Please tell me I’m not the one who noticed the similarities~

Also here’s a bonus (kind of a stupid comparison but w/e)

Ford’s first New Years in the portal wasn’t a very good one-


6.22 | Reasons I love Sam: [ 12/∞ ]:
↳ He took back lifetimes of damaging Cage memories so he could be with Dean.

“My parents think I’m here with friends. They’d freak out if they knew I was here alone.”
“Why did you come to New York alone?”
“Well, I’m not exactly alone. I came here to see a guy. He’s…. 55. I met him on the internet. It’s a BDSM thing. Sort of a daddy/daughter thing. He’s at work now. He’s actually got a wife and two kids. I think I’m using this relationship to try to pull myself out of a dark, dark hole. At the very least, it’s the ultimate support system.”

After a few tries, it’s less about being scared and more about messing with an old friend.

Thank you baekhyun for always making him smile,taking care of him, understanding him. I’m grateful he has a brother like you. Also junmyeon who leaves his seat immediately after seeing yixing cry, jongin who comforted him.


Prompted to me by @mynameiseona

I don’t know what possessed me to want to animate this, but it was worth the long hours it took to make this.

I don’t know what they’re dancing to, but they sure look like they’re enjoying themselves.

I hope you’re happy with this @mynameiseona because I sure am. =)