One afternoon, as I entered Hale’s house (by now I entered without even knocking), I saw Derek while exercising on chin-up bar, without a shirt. I was behind his, watching his body, his arms muscles, his tattoo on the back. I had realized how much he had been beautiful for a long time, but at that moment, seeing him there, his body was naked and sweaty.. I suddenly felt the butterflies in the stomach. I jumped when Derek jumped on the floor; he turned to me and greeted me.
“You’re right?” he asked me, knowing that my heart beat hard. I didn’t have time to answer, that a worried look formed on Derek’s face.
“Derek? Something wrong?”
“You came alone?”
I frowned, and Derek’s question put me in confusion. Did he feel the presence of someone else besides us?
Suddenly Derek shook my arm and dragged me to one of the couches in the next room.
“Don’t move from here, do you understand? Y/n, don’t make noise.”
“But Der-” I couldn’t finish the sentence that I heard the front door being broken by someone. Derek looked up at the people who had come home, and turned into a wolf, fluttered over them. I couldn’t see anything behind my hiding place, but I felt perfectly the noises of the fight between Derek and somebody else.
Suddenly, I heard a female voice speak to Derek, and I immediately realized that she was Kate Argent. She said she missed Derek, and she missed having fun with him, like when they were young.
A dirt of jealousy invaded my body; I didn’t know that they were attending, and thinking of Kate in Derek’s arms.. I threw that thought out of my mind.
When I suddenly heard Derek scream with pain, I jerked, and I shouted.
“Who is there?” shouted Kate.
I put my hand to my mouth, trying not to make any other noise. Kate shifted her attention again to Derek, continuing to torture him.
I was tired of hearing the boy screaming because of the pain, and I realized that one of the windows in the room was open, an idea came to my mind. It was crazy, but I couldn’t stay there doing nothing. I had to help Derek.
Suddenly, I got out of my hiding place, and I found face to face with Kate. I saw Derek, his chest covered with wounds, and he almost faded on the floor.
“Who are you?”
I didn’t know what to say; I looked at Derek, who looked with me gazing at me, but instead I said the first thing that came to my mind.
“Do you want to hurt Derek? Take me.”
Kate was surprised to hear those words, and Derek was also surprised, but that was the only thing I had thought to say.
“And who are you, her fiancée?” said the hunter, laughing, “Impossible; you’re just a stupid little girl, you’re so afraid your legs are shaking.”
His words hit me like knives that fluttered in my stomach, but I tried to be as bold as possible for Derek, and so I answered.
“At least I’m not a bitch like you. Why do you think Derek got tired of you and left you?“
I was surprised at my own words; I had never been courageous, but at that moment I just wanted to save Derek.
Anger took over on Kate, and her gun quickly pointed to me; it was a moment. I turned to the open window, and I went out, but not before I heard a shot, and a bullet hit my shoulder.
I caught a scream, but despite the pain, I managed to get out of the house, and I found myself out on the porch. I touched my wounded shoulder, and I noticed she was beginning to lose blood.
I heard more shots, and when I turned, I saw Derek jump out of the window and run to me.
Without thinking about it twice, I started running off into the woods, with Derek being a few yards away from me. He and me had been away from home very much, and suddenly I heard Derek call me and say stop.
I put my hands on my knees, tired of the long run; Derek came to me and checked my shoulder.
“We have to remove the bullet, and quickly.”
Derek and me decided to go to Deaton, the city’s veterinarian. When the doctor saw me and Derek entered the veterinary clinic, he immediately realized that something had happened to hunters and werewolves.
Deaton put me on the steel counter in his operating room, and he asked me to take off the jacket and knit. At first I hesitated, but then I did what he asked me. I felt so embarrassed, sitting there, with nothing else but the bra, while Derek, on the other side of the room, was just staring at me. I blushed, thinking at the time that Derek was also without knitwear.
“This will hurt a little.” Deaton said, as he took a pair of pliers and slipped into the wound.
I felt my body wring out for pain; Derek came to me and shook my hand between his. My eyes met his, and I saw the concern on his face. I made a smile to calm him, but the pain came back when Deaton pushed the clamp in my flesh even further; The bullet had come in deep, and it wasn’t easy to extract it. My usual fortune. Derek shook my hand more, and suddenly the pain calmed, until it disappeared altogether. I looked surprised Derek, I wanted to know how he did, but I heard Deaton sigh.
“Behold, I have done. Now I sew the wound, and then I’ll give you some medicine to take.”
After about ten minutes, the wound was completely closed, and all that time I had not felt pain. Deaton told me to rest for a few days, then he left me and Derek alone.
The boy came closer to me, and putting his hands on my hips, he managed to lock me on the counter. I couldn’t get off.
“I thought I told you to stay hidden.”
Derek’s serious voice sent me on turns; he was trying to get angry, but I knew he was worried.
“I saved your ass, Hale.”
“Kate shot you.”
I was trying to stay focused on the conversation I was having with Derek, but I was just thinking that he was close to me, too close, and that we were both naked. I looked away from his, and took a look at my shoulder.
“It doesn’t hurt.”
“Yeah, because I helped you.”
Curious to know how he had done, I asked him.
“Wolves Secrets.”
I rolled my eyes as Derek took my jacket, and put it on my shoulders.
“Anyway, you’re right. You saved my life. But.. don’t do it again.” Derek said; he approached me, and hug me, making me blush.
“I don’t want you to hurt yourself.”
There had never been such a thing between me and Derek, and that made me confused, and oddly happy.
Perhaps Derek wasn’t the scurvy person who wanted to believe others.

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What More Could I Want? (Ben Platt X Reader)

WC: 3115

Warnings: KINDA SMUTTY YOU WERE WARNED, overuse of the word sang

Summary: Ben and Y/N are performing Say No To This at MisCast. Things, naturally, get steamy, and some feelings are revealed

Tagged: @lildipstick @bellasabb

A/N: Combining three requests! Yay! I had two anons ask for kinda smutty Ben stuff, and one who requested the whole steamy MisCast performance! Hope y’all enjoy

“Cast meeting! Report to the blue room!” I read aloud, chuckling at the text from Will. I made my way to the blue room, noticing that I was the last person to arrive.

“And now we’re a complete set.” Will said, raising his eyebrows at me. I put my hands up and sat down on the couch next to Ben. “Anyway, I have decided to call a cast meeting for a very important reason.” Will said, standing at the front of the room.

“And what would that reason be?” Mike asked, only to be met with a violent shush from Will. “Let me finish, Faist. As you all know, MisCast is this weekend.” Will said and we all cheered.

“Hush. Anyway, I have consulted with a majority of the cast and we have decided on our number, and performers.” Will said and I looked at Ben with a  confusion that he shared. We hadn’t talked to anyone about this.

“We will be performing, drum roll please, Say No To This from Hamilton!” Will said and everyone clapped. “And onto the cast reveal. In the role of Aaron Burr… Mike Faist!” Will said and Mike stood up, taking a mock bow.

“In the role of James Reynolds… myself. Thank you, thank you.” Will said, bowing. I chuckled, clapping lightly to myself. “The bastard orphan Alexander Hamilton will be played by none other than Benjamin Platt.”

Ben looked a little confused but stood up none the less, bowing and smiling. “Which leaves the role of the infamously seductive Maria Reynolds, my wife and Benny’s mistress. Who could possibly play that?” Will said, stroking his chin in mock thought.

“Y/N Y/L/N, that’s who. Congrats wifey.” Will said, gesturing for me to stand up. I’d watched my fair share of Hamilton bootlegs, and I knew how Say No To This played out. There’d be some pretty steamy stuff going down, and I’d have to do it all with Ben.

“Thanks for letting me know beforehand.” I muttered, earning a laugh from the rest of the cast. “Just so you know, we’re getting a divorce after this.” I said, pointing at Will. He put a hand on his chest in mock hurt, an offended look on his face.

“That hurts, Y/N. Anyway, even though everyone knows the song, we should probably do a quick run through before the event.” Will said and I nodded, looking at Ben, his hair shining a golden colour in the sunlight.

“Awesome.” Ben said, a wide smile on his face. “Well, thanks for coming everyone. Meeting closed.” Will said, smirking briefly at me before leaving the blue room, most of the cast following suit.

“So, Miss Maria Reynolds. How does that feel?” Ben said to me when everyone had left. I chuckled nervously, scratching the back of my neck.

“A little overwhelming. How the hell am I gonna fill Jasmine Cephas-Jones’ shoes?” I said and Ben shrugged his shoulders, giving me a shy smile.

“I have the utmost faith in you. I’ve heard you sing Satisfied in your spare time, so I don’t doubt that you can sing this one.” Ben said, gently squeezing my shoulder.

“You’re too kind, sir.” I said, and Ben laughed, his cheeks flushing slightly. “See? You’re in character already.” Ben said, shaking his head slightly.

“Well, I should probably go get ready. I’ll see you later, Alex.” I said, and a half smile crossed his face. “See you later, Maria.”

I took in a deep breath and smoothed down the skirts of my crimson dress, walking up towards Ben. “Hey Ben.” I said, tapping him on the shoulder. He turned around and his jaw dropped, his eyes scanning my body.

“Woah.” Ben muttered, his cheeks flushing a colour a few shades lighter than my dress. “Oh, uh, hey Y/N.” Ben said, stuffing his hands in the pocket of his suit.

“Hi. You ready for our big performance?” I said, taking in a deep breath. Ben nodded, his eyes still trained on my body. “Ben?” I said and he snapped his head up, his cheeks flushed.

“Oh, uh, of course.” Ben said meekly and I smiled, putting a hand on his shoulder. He took in a shaky breath and mustered up a smile. “Then let’s go.” I said, looping my arm through his and walking towards our seats.

“I’m kinda freaking out because two of the current Hamilton cast members are here. What if we screw it up?” I muttered, sitting down on a plastic stool.

“Y/N, you are incredibly talented. We’ll do great.” Ben said, placing a hand tentatively on my knee. I took in a deep breath, internally screaming because Ben’s hand was on my knee.

“Let’s go.” I said when I noticed that Mike and Will had taken their seats. We all stood up, and Mike and Ben walked onstage. “Hey guys!” Mike said, waving to the audience.

“Well, today a few members of the Dear Evan Hansen family will be singing something from a musical you’ve probably heard of.” Ben said, nodding to the band. The cello began to play, and I took in a deep breath.

“There’s nothing like summer in the city. Someone in a rush meets someone looking pretty. There’s trouble in the air you can smell it, and Alexander’s by himself. I’ll let him tell it.” Mike sang, the music playing ominously.

“I hadn’t slept in a week, I was weak, I was awake. You’ve never seen a bastard orphan more in need of a break. Longing for Angelica, missing my wife. That’s when Miss Maria Reynolds walked into my life. She said.” Ben sang, his voice low.

I walked on stage, clutching the microphone for dear life. “I know you are a man of honour. I’m so sorry to bother you at home, but I don’t know where to go, and I came here all alone.” I sang, my voice surprisingly sultry.

I noticed Ben’s eyes widen slightly, but he kept singing, turning to face me. “She said.” He sang, leaning against the desk provided. I nearly missed my cue because the sight of Ben leaning against a desk was rather attractive.

“My husband’s doing me wrong. Beatin’ me, cheatin’ me, mistreatin’ me. Suddenly he’s up and gone. I don’t have the means to go on.” I sang, walking closer to Ben.

“So I offered her a loan, I offered to walk her home. She said.” As Ben sang this I walked right up next to him, and I turned to face him, clutching my dress as I did.

“You’re too kind, sir.” I sang, winking at him as I did. “I gave her thirty bucks that I had socked away. She lived a block away, she said.” Ben sang, moving his free hand about as he did.

“This one’s mine, sir.” I sang, looking away from Ben. “Then I said "well, I should head back home.” She turned red, she lead me to her bed, let her legs spread and said.“ Ben sang, and I whipped around to face him, my dress clutched in my hands.

"Stay?” I sang, trying to be as sexy as possible. “Hey.” Ben said awkwardly, looking me up and down, earning chuckles from the audience. “Hey.” I sang seductively, and I noticed Ben bite his lip.

“And that’s when I began to pray Lord, show me how to say no to this. I don’t know how to say no to this. But my god she looks so helpless. And her body’s saying hell yes.” Ben sang, growling slightly on those last two words.

“Woah.” I sang, circling Ben as I did. “Lord show me how to say no to this. I don’t know how to say no to this. In my mind I’m trying to go.” Ben sang, and my eyes were trained on him. “When her mouth is on mine I do not say no.”

As Ben sang this I walked away from him, and took a deep breath, knowing what was about to come. I turned around at the same time as Ben, our eyes locking. I walked quickly towards him, and took in a deep breath.

I gently grabbed the sides of Ben’s face and pulled him into a kiss. I closed my eyes and melted into the kiss, relishing in the feeling. Ben’s hands sat on my waist, and he pulled me close to him.

My stomach filled with butterflies, but before I knew it, the kiss was over. Ben broke away, and even though he was in character, it still hurt a little.

“I wish I could say that was the last time. I said that last time, it became a pastime. A month into this endeavour I received a letter from a mister James Reynolds, even better. It said.” Ben rapped slightly, Will swaggering onstage.

“Dear sir, I hope this letter finds you in good health. And in a prosperous enough position to put wealth in the pockets of people like me, down on their luck. You see, that was my wife you decided to.” Will sang cockily, looking over at Ben who was clutching a piece of paper.

“Fuuu….” Ben said, earning chuckles from the audience. “Uh oh. You made the wrong sucker a cuckold, so time to pay the piper for the pants you unbuckled. And hey, you can keep seeing my whore wife if the price is right. If not, I’m telling your wife.”

Will ended his part and waltzed off the stage, shooting me a wink as he did. “I hid the letter and I raced to her place. Screamed "how could you” in her face. She said.“ Ben raced over to me and I clutched his arms tightly. "No sir!” I belted, suddenly feeling like I was very much Maria Reynolds.

“Half-dressed, apologetic, a mess. She looked pathetic, she cried.” Ben sang and I sunk down onto my knees, my face dangerously close to his crotch. “Please don’t go, sir!” I sang, and Ben walked away from me, my hands slipping off his knees.

“So, was your whole story a set up?” Ben questioned, looking down at me. “I didn’t know about any letter!” I sang, my hands clasped together. “Stop crying. Goddamnit, get up!” Ben sang, and I clutched my dress.

“I didn’t know any better!” I cried, and Ben sighed, crouching down so he was looking me in the eye. “I am ruined.” Ben sang and I looked him right in the eye. “Please don’t leave me.” I pleaded, watching as Ben walked away.

“I am helpless.” We both sang, and Ben stood up and walked away from me. “How could I do this?” Ben sang softly, almost to himself. “Just give him what he wants and you can have me!” I belted, beginning to stand up.

“I don’t want you.” Ben sang and I felt those words cut deeper than they should have. “Whatever he wants. If you pay, you can stay!” I belted, the key change flowing smoothly.

“Lord, show me how to say no to this. I don’t know how to say no to this.” As Ben sang I raced up behind him, running my hands over his torso. His breath hitched slightly, but he continued singing.

“But the situation’s helpless.” I turned around so I was looking him right in the eye. “Helpless!” I sang, my breathing laboured slightly. “And her body’s saying hell yes.” Ben sang and I spun him around, holding onto his arm.

“Lord, show me how to say no to this.” Ben sang, and he placed one arm on my waist and one on my back. I cupped the side of his face, and took in a deep breath. “How can I say no to this?” Ben and I sang in unison, and I pushed him away.

We decided not to use a chair, so Ben wandered upstage, and I lingered towards the front. “There is nowhere I can go. When her body’s on mine I do not say no.” Ben sang, and I raced over to him, snaking my arms around his neck.

Ben took hold of my arms and took them off his neck. He grabbed my waist and flipped me so I was facing forward, and my back was pressed against his chest. “Yes.” Ben breathed out, his head resting in the crook of my neck.

“Yes.” I sung, leaning back so there was no space between Ben and I. Ben’s arms circled my waist and I rested my hands on top of his. I took one of his hands and moved it higher up my chest, bravely sitting it just above my cleavage.

We briefly forgot about the other lyrics, and I gasped a little when I felt something poking into my lower back. It took all of my willpower to pull myself out of Ben’s embrace, but I had to.

“Say no to this, I.” Ben sang, panting a little. “Don’t say no to this.” We both sang, and I slinked further and further behind Ben. “There is nowhere I can go.” Ben sang and Will stepped forward. “So?” Will said, looking over at Ben.

Ben sighed and walked over to him, handing him an envelope. “Nobody needs to know.” Ben sang, letting out a shaky breath. The music faded and the entire theatre erupted in applause. Mike and I made our way back to the front of the stage, and the four of us all took a bow.

“Thank you!” Will called as we walked off the stage, waving to the audience. “Y/N. Can I, uh, talk to you for a second? In private.” Ben whispered in my ear and his breath tickled and made the hairs on the back of my neck raise up.

I waved at a few people, but quickly followed Ben off to a slightly sheltered area. “I’m gonna cut right to the chase here.” Ben said and I nodded, taking in a deep breath.

“Please tell me it wasn’t just me that felt something onstage.” Ben said and I nodded slightly. “I mean, other than your, uh, you know.” I said, gesturing to Ben’s crotch with my head, and Ben frowned a little.

“You know what I mean, Y/N.” Ben growled, his tone of voice igniting a fire in my stomach. I simply smirked and pulled him into a heated kiss, nothing like our one onstage.

This one was frantic, in a way. Like we were trying to convey months of repressed feelings in one kiss. Ben held me close to him, his hands resting on my upper and lower back. My hands sat on his chest, fiddling with the lapels of his suit jacket.

I quickly pulled off Ben’s jacket, and it fell to the floor. Ben kicked it away and moved me so my back was pressed against a wall. I pulled away, desperate for a breath. My lips felt swollen, and I was fairly certain they were.

“You don’t know how long I’ve wanted to do this.” Ben said, his voice low and gravelly. “Well, against the wall at MisCast isn’t how I imagined this going, but here we are.” I said and Ben’s eyes darkened, lust clouding them.

Ben attached his lips to my neck, and I felt my legs tremble a little. “Ben.” I gasped, clutching onto the fabric of his shirt. He grabbed the zip of my dress and expertly tugged it down.

I shivered a little as my bare skin hit the cold cement wall, but I let out a breathy moan as Ben found the most sensitive part of my neck. I leaned forward from the wall and I felt my dress fall down, pooling at my feet.

Ben stepped away, surveying his work before his eyes travelled to my incredibly exposed body. “Y/N.” Ben whispered, his wild eyes scanning me up and down.

“Now, it’s not very fair that you’re still wearing most of your clothes, is it?” I said and Ben almost immediately took off his tie, discarding it with his jacket. I captured Ben’s lips in a fiery kiss, and I hastily undid the buttons of his shirt.

Ben shrugged the shirt off, and I trailed my hands down his now bare chest. A moan escaped his mouth and the fire in my stomach blazed. I swiftly unbuckled his belt, noticing the rather significant tent in his dress pants.

I tugged his pants down, and Ben kicked off his shoes at the same time as his pants. Ben’s moved his hands up to the clasp of my bra, and fiddled with it for a second. He went to undo it when we heard a voice.

“Jesus Christ!” I looked up meekly to see a slightly traumatised Mike Faist. “Ben!” I whispered harshly, gesturing to Mike with my head. The look on Ben’s face could only be described as varying degrees of frustration.

Normally I would’ve laughed, but I was suffering from serious sexual frustration at the moment, so I wanted to punch Mike in the face and get back to screwing Ben.

“I knew you two had chemistry, but this is a lot more than I expected.” Mike said and I chuckled nervously, trying to ignore the fact that Ben looked like he wanted to murder Mike.

“Mike, can you, uh, give us a second, please?” I said, shooting him a look that screamed ‘leave us alone’. “Oh, ok. Sure thing.” Mike said, winking at us before walking away.

“Ben.” I said, and Ben cut me off almost immediately. “I really like you Y/N. How about you come back to my place after this? Maybe we can have a proper date before we run straight to third base.” Ben said and I nodded, pecking him on the lips before pulling my dress up.

Ben quickly got redressed, although his clothes were a little more crumpled now. “Hey, you mind zipping me up?” I said and Ben nodded. He zipped up my dress, his hands lingering on my back a little longer than normal.

“Thanks.” I said, and Ben smiled sheepishly at me. He leaned forward and our lips connected, butterflies filling my stomach. I cradled Ben’s face in my hands, and his hands sat gently on my waist.

We pulled apart, and I rested my forehead against Ben’s, panting slightly. “What do you bet the rest of the cast set this up so this would happen?” I said and Ben chuckled, his cheeks flushed.

“The odds are pretty high, but I don’t care right now. I’ve finally got the girl I’ve been pining after for months. What more could I want?”

Chase You Down (4)

Bucky x Reader

Based off of Chase You Down by RUNAGROUND

Summary: The infamous Brooklyn mob boss, Bucky Barnes, has a tendency of sleeping around and killing people on a short fuse. So what happens when a certain girl catches his eye and turns his already shitty world upside down?

BEFORE YOU READ: this is a semi-oc fic! You can still insert your name into the fic, that’s not changing. However, ‘you’, will have some characteristics that ‘you’ might not actually have in real time. It just fits the story better if I actually describe it instead of leaving holes in the story. Enjoy!

Warnings: smut, unprotected sex, fingering, oral sex (f receiving), swearing, fluff, angst (grab a tissue box you’re going to need it)

Word Count: 2.7k+


Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Epilogue

Originally posted by oreo-wonderbatch

I love waking up to a warm bed side. Companionship is amazing and going to bed and waking up to the person you love most is an amazing feeling.

It’s been almost a week since the house incident and I haven’t let her out of my sight. I know I’m being paranoid, but I can’t help it. I’m scared for her. I’m worried what might happen to her if I take my eyes off her for too long. I can’t lose her.

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A/N: I had this thought awhile ago, why is it the reader who’s always getting kidnapped? Why doesn’t one of the boys get kidnapped because of the reader? Not that I don’t love those fics, but I thought this was a different take on it. So, here we go. Thanks to @impala-dreamer for her advice and supreme beta skills. Let me know what you think, and as always if you want on/off a tag list hit me up!

(The sections in italics are a different pov…I hope it’s not awkward and confusing how this is broken up)

Dean x Reader

Words: 2,800

Warnings: Angst (I think this is my angstiest yet), Dean-napping, Wee bit of torture (it’s not all that graphic, but Dean gets his ass kicked), Swears


“Good! You’re awake, this isn’t nearly as fun when you’re knocked out. There just isn’t a point to it at all really.”

“Who the fuck are you?”

Black eyes flashed in Dean’s face. “Brom, we haven’t had the pleasure of meeting before.”

“Brom? Like the paralyzed kid on Game of Thrones? Wait, no that’s Bran. In any case, can’t say I’m all that thrilled to meet ya.”

“Understandable, under the circumstances, and especially when one considers all the things I have planned for you.”

Walking around the metal table Dean was strapped to, the demon stopped at a small cart, surveying the tools, deciding where to start.

“Listen, I’m not one to judge a guy for his kinks, but I hate to break it to you I’m not into being the one tied down, not to mention I’m not really batting for your team, so if you’re gonna kill me let’s just get on with it.”

“That’s right, demons are more of baby brother Winchester’s speed aren’t they?” Picking up a thin blade, the demon began making small cuts into Dean’s legs, “I’ll remember that for next time, but I need you alive for a bit longer.”

“Boy, you’re dumber than you look if you think I’d ever talk.” Dean fell quiet and kept still as Brom went back to his cart and left the knife behind.

“Oh no, I’d never expect you to talk.” He scoffed, fist suddenly landing a blow to Dean’s ribs. “I simply need you alive, long enough so that stupid gash you call a girlfriend…” Again and again his fist collided with Dean’s ribs. “Can watch you die.”

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Cosmic Child [pt 6] (Jason Todd X Reader)

You didn’t know how long you’d spent in space, just flying aimlessly. The galaxy that was once your wonderful home felt dull in comparison to what you had on Earth. You desperately wanted to go back but you knew you wouldn’t be able to face Jason.

As you flew around, you could see your tears forming a trail behind you. It was such a strange thing to cry, you knew humans did it when they were either too sad or too happy. You wished your tears were those of joy and not the complete opposite.

After a short while more, you stopped flying, and chose to simply float in place, a distance away from Earth. From the direction of the sun, you could tell it was about morning in Gotham. You wondered if they were looking for you; if they care; if Jason’d remembered who you were.

You hated the painful sensation in your chest every time you thought of Jason. Previously he made you feel giddy and happy but now it was as though he’d betrayed you. You wondered if perhaps he didn’t want you anymore because you weren’t beautiful enough. Or maybe he never wanted you in the first place.

Deciding that you wanted to fly a little more, you took off, eventually finding yourself in front of a huge structure - a headquarters of some sort. Curiosity got the better of you as you found your way in.

Bruce Wayne’d returned from working late to his two eldest sons sitting in the living room silently. Dick was glaring at Jason, his arms crossed, posture stiff; and Jason had his head in his hands as he leaned his elbows on his knees.

“Boys, where’s (Y/N)?” Bruce asked as he approached them, he looked around, perhaps you were in bed?

“She ran away.” Dick stately simply, his voice was venomous, it was dripping with anger.

“What?” Bruce responded in disbelief. “Why? Where is she now?”

“Off the radar,” Dick replied, “I tried tracking for her using the Batcave’s computers, but I can’t seem to find her. It’s like she disappeared from Earth.” As he spoke, he continued to glare at his younger brother, as though expecting him to say something, as well.


“I fucked up.” Jason leaned back into the couch, staring up at the high ceiling, his hands were shaking. “I drove her away, Bruce.” Jason proceeded to explain himself, as he did previously to Dick on their way home from dinner. As much as his adoptive father wanted to be pissed at him, he could empathise.

“Well,” Bruce pinched the bridge of his nose, “we can only hope that she returns home. If she really isn’t on Earth, we can’t do much to find her as of now… you boys should go to bed.”

Jason’d fallen asleep quite easily but staying asleep was rather difficult.

As he dozed off, he began to have his usual nightmare of the Joker but this time it was a bit different. He watched as the mad clown beat his young self up with a crowbar but the more he swung the crowbar down, the more his younger self began to change. Eventually, Jason found himself watching you take his place.

“(Y/N)?” Jason said in disbelief as he tried to reach you, to shield you from the clown prince’s torture but his legs couldn’t move. He could only watch helplessly as you were slowly getting killed by the madman.

Jason woke up in cold sweat, his breathing was heavy and uneven, his hands shook as he ran his fingers through his soaking hair. He sat in the darkness of his room, his eyes unknowingly stared at his door; he hoped to see you rush into his room like the night before, to hug him tightly and end his nightmarish suffering. However, you never did.

Superman and Wonder Woman were, needless to say, extremely surprised by your sudden presence in the Justice League Watchtower. They’d went running towards the apparently threat after the building’s intruder alert went off, only to find the girl that Bruce Wayne’d recently adopted just standing in place.

Using the records of you that Bruce’d sent them, they confirmed your identity and welcomed you with open arms. They asked you why you came alone.

“I had no intention of coming here,” you said sheepishly, “I was flying around when I spotted this place so I decided to come in.”

“Does Bruce know that you’re here?” Superman asked, he wasn’t intimidating as you were told, he was rather friendly, actually. You shook your head. “In that case, we’ll have to inform him about your arrival,” he looked over at Wonder Woman.

“Stay here, (Y/N),” the Amazon Princess laid a hand on your shoulder, “we’ll be right back.”

As you sat in the huge facility all on your own, you wondered if you were being a nuisance to them. If they were here, it would mean they had something important to do but now with your presence they most probably would have to hold off whatever they were doing. You felt your heart drop and a wave of strong emotions wash over you once more. You wondered if you were ever going to get used to feeling sad.

After tossing and turning for another hour, Jason decided to head to the Batcave. The indestructible robot had been repaired and upgraded, maybe getting plummeted by the thing would make Jason feel a little better.

As he shuffled into the underground lair, he could hear Bruce talking to someone. Jason stopped walking and listened carefully.

“What’d you mean she’s in the Watchtower?” Bruce asked in utter disbelief. “How’d she even get there?”

“She simply wandered in out of curiosity,” Jason heard the voice of Wonder Woman. His throat tightened as he came to the realisation of what - or who - they were talking about. “Anyways, Clark and I noticed she looks rather sad, I suggest you come over to bring her home.”

“I don’t know if she’ll want to return, after what happened between her and…” Bruce sighed, “I’ll try to convince her to come back. Give me a few minutes.” He cut the connection off.

Jason was frozen stiff, his heart was pounding wildly. He didn’t know what to do, should he just wait for Bruce to bring you back? Or should he-

“Jason. I know you’re here,” Bruce said as he prepared the Zeta Beam to the Justice League Watchtower in space. Jason wordlessly walked out from his hiding spot. Bruce looked at him expectedly, “are you coming or what?”

A while had passed and all you’d done was wait patiently for Superman and Wonder Woman to return. Though you were silent, your mind was running wild. You realised that the more you were alone with your thoughts, the harder it got to handle them. You kept recalling the dinner with Jason, how beautiful the waitress looked, the way Kori and Dick looked at one another; the way Jason avoided looking at you the whole night. Self-consciousness and sadness began weighing on you once more, tiring you immensely. You knew some humans had it worse than you but you applauded them for being able to stay so strong; at least on the outside. You believed that you weren’t strong, neither were you beautiful; you wondered if you would be able to survive any long with human kind if you were to stay this way forever.

Your thoughts were interrupted by footsteps. Many footsteps.

“(Y/N),” the Princess of Themyscira said from behind you, “Bruce is here to bring you home.” You turned around but felt your entire body froze when you saw who else was there. Jason.

“I-” you opened your mouth, not knowing what to say, you wanted to go home so badly but seeing Jason made you change your mind. Was it normal to be repelled by someone this way?

Jason took a step towards you but Bruce held out an arm to stop him. “(Y/N),” your adoptive father said, “Jason didn’t do what it seemed like he did. Let him talk to you once we’re home, alright?”

You nodded stiffly but stood your ground. Bruce held out a hand, offering it to you, “let’s go home, (Y/N).”

Before you could even take a single step towards him, the entire facility began to flash red. “Intruder alert. Intruder alert.” A mechanical voice repeated before a bright light blinded all of you for a split second.

A moment later, the alerts were turned off and the light faded away to reveal a glowing being.

“My child,” the Titaness Asteria said, holding her arms out in front of her, “I’m here to bring you home.”

“How… how did you find me?” Your voice was soft and breathless; you had a sudden desire to collapse into her arms.

“I was hopeless at first,” she replied, her voice was loud and confident, “but then I felt a strange presence flying in space and alas I’ve found you. Come, my little one, let’s return home.

You found yourself losing control of your own movements as you took slow steps towards her, one of your hands reaching out, waiting to grab hers. You knew you didn’t want to do with her, you wanted to stay on Earth with your human family - your real family.

Bruce, Superman and Wonder Woman could only watch as you seemingly made your choice. They wanted to call out to you, plead for you to stay but they found themselves frozen under the domineering eyes of the Titaness. They stood no chance against her, simply her presence was terrifying enough to make them stay put.

Jason, though he as intimidated as the rest, knew he couldn’t let you go. Letting you leave would mean he could never apologise for what he’d done; it meant he would never see you again. He’d only known you for such a short period of time but, God, his heart ached at the thought of not being able to spend more time with you.

Your fingers were so close to brushing against Asteria’s, but before you could take your final step towards her, a large hand grabbed your other arm. The sudden warmth that rushed through your body made you snap out of whatever trance you were in. You turned around, your eyes met Jason’s; he silently pleaded for you to stay.

“My child,” Asteria’s voice was now demanding and fierce, “don’t let the human man fool you. You will not be happy with your human ‘family’ on Earth. Your real family is with the Gods.”

“I…” you could feel the Titaness’ presence pulling you towards her but for some reason you could resist it unlike before. You continued to stare at Jason, his hand still gripping onto your arm like his life depended on it.

“Please…” he pleaded softly, “stay.” You could feel your heart flutter and your eyes begin to burn with tears. Even though part of you still believed that he wanted nothing to do with you, you could sense the sincerity and desperation in his voice; and for now, that was enough.

Jason could see you slowly turning to walk towards him, he glanced at the Titaness behind you and noticed that she was about to lean forwards as a last resort to take you back. Jason clenched his jaws as he saw red and instinctively pulled you towards him, letting you fall into his arms. He held you tightly and glared at the Titaness who was now seething at him.

Asteria realised finally that you’d succumbed to mankind and knew that you’d made up your mind. “I shall respect your wishes, my child, though I’m sure the gods won’t be happy with this,” she spoke as you faced away from her in Jason’s embrace. When he’d pulled you towards him, you found yourself wrapping your arms around him like it was the most natural thing you could do. “Well, perhaps Aphrodite will be pleased,” Asteria shot another disdainful glare at Jason before she disappeared in the blink of an eye.

“Thank you…” Jason choked, his voice was strained, “thank you for staying.”

I was not the first you loved. Ariadne. 
I was not the first you looked at starry-eyed
with crashing waves in your heart.
You knew already what a sacrifice tasted like.

You didn’t need me to make you a hero.
You had held the threads of another’s life in your hands far before I came along.
You stood alone, and bold, and your fear only set your course all the stronger.

I look at you in my bed, sometimes,
and wonder how anybody could leave you.
I could imagine no duty greater than tending to you, my love.

You make me half-mad with a gaze
Drunk with a kiss.
You tear me apart with your words,
and I heal again at your feet.

Sometimes, when you wake,
Hair unbound, feet bare,
You clutch for me
as if I may have vanished
like the man who came before.

Let me remind you,
I am not a man.
I am nothing but yours.
I will not leave
I am not weak enough to abandon
a goddess amongst stones.

—  Ariadne (a.v.p)